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  1. Sargent

    I had to search, turns out we are both right. Wendy's had bought Tim Horton, and then spun it off as it's own company after some time. Then Burger king (2014) bought it out. After Steven mentioned Wendy's, I remembered the same thing...so it sent me searching.
  2. Birthday Greetings to...

    What they said: have a good'un.
  3. Sargent

    I thought Burger King bought Tim Horton out?
  4. Hello, again.

    Best to you for a complete recovery, Charles. Good to see you stop in again!
  5. Festool Recon / Refurb

    Dave, I think it's an annual event at the same time each year. Festool fans look at it as an opportunity to buy more stuff.
  6. ask HLM gone?

    That one (ask HLM) had a couple of articles I linked often in replies...too bad but understandable. He was (I guess) spending pocket money to keep it going. Maybe it was just a temporary thing. I wish I had burned that stuff to a CD.
  7. I now find myself getting some shop time in. although it's still setting things up. So I was able to gte my DC bracket built and on the wall, next comes assembly of the DC itself, then hang it. It's really nice to be in the shop again.
  8. Sargent

    Yeah, I keep that option in the back of my mind.....
  9. Hartville Hardware

    Wave as you drive by my place Dave! Even better, stop in.
  10. Sargent

    I have a couple of working Sargents, including one VBM , and they do every bit as well as the others. I have one Dunlop and it is also a good plane. I think your theory makes sense evne though I'm not familiar with the Buck Brothers planes. I do have a Craftsman (given to me new back in the 70's by my kids for Christmas...my first hand plane) and I can't get it to shave wood at all. It digs in no matter what I do to tune it.

    Buck, all I can say is that using a hand plane is very soothing, and a big enjoyment in woodworking, at least to me. That said, I'm not all that good with one but I still find pleasure when I'm using them. Different strokes for different folks (gawd, does that phrase age me?).
  12. tool totes, a survey of

    The nylon bags would be my first choice. All the wooden styles have interest, but just don't strike me as being practical for modern day travel.
  13. Elm

    Wow, that is really beautiful..............thanks for the pic!
  14. That's the big stuff for me...one other thing I do is use it when I flatten/soften veneer. The usual method is to clamp it flat between platens and kraft paper after you sprayed it with the appropriate solution, I just use the rosin paper. I have in the past drawn patterns on plywood since I didn't have paper that was large enough....but the rosin paper is much better. The drywall guys that did the mudwork on my shop completely covered the floor with it to keep the mud from sticking to the concrete. I asked them to leave it so I could paint, in retrospect I'm not sure that was a good idea...picking up and disposing of that much rosin paper was a bit of a chore.
  15. Pressure Wahsers

    All the ones I've seen have a built in GFCI on the plug, I think you may be worrying about nothing.

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