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  1. Challenege Coin Holder

    prototype Challenge coin holder......
  2. Flag Display Case

    Display case for my son's re-enlistment flag....flag was flown over the USS Arizona 26 Sept 2014
  3. CoinHolderMacacaubaandMaple.JPG

    That was actually my first and one of the best....I'm not sure why some of the other images are fuzzy...trying to delete and repost but I cannot figure out why I cannot delete them!
  4. Birthday Greetings Paul from one of the guys at The Patriot Woodworker.  Blessings to you today for a great day.

    Stop in and say Hi when you get the chance.



  5. Paul, Happy Birthday sir, and I hope you have a wonderful day of all days!


    1. Paul Corona

      Paul Corona

      Thank you John! I appreciate that! 

  6. MIA-POW 2

    thanks guys- that is a prototype for some other coins holders I have planned...still no idea how to hang it. That's koa and cherry
  7. Table Skirt - I Need Some Advice

    ran across this awhile ago: http://www.shopsmith.com/academy/tblsaw_spops/090202.pdf
  8. Dado blades

    Have used a 6" set on my 10" radial arm saw for years...you never really cut deep dados so the price savings is worth is. In addition, the 6" set will have a slower tooth velocity.....may get less tearout with a less than optimally sharpened set.
  9. SawStop Demo

    I would believe the insurance companies would really push these due to the increased level of safety and reduced liability....we said the same thing last night- that these saws would be a perfect fit for schools and clubs...anywhere you might have operators with different levels of experience.
  10. SawStop Demo

    they are not cheap, but a trip to the ER and the possibility of having a shortened finger or thumb might well be worth it!! As it was explained to us, the saw was designed from the inside out so the trunnion and all the internals are more heavy duty than many other saws.........I neither have the space nor deep enough wallet so will continue to use my many-years-old radial arm saw....
  11. SawStop Demo

    Saw a demo last night of the SawStop system up at Woodworkers Source here in Tucson....hugely impressed!!!! Though I've seen video, when you see it live it really hits home....did a fast crosscut and then tried the same crosscut with a raw hotdog on the piece of wood....man oh man...that blade stopped instantly! You could barely see a nick in the dog...if it were a finger you might need a band-aid..... Sounds like a 0.25 or 0.380 when that blade stops, but it stops in 5 milliseconds.....airbag takes about 20 milliseconds to inflate.........replacements cartridges around about $70. Anyone looking at a new saw should consider one of these........
  12. Sharpening Supplies

    Ran across an interesting site that specializes in sharpening supplies....cannot verity service or prices, but their link is: http://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/ they do seem to have a good variety of goodies!!!!
  13. Dadoes Are Sinking!

    measure twice, cut once, tighten thrice !!!
  14. wadkin rm planer thicknesser

    whoa.....that thing is bigger than my entire shop!!!!!!!!!!!

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