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  1. Discovered this quite by accident today..

    I have been using the Abranet sanding products on my turnings since I discovered them. I am pleased with the results.
  2. What tree is this

    I have jigsaw puzzles on my iPad. This was a "free" puzzle showing a tree in Denmark.
  3. My wife found this chair pad for me.
  4. Back scratcher

    I made a handle for this back scratcher made on an expandable rod. I made this quite awhile back and my memory doesn't go back over 6 months. I probably got it from PSI, Craft Supply's or some catalog like that. I had a bamboo back scratcher but it was too sharp.
  5. Mister McGoo syndrom

  6. New product

    I keep a spare key to my pickup in a magnetic lock box under the lip of the bed in a hard to reach place. So far have not had to reach it.
  7. Top 10 Unavoidable Truths of Woodworking

    Thanks for asking and your concern. All you can see on my finger is a 1 inch scar. No effect adverse affect in the movement of my finger. An angel must have been sitting on my shoulder.
  8. Top 10 Unavoidable Truths of Woodworking

    I have been woodworking for over 40 plus years and have not suffered a serious laceration until about 1 month ago. I was routing an edge on a panel with a Porter Cable 690 when for some reason the motor came loose from the base and headed to the floor. Initial response was to grab for the motor and spinning bit. Duh!!!! Luckily the bit didn't hit bone or ligaments. Pretty lucky for a stupid stunt. If it slips let it go.
  9. Time Out - nothing to do with turning

    Tugs at the old heart strings.
  10. Cherry pie economics

    My Father worked for a farmer who was one of 18 children. The farm where he grew up was still standing when I was going to a one room school house. The house was a shotgun house with two thirds kitchen and dining room. The bed room was lined with bunk beds where everyone slept. The older farmer told my Dad since they were so poor they raised a garden to supplement the food supply. He told Dad and I that all 18 of the kids were hoeing the garden when their Mother hollered out the back door supper was ready. He said all the kids dropped their hoes and ran to the house. He tripped over someone's hoe. When he got up he just went back to work because he figured the food would all be gone by the time he could get there.
  11. End grain staining

    I am building a small platform for my son in law to raise the bedside lamp to a reading level. The wood is 3/4 inch white oak. The top, 8 inches by 10 inches, has a 1/2 cove with a 1/4 lip on the long side. End grain. I have sanded to 120 grit. I plan on painting the end grain with 50/50 mixture of alcohol and shellac and staining with Minwax. This will be done on a piece of scrap. Alternative way is to use gel stain. Am I one the right track?
  12. Nova 1624 lathe DVR upgrade

    Thank you Fred, that helps with my decision on whether or not to do the upgrade. If I decide to, I'll add my experience.
  13. Nova 1624 lathe DVR upgrade

    Those of you that have made this upgrade to your lathe: how do you like it? I have read a lot of comments and watched Utube videos but,alas, can not ask questions. I am retired so have lots of time to change speeds on my lathe. Enlighten me please.
  14. Gnome home

    Yuck, yuck yuck. Good one.

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