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  1. Someone In Oregon Has A Birthday Today And.

    Best wishes for your day, Kelly. Happy Birthday!
  2. The Date For The TPW Gathering Is

    Aug. 25th. With 9 voting member that date won out by 2 votes. (Poll thread here). So now I hope you can clear time on your calendar to attend. To refresh the details: gathering will be at my shop in Wapakoneta OH (4 miles off I-75, or US 33 for the east-west travelers) Time will be roughly 10:00 AM to no later than 5:00 PM (have to start planning/fixing dinner for my disabled wife). I will have lunch/snacks/beverages for the attendees, and if those planning on getting here early want, I can also have donuts. Right now I'm thinking lunch will be fried chicken with some some dishes. This is primarily just a meet/greet/jawbone event though Steven Neuman has offered to demonstrate using a Stanley 45, and John Morris will try to get some door prizes from TPW sponsers. If anyone else has a a technique/tool/whatever they would like to demonstrate, that would be a welcome addition. I'd like to see as many as possible attend, though if all 2000 members show up I may have to move the meeting to a nearby state park , might also have to put out a collection jar to pay for lunch.
  3. Battle Of The Big Boxes

    Too bad Menards wasn't thrown into that comparison, it would be interesting to see how they shake out.
  4. The Date For The TPW Gathering Is

    But you'll be here in spirit, right??????
  5. Scott Phillips Open House

    Has anyone else seen any info about this? On another forum was a post about Scott having an open house on May 5 from 11:00 to 4:00. (For those who don' t know his name, he hosts the show "American Woodshop" on PBS, and lives works near Piqua OH....about 35 miles south of me). This is to celebrate his 25th year of doing the show, and I suspect Woodcraft has something to do with it since they have always been one of his sponsors. But other than that post, when I search I can't find any info about it. Hence my question, maybe the invite was limited to members of WOW or other clubs. WOW is Western Ohio Woodworkers.
  6. Scott Phillips Open House

    Thanks, Family Woodworking is where I first came across this...but I was trying to verify it wasn't some kind of spam trick. Guess it's real. The thing is, Scott has a huge local following and I'd bet the place will be packed. It might be interesting to see his shop, I m=ight try to sneak in for a few minutes.
  7. Scott Phillips Open House

    Well, Crap. I can't link the original post, or do anything else like "like" a post. I get a pop up box saying "Sorry, there was a problem loading this content".
  8. Finishing Tips

    Though I've heard the name, I'm not sure what his claim to fame is. I wasn't going to watch after I saw he used Minwax products, but changed my mid after seeing it was only 3+ minutes. I'd say the 1/2 right rule is generous in this case.
  9. Spraying Bin

    I would like to paint some cabinets, and would prime them with shellac based BIN first. I've tried to spray BIN before and had bad results. It's a guess, but I think the pigment was settling out in the gun and clogging the nozzle. This was with a 4 stage HVLP and a pressurized gravity type gun, using a 1.8 MM nozzle (the largest I have). But I'm wanting to try it again, I've read post after post where folks can spray this stuff and it works beautifully. So I'. searching for any tips that might help me be more successful in my second attempt. I did not dilute the primer the first time since it seemed to be plenty thin, nor did I run it through a Ford cup to check the viscosity...maybe I should do that first?
  10. Hands Free Lighted Magnifying Glass

    I need a magnifier with a light, preferably an LED light. I can find the cheaper models easily enough, does anyone have a link to the higher quality ones? As my eyes age, I need more and more help to see small things...like splinters in my finger. I do have a tweezer/magnifying glass from LV, but it's not possible to hold and manage it very well with one (while you're working on the other).
  11. Have You Seen 'First Time Flippers'?

    I've lately been watching a lot of the TV shows about flipping houses, not because I want to but because that's whats on in the waiting room of 2 of the doctors my wife uses. But this show shows completely clueless people trying to improve a house to flip it. You see such things as using drywall mud to glue tile to the wall, trying to hang cement board on the ceiling of the bath. You also see some completely scary thing...a youg lady on this episode needed to shorten a piece of hardwood flooring. Instead of using the miter saw she free handed it through a benchtop table saw. (Seriously, someone will get hurt sooner or later). Safety concerns aside, I was rolling on the floor at just how little these folks know about, well, anything and what they did to resolve. On another show the kitchen counter they were installing was about 1/4" too long...no problem...tear out the wall next to it and set the counter in the cavity. Moral of the story: if you take your wife to the doc, consider waiting in the car if at all possible.
  12. Does The World Really Need This?

    If I went by that rule, I wouldn't own anything!
  13. Attention Buckeyes

    It's also a very delicious candy that has a peanut butter center with a chocolate coating. My wife usually makes some around Christmas.
  14. Does The World Really Need This?

    I've only recently got a smart phone (long story) and while it's handy for some things, I still don't believe they are worth what they cost. That opinion, apparently, is the minority opinion, except for those over 45 (give/take).
  15. Garage Doors

    True, some critters will figure out a way to move loose mothballs. I always tie mine up in fabric bags. The toe of an old sock, or a kerchief. Put several balls in there and throw them under. The mothballs I've bought for the last few years came prepackaged in a breathable plastic bag...though that bag was 1/2 of the box...so i usually pack them in smaller anounts.
  16. Garage Doors

    I'm thinking Douglas Fir would be my choice, lighter (maybe, at least versus WO) and just as weather resistant as the others. May be a little tricky to find. Keith...throw some mothballs under the shed.
  17. A New 'Rough Cut'

    The only PBS station I have on the dish hasn't picked it up yet, don't know if they ever will. I can get another OTA, but they haven't started showing it yet; I'm thinking they might. Problem is I have to remember when it's on to watch it. A lot harder than just recording it and catch it when you can. I think it's streaming on line, but I'm not much for watching TV shows like that. That said, I would like to see it.
  18. Happy Birthday To.

    Have a good one Ralph!
  19. Rest In Peace Sarge! (R. Lee Ermey) Dead

    He was quite the character, I enjoyed most of the stuff he did....especially the History Channel show he used to host.
  20. 'Could You Make This?' - Message From A Friend

    A few years back my-then-neighbor came over and asked "hey, how hard is it to build a ladder shelf". After clarifying what he meant I said it wouldn't be too hard, thinking that was really his question. Next words out of his mouth "can you build one for me to give to my daughter?". I was flabbergasted since we weren't really more than neighbors who only spoke on occasion. Not knowing what to say I agreed to build it and he said he would run to the lumber yard and get a sheet of plywood for me (!). Then I mentioned I like to use cabinet grade ply that runs about $60/sheet. "GEEZsus" with some gestures. "We looked at some of these at the store that were $75 for the whole thing.". I said "look, I'll dig into my wood and see what I have". Anyway, I wound up building it and told him no charge just to get him out of my hair. He later left $75 in an envelope at the house to pay for it. Then the next time I saw his wife she mentioned she wanted to place an order for one....I didn't reply and never built it. The problem with all this is we live in a Walmart/Ikea world, and folks have unrealistic expectations of what something costs. one, this has become too long a reply already. But I don't build for others, and never will (outside of the family).
  21. That hickory is indeed beautiful. Personally I love it, until I have to machine it....then not so much. But it really is striking in appearance.
  22. Rigid Cordless Tools Ii

    Glad to hear you're happy. To repeat myself, be sure to register to get the LSA. Then check back with us on how well the things work...I'm keen on hearing your impression of the recip saw.
  23. If I Could Have Only Found More

    After seeing Scott Phillips mention what a good buy he got on things at his local Restore on his show, I had to pay a visit. While I didn't find a lot of anything I did find a piece of red oak. It was a glued up panel wit poor grain matching and some snipe in a couple of the boars...20" x60x3/4", with no price. I carried it up to the register and asked how ...the cashier fumbled in a price book for a minute and said "one twenty four". I looked at her a little puzzled, and she repeated "$1.24". I bought even though I don't use red oak...figured for that price I'd find something. Heck, for that price I would filled the truck up.
  24. Well, because it's Friday the 13th, I thought it best to stay away from the sharp tools . Actually, since it's warm I had a problem in the barn I needed to take care of so I've been working on that, my shop cabinets will have to wait a day or 2.

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