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  1. I'm guessing this is just for use on the shop (?). If that's true the one you linked should be plenty good. I suspect the length consideration isn't a concern, after all with the given spread of the arms I would think you would have no trouble cutting wood up to maybe 10' long. The price is right, and I agree that you would be hard pressed to build something for much less.
  2. I still wonder if there will be enough traffic to support that many categories. But the breakdown is good, and may well prove to be useful with those divisions.
  3. While it's true the info might be more organized, I've visited forums that had so many sub-forums it would make your head swim....absolutely overwhelming. Then there are the posts that can easily for into 2 (or more) of those sub categories. If someone goes looking for that info in the wrong place they would miss it anyway. I don't completely dismiss the idea of sub categories....but i worry about it going to far.
  4. How many tubes of toothpaste does it take to get that off your teeth????????
  5. I think it's a trick question, so I'll go with 203 bd. ft.
  6. I'm always that happy when I get up. hen I turn on the TV news and after about 2 minutes get adjusted to reality.
  7.'s too early to yell!
  8. Just plain old CNC would be all that's needed. Someday I'd like to move into that aspect, but I doubt I'll ever be willing to commit time to the software part. Still, it's interesting to see what folks do with them.
  9. Good to see you here, David. I'm not sure which ones but I have seen you on other forums....regardless, Welcome!
  10. My urologist insists that the PSA is needed, but to also include a digital exam yearly. My family doctor doesn't seem to agree with the digital exam part.
  11. Bosch owns Vermont American??? Who'd thunk it? It is interesting, but probably only correct for the next 5-7 days..... as fast as the companies are changing hands.
  12. With a lot of useful info.........
  13. Never did worry too much about clamping pressure, always tightened clamps as much as I possibly could. It's always seemed to work, even when i couldn't get them as tight as I wanted.
  14. Never, ever, ever........

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