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  1. Dust collection issues

    most of the time my DC has to wait till I am sucking 'em off the floor. but it gets a lot of 'em at the lathe. it doesn't get 'em all, but it gets lots of 'em, really it depends on from where the shavings arise and how I incline the tool. I have considered trying to do the DC from the front where the tool is heaving shavings off the exterior of a turning, but I think it'd be it'd the way.
  2. I had one about 2 decades ago and loved it then. I gave it to a girl who was moving to a large city. Eventually the lack of a carry knife just eventually got to me. So I got another. This one is an enormous improvement. The blade is like wet ice against wet ice it opens and closes so cleanly and slick. I am convinced there is some kind of bearing in there. Opening it is about as good and quick as a switchblade. I push on the little tab on the back which pushes the blade out just a scosh and the slightest flick of the wrist does the rest. It can all be one smooth movement. Closing it is similar: I just pull with a thumb on a little tab and flick the blade closed. There is a gripping serration on the back of the blade at the heel and in front where an index finger would go. It fits the hand well, I'm happy. Just gotta remember to leave it in the vehicle if police ever ask me to step out.
  3. Well I used to. Then I got a Sthil back pack blower and learned the trade of the lefherd. I got a lot of trees. The place looks a sight better when I round them up and heard them off to some corral.
  4. croissiants

    First time making them. I was happy with the result.
  5. croissiants

    the video turn it up and listen https://photos.smugmug.com/Culinary/i-cZjPhgg/0/68113ca8/1280/20171205_171236-1280.mp4
  6. croissiants

    made some today 20171205_171217.mp4
  7. The hardest wood in North America

    My head
  8. Time to Skin the Cat

    what he said
  9. My wife's Christmas present

    That's real nice.
  10. Here she be https://photos.smugmug.com/Tools-I-made-or-Purchased/i-Cx3mJZj/0/40b32ea2/1280/20171204_153352-1280.mp4
  11. well with a slider the switch is placed so the operator has to reach down around the slider to access it. Put a sheet of ply on the slider and you gotta grovel around on you hands and knees to find the switch. So an over head pull down switch is really nice.
  12. I'm putting a remote start on my slider. I gotta make the thing myself because the electrics in my Hammer Saw are confounding and are not simply start and stop. There are capacitors that must be engaged and held so until the blade spins up. Germans like doing things that way. I'm doing it about like I did the remote for my DC. I'll have two solenoids literally pushing the on off buttons. A switch box on a coil of head phone wire from overhead and a 24 volt switching power supply. It looks a tad silly but it works. The springs in my saw's switch plate are too string for the cheap little solenoids I get from China on the Fleabay so I'm using levers for mechanical advantage.
  13. Every year I get out my blower and play lefherd wrangling the leaves in my yard into a pile of leaves no less than 40 feet long by ten feet wide and 4 feet high. It's a ten hour job. Can't be done in two days because it totally dominates the drive way This year I haven't. I was in my local equipment guy's place where I got my mower and back pack and chain saws and - - and - - and . I ask how much I'll pay for that gizmo that can go on m Ferris 48" Zero turn that shreds and collects the leaves. . We chat a bit and toss numbers around that seem like too much. Then he brightens and volunteers that he'd got a guy with an older model he wants to sell and it's got it's own engine and everything. We agree on a price and he's going to get it for me tune it up fix anything that needs fixing and bob's yer uncle. I'm happy about not blowing leaves.

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