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  1. Well my TIG welding just took a huge step up. I have been working on it and working on it. Sometimes I was convinced that I just had bad metal sometimes I was just convinced I was an idiot Always with the bubbling and boiling that always gets diagnosed as dirt. I know I clean as well as any factory does. I tried a gas lens that helped. Didn't solve it though I was listening to a video by some guy somewhere and he said almost inaudibly "use straight Argon" Hmmm I'd been using the recommended 80% Argon mix not straight argon OK Well I was about out so a trip to the weld shop was in order and this time I I got straight Argon. Cheap $35.00 I dropped a dirty coupon that had been laying about with a little rust various dirt and some mill scale too. OK crank it up turn the gas on and strike an arc. Welds like Buttah~!!!!!!!! No boiling no spitting nice little semicircles Finally~!!!!!!!! It was just the gas. DON'T USE 80%. Use 100%
  2. What is the red ball with the numeral 1 in it and what do I do with it?
  3. Website Icons, Red Ball Indicator

    It's a pc and I turned the blockers off EDIT I clicked on it and it expanded.
  4. I guess it's a few pennies cheaper
  5. Try 90 /10. Just try it. IT's way better for spray arc welding too.
  6. Website Icons, Red Ball Indicator

    nuthin happens
  7. nope. That's the cloth used doing the scratching
  8. why,,,,,, I was just bending the stuff with a hear gun yesterday. i love POLYCARB~!!!!!!!! I mean the stuff is the best thing going, period, the end, absolutely. With methylmerthaculate ( plexiglass) all machining operations set up stresses that eventually cause the part to craze and break. It's UV resistant but pretty much everything else causes it to fail. And it burns when drilled or machined. With Poly Carb these issues just don't inhere~!!!!! No need to put it in an annealing oven after machining. It doesn't burn easily, There is no stress build up. It bends with hear easily. I love the stuff. I replace windows with it I use it for ballistic applications and It bends like buttah with heat.
  9. Awesome Turning Video

    interesting trick that turning so that the "rest" isan't used the way we do to take the force of turning but rather merely to rest the tool and their hand takes the force of turning. A result is that a catch for them is a trifling thing. the tool merely bounces away .
  10. Clean up and back to turning

    Lovely shape on that vase
  11. Winter's last gasp

    10 inches and still snowing~!!!!!!!.
  12. Sun Coast Tools https://www.suncoasttools.com Is having a really good sale. a 90 dollar end mill for 44 Great for mortising
  13. Woodworker II saw blade

    Yah The scuttlebut is that the old man passed away and the kids are worthless trash managing the business very badly.
  14. Elm

    I have a lot of elm I make a lot of things from it. The wood dries up easier and cleaner than almost any other I've dried, Works and machines and takes glue and finish like a dream. It is really dusty on the lathe when dry. Here are a few things I've done with Elm mine is Siberian Elm http://s1002.photobucket.com/user/zydaco/library/The Shop/A box?sort=3&page=1
  15. Sanders for turners

    That apron he's wearing could benefit from some kind of flap to keep shavings out of it
  16. Has anyone used this technique?

    I can't understand a single thing he says the sound quality is so poor
  17. Five Tools

    I spent almost 20 years as a machinist/toolmaker It taught me that the ability to measure very closely is never a disadvantage and that tolerance stack can best be addressed by working to the tightest tolerances possible.
  18. Wife Died

    I am so sorry. Words fail.
  19. Images From the Day Job

    So ummm your job is to make tire tracks and that other guy's job is to smooth them away. I guess the money comes from volume.
  20. Parts Express https://www.parts-express.com/ They do auto speaker systems but sell screws cheaper than they should
  21. Sugru

    AND the scent attracts bikini models.
  22. Had to get up during the night

    women's tennis ended for me when Gabriela Sabatini retired.

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