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  1. Lew, I liked your advise

    Greetings all To help you turn when sitting fown, have look at Vicmark sit down lathe set-up. I have seen turners in wheel chair using this set-up and it gives them more control as piece is closer to them. It is like leaning over towards the turner. Not that hard to do your current lathe, lift rear up few centimeters. Just a thought....
  2. Back in shed

    Back in shed, working with my Camphor Laurel wood.
  3. Bowl Turning Tip

    I like to use the pith on my bowls, often they do make the bowl look different and if selling, they can add extra dollars to the piece. But they can take off as easily and destroy the piece. Have nice day in the shed,
  4. I'm puzzled

    Sorry Lew I enjoy all your posts, and guilty as charged for not making any comments. Please keep those woodturning posts coming.
  5. FIRE!!

    Everyone, check your fire alarm batteries and check that the unit works, don't use fire to check it out :-)
  6. Greetings I like to use Camphor Laurel, it is easy to turn and it got some wonderful colours and figures. 2nd wood on my list is Jacaranda tree. Very safe to turn and nice figures. 3rd wood would be hairy oak or she-oak as it can be called. Stunning colour but hard to turn as it often got hairline cracks on it and if you don't keep extra good eye on your piece, it can take off and do some serious damage to you or your shed. I got 1 face shield damaged as piece took off but it saved my face and head. 4th is wood from south, Tasmanian Huon pine. It is protected tree and there was period of time we were not able to get any off it, now they are re-growing it so it is back on the market. Still very hard to get with my money. 5th Sassafras is wood I like use to turn candle holders, got to be very careful with this wood, it got fungus which generates the colour. 1st time I didn't use proper facemask and some dust got into my mouth. Got nasty throat/ear infection, week in hospital in IV drops. Still love the wood. Safe wood when fully finished. These are trees I like to use. Jari
  7. Lost post in Wood Turning Forum

    All good... Just checking... Still awesome site after all these years... Keep up the excellent work.
  8. Greetings All I had few spare hours and managed get back into the shed. Made this from Jacaranda wood. Nice dry piece of wood and great to turn. Oil finish. Jari
  9. Greetings All I was just checking posts in Wood Turning forum and noticed my last post is missing. Topic was Did I do something wrong that it got removed or is this computer program issue. Thank you Jari
  10. The Elves are Working Over Time!

    Greetings Ron Center piece will stay, it hold dipping sauce bowl. Outside area hold 3 bags of chips, enough to keep tummy full awhile having few drinks or watching good movie. And Thank you.
  11. The Elves are Working Over Time!

    Been busy with Lathe. Serving natural edge bowl, Camphor Laurel wood with oil finish. Had to cut corners off so I can fit it to the lathe, so it's about 50 cm by 15 cm. Person who got it as Christmas present did love it very much...
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone. May next year be great with your tunings. Here are few of mine small projects for Christmas. Tealight Candle holders sold faster than I could make them.
  13. ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand

    Greetings Rick That is one stunning collection. Thank you for showing it to us. You take care mate. Keep on turning, if not today, do it tomorrow.
  14. What is your favorite part?

    Greetings All As a woodturner, number 9 especially when other turners comment "Looks very good, I like it". Hate number 7, when doing it at wrong speed, it means burning fingers. But if I have managed to use correct tools and angles, there shouldn't be much sanding done and that is the target.
  15. Greetings All Tomorrow is special day here in Australia and New Zealand. It is our special day to remember our armed forces. Here is link to read more if you are interested. ANZAC day But please, do little pray to our Aussie and Kiwi soldiers wherever they are serving so we can have our freedom. Thank you. Keep on turning, if not today, do it tomorrow.

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