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  1. yup I got some ideas about bending and turning. . First though is a big bowl I started and then put away to dry and it warped so badly that I can't turn it right. So I'm going to try to unwarp it. The box is huge 24" on the side but it's knock down the clamps are just so I can carry it around to get some paint on it. The paint is just so i can see my magic marker well . HERE it is collapsed for storage
  2. Lathe in Reverse?

    YES for sanding it helps to run the other way
  3. Opinions please

    I wouldn't touch one of those things with a 50 foot pole. If you are willing to spend a few dollars check out http://www.precisionmatthews.com/ It's a goof company selling good machinery. I know people who know the ownership. I have a request for a quote in to a taiwanese company for a mini mill and a lathe. They haven't responded yet.
  4. Identify This Creature

    may have to go with fox
  5. Identify This Creature

    from the tracks. Snow was about 8" deep and the animal's belly and tail did not drag. I wanna say Racoon but we don't get man and the rubbish is almost never disturbed. No really should I be afraid of ZOMBIES?????
  6. Welcome To The Sunny Antilles

    sunny morning at the beach
  7. Some questions for those of you on Medicare

    SS is not hard to work with they merely move at the pace of government. Because once they steal money at gun point they are loathe to give it back
  8. Welcome To The Sunny Antilles

    Come and take as much as you please.
  9. Welcome To The Sunny Antilles

    IT's still snowing like crazy~!
  10. I made these a few years ago I don't believe I ever shared 'em. back story I was jonesing to try hand cutting DTs but was off put with the cost of a decent saw. So I got some sheet rock mudding tools and scrounged up some hardware I had a couple of real nice drawer slides from the 1960s made for the computer industry and military and some bronze bushings and all-thead and I had a gear reduced Dayton motor and the base from an old lamp and a stub axle from an old car and set about to convert an unused plywood stand I'd built for something else but no longer used. The result was a reciprocating machine a lot like an old school die filer. It held a little itty bitty file and went up and down on steel rods in guide bearings It was served by the drawer slides mounted to more steel rods and guide bearings and all thread creating a little X-Y table for the sheet rock mudding tool blades. I uses 1/4-20 all thread for the Cross feed so I could turn very a very precise 0.020" per revolution ERGO 20 TPI saw toothing,. I built it so I could change out all thread and get different pitches. And Hot Dawg if it didn't work a trice. All that and I got two rather nice saws that I use an awful lot I learnes a few things about how to mount a handle to a blade. Get it wrong and the blade Jams to a dead stop and won't budge for love or money. Feels like it's nailed in place. It's just the angle of the pressure of the hand pushing.
  11. Welcome To The Sunny Antilles

    Cool I'll see you at the beach~!
  12. Where it's always warm This today when I got up.
  13. yah me too. I'd cheat and use Turbo Cad. The Cad program will let me draw the finished barrel, split it into staves, then break it into component staves, then Straighten the staves out and let me dimension the stave in it's flat form. But it wouldn't give me the trade skill to make the stave and that was the sticking point. I was stuck thinking that I had to make some kind of progressive curvature on the stave and that's just not true. I got it from some dumb book probably written by an academic who had never done it. You know an expert ( ex -Spurt).
  14. Now I just realized sumpin. I've been jonsing to try this for a while and played around with several ideas. Even some tomfoolery about a heavy jig to bend the stave in the curve and run it across a jointer. I mean really tool intense Dumbstuff. Just a few years ago there was NOTHING on the internet about coopering I even bought a book purporting to teach it and all they had was stupid pictures of some tools But I just realized sumpin. All I gotta work out is the angle and general width of the stave. That's it. The double ended taper I put on the stave to get a the curve in a cask or barrel is irrelevant unless I have some one else's dimension or barrel volume I'm working to. That taper merely defines the way the barrel curves in and it can be anything I please so long as it's not so steep as to make the wood break when I bend it.

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