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  1. Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw For Sale

    I am only taking my smaller machines and will be leaving behind my Band Saw and Jet Contractor saw with the 52" table. I have my painter friend from church who wants to trade paint for the saw.
  2. Had a Craft Show today at my wife's elementary school. After the $25 fee and a donation item for a raffle I cleared $110.
  3. Benevolant Box

    Nice project Harry!
  4. On August 07, 2012 I purchased this Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw from Amazon. I had been wanting to get into making some furniture but it never happened. So over the last 5 years I have used the saw a total of 5 times. My wife and I are looking to be moving out of Corona, Ca 92881 and moving to Kentucky as my wife is retiring. Due to the move I cannot keep this so it needs to go. So if there are any woodworkers located in the Riverside/San Bernardino/Orange County California area that would be interested let me know. The original purchase price in 2012 was $960 plus $70 for a mobile base I will sell the saw with the base and a couple of new band saw blades for $400 to get it out of my garage.
  5. Some questions for those of you on Medicare

    My wife's school district will only cover her through age 65 then she gets switched to Medicare and there is no spousal benefits. Tami will be seeking medical retirement as she has Cerebral Palsy and will be having knee replacement surgery in April. She works with moderate to sever autistic kids and she physically can't work with them anymore safely. Tami and I are both 55 but I have been permanently disabled since 1996 due to a work injury.
  6. Since my wife will be retiring in June after 30+ years as a "Special Educator", she will be covered by her current plan until she turns 65, but I will not. So this means that I had to sign up for Medicare. So after spending 3 glorious hours at the local Social Security Office. 1 hour outside in line and then 2 hours sitting in a comfy chair while reading a book as 4 young kids under kept running and screaming until my number A223 was called. I spent 4 minutes with the clerk as he looked over my papers and entered me into the system. Then he gave me a book and said "Good Luck!" So I am now officially enrolled in Medicare parts A & B which will take place on July 1st 2018. WOO HOO!! So here is my question for you "Seasoned Veterans" that have traveled down this road. Other than Medicare parts A&B, I know that I will need other supplemental things like "Prescription Medicines, Vision and Dental". The "Book" says that I can get this directly from Social Security or from other independent medical insurance companies such as Aetna, AFLAC and a number of others which sounds more appealing considering that working directly with Social Security is not a walk in the park. So for those of you on Medicare what supplements do you get and who do you get them through?
  7. Not Exactly Woodworking...

    I loved doing the "Pinewood Derby" when I was in Cub Scouts and Webelos!!! My first year I whittled my own design using the pocket knife that my Dad gave me. This knife (which I still have) belonged to my Great Grandfather. I was pretty proud of it and painted it all "Red, White & Blue". In reality it was butt ugly, but my Dad looked at it and said it was just fine. My car did not come anywhere close to winning, but it did not matter as I had a blast. But my Dad got really ticked off with one of the other Dad's whose son's car won. Come to find out that the Dad in question worked in the Aerospace Industry and designed the car and wind tunneled it and then used some of the high tech space program lubricant for the wheels. That car was so fast that that it was at the finish line before the other cars where halfway down the track. The next 2 years my Dad helped me with a different design and I won one year and came in 3rd in the other. I still have one of my cars in a box at home.
  8. We will be heading to Bowling Green KY. Tami and I spent 2 weeks the end of December and 1st week in January to check out areas in Tennessee and Kentucky. We really liked Bowling Green KY and spent a lot of time driving the area. We will be putting our house up for sale in June or hopefully in the end of May. We have a big 2 story and will be downsizing to a smaller 1 story. With our market values here in So. California and very low inventory we should be able to move it quickly. We will be able to pay cash for a newer 1 story and be debt free.
  9. Finally got back to doing some real woodworking for the past year. Since my wife is retiring and we plan on getting our house up for sale come June, we have to get the house ready. A number of years ago I made 2 walls of floor to ceiling oak bookcases out of red oak. I had planned on making cabinet doors and drawers but that did not pan out. So now that we will be selling the house I need to finish the bookcases. Being that oak here in So. California is not in style, we had been advised by Realtors to paint over the oak. That really rubs me the wrong way, but it will make things easier to sell. So I painted everything with a lighter neutral color that should make things easier. I have made up 7 doors (made of red oak for the same grain pattern) and got them all fitted to the bookcase. So now I have to get them all sanded, primed and put on the final paint. I will hope to get the drawers done this weekend.
  10. Thoughts on a TPW gathering?

    My wife Tami and I on a couple of vacations have visited and stayed with both Ron Dudelston in Indiana and John Moody in Alabama. We had a great time hanging out together and it was a lot of fun. Tami and I are planning on moving to Kentucky this summer so we could most likely make it work. But just one warning regarding Ron Dudelston and Ohio. It seems that when Ron was a younger man got into a bit of trouble with the Ohio law. He and his wife drove Tami and I across the Indiana/Ohio border about 300 feet to a gas station so that we could take a photo of Ohio and then peel rubber to get back to safety across back to Indiana. He wouldn't tell us what laws he broke, but he was looking in all of his mirrors to make sure he wasn't followed.
  11. Last night my daughter came home and told my wife and I that someone had hacked my wife's (and I guess mine by marriage) Instagram account got hacked. I never do Instagram, but someone hacked it and sent out stuff on it. So Tami changed her password and it is all back to normal. So if you were wondering about some strange messages yesterday from an account from Tami and Allen, they have all been taken care of. BUT IF you have an inkling to support the "Allen Worsham Wood Working Fund for Hacked Instagram Accounts" feel free to send me gift cards from Home Depot, Lowes and Rockler Woodworking Supplies .
  12. The joys of dealing with Millennials! (Sarcasm Alert)
  13. While we are concerned with the terrible news

    Yup! Living in So. California is unique in many ways. As a kid growing up people were friendly, helpful and chatty. But things changed in the late 60's and early 70's dealing with all the Vietnam stuff and the Hippies and the whole culture change and has been going downhill ever since. Hence the reason that y wife and I are looking to move out of California to Kentucky this year. Here is a bit of perspective about the "Florida School Shooting". I was talking with a friend who has been in Law Enforcement for almost 40 years. He was on SWAT for many years and he and his wife (also in Law Enforcement) have run a firearms training business for about 25 years. They do tactical training for Law Enforcement, SWAT, Security Teams, Military, Churches and Civilians. I have been through a number of their classes and training and they are top notch. I was in one of their classes this past weekend and my friend started off with a 15-20 minute commentary about the Florida school shooting. Here is a brief summary of his commentary. "Regarding the School Shooting in Florida. All of the students knew that this kid was messed up and talked about having firearms and wanting to shoot up the school. The kids told their teachers and administrators and they would not let him come on school grounds with a backpack because they also knew that he had been making and bringing knives to school to sell to other kids. The teachers told the Principal who in turn told the School Administrators who then told the Police who then told the FBI. But nothing was done other than talking to the kid and his family/guardians and this shooting happened. Why haven't any of these people been fired for failure to do their jobs? And you can bet that there will be massive law suits." My wife has been a Special Educator for more than 30 years. The school that she is at is considered a "Closed Campus". So that means there is one access point for a person to enter once the kids have arrived at school. You have to go into the Office to be cleared for access to the campus. All of the classrooms and building have electronic door locks that will only allow access only with an official School Employee ID Card which has their face on it along with their name. So there is no way to enter a classroom or office without the ID Card. This school is located in a lower socio-economic community (AKA Rough Neighborhood) and there are a number of "School Lock Downs" every year as there are a number of individuals (mostly due to family issues where a husband/wife gets angry and makes threats of violence to teachers or staff). There are a couple of "Security" people on site, (some times) but they are not armed and cannot carry any "Less Than Lethal" weapon (AKA Pepper Spray). So while access to the school is restricted, all a person who wants to do harm is to hop the chain link fence and away they go. This is typical of the majority of schools in my area. There are many who are proposing that teachers get trained with firearms and tactics to protect the kids. But one thing that I know after being married to a teacher for 34 years is that the vast majority of teachers are wired differently emotionally. To be a good teacher means that you have to love and care for your students, which is much more of a "Nurturing" thing. I know that most teachers will protect their kids with their lives and stand between their kids and the bad guy. But very few teachers are not up to carrying a firearm, much less using a firearm, due to the way they are wired emotionally. So what that means is that in order to protect children in schools, armed Teachers are not the best answer. The best answer (in my personal opinion) would be to have dedicated Security People who have the training and skills and tools to deal with those who want to come on a school campus to due harm.
  14. Got my new water heater all squared away and cleared out everything on my work bench. Spent the weekend at shooting range doing my 16 hours for my CCW qualifying. So today I am very sore from all the range time as it has been awhile doing all the drills, but it was fun.
  15. This past week we had to replace our 50 gallon water heater in the garage. It was installed in 2001 in our new construction home so we got almost 17 years out of it. In order to replace it I had to move everything out of the way and then had a friend come by to help me lift the old unit off the platform and throw it in the back of the truck to take to the dump. Then we lifted the new water heater into place and strapped it down. So today I finally get to put everything back into place in the garage and paint the stained area around the water heater with some Kilz stain blocking paint since the drywall is fully dried after a number of days with two box fans blowing on it for a number of days.

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