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  1. Sounds good to me even though I never have the slightest clue what those old tools are.
  2. Well July is past the halfway point. Another week of the "3 H's" here in south central PA. @Steve Krumanaker posted a gorgeous hollow walnut form he turned. It is not a tiny thing either! Steve talks about the adventure here- @Ron Altier Is having some difficulty with an acrylic blank. Head on over to his post and see if you have any suggestions Carl Jacobson recently posted a review of the new Easy Wood Micro Tools. These will be a real asset to those who turn smaller items such as pens, bottle stoppers, etc. But don't be fooled; these tools will are going to be great for detail work on larger objects. I am particularly impressed with the Micro Detailer. The sharp point is something I find very useful in my turnings. The tools come as a set. So you get all tree when you purchase them! Some months ago, I linked a short "teaser" about Tim Yoder's upcoming video on catches. He has released 2 videos covering various catches and why they happen. Part #1 is on the roughing gouge- Part #2 is linked on his YouTube page. As turners, we are always looking for ways to make our pieces unique. Some add color, some add texture and the list goes on. Here is a video where the turner adds interesting detail to a bowl- using a router. I had a little time at the lathe this week. Some months ago, I created a laminated blank from scraps and then turned it round. It has been setting next to the lathe. Finally made something out of it. I call them Chang and Eng. They use the Crush Grind mechanisms from Woodcraft and stand about 11" tall. To distinguish between the salt and pepper function I used a piece of African blackwood for pepper and a piece of antler, that was recently given to me by a good friend, for the salt. Finished with rattle can lacquer. Turned entirely with Easy Wood Tools! Safe Turning
  3. We've never seen a little injury like this keep you out of the shop.!
  4. Nice ornamentation on the box doors. Your back yard looks inviting. You might need a hammock!
  5. Maybe they just don't last very long
  6. Thanks for the very kind comments, guys!!
  7. Thanks!
  8. Cool idea, Thanks!
  9. Couple of images I pulled from another site
  10. I've been meaning to make one of these. Looks like a good time to start.
  11. Glad it is the right size. I was hoping I guessed right.
  12. That should hold a couple of handfuls of Tootsie-Rolls!!! Love it!
  13. Agree! A Beauty- nice save!
  14. Cool! We were just discussing hearing loss the other day!
  15. It was really cool to watch. Almost like it had a life of its' own!!!
  16. According to their site, it can withstand 500° F. It must have some ferrous material in it, too. I recently used some to affix some old hard drive magnets to a desk lamp base. When I placed the magnets in a "puddle" of the JB it all ran to the edges of the magnets!
  17. It's too bad that probably only one to get into trouble for this will be the person who left the bag on the hood
  18. Could you use soda and JB weld? The color of the JB would lightens some and maybe blend with the colors of the acrylic piece.
  19. That is an awesome desk, Steve!
  20. Is the "Green On-Line Dot" missing related to this same conversation??
  21. I don't have your exact setup but when I put my stuff together, I went to the plumbing section of Lowes and found stuff to match my hose sizes. Some were white PVC and others were black.

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