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  1. WIndows 10 Privacy

    Lew - checked it out - looks good - will give it a try, my friend
  2. Well, it is a start

    Know about "more forms", Steven. Got tired of all the runaround at the Atlanta VA and finally gave up on them. (This VA is so overcrowded that you just about have to "apply" for a "chance" to get an appointment. Taking a cab to the hospital is about the only way of finding a place to park)
  3. That was a short day in the shop

    darn, Jess, hopefully all will heal well and you can get back to making your great stuff in no time. In the mean time, catch up on all those books and DVDs you have been putting off because of our "hobby". Best wishes
  4. I am at a stand still for I can't make any patterns

    And then again, a good lookin shimmy could cause the wedgie
  5. Unique Scrolled Clock Plans

    Don't know how many of us make clocks (big and small). I'm always looking for unique plans that I haven't seen before. Stumbled upon this site and marveled at the uniqueness of the clocks. Boyer clocks If anyone has other sites with unique clock patterns would you share them? Thanks, guys, and keep the sawdust flying fred
  6. What brand scrollsaw do you use?

    Personally I use an Excaliber EX21. Love the idea of a large table and the tilting arm (as opposed to the tilting table)
  7. Unique Scrolled Clock Plans

    Patch, great information. A lot of us forget to share their experiences. Will be looking forward to seeing your progress making this clock.
  8. Second Amendment

    I DID remove the extra link between the sections and it makes a lot more sense. I will include the document with the piece when sold. (Good education item) Thanks guys for the roses
  9. Second Amendment

    I got this pattern from Sheila Landry and added my touch to it. The piece is cut from 3/4" Maple. I have also attached a document that I put together when researching the history of the amendment._The Second Amendment.docx
  10. Second Amendment

    Gene - great idea Gun control vs. people control
  11. Second Amendment

    I have decided to change the hangers between the sections. I firmly believe that the first two boards must be sloser together and the bottom two boards the same. This should dispell any comments regarding the two sectins of the amendment. "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state" and the second part "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". That sould help folks understand. Correct me if I'm mistaken here.
  12. Working with scroll saw patterns

    A lot of the patterns I get have the shaded areas cut out - (saves ink) - but - like Wichman says, ya gotta look at the pattern and see which way makes send to you.
  13. Bear River Massacre

    Gene - ya took the words right out my mouth - - - big DITTO from Georgia
  14. Wife Died

    Jim, our prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family. Terribly sorry for your loss
  15. Test of Patience

    Super great work on the boxes - as has been said, they will cherish them forever
  16. Warping Problem - Help

    Been working on my first chess board. Made from 5/8" Maple and Mahogany. Glued to a 1/2" MDF Backer. Turned out great. Made the frame for it out of bass wood. About 5 days between making the frame and ready to glue up the frame to the board. In the mean time, the chess board has begun to warp. ! ! ! ! All grains are lined up (didn't think about crossing the grains of the pieces for the board. Warping is almost 3/8" from end to end. Afraid to glue up the frame to the board as it might also warp the frame. Does anyone know how I can get the warp out of the project ? ? ? ? ? This one has me stumped. The only thing I can think of at this point is to sand off the MDF and find 1/2" plywood and try glueing it up cross grained. Even thought about a steam iron. Help
  17. Warping Problem - Help

    Thanks, guys. It is sanding time to get rid of the MDF and use BB for substrate. And, yes, my first mistake was making the squares too thick. Lessons learned all the way around. And who said you can't teach an old horse new tricks
  18. Still trying to figure out how to fix the warped chess board. Finished a couple of projects over the weekend. Enjoyed the let up in the frigid weather.
  19. Yikes!

    Keith, we are honored to have you with US. Way to go.

    I second that
  21. Just found out that the Decorah Eagles live video feed is back. Not much activity at this point but over the years we have watched this eagle pair hatch and raise their young. Fascinating to watch and learn about their lives. Enjoy Decorah Eagle Live CAM
  22. Tagging

    Hi folks. Fred here. We have been asked to be sure to tag our posts. It is great to see that most of us are already doing this. Tagging is a great way to simplify searching. Thanks again for your "tagging" fred
  23. Scrolling Straight Lines ?

    If memory serves me right, someone ws saying that they are having trouble cutting straight lines - (I think that is all of us). I think this also goes with cutting large (i.e. >6" diameter) arcs. A couple of things I can think that I do is: Line my chair/stool up with the kerf - my blades tend to cut more on the right side, therefore, I line my chair/stool up to the right of center - in line with a "straight" cut kerf I don't change the position of my hands during the cut thereby "eliminating" changing dominance of one hand over the other I try to apply steady pressure during the cut - changing the pressure will cause blade characteristics to change the pull angle I don't rush - tends to enable minute changes in direction without causing a perceived crooked line There's my thoughts - how about your tips for cutting straight(er) lines? Appreciate any input guys. fred
  24. Non-Global Warming

    What a metaphor for the way we live now: “The plane, which had 162 passengers on board, was left dangling precariously off a coastal cliff when its wheels dug into the freezing mud.”
  25. Non-Global Warming

    It will be very interesting to hear the cockpit voice recorder on this one - especially when the captain saw that water coming up as it nose dived over the cliff.

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