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  1. Michael, here's the original post describing my intentions: " I've been kicking this around for a while. I'm a little nervous about asking since this may go south, but here goes. I'm willing to host a gathering/get together/whatever you want to call it if there's any interest. Some things that will make this hard to do: The date....picking a date that fits anyone's/everyone's schedule is hard to do. It's impossible to find one day that's good for everyone. I'm retired, so any day/date will be good for me as long as it doesn't interfere with one of my wife's doctor visits (I'm the driver). The content: I won't be able to provide any demo's or entertainment unless someone brings something. So this would mostly be a meet/greet/jawbone affair. Food: I would be willing to provide lunch/drinks/snacks. Likely some kind of fried chicken or such. Timing: because I'm also doing things for my wife (like cooking dinner) we would likely have to limit it to about 5:00 or so in the afternoon ending time, start anytime. The location: my place (search Wapakoneta OHIO) which as far as I know is only close to Newman. Most others will have a couple of hours drive, or couple of hours flight on John's company jet. Info that would be of use: How many would be probable for such an event? Any suggestions for the agenda? Any interest in a swap and sell of stuff? What did I forget? I've participated in 2 of these type events (different forum) before, one was exceptionally well done...though the attendance was less than the host expected, I think there were probably 12 or so guys so up. The second was disaster....enough said. I'd rather not do one than host a disaster.
  2. I see no reason that spouses can't come.
  3. Wow that felt good!

    We celebrate our second anniversary in this house on April 8. Yesterday, I got my table saw re assembled, hooked up and actually cut a piece of wood for the first time since we moved. My smile must have lit up the whole township. I still have a long way to go (although, the planer, jointer, RAS, and drill press are also functional) but I'm really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now.
  4. What Dan said is what I was thinking. I made this a "multiple choice" poll...meaning you can pick several dates. That will enable me to narrow it down. I picked all the Saturdays including the holiday weeks (which I would guess are reserved for family things for everyone) thinking that 3/4 of them would fall out for the next iteration. But the inability to come to a firm date is what I knew would be the hardest part. But if you mark the dates you might be able to attend that would get it going...if it's a viable happening.
  5. OK, lets try this out. I'm posting the dates for a potential gathering as described in the other post. What I'm listing here are the Saturday dates (only guessing that's the best day, but I can change that if needed). What I would like is that IF you think you can come, vote for the date that seems best. I'll do more polls if needed to further refine the choices. If I can give you the option to vote for multiple dates (my first time doing a poll) I'll do that as well. So lets see how this goes. (PS to John, I'm assuming you want this to be in the Free for all sections, and I don't see the ability to add tags like you wanted in those posts) Anyway, vote for the dates above in the poll:
  6. Our Mr. Kauffman.

  7. Table Saw Review Form

    Maybe a place to talk about the fence???? (Edit in: and the included accessories???)
  8. Wow, some of you guys have been busy! I did manage to get the overhead portion (the ducting) of the DC completed this week, and finally will be able to start assembling my stationary tools and hooking them up. Still need to complete hanging the lights and putting some high shelves up in the shop. One thing has become very clear to me, short guys (5'7") shouldn't have tall ceilings (10')...it really makes things a lot harder to do. Thank goodness for a rolling scaffold.
  9. Creating A Topic With A Poll

    Nice, you really got it pulled together. I'l be testing it out as well.
  10. Thoughts on a TPW gathering?

    I think I count 6 as being interested. That's enough to continue working on it and hope the numbers grow. If this does fall through you guys are still welcome to stop in any time your in the area.
  11. A big ol' Happy Birthday today to...

    Best to you on your day!
  12. Can we do a poll?

    John, don't rush on getting that functional...we have time...and Thanks!

    Best to you, John!
  14. Can we do a poll?

    Well, my current need is to publish some dates for a gathering and see if folks want to vote on which ones they would likely be able to attend. I've seen them used for tool surveys and favorite methods of something in other forums. But that's why I was asking (to get perspectives on possible dates.

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