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  1. What's On Your Work Bench?

    Oh it's only gotten worse. Way worse. So there has been the Deck I did the mess from a year of too many short domestic fixer projects and not time or willingness to clean up after then I had to move half my shop from one side of the shop to pile it all up in the other to make room for the Well Driller Guys who had to have the space to run a new water line from my well. So now everything is - - well it's a mess. my poor shop just can't get a break.
  2. Millennials

    Not to worry. I hope.
  3. pictures of cabinet i made

    Great Job there. Nice and polished~!
  4. A Little Hinge Trick

    The way I know to do that is the way it's done here
  5. Strange joint

    Well, it certainly is interesting.
  6. Steroid shots in the spine

    Sounds awful eh? It is. This is day three and it's awful. Supposed to get better and better after this. Went to the Neurologist got an MRI and finally a competent diagnosis (I hope). and got the operation. Man this has been a journey.
  7. origin of Anti siphon hose bib

    I think it started out in California. Where most of the idiocy about water originates. One more thing the terrorists haven't thought of: Pumping contaminants into the water system from inside a dwelling.
  8. Who though of this and why? Did the muni' water supply go negative somewhere and hoses started siphoning dirty water?
  9. D'oh - time to quit for the day.

    I have the Leigh D4 and the Porter cable Omnijig. I hate 'em both. I hate using a router to cut dovetails. Everything feels wrong and hectic. Give hand cutting a go. What's the worst that can happen? Rob Cosman has a good book and video.
  10. Oh and not a splinter, not a cut and not an injury. But give me time.
  11. Pinched nerve in lower back

    Gotta tell me what damage you are talking about. Frost bite? Vague stick waving doesn't get me there. I'll do the research, just be specific.
  12. OK so most of you know that I've been yammering about a bad back since may 2016. I thought I pulled a tendon in my back/hip. Physical therapist was a moron and diagnosed me all wrong and had me doing the wrong things. Regular physician seemed out to lunch on the whole thing No one told me to use cold Chiropractor didn't help No one told me to use cold. All the while I'd been using heat lots and lots of heat But I thought it was a pulled tendon and heat helps healing. A neurologist sent me for a thousand dollar MRI OK , I go. I pay. He looks at it, shows me the swollen nerves in my spine and says he want to give me a steroid injection But he's going away and it'll take three weeks. Meanwhile he seemed to cloud over when I told him I'd been using heat And I did too. Inflammation isn't best treated with heat so I filled a bowl with ice & water - added salt to get it sub freezing Got that water in an old school hot water bottle Put that under my back and laid on it and sat on it and I've spent maybe an hour with the cold on that part of the spine where the Neurologist told my nerves were pinched !!!~~~Man oh man, do I feel better.~!!! I mean night and day. So this is what I'm doing for the next couple weeks I'm going to live on the cold pack as much as I can.
  13. What's On Your Work Bench?

    Nothing everything. I haven't had an single solid fifteen minutes in the shop since - - - since - - - - - since - - - - Oh Gosh. I had the water line from the well dug up and replaces and the only good route was through my shop so that got all tore up and every thing mis placed to make room. Then I've been on the roof of the Shop re building the sleeper structure for a deck and relaying the deck. I got two monstroud 200 pound wet blanks all trapped in plastic hoping they survive to go on the lathe but I'm still in Deck Laying prison
  14. Recently got the Milwaukee Right angle drill attachment The thing is GREAT~!!! I got it to help set the hidden fastener screws on my deck where I gotta reach under the rail and it's tight. The thing is a champ. It's rock solid made of steel has real bearings the handle is re-position-able and locks solidly and can be rotated. It snaps the drive nicely into place. Feels great in the hand. It's a great tool. It actually feels and performs as if it were made in the USA. Though I bet it's Taiwanese.

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