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  1. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! October 23th, 2017

    I did get my furnace hung in the shop this past weekend, along with the flue. Not wired (power or thermostat) yet and no gas yet, but now I can get the attic insulated.
  2. Loose fill, cellulose versus fiberglass

    That's kinda what I'm thinking. I remember when I did the last one I itched for 3 days, and probably sneezed/coughed for a week (yes, I used a very good respirator). he problem with a contractor may be the one I always face with them around here...getting the job done in some kind of acceptable timing.
  3. Loose fill, cellulose versus fiberglass

    I think that is the phenomenon to which I referred. It seldom gets that cold around here, so maybe it's not an issue. As for room, there's plenty..I suspect I could go to R40 but I'd have to check the height of those baffle thingys.
  4. Loose fill, cellulose versus fiberglass

    I should have explained...the insulation, regardless of type, will be blown in. The loose fill I used in my last shop was fiberglass. I'm not much on batts in the attic, like mentioned the loose fill covers everything. I did put those foam baffle thingys in before I had the rock installed, so we're good to go there. But this is all good input.
  5. Loose fill, cellulose versus fiberglass

    I'm nearing the decision of attic insulation for my shop. Current plans are to go R 30 (unless someone here changes my mind) and I'm leaning toward fiberglass...which is what I used in my last shop. However, there is a fair amount of opinion that cellulose is actually a superior insulation. The thought behind that was that cellulose settles over time and forms a better barrier to heat loss, whereas fiberglass packs a lot less. With fiberglass the looser pack actually allows a little heat to escape by rising through the loose fibers. This isn't a cost question. more of a curiosity to me. Besides, I may hire this out and some installers only do one or the other. What say the collective here?
  6. Grinder at work

    Here I thought I had a lot of scrap wood!
  7. Finally, the Cradle is Finished

    Ron, dude....oh WOW!
  8. I was really proud of this

    It can get pretty scary at times.
  9. Got the snot shocked outta me today

    It's unbelievable what you can find in some homes electric-wise. I've greatly expanded my vocabulary fixing things like you just mentioned....really glad you weren't hurt badly.
  10. I was really proud of this

    I don't gte it, what's wong with the sign????
  11. Sculpted Clock Complete

    Nice, I love that color (and the name).
  12. My latest project

    Nice...you sure look different in that video.
  13. trucks

    Sooooo, hows the wallet feeling? Lots lighter, I suspect?????
  14. Jigsaw reviews

    Ain't that the truth...cutting that stuff out with a jigsaw took some skill.
  15. Artistry in Wood - Dayton, Oh (-ish) Oct 14-15

    The last time I went the turners were in full force, especially those who had lots of pens to sell. I'm guessing that Judy and Wayne are carvers, may be why I'm not familiar with those names. I'll reserve commenting on Scott since I'm not his biggest fan. Still sounds like it was a worthwhile trip for you, especially given it was a close one. Any vendors there?

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