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  1. Some things are easier said than done in an early '50's house
  2. They work great EXCEPT in a basement shop where the furnace is located in the same room. The fan creates enough airflow that it can suck furnace fumes DOWN the chimney. Don't ask how I know this!
  3. Saving Wood

    Here's another thought- https://woodbarter.com/threads/killing-bugs-in-your-wood.9390/
  4. Saving Wood

    Use the holes to your advantage! Turn the piece and just allow the holes to be extra added attractions!! These are NOT my turnings but an example of what can be done- http://www.healing-arts.org/edric/woodturnings-156.htm
  5. Login, Navigation And Access Issues.

    John Morris is aware and is working on it
  6. Reaction Icons

    Reaction icons not working
  7. I had to sign in with my Facebook account to get logged in. I see others are having the same problem.
  8. Woodturning Club Exchange Challenge

    I Like It! That magnet is a great idea!
  9. That's pretty neat! I used a furnace blower motor mounted in the window. My shop is in the basement so I just removed the basement fold in window and replaced it with the blower and added some filters to keep the dirt/dust from clogging the motor.
  10. Arlington

    I saw this, too. Thanks for posting it here, Gene.
  11. Nice cabinet! I've been riding herd on the computer technology kids for two days- I just might sleep all weekend!
  12. @Gerald Thank You! @HandyDan Thanks! I'll be checking some flea markets for a used gouge to make one, too. @Steve Krumanaker Thank You!

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