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  1. Simple little candy box?

    I know what it can be like with a flooded basement! The yard slopes toward the house so a fast snow melt or a "gully washer" used to always come toward the back door. Snow was ok this winter and gutters on the shop cured the problem with the snow melt and storm water.. We'll see what happens.
  2. Santa Claus came to town!

    Mom's doing good for being 92. I'm here so my sister and family can go on a vacation Who knows when they'll be able to drag me out of Montana again!
  3. Birthday Wishes To....

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I'm on "vacation" down by Allen W. so I haven't been on here too much. With the heat they have going I'll be glad to get back home.
  4. Birthday Wishes To....

    Have to watch what you wish for!
  5. Every day is still the weekend when you're retired.
  6. My wife's mother is very sick. Please pray.

    Sorry to hear about all she is going thru. June and I will being praying for all of you. Take care. Harry & June
  7. This is the first day that I feel like I've joined the living! Had the flu for a couple of weeks then it turned into bronchitis. You talk about being down and out. Went out and mowed the lawn and then after a rest I'm heading out to the shop to cut some ribbons and crosses.
  8. Trailer siding

    If it was me building this, I would use 1/2" if not 3/4" ply.. Most everything I make any more I "over build". I want it to take some abuse without having to worry if it's going to hold up. I try to be easy on things but there are some people around that aren't and tend to break things.
  9. Tabs on the Weather...

    It got up to 36* Wed. with about 4" of heavy snow. Power outs, trees down etc.
  10. Time for Some Spring Maintenance

    You need to remember what the date is today! April fools!!!
  11. John--- that load of lumber sure looks nice. It'll keep you busy for a few days! I thought when you bought new locks you'd find the keys when you got home. It happens to me with anything when I "misplace" things.
  12. Steven... You keep forgetting that since you retired, EVERYDAY IS FRIDAY! still, I wish I could as much done as you guys.
  13. For the $15 per hour Burger Flippers

    We knew that would happen!
  14. Harry Brink

    Thanks for all the input! I haven't been able to do any cutting for about 3 months. First it was the Santa & Mrs. Claus visits and then I fell on the ice at the end of the last visit! Doing ok now and just waiting for the shop to warm up enough to get back out there.
  15. Trouble seeing the cut line

    Most of my projects I use a #3r or #5r Olson or F/D. I'll use a #7r when I cut out the toys because they're 1 to 1 1/2" thick. The patterns I have had trouble with are the solid black ones. But I'm working on it. It's not too bad since I posted that question. Now if I could get back out to the shop and make some saw dust.

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