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  1. An Interesting Article

    Gonna try this! Just happen to have acquired a couple of antlers that might do the trick!
  2. What to do with a...

    I like the dovetails!
  3. Changes

    Whenever my system responds slowly, it is most often the CPU is involved, heavily, with another operation. You can check the CPU activity using the task manager (assuming you are using a Windows system). This following file demonstrates how to bring up the task manager and check CPU usage- Recording_20170820_1354.mht
  4. Changes

    MY theme reverted back to the "light" theme this morning. Maybe it's tied into the sun's cycle.
  5. Working on an idea to help save that little ironwood bowl.
  6. What to do with a...

    Been one of those days. I hate them. Time for a good "strong" beverage, neat.
  7. I thought I had it all ruffed in

    That little voice in my head is always about 10 minutes too late.
  8. Need a pattern for knobs

    Sorry some of the measurements are a little off
  9. Need a pattern for knobs

    Hang on a minute, I'm working up a Sketchup picture for you.
  10. Need a pattern for knobs

    SOmething like this?
  11. Balcony and Shade Structure

    Lotta Work! Looks really nice!
  12. Why I Love My 12" TS

    Nice to have that extra cutting ability! Nice hat, too!!
  13. Polling for the Themes

    political comment deleted...
  14. Pootatuck Lion Miter Trimmer

    That is one awesome score! I keep my eye out for these on Craig's List but most of what I've seen are apparently made of gold- judging from the asking prices.

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