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  1. Birdhouse ornaments

    Those are so neat!
  2. Oddball things at Home Depot

    Oh, I want that Spider!!! I have a plastic Jerky gun. It's great for making stuffed Calamari!
  3. Desk Parts

    Glad to help!
  4. Free word processing

    Check these options- https://www.thebalance.com/top-free-or-open-source-accounting-programs-14071
  5. Another hardware search

    Maybe here- https://www.etsy.com/listing/264673742/metal-leg-square-sabot?ref=pla_similar_listing_top-1 Apparently they are called sabots
  6. Little pine bowl

    Lookin' Good!!!
  7. A Buckeye Birthday Salute to...

    Happy B-Day, Bob!
  8. Desk Parts

    Here it is- https://www.hardwaretree.com/proddetail.php?prod=M-170SLIDERHD
  9. Desk Parts

    What part of the desk is this used on?
  10. Thanks for all of the kind words! @Ron Altier I, too, like to "go my own way"! I was searching more for techniques when I came across her video.
  11. A hardware supply question

    Or here- https://www.mcmaster.com/#swaged-hinges/=19hjnrs
  12. Winners and losers

    Wow that IS an awesome score!
  13. Festool Recon / Refurb

    It will be interesting to see the quantity and different items. For the price they ask for the tools, you would think they would last forever and never fail right out of the box.
  14. I love my 735 but doubt you'll get 20 years on the new blades Those blade bolts beat the heck out of the ones on the 735. After reading about problems with the Allen head bolts, on the earlier 735, I went to Fastenal and bought replacement bolts of a higher grade. Installed them using "anti-seize". They may have upgraded the bolts on more recent models so this may be a moot point. .

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