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  1. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    I read where some folks got the Quantum update a week or so early. Not sure why.
  2. Today (Wendesday) is turkey day

    Whether it's today or tomorrow- Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. lathe tools

    Lots of things to consider here- First of all, turning is easier to learn if the tools are sharp. So, if you consider HSS (high speed steel) tools you also need to think about the need to resharpen them. That means some sort of sharpening system. Better quality tools (types of metal) will stay sharper longer but will still need sharpened, eventually. Typically, lathe tools are sharpened on a bench grinder- slow speeds are better. Some turnes use other methods- belt sanding, special sharpening systems. Another way to go is with carbide tools. These tools have replaceable, long-lasting cutters. No need for a grinder/sharpening system. Some turners will use a diamond honing board to touch up the edges to get longer use of the replacement tips. HSS tools and carbide tool have slightly different use characteristics. I feel carbide tools are easier to learn to use. Both types of tools have their place in your tool arsenal. I started with a starter set of steel tools that came with my lathe. The downfall of that was that I only used a couple of the tools. If you decide on HSS tool, avoid the "set" box and buy just what you need to learn with. A roughing gouge, a spindle gouge and a parting tool will get you started. If you want to turn hollow objects, like bowls, you'll need a bowl gouge as well. Look at Woodcraft (Woodriver) , Laguna Tools (Pinnacle) and Easy Wood Tools (carbide) for ideas, availability and prices. I'm sure other turners will jump in with their comments, suggestions and ideas. This is a super topic and I'm glad you asked us for opinions!
  4. 150+ years old table

    The chip out area on the underside of the top looks pretty light in color to be walnut. You did a beautiful job on the restoration!
  5. Got A New RO Sander

    Looks like a really nice unit! Very similar in design to the DeWalt I have.
  6. Check out this post- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/20948-jigsaw-reviews/?tab=comments#comment-128098
  7. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    And more good news- https://www.myce.com/news/noscript-extension-firefox-quantum-released-later-week-82998/
  8. Now that's just slicker than cat poop!
  9. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    This will get you close- https://www.askvg.com/tip-how-to-restore-classic-ui-in-mozilla-firefox-sort-of/
  10. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    If you want to make it even faster, try this- https://www.askvg.com/tip-make-mozilla-firefox-faster-by-disabling-ui-animations/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+AskVG+(AskVG)

    I try to live by the advice from something I read- "I never learned anything while I was talking".
  12. resizing programs

    or maybe this- http://a-sharper-scaling.com/
  13. resizing programs

    I found this. Not sure if it will do what you want- http://reshade.com/
  14. resizing programs

    Can you list the ones you have?
  15. Wow, did I ever get an improvement

    You must be in Seventh Heaven!!
  16. Large family Finished the highchair, still have a few more projects to make before Christmas.
  17. Christmas Presents

    WOW, Herb! You have been busy!! They are gorgeous! What type of jig do you use to get those tight miters?!?!
  18. Using black iron pipe (gas line)

    Me too. I keep a tank hydroed and filled. Use it to inflate car tires and a portable source for air powered nailers.
  19. Push Drill Delirious

    That's a beauty! Judging from the prices, I see around here, local flea markets must dip their stuff in gold before they put it on the shelves.
  20. Recent Rust Revivals

    Even has the scribe! Usually the ones I see are missing it.
  21. Paid it forward

    I like that idea! Last ones I built I purchased some black foam designed with slots. It was OK but had limited storage capabilities.

    You are always welcome here, Buck! Here on the southern border of Pennsylvania at the location, where on a clear day, you can see 4 states- West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania's share of the Cumberland Valley; we know all about being called "rednecks" and are proud of it!!!
  23. I'm building a child's high chair out of maple. Going to use water based "poly". I've sanded all of the pieces thru 150. Should I raise the grain now? And if so do I spray water on the pieces or wipe them with a wet rag. In the past, I've applied the first coat of poly, which raised the grain, sanded and then applied additional coats. I thought about using a Shellac primer but wanted to keep the maple about the same color. Any tips/ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  24. Cube within a cube and maple score.

    At first I thought you were going to say that you started with the felled tree and ended up with the cube I was subbing in Machine Shop last week and saw a couple of those cubes the kids made from aluminum. Pretty cool. Lots of bowls and platters in that tree!
  25. Maple boards??!!?? I like your idea of "boards"!! No wonder your back hurts. That must have weighed in close to 100lbs!

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