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  1. Rare Parrot

    Love It!
  2. New member @Matt47 is having difficulty uploading pictures. He is getting an error saying the file is too large. Picture is from his phone. Anyone have any ideas??
  3. Birdseye Drawers

    Beautiful! I really like the asymmetrical dovetail spacing!

    The biggest one I've used is the 16" Porter Cable OmniJig. Truthfully, I never got very good at using it. It took me forever to get it setup and dialed in everytime I wanted to make dovetails. I guess I just never used it enough to get good/fast at it. That said, once dialed in it made great joints.
  5. Crater

    I don't know what happened. Recently, it seems I have more ideas. Maybe just a creative spurt.
  6. Lew inspired me

    Aahh, I see where you were headed now. I thought you were referring having some pieces with the flat grain up and others with the edge grain up. I have seen lots of cutting/serving boards with the inlay like Dane made. Apparently they are pretty stable.
  7. Image Editing

    Thanks, Charles. I thought I remember something like that. I know you cannot delete them after a given limit but wasn't sure about editing.
  8. Lew inspired me

    I think with the thinner boards- less that an inch thick- the movement will be quite small. Plus, there is lots of surface area for bonding.
  9. phone battery life

    Kids, you gotta love 'em
  10. This is hilarious! And accurate!
  11. Cherry display cabinet

    Never been up that far. Had a friend who flew a Piper Apache and he took me to Lock Haven a couple of times and been to the Clearfield county Fair once. Looks like you guys are getting your share of rain today!
  12. Lew inspired me

    I have made edge to side glue ups and so far they have held. This one wasn't too thick. Her name is "Emma"
  13. Image Editing

    What is the time limit for editing images in the Gallery?? New member @OC3 wanted to fix some errors but can't get to the manage image section.

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