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Come see our annual Adopt a Gold Star Family for Christmas Project in partnership with Operation Ward 57. We have been chosen to support this mother and her two children. How can you help? Click on the proceeding link, and see our official project page where you can learn how to participate in our raffle and how you can win some fantastic prizes! Attention on Deck!!! Uncle Sam Wants You!!!!


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  1. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    NoScripts is now available- https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/noscript/
  2. Thanks guys for the kind words! @Steve Krumanaker Outer diameter is about 12". The inner recess is about 9".
  3. YouTube makers

    If you are into woodturning, check out "Rick Turns". Once a month he publishes a list of all of the You Tube turning videos for the previous month. Here's the list for October Other turners are Captain Eddy- https://www.youtube.com/user/capneddie/featured Tim YOder- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOXBtgBVAAro9pyp4Q5_3lQ Carl Jacobson- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCirYSGBqwN5V0wxP72fuUGg Izzy Swan is amazing (except for that backwards hat ) Hope this helps.
  4. MDF and moisture

    Agree with John. There are better alternatives. Plywood, solid wood, etc. I have seen where folks will put a piece of replaceable masonite for the top.
  5. lathe tools

    and another 1!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving (November 23 - 2017)

    Happy Turkey Day To All!!!
  7. Speaking of Thanksgiving....


    Thank You, Buck! The same to you and yours.
  9. Christmas without a father is not something most folks can begin to imagine. No Dad for a kid is tough enough but at Christmas it is heartbreaking. I know. We cannot allow these kids to have anything less than a super Christmas. With a little over 3 weeks to go, we still need $500 to meet our goal. Please head over to our raffle and give what your heart says. http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/21082-the-patriot-woodworkers-with-op-ward-57-adopt-a-gold-star-family-for-the-holidays-2017/ On another matter, our administrative staff would really appreciate it if you could add tags to your post topics. It makes it easier for site users to search for information. I have gone back one year and added tags to all of the Turner Forum topics where tags were missing. If you see something I tagged incorrectly, please feel free to change it. Just today we had an excellent question posted by @Lissa Hall. Lissa's question is about which turning tools should a new turner purchase. We've all been there and most of us have made mistakes in those purchases. Please head over to Lissa's post and give her/us your ideas and opinions. This is a great topic for discussion so let's keep it going- @Steve Krumanaker created a sweet little puzzle- a cube within a cube- Check out his post and the discussion about how this was done! With Christmas just 4 weeks away, here are two videos from Carl Jacobson where he turns some neat seasonal items that would make awesome gifts. A turned Santa- And some Gnome Christmas Carolers- Check out the Easy Wood Tools he is using!! Tim Yoder is also in the Christmas spirit. This is a two part video where he creates a mixed medium Christmas angel- Notice the patent date on the one on the left. At one time these blue (and green) glass insulators were sought after collectibles- at least around here. I have been working on some Christmas gifts myself. Highchair is finished and delivered tonight. I have two "cake platters" started. This is the top of one- I'll use acrylic paint to highlight the texturing. Safe turning
  10. New box

    I noticed that, too! Nicely done!
  11. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    I read where some folks got the Quantum update a week or so early. Not sure why.
  12. Today (Wendesday) is turkey day

    Whether it's today or tomorrow- Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. lathe tools

    Lots of things to consider here- First of all, turning is easier to learn if the tools are sharp. So, if you consider HSS (high speed steel) tools you also need to think about the need to resharpen them. That means some sort of sharpening system. Better quality tools (types of metal) will stay sharper longer but will still need sharpened, eventually. Typically, lathe tools are sharpened on a bench grinder- slow speeds are better. Some turnes use other methods- belt sanding, special sharpening systems. Another way to go is with carbide tools. These tools have replaceable, long-lasting cutters. No need for a grinder/sharpening system. Some turners will use a diamond honing board to touch up the edges to get longer use of the replacement tips. HSS tools and carbide tool have slightly different use characteristics. I feel carbide tools are easier to learn to use. Both types of tools have their place in your tool arsenal. I started with a starter set of steel tools that came with my lathe. The downfall of that was that I only used a couple of the tools. If you decide on HSS tool, avoid the "set" box and buy just what you need to learn with. A roughing gouge, a spindle gouge and a parting tool will get you started. If you want to turn hollow objects, like bowls, you'll need a bowl gouge as well. Look at Woodcraft (Woodriver) , Laguna Tools (Pinnacle) and Easy Wood Tools (carbide) for ideas, availability and prices. I'm sure other turners will jump in with their comments, suggestions and ideas. This is a super topic and I'm glad you asked us for opinions!
  14. 150+ years old table

    The chip out area on the underside of the top looks pretty light in color to be walnut. You did a beautiful job on the restoration!
  15. Got A New RO Sander

    Looks like a really nice unit! Very similar in design to the DeWalt I have.

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