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  1. Lot of police activity today.

    As a past cyclist (maybe again, someday) I certainly help he's OK. Our state recently passed a low that requires motorists to give cyclists a minimum of 3' clearance when passing them. I'm pretty sure it's not gonna make much difference....motorists around here are really inconsiderate. But to the 9:45 timing.....it may have been too blasted hot to go out during the day. I know that was true here.
  2. What ceiling height is considered

    Thanks, I'll have a look see for the placement of the lamps.
  3. ACR Phillips driver bits

    Keith, those Montana bits that stick mentioned are absolutely right at the top of the best made....and Menards carries several of them. I bought some in square drive and they're always the first ones I try to find when I'm using the impact driver. But to the question, I've not tried those Phillips bits.
  4. I tried to sneak in....

    Having spent 8 of the better years of my adult life in the KC area (and wishing I was back out there now) I envy your location. That aside, welcome to the forum! To heck with the donuts, I want some bar-b-que!
  5. Well There ya Go!

  6. DOH....

    Hmmm...and here I was wondering about "surfing with a cell phone". Maybe if i had one I'd know what that means.
  7. Festool Recon / Refurb

    I'd have to see what the discount is before deciding, but to be honest I'm so anti-Festool (the company, not the tools) I probably still wouldn't buy from them. Mine have to come (right now) from the used market.
  8. Laguna buys SuperMax

    Good to hear, especially since the service problems I had heard about was related mostly to their bandsaws.
  9. Ray's woodshop

    No pics...didn't happen!
  10. Laguna buys SuperMax

    I guess I'm on the fence as to whether this is good news. I still remember the service problems they had, and had purchased one of their "Platinum" lathes...a piece of Chinese junk. I've had a Supermax 19/38 on my shopping list, I probably either need to move on it, or wait a few years and see what happens to the company.

    Nice....that's something I haven't done and is high on my "wanna-do" list.
  12. McCormick on the run!

    Now that's cool! Love those fenders they put over the rear tires.
  13. Colonoscopy Blues

    I'll be going through here in another couple of weeks...not looking forward to it!
  14. pricing a used table saw

    That is absolutely true (forgetting to remove them for bevel cuts). I did that so many times I printed a bright yellow label and put it on the fence rail; it said "remove panels before tilting blade". Eventually, I got to the point where I just built a box to enclose the entire motor assembly and it was hanging on the outfeed table. Wood magazine published that in one of their idea shop, so i copied it. That's not perfect either, since it means you pretty much have to leave the outfeed table in place.
  15. In a recent article (PWW, June 2017) Flexner wrote that the EPA is apparently going after the MC and NMP strippers, so we may they may disappear in the distant (or near) future.

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