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  1. I believe you're exactly right.
  2. I'm not sure I understood all that but what ever I have seem to work well.
  3. I guess I'm the odd ball. I've been using parallel clamps since not long after Bessey clamps became available. I don't alternate these clamps and I don't use culls or biscuits . I'd venture to say I make as flat as panel as anyone and I've made a bunch of panels. I have a flat assembly table. I lay the clamps on the table place the board in the clamps the make sure the stock lays against the bars all across and tighten it up watching the stock remain flat on the bars.
  4. I don't know what your use is but the camps that were shown in my first post have a flat doohickey on the ends. I've use these kind of clamps in wood working for 30 years or more. No pads were ever and issue.
  5. I like it Preston..
  6. Good to hear, Lee Valley's reputation says intact.
  7. Stick.........Good thing your picture didn't post upside down. Nice Job Kmealy
  8. This is why I'm more of a power tool guy than a hand tool guy.
  10. Cherry
  12. You're right Dan, I'm going on Lee valley's excellent reputation.
  14. These run 25 dollars each where I live.,43838,74528
  15. Best answer yet IMHO

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