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  1. Estate Sale find

    Nice Score!
  2. Experimenting With Epoxy

    Maybe some buffing compound would help clear the surface.
  3. Made This Bowl In About 2000

    That's really nice! I know what you mean about left over parts. I used to have a Scuba shop. I have boxes of obsolete parts!
  4. Looks like a nice machine! At least they new where to locate the dust collection. My biggest complaint about the 735.
  5. WWII Spitfire Pilot

    Neat video of a WWII pilot seeing himself on film-
  6. Thursday Pickings. Skimpy

    The Bandit strikes again!!
  7. Can We Have A Redo?

    Must have been a Monday.
  8. @Gene Howe Thanks! So far it's holding! @Chips N Dust Thank You! @Steve Krumanaker Thanks! @Gerald Thank You! I have considered a vacuum chamber for stabilizing just not sure I'd do enough of it. The modeling clay was just a lucky thought. I used to help a guy who did casting and he had all king of techniques but mostly with wax. I just adapted some of them to the clay. @Grandpadave52 Thanks! @HandyDan Thank you. This one sure has been a challenge!
  9. ...and it can be repaired if necessary without the use of dynamite!
  10. C If This Gits Sh* Caned

    Depending on the speed of your computer and whether or not the page content has changed, you may not see any difference. I think I may have made a misleading statement before "hold down the "ctrl" Key and press the "F5" key". I should have been more clear about the overall sequence. Try this- while holding down the CTRL key, press and release the F5 key.
  11. Next Project?

    I really like that "skinny drawer". Ideal use of the space.
  12. If you are looking for a new laptop, PLEASE do yourself a favor and avoid the MacBook Pro. A friend's daughter spilled gatorade on hers. Well, disassembly was a total pain. Parts were held in with industrial strength adhesive that requires a special solvent to release. The keyboard- which is what needs to be replaced- is riveted in place. The keyboard illumination panel is glued to the keyboard so it virtually gets destroyed in the removal process. The rivet heads need to be ground off and not sure how to hold the new keyboard in place. I realize we are in an age of disposable electronics but $1100!! BTW the process is basically the same to replace the SSD drive or add more memory.
  13. C If This Gits Sh* Caned

    The easiest way is to to hold down the "ctrl" Key and press the "F5" key. The page will reload showing the latest content.

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