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  1. Tape dispenser

    Matt is on Facebook. Most of his posts are about the band group he's in but the last few days he's showing restoring a guitar and using his "vacuum bag".
  2. John Morris

    I lost my balance and was able to fall down slowly. No real damage but I didn't have the strength to get up.
  3. John Morris

    Doctor said the vaccine wasn't right nor strong enough. Getting plenty of rest is the hard part but we're trying. I'm good in the morning but my wife goes downhill in the afternoon.
  4. John Morris

    We're right there with you John! I came down with it the first of Dec. and wound up in the hospital for 4 days. Did a slow roll onto the floor and couldn't get up. Feeling a little better now but it's still hanging in there. My wife has had it longer than me and finally going in this morning to see the Doc.
  5. Looks like a white Christmas for us

    We've had snow for over a week. Temp has been down to -2* and up to 15* All of that and being in the hospital with the flu did not make us "Happy Campers". Merry Christmas to one and all!
  6. Amazing Discovery in trimming

    Could be the grain catching it or in my case not cutting a straight line. If needed I have a small flat file to straighten it up.
  7. metal whin-a-ma-jig

    I have one in my medicine cabinet. It's a nose hair trimmer. Nasty little thing when it catches and pulls the hairs!
  8. Back scratcher

    Now your bringing back memories. Growing up (early 50s) my grandpa would use the nearest door frame to fix the itch. I find myself doing the same be cause I can't find where I left the one I bought.
  9. From My Shop to Yours

    The same right back to you! MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  10. No shop time for a while. We're gearing up for "Santa" visits starting Friday. Looks like another very busy year!
  11. John, I think I mentioned when you retired that you would be more than busy. I looks like I was right. Good looking work! As for me, too cold in the shop the last few days, (20*) and with the Santa visits coming not too much is going to get done until next year!
  12. Friday the 13th

    We live in a 1 horse town and we have more than our share of idiots! We'll gladly share them.

    The cars will go into the "Christmas Shoe Boxes" that are distributed to needy children thru out the world. These will be going to a church about 55 mile from here to add to their boxes. I'll get some more pictures when I go back out to the shop.

    I use 1x6 poplar and 2 cars will fit on a 6" piece. I have a pattern that I trace, then I drill the axle holes and a start hole for the windows. I have been using a 7r blade and then just have a seat at the scroll saw and have at it. This is the 3rd or 4th year that I've made them. Each year it is more cars. The first year was around 25 of them! It's always fun because of where they're going. If I have time they want some small zoo or farm animals. I'll use the scraps for those.

    It's that time of year again! I have 84+ toy cars to make for the "Christmas Shoe Boxes. This will keep Santa (me) busy for a few weeks!

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