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  1. 150+ years old table

    We used to get this Mahog' that smelled like dirty baby diapers when sanded.
  2. here it is umpteen years later https://www.amazon.com/Bel-Art-Glascribe-Tungsten-Carbide-H44150-0000/dp/B002VBWAJK
  3. I actually have one of these that was made to be a scribe in the form of a retractable pen. the tip is carbide it was sold into the laboratory glass industry. the crud on it is 20+ year old duct tape adhesive all hard and dusty
  4. Good Read

  5. Good Read

    The part he missed entirely is that part where one takes a gook hard look at the customer base there are a whole lot of people who are inclined to spend a few dollars more for all the fancy lad crap. If a boutique and fancy phrases and a little bespoke french helps separate the fools from their coin - - well I won't quarrel with it.
  6. How would you cut this arc?

    then what the other guys are saying about creeping up on it with shaves scrapers & planes
  7. What to do with sawdust

    sounds like a lot of bother for very little return a road I have gone down more than a few ties
  8. More like 300 I don't take all the weight on myself, I do everything in small increments use levers, pulleys, block & tackle - - whatever to avoid killing myself.
  9. I gotta get me some maple boards. I have this little wood rail that I fasten to one side. it gives me a two sided reference to get my forst teo sort of square and sort of flat surfaces.
  10. https://www.pcmag.com/news/357356/fisker-battery-promises-500-mile-ev-range-1-minute-charging
  11. elec' car 1 minute charge 500 mile range?

    Just imagine the amp load needed. I don't think I'd be comfy handling that connection. 400 - 600 amps.
  12. elec' car 1 minute charge 500 mile range?

    lol ya got that right hoard now while there is time
  13. Help Us Stop SPAM

    Buy now~!!
  14. One bedroom completed!

    Nice job~!!
  15. Thinking About Moving to Chicago...

    Depends on the neighborhood really. There are very bad ones and good ones. The cops keep the riff raff out of the nicer ones.
  16. Smart 2X4 $900-$1200 EACH!

    Oh come on guys. It's a control device. Condos and newer homes have all sorts of built in tech that can make use of a single point of failure master control panel.
  17. drilling hard rock??

    it happens to be the part pf that line that I can carry around without that usual three boys and a man
  18. drilling hard rock??

    I frequently have a reason to drill hard rock. I have never succeeded. I have a half inch milwaukee rotary style hammer drill. Is there a bit I can use to drill rock for fastening screws? 3/16 size holes. I'm told the drill I have is insufficient that I need a hilti style hammer drill. but I don't have a Hilti.
  19. drilling hard rock??

    can also jam then with activated carbon with a perforated tube down the middle and shoot that e with LOX BOOM not a big boom but it's a boom
  20. drilling hard rock??

    thanks I'v dug lots of drainage ditches deep as my waist and holes too. IT's been my miserable experience to just happen to encounter all the really, really big rocks necessitating that I just dig them up too. I think they know what I'm planning and spend weeks migrating through the soil to get right in my path. I considered that this tool might let me drill the rocks enough so's I can bust em with my forged iron bar.
  21. drilling hard rock??

    The RH432VCQ-RT It's a beast
  22. spoon gouge

    well maybe now I won't pass up all those worn out spade bits at yard sales
  23. spoon gouge

    Just stumbled upon this

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