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  1. Planes...just,....planes

  2. Maple rustic chair 2

    Now that's a pretty cool tool!
  3. List of software utilities and online calculators.
  4. Woodcentral Downloads

    List of software downloads and online calculators.
  5. List of software downloads and online calculators. Extensive categorized listing.
  6. List of software downloads. Mostly for drawing applications- CAD, Sketchup, etc
  7. Dust collection issues

    Member @Cliff built a dust/chip collector for his lathe. I think his dust collector is so powerful he needs to wear a harness, anchored into the wall, to keep from being drawn in
  8. Dust collection issues

    I'm lucky in that way. My shop is in the basement and the lathe is off in a corner area. I can usually just clean at the end of the day, except when turning bowls- man, they make a pile of shavings!
  9. Here's the new one- https://toolcrib.com/44-free-woodworking-software-calculators-and-spreadsheets-for-the-wired-woodworker/
  10. Dust collection issues

    I haven't turned many acrylic items. I planned on trying my hand at Alumilite casting/turning in the near future. Truthfully, I don't attempt to use my dust collection system for the lathe shavings/chips. I found my collection setup wasn't efficient enough in collecting the chips and any collection hood seemed to get in the way. I do use the collector when I sand on the lathe.
  11. Online calculators for just about anything dealing with construction.
  12. Maple rustic chair 2

    I Love It! Did you use one of those "pencil sharpener" tenon devices on a drill for making the tenons?
  13. Tis The season

    Both are really nice, Dale! I like the chalk idea!

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