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  1. Pat, the biggest thing we found was proper alignment of the catches on both the doors and the face frame. It didn't take much movement oneither to make the catches stronger. Same thing with drawers. If the slides are just a little too far back, the drawer will not fully fall into the notch.
  2. Personally, I believe that the government should stay out of the "weather controlling" business. It isn't nice to piss off mess with Mother Nature. Just me humble north Georgia opinion. Here, we can "see it coming" and act accordingly. Better to "act" than "react".
  3. Pat, I would agree with Lew. Just make sure you sand the sharp edges and build lips on the drawers and extra strong latches for the doors. These I learned from experience.
  4. Hmmmmmm "Monkey see, monkey do" How about "Human see, human do" - bath anyone?
  5. David - glad you found us. Lots of good woodworking ideas around here. Ask a question and you wil ALWAYS get some opinions along the way.
  6. These creations are only 6 to 10" tall. Shows you the finite skills involved.
  7. SURPRISE Well, folks, take a look at: Petrified Wood Gallery, Ogallala, NE I wanted to video my interview with the brothers but they did not want me to Video. DID spend about 1/2 hour talking with each one of them. Yes, all of these were made from Petrified Wood. Watched them work for a little while. Fantastic. I DID find a You Tube video of them. See it HERE
  8. Went to a wood shop in Agallala, Ne yesterday, met with the artists. Interesting guys. Here are some pictures of their projects. Can you identify the type of wood used?????
  9. Just saw this one - thanks for posting - a fitting end for the weekend
  10. I think that the most heart rendering memory I have of Memorial Day was when we had the chance to visit Belgium and Northern France and following the footsteps of our brave troops during WW II. The attached video was filmed at one of the many US Cemeteries - the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery - Liege, Belgium. If the video looks a little shakey, it was me doing the shaking - almost lost it entirely thinking of what happened here.
  11. Gene - mine got caught in that fire as well. Fortunately I kept a copy of all my records and still have the original DD214. Have used it many times. Just signed up at the Lowes site. No problem. Thanks for the thread, should let a bunch of vets about discounts out there
  12. WOW and a thousand other fantastic type words - i turned out museum quality - thanks for sharing the project with us
  13. Also a "yup" from me
  14. Probably another three weeks Grandson graduating from High School, helping son and family with upgrades to their new house, site seeing, etc.

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