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    Life is like a camera - - Focus on what's important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives,And if things don't work out, take another shot.

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  1. Non-Global Warming

    It will be very interesting to hear the cockpit voice recorder on this one - especially when the captain saw that water coming up as it nose dived over the cliff.
  2. Non-Global Warming

    What a metaphor for the way we live now: “The plane, which had 162 passengers on board, was left dangling precariously off a coastal cliff when its wheels dug into the freezing mud.”
  3. Another way to perform CPR

    Replaced the mp4 file with my uploaded youtube file
  4. My brother sent me this one - great watch
  5. A moving tribute

    I know I do - Thanks, Gene, I will definitely pass this along. God Bless ALL out troops.
  6. Indian is in the frame

    Patch - you are one prolific intarsia guy - great work again

    Hmmmmm, wife has the same thing - will tell her about it - thanks
  8. Scrolling Straight Lines ?

    JT - thanks for chiming in - I agree with you completely. We always have some "newbies" on the forum and I think it's always a good idea to bring up topics like this one from time to time. Somewhere I have a document where I have collected "tips" over the years. If I can find it I will publish/upload it here. ps - welcome back
  9. Unexpected Surprise


    Ya think this is to to Global Warming - guess we have to blame Bush for it (still).
  11. SKING

    Dan - got a few bumps while doing it your way.
  12. Sharpening question

    Thanks guys for the posts - It's always to learn from the "experts" and the Old School folks
  13. Electric charging windmill burned

    Only one failure by fire in all that time? Sounds like a good average especially knowing how many there are in that windmill farm. UR right, why mess with cattle (unless they can harvest all the methane coming out of the cows )
  14. Religious scroll projects

    Great work - especially love the Angel Cross - thanks for sharing
  15. ...and even Whiter New Year

    Around here, the NWS puts out an advisory if 1" if forcasted for Atlanta - Super cold weather to be moving here too - might get into the 20' tonight

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