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  1. PIP River Table

    What Dan said!!
  2. WIndows 10 Privacy

    A little program to help you lock down the telemetry in Windows 10 https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10
  3. Unique lathe tools

    Thanks, Gene! His stuff is really neat!
  4. table saw sled sizing

    Pat, I have 2 sleds. One is very much like the one you made. Single wooden runner. I copied the idea from "Norm". I had another version of the sled with the "fence" piece across the leading edge but with my small saw it was a little awkward to use. I use this one mostly for squaring panel ends. The framing square is for scale. The other sled is a crosscut sled. It is a gathering of ideas. I have begun to use metal runners instead of wood or plastic. The sled was totally over engineered and really heavy. I added a stop to the sled/table saw to prevent it from going too far thru the blade. It's just a bolt threaded into the side wing and a stop block fastened to the side of the sled. The bottom and a view of the blade protection block
  5. Well, it is a start

    Hope it goes thru!
  6. Stopped at HF to look at their drills

    I saw some of the newer Harbor Freight drills and drivers. They look pretty nice. So far my 2 Hitachis are working pretty well. The thing I hate is having a variety of brands, different chargers different batteries.
  7. Long Days/ Short Nights

    WOW, that's quite a project! Can't blame you for wanting to slow down. That schedule must certainly take it's toll.
  8. Next Project?

    Neat storage idea on the egg beaters!
  9. Like I said, I am learning so much from these posts- Thanks!
  10. MIckey

  11. Awesome Turning Video

    Didn't want to wait until Wednesday to share this. I spent a little time in Japan but only remember 2 words of the language.
  12. Website Icons, Red Ball Indicator

    It is the number of notifications and messages you have waiting. Touch it and it will expand showing each category.
  13. Bowl blanks

    Awesome band saw! I've been using Titebond glue instead of paint it seems to keep it from cracking a little longer.
  14. Started a project for our "adopted son", something called a serving board or serving plank. It is sort of an oversized cutting board that gets loaded with appetizers and set in the middle of the table. Never heard of on of these. At our house an appetizer is what is closest to the front of the refrigerator door when it is opened
  15. Next Project?

    That last piece is purddy!
  16. A shop compressor will work but I'd add an additional regulator and a moisture separator
  17. Birthday Greetings to...

    Happy B-Day, Jim!
  18. Plastic Threads for Box Lids

    Now that's just slicker than cat poop! Love it!!
  19. Hello, again.

    Hoping for a swift recovery for you, Charles.
  20. Well, if you haven't gotten your significant other a Valentine's present by now, I hope you can get comfortable sleeping next to the lathe for the next several days @RustyFN showed us his first turned lidded box and it is gorgeous. Read about it here and check out the comments from our turners- Carl Jacobson turned a floating vase, about a month ago. Notice his use of Easy Wood Tools and the Easy Wood chuck! I think if I hadn't learned to turn, I might have tried my hand at painting. I always marveled at the painters on public television when they created a picture. Although he has passed away, Bob Ross was one I enjoyed. That's probably why I found this Tim Yoder turning video so amusing- Some of you may have an income from your turning. With tax season upon us, I thought this video from Mike Peace may be of interest- Check some of the comments, with the video, on YouTube. Several respondents were folks who worked as tax consultants and they added additional information. Rick turnes added his list of videos for January 2018- The Woodworking Show is going to be in Kansas City, MO this weekend- February 16 and 17. Our most generous sponsor Easy Wood Tools will be there! Check here for additional information- Click on the above image to link to more information. I have been playing with a little holly bowl. The wood came from a tree that was planted, in 1969, at the school where I taught. The tree had been cut back many times over the years due to size a weather damage so none of the trunk pieces were extremely large- although the base near the ground is close to 2 feet across. I turned the bowl green- the outside shape one evening and finished the inside the next day. The wall thickness is about 3/16". There were a couple of stress cracks in the log before I started but they didn't get any larger after completion. The inertia sander I made works great! The pictures are before any finish is applied. I'm using rattle can lacquer but need to get a buffing wheel to smooth the surface of the spray. You can see the bowl went from round to slightly oblong during the process. When it is finished, I'll give it to the school. I still have a couple more chunks and also a holly natural edge bowl but some of the bark split off during the final turning. I also finished up the piece I was turning from Manzanita. It had that large void that I filled with Alumilite. I couldn't get the "bowl" part polished as well as I would have liked. Everything went south when I tried to use Micromesh pads. I guess it was the difference in the density between the wood and acrylic. Also the pads left traces of their color on the wood. I should mention that I did not stabilize the Manzanita. I'm calling this one "Crater" because it reminds me of a volcano. Finally, I guess someone likes my rolling pins. Got this in the mail today- Who a thunk it?? Safe turning
  21. Charity Dog banks

    Great looking project and a wonderful organization. I agree with others- about $35
  22. Wood artist

  23. Next Project?

    I think you must be using the 2 cell Sketchup on this one!

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