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  1. I have had a knife in my pocket since I was 8 years old. My first knife belonged to my Great Grandfather which was a Case 2 bladed folder. I spent many hours whittling sticks and carving stuff on a tree in our front yard. Over the years I got into collecting knives. I had some nice custom made knives and built a display case for them. But as the kids came along my disposable income for the knives disappeared. So I sold off all of my custom knives and kept the ones that meant to most to me which were pocket knives carried by my Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father. I have carried exclusively Spyderco knives since the the later 1980's. I really love the combination of straight and serrated edges to cut just about anything necessary. I also really love the composite handle with the aggressive texture so it won't slip in my hand. The photo is the Spyderco Endura with a 3.75" blade
  2. daughters knee surgery

    I had my right knee replaced a few years ago and it was really good experience. In the hospital for a day and a half before going home. Had me up the next day having me learn to go up and down stairs using the walker. The best thing was that when I was in bed they had a machine attached to my knee that bent and then straightened my knee out. It kept my knee from swelling and freezing up. Zero pain today in my knee and no problems walking at all.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving (November 23 - 2017)

    This Thanksgiving is the first time in our 33 years of marriage that we will celebrate Thanksgiving without my wife Tami's parents. Her Dad passed 2 years ago and her Mom passed the end of July this year. We will have Tami's brother and his family over in a few minutes so it will be tough. But we are all healthy and have food on our table and have our family together though we will have an empty seat this year. This coming New Year will be a time to turn the page into our new "Normal" as we move forward. God has greatly blessed us and our family and we are truly thankful.
  4. Daylight Savings Time Change

    This has always messed me up. Especially after my wife's parents moved to Yuma Arizona 21 years ago where they do not have Daylight Savings Time. We would always get calls from my wife's mom to us in California either too early in the morning or too late at night waking us up.
  5. Daylight Savings Time Change

    So as usual my wife and I woke up at our normal body/brain clock time of 545am. Which means with the time changing back it was 445am. So our Miniature Schnauzer named Sylar (our kids named him after a bad guy in a comic book) was scratching on the door letting me know that he wants his breakfast. So I fed Sylar and then changed all the clocks in the house and went back to bed. Sylar finished his food and wants to play while I am online checking the news. Oh well...gotta love that time change.
  6. Clamp cart

    Looks very handy for storage of all those clamps. A number of years ago I got the New Yankee Workshop plans from PBS TV that Norm Abrams made on his show. They sent me 3 jpeg images that sure made my life easier in my garage shop to store all my clamps on the rolling rack. Evidently there were a number of the New Yankee Workshop plans that got lost or destroyed and they couldn't find the plans. So they dug around and finally found the the 3 paper copies and scanned them for me. If you are interested in the plans let me know and I can email them.
  7. Searching for the perfect router

    I would suggest that you avoid the Triton router. A number of years ago I needed a new router for working on Christmas stuff and my old router (Freud) that I had for many years fried the motor and I needed a new one ASAP to meet the Christmas rush. I had to get a router immediately so I went to Rockler and looked for a new one in stock. I got a really good deal on the Triton and it had a great warranty so I gave it a shot since. The Triton worked really well in the table with easy adjustments and plenty of power. But down the road the motor fried and I contacted Triton Service to see what they could do. They emailed me a pre-paid UPS label and had me box it up and send it to their service center in Tennessee. They sent me a brand new one which I appreciated. The new router worked really well for awhile but then the lift mechanism broke, so I did the return dance again. They sent me another new router. About 2 months ago the 3rd Triton broke and is still hanging in the router table waiting for me to pull it out and replace it again. The Triton works slicker than any other router in the table that I have had before as it is easy to adjust. When it works it is smooth and the motor has plenty of power to plow through the whatever wood you throw at it. But the parts are not as stellar in the longevity department. So now I am going to have to get another router for the table.
  8. Jigsaw reviews

    I have used a few different brands of jig saws (Craftsman, Hitachi & Bosch) over the years. The Bosch 1590EVS is the hands down winner in my shop.
  9. YES - I need some home improvement

    Glad that you and your wife are ok.
  10. My woodworking for the past week and this week is to finish getting all the tree branches hauled to the dump. We have 4 pepper trees (which I hate) with 2 on the front slope and 2 on the back slope. The front slope trees were easy to deal with as they are smaller and pretty well groomed. The back slope trees......well.....they have a mind of their own and grow willy-nilly in different directions. They were about 30' tall and were a real pain in the bee-hind to deal with. After getting the lower branches trimmed so I could actually get to the trunks, there was no way that I could trim them up properly as they had overgrown so much and had big branches hanging over the neighbor's yard. So I decided to cut them all the way down and remove them completely. So I went to Harbor Freight and bought a electric chain saw that is on a long expandable pole. It was cheap and really worked good to get the branches up to 3"-4". But then I had to go to Home Depot and buy a 14" electric chain saw to deal with the large branches. Between those to chain saws I got everything cut down. I took a couple of days off to recover as my back was killing me, so today I will start loading up the truck to make a number of runs to the County Dump. One of these days I will actually get back to doing woodworking in my shop as I got a bunch of things that need to get done.
  11. Who says that College Kids have no creative abilities? http://shareably.co/30-broke-college-kids-geniuses/?utm_source=page&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=people
  12. Who says that College Kids have no creative abilities? http://shareably.co/30-broke-college-kids-geniuses/?utm_source=page&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=people
  13. Black and White TV

    Been there, done that. Got the T-Shirt and the scars.
  14. National Park Service

    I became permanently disabled back in 1996 due to a work injury while working as a delivery driver for Coca Cola. Due to being permanently disabled I was able to get the "Golden Access Passport Lifetime Admission Permit" for free. So my wife and I when we travel get free entry into any National Park and various other Government Sites and Museums including many of the Presidential Museums/Libraries. Where we live in So. California we get into the Richard Nixon Library but not the Ronald Reagan Library. So you need to verify your access before you go. This is based on your permanent disability and not your age. So if you are younger than 62 you are qualified for it. If you have a verifiable "Permanent" disability you can get a the Lifetime Admission Permit by showing an official written document verifying your disability. *Statement by a licensed physician; *Document issued by Federal agency such as the Veteran's Administration, Social Security Disability Income, or Supplemental Security Income; *Document issued by a State agency such as a vocational rehabilitation agency. https://www.recreation.gov/marketing.do?goto=acm/faqs/America_the_Beautiful___The_National_Parks_and_Federal_Recreational_Lands_Pass_Series/Additional_Details_about_the_Access_Pass.htm
  15. Track Saw Options

    I am with Stick on this one. A number of years ago I bought the Peachtree set up at a Woodworking Show with the big 105" rail and a 50" rails for cross cutting. I got the saw base and the router base with it as well. I don't use it often, but when the the job comes up it works great.
  16. Sam Maloof passed away in 2009 and his long time apprentices are carrying on his tradition. One of the ways that they support the Maloof Foundation is they make various things out of wood and other materials to sell in the gift shop. This was the first time I had seen these cutting/bread boards there. On the back side they have CNC'd the Maloof logo.
  17. Solar Eclipse tomorrow

    I here that the Solar Eclipse tomorrow will look like this in Alabama. 20928715_135554627052204_7931438203406385152_n.mp4
  18. I have been working at reclaiming my shop (3 car garage) as these past 6 months have been rather hectic. These past 3 month have been the most hectic after dealing with my wife's mom having to go through her final days with pancreatic cancer with all the various things that ended up being stored in the shop. I also had to deal with some mechanical issues with my wife's car over that same time, but now the car is good to go for her daily commute to and from her work at school to teach her K-1st grade Autism class. So this past week I was finally able to get all the non-shop stuff picked up, moved out or dumped in the trash. Today I will have to take a number of 33 gallon trash bags full of various bath towels and sheets that my wife cleaned out of the cabinets in the laundry room to donate to a local homeless shelter. So yesterday I washed a number of loads in the washer get the musty smell out of them so they are now clean and fresh and ready to go. I kept 1 bag of towels that were the most raggedy or had bleach stains on them to use in the shop. I picked up a couple of Maple and Walnut boards at the lumber shop as I am going to get started on some different cutting/bread boards that will be long and narrow (think ceiling fan blade size) with a handle at the end. These will be smaller done in solid wood as opposed to being done with strips. I am hoping to be able to get something that are easier to make with less time that can generate a some income for the shop. There is a small "Artsy-Fartsy" cooking store down the road from me that specializes in many different types of flavored olive oils infused with different spices for use on pasta and for bread dipping. I talked with them and they were interested as they work with local artisans as they have a couple of stores in the area. I have no idea what kind of price point they need to sell them at and if there is any room for profit for me, so we will see. If not then oh well, what I make will get sold down the road or end up (most likely) being given away as gifts by my wife to others which means I am paying for the front cost and my wife gets the joy of giving to people. So win-win for me. Here is a photo of a cutting/bread board that I picked up in the gift shop at the "Sam Maloof House" which is about a 30-45 minute drive from my house. My wife and I had gone out there to walk around the gardens as they have really nice grounds with local California plants and trees. The design caught my eye as something that is quite simple to make but very pleasing to the eye and there is no gluing. So I will play out some different shapes similar to this.
  19. Random orbit sander

    I know I am late to the party as you already bought the Bosch (which is a very good product), but there is one thing that I have to toss into the mix with ROS and other hand held power tools. I have small hands so it is very difficult for me to get power hand tools just by brand. Along with my small hands comes with 2 shoulder surgeries, 3 back surgeries and knee replacement surgery. So whatever power hand tool I buy I don't necessarily buy a specific brand over another, but I find the tool/brand that fits my hand first and then go from there on the check-list. I ended up with a Milwaukee ROS which works very well but it is more aggressive, in my opinion, than other ROS brands. But I got it because of all the major brands out there it fit me best. When I make up a batch of cutting boards for Christmas I can sand for multiple days at a time. So I need to have one that doesn't mess up my body mechanics.
  20. DC wireless remote

    I have had the "Long Ranger" remote for my dust collector for a number of years with no problems. I have it set up on a 220 circuit along with my Table Saw. The unit came in 110 or 220. I did have the remote button die on me but I was able to purchase a new remote button by itself. I would buy it again without a blink. I originally paid $45- $50 but it is now about $60- $70
  21. miter saw dust collection design

    I have a Dewalt 12" SCMS that lives on a rolling Rigid stand from Home Depot and have tried a few different things to tame the sawdust. If I was doing just 90 degree cuts I could use a clear plastic dust hood which I also used to use on my lathe on a stand. It was attached to my DC system and it worked pretty well. But if I had to make angle or compound cuts then the hood was useless. So I just decided to take off the dust bag and hook up a DC hose directly to the SCMS which picks up about 60-70% of the dust.
  22. Word of the Week

  23. Tami and I went to church this morning and then headed to Anaheim Stadium to watch the Angels play the Oakland A's. A lovely day in the 80's but it will be about an hour before our seats will be in the shade. Good thing we got sunscreen and hats. You can see the Honda Center where the Anaheim Ducks play across the freeway.
  24. A beautiful day for Angels Baseball in Anaheim CA

    Tami and I enjoyed being at the game, but the Angels managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Final score Oakland A's 11 Angels 10. We had a great time.

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