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  1. Did Y'all See This????

    https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/news/woodworking-industry-news/immigration-officials-arrest-18-employees-michigan-woodshop?utm_source=Real_Magnet&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=popsshop@gmail.com&utm_content=DAILY BRIEF&utm_campaign=Immigration officials bust woodshop
  2. USAF '58-'63 mostly at Homestead AFB And a most heartfelt thanks to all my brothers for their service of this great nation.
  3. New project 25" tall

    Super project. Will be looking forward to see the "in progress" and "finished" pictures.
  4. Tagging

    Hi folks. Fred here. We have been asked to be sure to tag our posts. It is great to see that most of us are already doing this. Tagging is a great way to simplify searching. Thanks again for your "tagging" fred
  5. YES - I need some home improvement

    Back in the house - storm basically bypassed us - life is good Thanks guys for all your concerns - it means a lot to us NOW - to go make some sawdust and get the dust out of my brains
  6. YES - I need some home improvement

    POWER IS ON Internet supposed to be back up tomorrow (means our house phones will work)
  7. YES - I need some home improvement

    Update - lost power on 9/11 and "MAY" get it back on today 10/6 Framers are just about finished with their work Drying in the roof today (hopefully) New tropical storm do in here Sunday (YIKES)
  8. YES - I need some home improvement

    Amazing thing about this "exercise" - NOTHING damaged inside. This house was built in 1910 and used real 2 By material. Was told that if our house was built in the '60s, it would have taken out the entire corner of the house (an then some). es, we were very fortunate, indeed.
  9. I get to start another project

    Great looking project - - better than the small picture
  10. YES - I need some home improvement

    BIG ole Oak - estimated 125 years old. insurance company has been a dream so far. they were here within 2 days and wrote a check right then. The contractor we are going to deal with says that they will interface with the mortgage company and the insurance company and all permits that will be required. Now it's just waiting on City permits and inspections - yuck... Thanks guys for all your thoughts and good wishes. Ifn ya don't see me on here much for a while you will know why. CIAO
  11. If ya got some time, got some pictures of what Hurricane IRMA did to our house. Think we need some home improvement? Still no power. Send this from a friend's house. Needless to say, we will be out of pocket for a while. NO, no one was hurt and we are living in our travel trailer with borrowed power from our next door neighbors. Fred's new look
  12. United States Air Force

    Herb - CNC - And here I thought I was using a laser scroll saw
  13. The Lord Does-Marine

    Thank you sir
  14. Scroll Saw Table Refinishing

    Hmmmmmmm - would certainly be a good way out - - - - Dave, I was thinking purple or orange Dan - was thinking the same thing - after "much" thought, I was thinking the same thing (or similar)
  15. Scroll Saw Table Refinishing

    Larry - "Do you top feed or bottom feed?" - I feed from the top DAB - "surely your blade color is not the same as your wood color?" - When I'm IN the wood there is no problem - it's getting started - fingers will be safe Dan - "Glue on a piece of Formica." - I just might give it a try Thanks all for the info

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