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  1. Forum Hosts and Member Map

    Go to the top of the page and click on the "Member Map" tab..
  2. Happy Birthday Pops! (August 2017)

    Permit me to add my Birthday Wishes. Great bird houses. I DID notice that the shop is WAY TO CLEAN ! ! ! !
  3. Forum Hosts and Member Map

    Hey sire, how about a banner in the headers asking ALL members to "put themselves on our map" ?? ? ? ? ?
  4. A (capella) little something to start your day

    WOW - great performance - I'm sure it took quite some time just to learn all the parts let alone the lirycs.
  5. Wayne's What?!?

    How about "half panelled wall", Allen
  6. Wayne's What?!?

    Grandpa - took the idea right out of my brain - good stuff
  7. Bowl

    Hey, Glenn, awsome bowl. Have look at these but chicken to try one. Keep on keepin on, Glenn. Judy and I have you on our prayer chain.
  8. Is this our future country leaders????

    No problems, John - I fully understand and agree. I was just so P********d off that I did it. I think just about everyone had seen it any how. Thank you for the remarks, guys - it renews my mind of the "older" generation.
  9. Woodworking clubs showcase (In progress)

    Hmmmmm, already have our first club, eh? Put the fort up in a dogwood try I see.
  10. I really didn't know how to title this. A handicapped man is drowning in a lake in Florida and these "teenagers" are filming the scene, laughing and taunting the man. Did any one of them step up to save a fellow human being? NO sad, mad, upset, and a thousand other of this type of emoticons
  11. DeWalt Scroll Saw Knurled Knobs

    Herb - thanks for the update
  12. I finished this girl, April Showers

    Oh, No, NOT THAT ! ! ! ! ! ! Sounds like you could have a Keurig in the shop with an extra pair of glasses mounted on the coffee pot.
  13. Make things comfortable for you to use

    Either in the lumber yard or in the overhead spaces that you already have. It looks like you are using every available space plus non-available spaces. Your shop has that "homey" feeling to it. Well used with everything where you can get to it in a hurry.
  14. DeWalt Scroll Saw Knurled Knobs

    Herb - does the extra weight on that side upset the balance? Do you notice any difference in the sound of the saw? My inquizitive mind wants to know.
  15. Hello All!

    Hey, Cindy - And we shall thank Stick for inviting you to our "home". We subscribe to: No dumb questions here, just dumb answers Need an opinion? we all have one, just take your pick of answers Need an expert? we all are in some fashion (Just my 2% of a buck)

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