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  1. With a big thanks to John Morris

    I can at least get on the internet for some small stuff. In an earlier post John had mentioned something to me called "tethering"....basically connection a device through a smart phone on it's wireless network. MY IP provider at the tie was even worse than normal, and I was worried about getting bills paid, subscriptions filled, and some other important stuff. So that's when I broke down and got an Iphone. Eventually the IP provider (only one I can get besides satellite...which I avoid) fixed the earlier problems..until last Friday. This service is a wireless micro wave tthing that comes off a 1000' foot tower a few miles away. Last Friday something on top of the tower "broke" and I've been without IP service since then. A little while ago I hooked the Iphone up to the computer and here I am. There's no telling when the IP service will be restored, climbing that tower in this weather isn't possible. But I have IP access, even if i am limited a little. But for folks in the same situation this m(tethering) is a good workaround. Thanks to John for pointing it out to non-techie me it exists.
  2. I hate Wal*mart

    I was watching a report on the worst CS companies in America. In the top 5 (or top 10, don't remember) were WalMart and McDonalds. Yet, in my small town that doesn't seem to hurt their business. McDonalds routinely has cars wrapped around the building and into the street while next door Burger King, Wendy's and some others barely have 1-2 vehicles at their window. The Mac parking lot is also usually full. As for Walmart, they are very busy most of the time. My conclusion from this less than statistically correct study is that many (probably most) are more tuned into the pricing stuff than the CS stuff. I don't hate Walmart, but then I'm not particularly fond of them either. But for the record, the few items I've bought through "ship to store" were generally handled fairly well. I might have had to wait a minute or 2 for someone to show up, but otherwise everything went fine.
  3. Eating in the Fifties

    Some stuff was delivered right to the door back then, bread and milk (seems like orange juice was as well) ...heck we even had a dry cleaner come though the neighborhood once a week and pick up/drop off cleaning. Mom had a little cardboard sign with the cleaners name on it she would prop in the window to get them to stop.
  4. Anybody heard of Sika Post Fix

    I've heard of it, and watched a video they (Sika) made using it. I do so little post setting it's of little interest to me, other than the concept.
  5. Deal of the year (seriously).

    I kinda had the same thought...they should issue an apology and a generous discount on a purchase. I guess that's not in the cards, you'll have to get by on the free catalog.
  6. Deal of the year (seriously).

    Somewhere I picked up a Grizzly tech told another person they had thousands of orders for those. I suspect honoring them would be a really bitter pill to swallow, money wise.
  7. Eating in the Fifties

    Wow, great memories. I still remember we only had soft drinks (usually Coke) on Friday nights. The week the price doubled to 10¢ from 5¢ (see Dave's post above) my mom had sent me up the hill to the store to get a carton of "pop". I paid the new price of 10¢ a bottle (what did I know, I was just a kid) and went home. My mom was so mad she made me return the carton and get her money back. I do really miss those deposit bottles (on everything).
  8. Freebie

    Gene, I'd be interested in it if I didn't already have one, let it go to someone who can use it. A seriously sweet offer on your part. Newman ought to jump on this....
  9. I am shocked, shocked

    The article said France had such a road, maybe the Chinese got it from them? Regardless, build one over here and see how long it lats...heck, we can't even have copper pipes in houses anymore with out them being vandalized.
  10. Harbor Freight Bench followup

    I'm glad that worked out, I'd like to replace what now functions as my reloading bench with something more suitable. Buying one of them would be cheaper than building one. I'll have to give them a looksee the next time I'm in town. I can't tell how much lip there is on the front of the bench, but it doesn't look like the press arm has the room to move in front of the drawers..of course, I know it can. But it does look close.
  11. Just so everyone knows

    Well, thanks (I guess) but I wasn't worried about the title....I wasn't too worried about winning the lottery either. For me it's not a moral issue, it's more or less what Dave said about self-administered taxes..after all the only consistent winner here is the government (enough said). I'll enter lotteries that are for prizes and are privately sponsored. But your statement did remind me of my late M-I-L, who was an self described anti-gambler (among other things). But when the Ohio Lottery was introduced, she bought tickets every week and would run to the TV to check her numbers against the winners.
  12. Just so everyone knows

    I did not win the Mega millions jackpot. I realize the odds very low anyway, especially since I don't buy lottery tickets. But for now I will not be buying the internet or this forum, and remain an apprentice member here. I also did not win the Powerball last night, probably for the same reason (no ticket).
  13. Woodburning!!!

    You are quite the artist, nice!
  14. Finish for Walnut Clock

    Very ,very nice!
  15. NOW WHAT!!!!

    Interesting, I don't see any change at all, but here's that message in the header: The Patriot Woodworker Themes will change tonight. Please click on The Patriot Woodworker Themes for more information. All users will be logged out at 10:00 PM Pacific Time, January 5th, 2018. Please be prepared to log back in upon your next visit. If you have any password issues feel free to contact us at administrator@thepatriotwoodworker.com or click on "Forgot Password" and follow prompts. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Staff

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