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  1. United States Air Force

    Herb - CNC - And here I thought I was using a laser scroll saw
  2. United States Air Force

    From the album Pop's Shop Military Items

    From the Steve Good collection
  3. The Lord Does-Marine

    Thank you sir
  4. The Lord Does-Marine

    From the album Pop's Shop Military Items

    "The LORD Does the forgiving - It's our job to arrange the meeting" Saw it, had to make it, hope festival goers aren't upset with it.

    © Copyright, Pop's Shop, 2017

  5. Veteran.JPG

    From the album Pop's Shop Military Items

    I think this goes for ALL of us that served.

    © Copyright, Pop's Shop, 2017

  6. Scroll Saw Table Refinishing

    Hmmmmmmm - would certainly be a good way out - - - - Dave, I was thinking purple or orange Dan - was thinking the same thing - after "much" thought, I was thinking the same thing (or similar)
  7. Scroll Saw Table Refinishing

    I have had my Excaliber 21 for some time now and LOVE it. I love it so much that I have worn the "paint" right off the top near the blade opening. Now, the color of the bale matches the color of the blades. Makes it really tough to see the blade entry. I have tried paper, zero-clearance 1/4" plywood, coloring the blade with no results. OH, most learned members, how can I fix this problem. Short of taking it somewhere to have it ground down, polished and poder coated, does anyone have a real solution? Will be most anxiously awaiting your responses. fred
  8. Scroll Saw Table Refinishing

    Larry - "Do you top feed or bottom feed?" - I feed from the top DAB - "surely your blade color is not the same as your wood color?" - When I'm IN the wood there is no problem - it's getting started - fingers will be safe Dan - "Glue on a piece of Formica." - I just might give it a try Thanks all for the info
  9. United States Navy

    From the album Pop's Shop Military Items

    From the Steve Good collection
  10. United States Marine Corps

    From the album Pop's Shop Military Items

    From the Steve Good collection
  11. Pop's Shop Military Items

    Here are a few of the military items that I make. 6 branches and counting.
  12. United States Coast Guard

    From the album Pop's Shop Military Items

    From the Steve Good collection
  13. United States Army

    From the album Pop's Shop Military Items

    From the Steve Good collection
  14. Scroll Saw Table Refinishing

    Sounds like a picture is in order so here ya go
  15. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    To get back to the original subject - we visited friends in Mountain City, GA and experienced the total eclipse. Kind of eery starting about 90% - colors changed and temp started to drop. Then the "total" with everyone around cheering - and then the sun came back out and we went back to doing what ever it was that we were doing. Did manage a couple of neat photos though. (As if we all needed more pix)
  16. Forum Hosts and Member Map

    Go to the top of the page and click on the "Member Map" tab..
  17. Happy Birthday Pops! (August 2017)

    Permit me to add my Birthday Wishes. Great bird houses. I DID notice that the shop is WAY TO CLEAN ! ! ! !
  18. Forum Hosts and Member Map

    Hey sire, how about a banner in the headers asking ALL members to "put themselves on our map" ?? ? ? ? ?
  19. A (capella) little something to start your day

    WOW - great performance - I'm sure it took quite some time just to learn all the parts let alone the lirycs.
  20. Wayne's What?!?

    How about "half panelled wall", Allen
  21. Wayne's What?!?

    Grandpa - took the idea right out of my brain - good stuff
  22. Bowl

    Hey, Glenn, awsome bowl. Have look at these but chicken to try one. Keep on keepin on, Glenn. Judy and I have you on our prayer chain.
  23. I really didn't know how to title this. A handicapped man is drowning in a lake in Florida and these "teenagers" are filming the scene, laughing and taunting the man. Did any one of them step up to save a fellow human being? NO sad, mad, upset, and a thousand other of this type of emoticons
  24. Is this our future country leaders????

    No problems, John - I fully understand and agree. I was just so P********d off that I did it. I think just about everyone had seen it any how. Thank you for the remarks, guys - it renews my mind of the "older" generation.
  25. Woodworking clubs showcase (In progress)

    Hmmmmm, already have our first club, eh? Put the fort up in a dogwood try I see.

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