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  1. I really didn't know how to title this. A handicapped man is drowning in a lake in Florida and these "teenagers" are filming the scene, laughing and taunting the man. Did any one of them step up to save a fellow human being? NO sad, mad, upset, and a thousand other of this type of emoticons
  2. No problems, John - I fully understand and agree. I was just so P********d off that I did it. I think just about everyone had seen it any how. Thank you for the remarks, guys - it renews my mind of the "older" generation.
  3. Hmmmmm, already have our first club, eh? Put the fort up in a dogwood try I see.
  4. Herb - thanks for the update
  5. Oh, No, NOT THAT ! ! ! ! ! ! Sounds like you could have a Keurig in the shop with an extra pair of glasses mounted on the coffee pot.
  6. Either in the lumber yard or in the overhead spaces that you already have. It looks like you are using every available space plus non-available spaces. Your shop has that "homey" feeling to it. Well used with everything where you can get to it in a hurry.
  7. Herb - does the extra weight on that side upset the balance? Do you notice any difference in the sound of the saw? My inquizitive mind wants to know.
  8. introductions

    Hey, Cindy - And we shall thank Stick for inviting you to our "home". We subscribe to: No dumb questions here, just dumb answers Need an opinion? we all have one, just take your pick of answers Need an expert? we all are in some fashion (Just my 2% of a buck)
  9. Fantastic - and I thought our 50th was a big deal.
  10. Steven - That "flood" looked scary. Can't imagine what your shop would have looked like had you not found the problem early.
  11. Written by Michael A. Needham of the Heritage Action for America Thought y'all might like his words and thoughts on this day ofter the Fourth. There's a moment of twilight on every Fourth of July, somewhere between the second burger and 3rd beer, when the cool uncle breaks out the sparklers and the soundtrack for the whole world could be sung by Lee Greenwood forever. In that moment, it can seem as if every prosperity and blessing could never be lost, and every freedom we enjoy was inevitable and eternal. It can seem as if all the blood and ink spilled over nearly two and a half centuries to preserve our way of life could have only led to this time and place, that history called us to this moment because it could not have turned out any other way. But a minuteman, woken in the dead of night to take up arms against an empire, had no such assurance. A delegate, trying best to keep his hand from shaking while signing his own death warrant calling his King a Tyrant, knew nothing of the future. A rebellion, sparked against taxation but waged bitterly for the right to self determination, could not imagine conceiving a republic which would span the continent. But duty called, the dice were rolled, and the day was won. America's freedoms are no more assured now than they were then. And her minutemen and sentinels must every day choose to fight for an uncertain future, as their forbears did so many years ago--not knowing what may happen, but knowing that it is the right thing to do. And then, if our efforts align with providence, our children's children may one day see a twilight in July, when all the world will once more make the whole thing look too easy. Thank you for taking up the fight, for every generation, as long as our land endures."" Happy Independece Day, Michael A. Needham Chief Executive Officer Heritage Action for America
  12. Whew - at first I thought you were talking about me. And I'll drink to the offer of donuts and Coors................ just sayin
  13. Yes, America, Happy Birthday We remember 1776 as well as all of the men and women that gave their all to keep this land free.
  15. Dale - a great piece of sawing you did - love the whole thing
  16. Well - here ya go, Ron - our 1947 Dodge Learned to drive in that ole car. Traded it in on a 1957 Dodge
  17. Pat, the biggest thing we found was proper alignment of the catches on both the doors and the face frame. It didn't take much movement oneither to make the catches stronger. Same thing with drawers. If the slides are just a little too far back, the drawer will not fully fall into the notch.
  18. Personally, I believe that the government should stay out of the "weather controlling" business. It isn't nice to piss off mess with Mother Nature. Just me humble north Georgia opinion. Here, we can "see it coming" and act accordingly. Better to "act" than "react".
  19. Pat, I would agree with Lew. Just make sure you sand the sharp edges and build lips on the drawers and extra strong latches for the doors. These I learned from experience.
  20. Hmmmmmm "Monkey see, monkey do" How about "Human see, human do" - bath anyone?
  21. David - glad you found us. Lots of good woodworking ideas around here. Ask a question and you wil ALWAYS get some opinions along the way.
  22. These creations are only 6 to 10" tall. Shows you the finite skills involved.
  23. Went to a wood shop in Agallala, Ne yesterday, met with the artists. Interesting guys. Here are some pictures of their projects. Can you identify the type of wood used?????
  24. SURPRISE Well, folks, take a look at: Petrified Wood Gallery, Ogallala, NE I wanted to video my interview with the brothers but they did not want me to Video. DID spend about 1/2 hour talking with each one of them. Yes, all of these were made from Petrified Wood. Watched them work for a little while. Fantastic. I DID find a You Tube video of them. See it HERE

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