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  1. Dove Tailing

    I can't explain myself here. I can only tell you what I did. First I built a rig to do DT Keys on my Slider using my router table I built off the slider's rear. It was a lit of wood (2" thick maple) to get the thing flex proof but it worked fine. I just hated the noise of the router bit with that big cut. I got a bug up my tail to include DTs in my repertoire and got an Omnijig and then a Leigh D4. I tried 'em both and hated 'em instantly. I mean hate hate hate. The noise the sawdust the bouncing around of the router It all felt too out of control. So I hung 'em up telling myself that I'd figure it out later. Still got 'em. Don't think I'll use 'em. Want one? Make me an offer. Then at some point I started watching vids on hand cut DTs. Ohh they do such a good job making it look both easy and hard at the same time. Well I got fed up on the sidelines; so I just set about doing it and - - it was really a lot easier than I imagined. Sawed and chopped is my method. I tell myself that one day I'll get a blade for my TS ground on an angle so I can do them in the TS like I do finger joints. but I haven't yet. Meanwhile there is a Mortise & Tenon magazine article ( issue #2) on DTs over history. They did a pretty good job demystifying the things. Showed lots of pics of Masterworks DTs in antiques and - - - - you know what?? They are horrible. They did a pretty rigorous survey of lots and lots of antiques with hand cut DTs and the majority of them look like some junior apprentice's first go at them. So chipper up girls. The ancient masters really stunk at it.
  2. nice work. looking forward to the finish pix
  3. Hacked

    two things: 1) Linux Mint 2) Ubuntu Neither can get malware or ransomware or virus-ware - can't happen. Reason is because ya gotta have two things to execute a command level operation (1) a terminal and (2) the password. Neither can be had remotely and neither can be had by some download. The operator has to open a terminal and enter the password.
  4. Got the snot shocked outta me today

    The building is over 250 years old. The ground is a roaring joke. A little cable that disappears into the gravel in the little alcove in the cellar where my water system is. I recently replaced the water and electric line from the well to the house. The old one is copper. Now that it's cut off I plan to braise a connection to that old copper pipe and reinforce the ground.
  5. And learned sumpin. When you are going to go in an existing conduit box don't just throw the appropriate breaker. CHECK THE NEUTRAL AND GROUND with a tester. Check em all. I got a slick little circuit breaker finder. Used it to find the breaker. Threw it to off. opened the box checked the neutral and hot lines and got no energy. Then as I was working my hand brushed the neutral and up against the metal box. OUCH~!!!! So in bafflement I tested that and lo there was 125 VAC between the neutral and the ground. I found that breaker that energized that neutral and tossed it to off. IT seems to energize nothing else in the building so it's locked out till an electrician can look at it.
  6. I got one. I wanted to do something and my heavy 89-thousand pound Skill worm drive just felt too heavy. So I ordered the milwaukee saw with an extra battery and a charger. That little sucker is fabulous. It's unstoppable. I take it all sorts of places where otherwise I'd be running scads of power cord.
  7. trucks

    I spent much of the day driving it today. I gotta say it is as nice to drive as my BMW. Handles great, Accelerates great, very comfy, I like the height and after a little while it's entirely natural. The mirrors are marvelous; no blond spots and on small roads I can check the line of the wheels. The tech in the vehicle is great the voice commands work great the GPS is great. I'm impressed.
  8. trucks

    Yah I can barely fit it in the bed of the truck. Had to use a crane to drop it in. Here's pix
  9. trucks

    Darn Tootin~!!! Well I solved my problem I got a F150 XLT extended 4x4 with lock up rear nice color 50 liter engine pix later
  10. trucks

    I think during the 1980's it was taught to kids in school to act as a cry for help. So of the neighborhood abductor snatched a kid, they were supposed to find a hunk of paper, make a honkin big black spot on it and slip it in a window. The practicality of such a plan always struck me as a tad outlandish.
  11. trucks

    in the rear window I'l put a sheet of paper with a black spot in the middle
  12. trucks

    I'll get a gray dirty one and pit a sigh with an arrow that says CANDY HERE by the door
  13. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hiloenterprises.tradesmath and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.techrds.machiningmate&hl=en
  14. trucks

    Vans are cheaper. I just surfed a little. Can you get a 4x8 sheet of ply in a van?
  15. Heavy rust removal

    Wire brush on an angle grinder. Then oil the tool and peen the cutting edge to sharpen. If it's got a socket to clean out EvapORust works so does Citric acid and EDTA together I get my citric acid from an ebay seller Duda Diesel & EDTA from any Chem supply. A little goes a LONG way.

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