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John Hechel

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    We're better than this although we continue to prove otherwise.
  1. Wood clamps

    we have over 100 HF bar clamps. there is some flex in the longer ones but they've served us well over the years
  2. turning, turning, turning and turning, oh might do a little more turning. Pens, bottle stoppers, pepper mills, handles for pizza cutters ice cream scoops etc and a few rolling pins. In between I'll glue up some panels for a few cutting boards
  3. Oh great. I saw this and dropped everything to rush to work. Now here I stand doing every ones work thinking they are all too hungover to get up this morning
  4. Question

    there is a search box at the top right of the page that will get you in the neighborhood of what you are looking for.
  5. had a giant blank warp

    I've heard of immersing them in DNA for a few days. would require a rubbermade tote and a few gallons.
  6. just back from a small art show. I had two choices hit the shop to get ready for next weeks show or sit in my chair and enjoy a cocktail.
  7. Lathe Versatility

    I have a 12" Atlas craftsman that used to be my dads, so I should be good to go
  8. Lathe Versatility

    might have to explore this further. do you think it would work with mechanical pencils?
  9. RV cabinets??

    using basswood for areas that need solid lumber is very common in the rv industry.
  10. Do you reuse pen blank scraps?

    Using epoxy glue them back into blanks. some use white plastic (gift cards are a good source) or veneer in between to provide contrast. I have totes full of blanks so I just add the off-cuts to my scrap/campfire boxes
  11. To Pegboard or not to Pegboard

    the entire inside of our shop is covered with pegboard for ease of storage. we also have about a twenty drawers around with tools and templates in them.
  12. BOC bowl

    when I saw BOC I thought of the band. I think the beads of courage is much better
  13. John Hechel

  14. Blood Wood tar

    blood wood loads up and ruins the paper on our drum sander also. so fast that it's almost an immediate reaction.
  15. Pizza cutter and pie server

    nice work on those

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