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  1. Colonoscopy Blues

    I'll be going through here in another couple of weeks...not looking forward to it!
  2. pricing a used table saw

    That is absolutely true (forgetting to remove them for bevel cuts). I did that so many times I printed a bright yellow label and put it on the fence rail; it said "remove panels before tilting blade". Eventually, I got to the point where I just built a box to enclose the entire motor assembly and it was hanging on the outfeed table. Wood magazine published that in one of their idea shop, so i copied it. That's not perfect either, since it means you pretty much have to leave the outfeed table in place.
  3. In a recent article (PWW, June 2017) Flexner wrote that the EPA is apparently going after the MC and NMP strippers, so we may they may disappear in the distant (or near) future.
  4. Ray's woodshop

    Not sure we need more Hoosiers () but always good to see new faces. As for the shop being too clean...it is....so go get it dirty! Nice shop, BTW, and WELCOME
  5. pricing a used table saw

    To cover the back I just used hardboard. 2 pieces to straddle the brackets/belt, and I used one sheet metal screw on each side to hold them in place. A better choice would have been rare earth magnets. The 152 in the C'Man model number indicates it was made by Orion International (same outfit as Steel City).
  6. Mortising?

    I never understood exactly why, but Pat Warner was never a fan of the spiral bits. I absolutely love them for all sorts of use, but they really shine on mortises.
  7. This is funny

  8. pricing a used table saw

    That's one of the good ones, though that fence gets mixed reviews.
  9. A Project in Maple..

    I love seeing your ha d plane work, but what impresses me the most is what you do with the 45. I just don't see many folks using theirs as much as you do....nice!
  10. Finally!

    Well, my first drywall contractor called this morning, he wants to get started on my shop next week, and maybe have the rock delivered today. To recap this saga: I got the estimate back in May and was told it would be late July to do the job. In early August I was told it would probably be early Oct. Now today I'm hoping it will be next week. I had went through this in another post, and some here urged me to get more quotes. Actually I called for some and was scheduled to get another one next week, which i just cancelled. Maybe I should have waited for the rock to show up. But here's hoping!
  11. pricing a used table saw

    It's always a mystery to figure out what Delta's model numbers "mean". Since it's almost always the same basic tool...then they paint it a different color, or throw in a different gizmo, or some other not-so-major change. I guess it's possible that they sold one with only one wing, but mine had 2 and the ones I've seen all had 2. Not sure I've ever seen that saw with cast iron wings, but that doesn't mean they didn't sell one that way.
  12. Finally!

    Well, they finished Friday. It took one guy about 5 hours to sand! I've spent 5 hours on 1 4x8 piece that I've done. I've started putting the outlets and a couple of switches back in. I guess I didn't realize that drywall guys don't care much about electricians. The electrical boxes are a mess, and it's really slow going to clean and in some cases re align them. But the drywall job they did was awesome. I'll get some more pics after the first coat of primer.
  13. pricing a used table saw

    I had that same saw (mine was designated a 34-444), fence and mobile base and loved it. it had the 2 HP motor that Delta de-rated to 1.5 HP to meet UL requirements. the link belt was great add to it as well.
  14. Finally!

    Yep, bought the vapor barrier primer for the ceiling and the S-I-L thinks he can borrow a sprayer form work and spray it. I'll paint the walls. The drywall guys covered the floor with rosin paper, so I asked them to leave it behind (they expected me to ask, apparently). After the paint I'll start on the electrical fixtures and i just ordered the furnace today. I want to get it in before we blow the ceiling insulation...so I'm not trying to put the vent pipe in while it's insulated.
  15. Finally!

    So as of yesterday, they have the 3 coats of mud completed. Monday morning they were here (2 folks) and did the second coat, took them all of 3 hours and they went to the next job to let it dry. Yesterday one guy came back (2nd fellow was ill) and he did the 3rd coat, taking probably about 7+ hours. He must have done some of that magic trick with a sponge drywallers can do...wish I had seen that in practice. Anyway, the job is incredible...I doubt it will take them more than a couple of hours to sand it out and be done. This was the first tiome I had seen drywall done professionally so maybe I'm over impressed. But I know if I had done it, I would have used 4 times the mud, and it would take until Christmas to sand it out. So as painful as the wait was, it was worth it to me. Still wish I had seen that sponge used though, I've heard if you sponge it with the right touch when the mud is wet, it may not even need sanding...could be useful to know for patch work jobs.
  16. Finished Falcon

    I think that's super cool!
  17. pricing a used table saw

    Isn't that one of the "zip code" saws? If so, Matt used one for a good long while for his stuff; quite successfully. They are generally well regarded...if Scott Spencer (Knotscott) catches this thread he would have a real good idea of the value. But I wouldn't think your freind will get more than $350-$400 for it.
  18. I wish you luck, Keith may have something, but I'll bet it will be iffy. If you find who did it have them arrested for crimes against furniture.
  19. Neil Armstrong's F5D Sklylancer

    The Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum is located in my town....it was also Neil Armstrong's hometown. Anyway, in the front of the museum is his commuter plane when he was with NASA, an F5D Skylancer. I had never heard of that model, maybe because there was only 4 ever made. But somehow the museum came up with $400K to refurbish it (badly needed) and they loaded it up today. I went into town and saw the crane sitting there all rigged up, big deal for such a small town. By the time I went back home and grabbed my camera (4 miles) and returned, they already had it sitting on the trailer....so this was it:
  20. Parking a Plane

    I saw that on the news, I think the pilot was 73 or something like that. All I could think was "what did that tree do to him? Then this morning I see someone tried to land a Beechcraft on the highway in Utah and hit a car....he walked away as well...though I think the lady driving the car was taken to the hospital.
  21. Neil Armstrong's F5D Sklylancer

    I'll bet they thought it through...if not we'll see it on the news!
  22. Neil Armstrong's F5D Sklylancer

    Dan, I think that jet is headed for somewhere over on your side of the state...the news reported the restoration would be done in Akron. Dave, he may have graduated as a Boilermaker, but he also taught at a great University; Cincinnati!
  23. Equifax mess

    They had to give the execs time to sell their sock before the price dropped.
  24. I've tried that sawdust/glue trick several times, and each time it looked like a dog's breakfast. I gave up trying it altogether.
  25. Enzo Mari - Meh

    Most of the Jr. High stuff I've seen was done better than that!

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