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  1. Random orbit sander

    I know I am late to the party as you already bought the Bosch (which is a very good product), but there is one thing that I have to toss into the mix with ROS and other hand held power tools. I have small hands so it is very difficult for me to get power hand tools just by brand. Along with my small hands comes with 2 shoulder surgeries, 3 back surgeries and knee replacement surgery. So whatever power hand tool I buy I don't necessarily buy a specific brand over another, but I find the tool/brand that fits my hand first and then go from there on the check-list. I ended up with a Milwaukee ROS which works very well but it is more aggressive, in my opinion, than other ROS brands. But I got it because of all the major brands out there it fit me best. When I make up a batch of cutting boards for Christmas I can sand for multiple days at a time. So I need to have one that doesn't mess up my body mechanics.
  2. DC wireless remote

    I have had the "Long Ranger" remote for my dust collector for a number of years with no problems. I have it set up on a 220 circuit along with my Table Saw. The unit came in 110 or 220. I did have the remote button die on me but I was able to purchase a new remote button by itself. I would buy it again without a blink. I originally paid $45- $50 but it is now about $60- $70
  3. miter saw dust collection design

    I have a Dewalt 12" SCMS that lives on a rolling Rigid stand from Home Depot and have tried a few different things to tame the sawdust. If I was doing just 90 degree cuts I could use a clear plastic dust hood which I also used to use on my lathe on a stand. It was attached to my DC system and it worked pretty well. But if I had to make angle or compound cuts then the hood was useless. So I just decided to take off the dust bag and hook up a DC hose directly to the SCMS which picks up about 60-70% of the dust.
  4. Word of the Week

  5. A beautiful day for Angels Baseball in Anaheim CA

    Tami and I enjoyed being at the game, but the Angels managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Final score Oakland A's 11 Angels 10. We had a great time.
  6. Tami and I went to church this morning and then headed to Anaheim Stadium to watch the Angels play the Oakland A's. A lovely day in the 80's but it will be about an hour before our seats will be in the shade. Good thing we got sunscreen and hats. You can see the Honda Center where the Anaheim Ducks play across the freeway.
  7. Happy Birthday Allen Worsham!

    Thanks guys.
  8. Glue clamp question

    On the clamp pads which are mostly non- stick material, I don't put anything on them. But on the rails and bars, especially on the big Bessey and Jorgeson Parallel clamps I cover them with clear packing tape. That way when the glue squeeze out drips on the rails and bars after clamping I just peel off the tape and toss it in the trash. The same goes for my smaller F style clamps.
  9. Lighting and Watts

    You do need to try some different ones. They come in "Cool" which is more white light which works really good in kitchens and baths when you want to have clarity (gotta make sure you get those dishes clean and so Momma can get her make-up right). They also some in "Soft" which is more yellow-ish which is good in more intimate settings as they are a bit easier on the eyes when you are sitting and talking with people or watching TV. I prefer the "Cool" personally.
  10. Lighting and Watts

    I am no electrician, but there should not be an issue. The light fixture is "Rated" for 100w which means that it is not advisable to put in a bulb higher than 100 watt as it deals with the size of the wire in the light fixture. In our master bath the builder put in the recommended sized light bulbs (100w) as it has 6 sockets, but by golly it nearly blinded us. So we put in some 60 watt bulbs and that toned things down so we don't have to put on sunscreen. One of the things that we have done over the past year is to try and replace all of the regular light bulbs with LED light bulbs. I tell you what, going to the LED lights saved us verifiable $$ due to the lower electricity used, but they also put out hardly any heat which we could see a difference is our A/C costs.
  11. My wife's mom passed away today

    The beginning of June we found out that Tami's Mom Linda had Pancreatic Cancer that had spread into her liver, kidneys and a lung. The prognosis was about 6- 8 weeks to live so we wrapped up everything in Yuma, AZ and brought her to our home for Hospice Care. Today at 6:20am pst Linda took her last breath on earth and took her first breath in heaven. Tami and I were by her side when she went. So thanks to all of you who were praying for Linda and our family. Things went very smoothly and while it was quite a bit of work along the way, it was a joy to do even though there was a lot to do. The Hospice company was top notch and the nurses were all great. Linda's desire was to be cremated and have ashes mixed with her husband's ashes who passed away 2 years ago this month and be scattered at a special place out in the desert on property owned by a friend. So we will have the memorial service in January 2018 in Yuma, AZ as so many of their friends are "Snow Birds" and Yuma in the summer is way too hot. So thanks again for all the prayers. They were definitely felt and needed.
  12. Wayne's What?!?

    As an Home Appraiser for 11 years, the term is "Wainscoting" which is pronounced "Wains- caught-ing" NOT "Wains- Coating". It always annoys me when I hear it pronounced incorrectly, especially on all those HGTV Shows with the various builders and designers.
  13. Steroid shots in the spine

    I have been disabled since 1996 due to a back injury on the job as a driver for Coca-Cola. After going through the various therapies they wanted to do a steroid injection into my spine. The guy hit a nerve which made me jump clear off the table. After that I had 3 surgeries which got me to where I am today with 2 rods, 5 screws, 3 disks removed multiple bone spurs removed, nerve roots ground out and permanent nerve damage. The worst part of the whole she-bang was that steroid injection. On a side note, I have had steroid injections into my knees which did work well and no problems or side effects.
  14. Greatest thing since sliced bread!!

    Home Depot has come out with a stunning breakthrough! The Bluetooth Cordless Hose!!! Get 'em while they last!
  15. Collapsible outdoor worksurface

    Here is a photo of my first mobile workbench that I made back in the later 1990's. At that time we were living in a condo with a 2 car garage. I needed a work bench that I could tear down and hang on the wall when not in use and that was the same height at the top of my table saw to be used as a run out table. It was very simple to make using 2x lumber and some plywood and then added in a power strip to plug in tools. I also cut out 4 hand holds into the table top and routed the edges to make it easier to lift and carry. I was able to toss it into the back of the pick-up when I did off-site work. This was a very heavy-duty table and I got a lot of use out of it and passed it along to my bro-in-law who still has it today. The quality of the photo is not up to today's standards, but you get the idea.

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