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  1. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    It would be good to not be on the road when it's happening. The Highway Patrol here is warning drivers not to try and drive while wearing the eclipse glasses (duh!) and don't try to observe the event (another duh!). They are also warning motorists to watch for cars pulled over, especially since some will still be 1/2 way out on the road . For us it sounds like the safest thing would be to avoid the roads altogether.
  2. I'm the last guy to say something good about Oneida

    It took a while to find this. That Oneida dust hood reminded me of one that Reid Smith had submitted to Wood Magazine. Reid was a member and frequent poster for a while at the Wood forum (Smitty) and is a member here as well, though I haven't seen him post in some time. Anyway, here is his version (screen shot of an internet page):
  3. The Coffee Pot

    The closest I've came to eating goat was when I had some antelope. Kind of tasted like road kill skunk (I guess), it was awful.
  4. I'm the last guy to say something good about Oneida

    Charlie, I've went over this so many times I wish I had boilerplated the story so I could cut and paste. Mine (which is now for sale down the classifieds) started off with some minor things (like not fitting the wall bracket) to a really big problem (motor undersized, it was drawing too many amps with just one gate open) all of which I solved. The motor thing was the most expensive, I bought a replacement, upsizing the motor from the factory 2 HP Baldor to a 5HP Leeson. That one won't be overloaded! The last problem was the separation. I found the separation of the finest dust to be so poor, I had to out a gauge on the cyclone so I could monitor when the filter needed cleaning (Oneida also sells such a device). If I was running a marathon session on my drum sander, I could actually see the gauge readings climb as I worked. Oneida caught me complaining on a forum and offered to help me solve the problem. I Wound up talking to a fellow named Bill Witter (the founder). At his request I sent him 1) a sketch of my layout including tool descriptions and duct sizes 2) a sample of the fine dust (more in a moment) 3) and the results of a study I did. The study was an attempt to determine the separation efficiency. I cleaned my filter, then worked until I filled my 55 gallon dust bin (took about 6 weeks). I measured the amount of chips/dust in the bin and calculated the volume. I then cleaned the filter again, this time trying to capture all the fines that came out. I measured the volume of those (put them in a box and calculated the volume). I found my separation to 98.4% (or 98.6, can't remember) and forwarded all this Oneida. Apparently, after they got my separation number they gave up...since it was so close to their claimed 99% (my assumption). I never heard another word from them. Eventually, my OEM filter got to the point that I couldn't clean it anymore. Normally I would wait for the gauge to read 4", then clean it and it would drop to 2". But it got to where cleaning it wouldn't reduce the reading. I bought a new, much better, and cheaper filter to put on it. This replacement had 2 times the media of the OEM, 1/2 the cost, was USA made with much more robust construction, and a Merv15 rating (versus Oneida's Merv 16). It was from Penn State Industries for their cyclones and was plug and play on mine. That was in 2013, and my gauge still read 0" of backpressure when we moved (last time I ran it). But I'm still bitter about the whole thing and really wanted a CV, so when they had the site wide sale around Memorial Day I went ahead and bought for the new shop that may be in use one day. There were a handful of other minor things, all of which I resolved...but I see the separation thing a matter of poor design. If you follow Pentz, the Oneida design doesn't have any of the features he found needed for fine dust separation. But along with my complaints I've always praised some things about the unit. It's well built, mine was made when they were all heavy gauge steel (new have a lot of composite on them) and they are quite literally built like a tank. The impeller is almost a work of art with it's graceful swept vanes, and it moves air. I measured over 500 CFM through a 4" duct, and I get over 100 CFM through a 6" duct. Whew! That said, I'm one of only a very few who don't like their Oneida units, most guys have nothing but praise for them....and I'm happy for them. Just wish I had been one.
  5. Donuts and Oreos...

    Me too!
  6. Bird houses and wasps

    Absolutely true, I use mothballs to keep critters (all kinds) out of places I don't want them.
  7. DC wireless remote

    I had a Long Ranger that I used for 9 years without a problem. Eventually I dropped the remote one time too many onto the concrete and it failed. Well made unit. But I replaced it with a Shop Fox....it lasted less than 6 months before the outlet part of the receiver completely broke away rendering the unit useless.
  8. Antiques, vintage, or whatever old furniture

    Actually as I think about the M group not liking the old stuff, I consider that good news. The prices on these items have really skyrocketed due to demand. Maybe if a bunch of folks don't buy the prices will come back down to where folks besides Warren Buffet can afford them.
  9. due to may experiences with my cyclone (which they made). But I just got the current issue of PWW and noticed a teaser on the cover for this gizmo. Megan Fitzpatrick reviews it and claims it works...which would be a first for this type of attachment (IME). But it's cheap enough that if I ever get a shop to work in some day, I intend to buy one. Which is the real problem for me, since I've sworn Oneida will never get another nickel of my money. Maybe I can find a used one by then. Anyway, this may solve the unsolvable problem of dust collection in a hand held router. My belief is that Megan is a fairly straight shooter so for the moment I'll take her word that it works as advertised.
  10. I agree with that sentiment....I have a cabinet saw because I can. But other than being able to cut thicker wood with less strain on the motor going from my Delta contractor saw to a Unisaw had pretty much zero effect on anything I did.
  11. Antiques, vintage, or whatever old furniture

    Put a touchscreen on the old stuff and see what happens.
  12. So how does the new like choices work?

    Yep, I see the confused face with a 1 (1 click) and the heart with a 1. Thanks, mystery (to me) solved.
  13. So how does the new like choices work?

    I get that when you click "like" you have the options that pop up on the side. But when you have a post that has been clicked on, how do you tell (or can you) which choices, if any, the person clicking the "like" button made?
  14. Lost an old friend

    Condolences on your lost......
  15. Be frugal, not cheap

    I'll be interested in haring your opinion on the Enduro Var. I've used it (once) and really like it. As waterborne finishes go it's seems to be one of the most durable available today.

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