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  1. It might have been this episode. Go to somewhere around the 4 1/2 minute mark. You might be able to pause the video and do a screen shot.
  2. That is incredibly cheap, though it might take a very large RPC to make it run.
  3. We watched it a week or so ago on DVD, really did enjoy the movie.
  4. Whenever I had fittings that were close together, I would sweat them at the same time and never had a problem due to one melting the solder in the other. But I did see a trick that may help if you're worried about it, wrap a wet cloth around the fitting you don't want affected, it will keep the temps low enough that the solder won't melt. Also, look into getting pre-soldered fittings ( I think that's what they are called). They already have a ring of solder in the appropriate place...all you do is flux, assemble, and heat.
  5. Yep, you're really hauling butt. Gonna be nice!
  6. Certainly a good catch on your part, and there's little doubt in my mind that your vanity will be a very nice one. But I hate it when I have to work against a deadline. Are you planning on oil based varnish on the inside?
  7. Happy Birthday....
  8. Hoping for the best; and it does sound painful.
  9. It would be fun having that around just for the conversation value!
  10. Man, you go away for 15 minutes and everything gets confused...including me. Want to point out, Gene's better looking...but he also has more hair!
  11. Lew nailed it, at least as I understand those words.
  12. These cabinets are poplar with plywood panels, and there wasn't any bleedthrough at all. The finish is simply prime with Zinnser BIN, then spray paint with a 100% acrylic paint....Olympic brand in my case. Truthfully, any good primer will hide the wood stains. I love poplar for painted projects, it does very well with paint. The BIN is very easy to smooth out, has great sealing qualities, and dries very fast.
  13. I'm currently on call for jury duty, from 6/1 until the end of next month. Almost 2 months in and I haven't been asked to serve. (Side note, at age 69 this is the first time I've been summoned, and I've been a registered voter my entire adult life.) I know i live in a rural area, and I'm not complaining...but is this the way it usually works?
  14. Kelly, you may well be correct. It's not something I've ever dealt with before now.
  15. I'll be happy if my time passes without having to report in. Dan, we live on the same state so I'm surprised (well, maybe is Ohio) the procedures seem different. Funny thing about the letter I got. I had just bought a gun off Gunbroker and was doing the paper work at my local transfer agent the week before. Then the letter from our Sheriff shows up with the big "official business" on the envelope. I was wondering for a moment if I had finally been caught. Even the opening sentence was a little alarming: "I am commanded to summon you to report to the clerk of courts......" Of course, eventually they got around to explaining how this worked.
  16. I had not heard this story before, it really is a sad thing.
  17. Finally! Something that's bluetooth that I can use!
  18. Sign me up! (and Welcome!)
  19. I guess "walk it off" doesn't apply here. Oh well, stuff happens...just grin and bear it. On the other hand, you'll still be able to hunt rust.
  20. Who you calling educated????????
  21. It took me a while to compose my thoughts on this, and i have submitted them. Thanks for the link.
  22. That tool is what happens when someone has to much time on their hands.......
  23. Nice!
  24. Ya' know, Gene...this has turned into a great should consider doing a "coffee pot" regularly, much like the Friday and Monday posts the 2 John's do. Weekly might be too often (or not) but at least monthly??????

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