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  1. Hail Mary

    WOWOWOWOW what a project - looks GRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT
  2. Multi-Mode 'Fairy' Lights Deal

    This post is referencing the lights I used in the project pictured below Lights ON - surprise - the light kit has several different modes, battery operated and remote controlled (would be difficult to turn lights on and off with this hanging on a wall.) I paid $14.95 for the light kit (source will not be mentioned in this post). Thinking this price was a little steep, I researched the manufacturer of the lights and stumbled upon them at Amazon. I have since changed supplier of this light kit. In fact, I ordered more from Amazon. The same light kit that I paid $14.95 at ________, is 2 for $10.99 ! ! ! ! ! I have included the url for these lights below. Did I do good or what ? ? ? ? ? Light Kit Deal Here
  3. Lighted Fisherman - Bragging

    Unfortunately, no. That being said, the light kit has 8 different modes to it and several of the modes have a dimming effect.
  4. Lighted Fisherman - Bragging

    Just got this one finished for our upcoming show this weekend. Cut from 1/4" Walnut, Cherry and Maple. Light kit from ScrollerOnline Lights Off - what ya see is what you get (maybe) Lights ON - surprise - the light kit has several different modes, battery operated and remote controlled (would be difficult to turn lights on and off with this hanging on a wall.
  5. Woodworker Journal Weekly Update Tip

    Herb, can't qualify this one. Maybe someone who is can either confirm or deny it
  6. Cleaning Up The Pm's Folder.

    The pay is really good, too
  7. Status of Excalibur Scroll Saw

    Couldn't say it better myself. Thanks
  8. Status of Excalibur Scroll Saw

    I have heard rumors of Exclibur being discontinued. Seyco is no longer selling them ! (The #1 guy for Excalibur). Sent emails to the manufacturer in Canada (General International) but received no answer from them. Soooooo, I reached out to Steve Good to see if he has heard anything. Below is his answer to me (reprinted with permission). "General International and the Taiwanese manufacturer of the Excalibur had a disagreement. I hear that it was not very friendly but I don't know all the gory details. Just the rumors.(not worth repeating) There was also a rumor going around that they had made up and General was considering starting shipping the saw again. I cannot verify that and I tried. The loss of the Excalibur was bad for the community but the gap has been somewhat filled by the Seyco ST-21 which is made by the same Taiwanese manufacturer and is very similar to the old Excalibur with improvements. It also open the door for King Canada to market their King Scroll Saws in the US. They are basically identical to the Excalibur with different branding. Unfortunately King can only sell the 16" and 30" machine in the US at this time. I spoke with their marketing guy and he tells me that is because of a contractual agreement and they hope to start selling the 21" King saw in the US soon. No word on what soon means. They currently sell the machines in Woodcraft stores nation wide." So, my friends, what are we going to replace our Excalibur when the time comes? Where are we going to get replacement parts? With the St-21 and KingSaw selling for $899, and being new to the scroll saw world, any decision is to be made. Any thoughts guys??????
  9. And another big CONGRATS from me as well - and from the entire Scroll Saw group
  10. Reported earlier that we were vending at a show in Perry, GA. Saturday great weather, great people (buying) and then the fire depoartment, with help from the weather prognosticators) said that the promoters should cancel the show for Sunday because of all the nasty weather headed our way. At the time of this writing (Sunday about 9:30am, it is storming with some pretty good winds and lightening. Glad I'm sitting in our dry trailer and not trying to get things ready for a "no customer" day. Nuff sed
  11. Happy Birthday Michael, Aka, Mebcwd.

    Add my congrats to y'all - and many more great ones
  12. Status of Excalibur Scroll Saw

    Artie - we value your opinion on dealing with Seyco, ease of ordering, shipping speed, and overall opinion (as a relatively newbe to scrolling) of this new machine. Please keep us informed of your journey. Thanks again fred
  13. Setting up for show in Perry, GA and keeping my black cat in doors.
  14. Woodworker Journal Weekly Update Tip

    I have also used different colors and red seems to work out the best for me. Medium grey also works good. Another thing I found (accidentally) is to ) print in "ink saver" mode - gets rid of all the background grey from the pattern. (ok, that's my 2 cents worth)
  15. Lighted Fisherman - Bragging

    Dave - consider it done And thanks to y'all for the kind comments
  16. New Modern Turning Apron

    Like the HAT TOO ! ! ! !
  17. Excellent post. Thanks for adding it.
  18. Sakura Sks 21' Scroll Saw

    I'll third that one
  19. Another Way To Stop Wood Checking

    Hmmm, gotta try that one - always seem to have the problem - especially when I find a good lookin log
  20. Late Introduction

    Hey, SMitty, adding my welcome - - when you have time let us know about yourself and your woodworking hobbies
  21. Decorah Eagles Cam Update March 7th

    Attention - - All three eggs have hatched - - - fascinating watching both mom and dad feeding them
  22. March 7th - Just checked the site some more - Mom (or Dad) is on the nest protecting new eggs surrounded by snow - That is DEDICATION Forgot to mention that it is presently 12.7 degrees F In case you lost the link - here it is - Decorah Eagles HD
  23. Sakura Sks 21' Scroll Saw

    Artie, have you talked with Ray Seymore of Seyco yet regarding good used machines he may have??? Just wondering.

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