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  1. Recently got the Milwaukee Right angle drill attachment The thing is GREAT~!!! I got it to help set the hidden fastener screws on my deck where I gotta reach under the rail and it's tight. The thing is a champ. It's rock solid made of steel has real bearings the handle is re-position-able and locks solidly and can be rotated. It snaps the drive nicely into place. Feels great in the hand. It's a great tool. It actually feels and performs as if it were made in the USA. Though I bet it's Taiwanese.
  2. thanks That AZEK stuff is a lot of work. it's over the roof of my garage there's a goof bit of slope on the roof but you don't sense it unless you drop a ball
  3. Here's the decking so far. Someone asked me if I knew what I was doing. I guess he was hoping for advice. I told him "I've never done it before and I've had no instruction." Isn't that the same for life in general? It sure was for raising kids. Anyway here's a pic of the progress the railing posts are terribly fiddly work can take a whole day to get around one because the boards don't go down flat like face screwed decking they gotta go in sideways because Mister smarty pants wanted hidden fasteners.
  4. Milli grazi. I'm just glad I only have TWO granddaughters. Doll houses are terribly boring fiffly things to make and you know that the kid will outgrow it all the while you are making it. I only hope the things survive to be inherited by a great grand daughter.
  5. I can tell you what I don't use often and what I can't stand I don't use the vibrating multi tool much - - actually I can't recall where I put the thing I hate that zip cutter thing I picked up in the vain hope that it'd make sheet rock work easier. It just makles a mess As for enjoy: My tool hits the wood on a lathe and I am transfixed. I've learned that really good lathe tools make a huge difference. Doug Thompson makes some great lathe tools.
  6. I hang stuff on the walls if it's stuff I am going to use very frequently. If not it's got to have a more efficient home.
  7. No, it tastes more like small neighbor children but chewier.
  8. Cool woven effect. Totally fools the eye.
  9. And all with one tool; the skew.
  10. You are looking forward to it~!! I can't wait.
  11. Where are you Alaska? Canada?
  12. A mess. A bleedin' Stinkin' howlin' mess. The winter presented too many disjointed fix-it projects. I have been re-building my deck after a roofing job. I never got cleaned up after anything and now - - Finally I had an 80 foot PITA pine tree removed and stump ground then I had the pipe from my well to the house replaced ( coz it was leaking) and instead of going through my lovely missus' garden (a work of 20 years) where the original pipe lies. They went through my shop with PEX and of course I had to make way for it so Everything is Everywhere and nothing is were it should be. Cheap though The tree $1200 The Excavator $1460 the Well people $2300 - - - and - - One headache that's been bothering me for a long time is Done. I've in the past had to dig to patch a hole in that old copper pipe. It's been failing for a long time. Now it is poly and the acid won't touch it. So what's on my bench? A mess. A hot mess.
  13. FINALLY Winter has let go. It's been awful cold rainy miserable. The Birds couldn't find enough bugs to eat so even the bug eaters like the CatBird have been at the feeder. And in letting go SUDDENLY it's like 93 degrees and brutal.
  14. Just ordered a Bosch Glide 12" . It's a "toy" justified by a project. I have a huge pile of Azek I gotta install as my 20 x 40 deck. I ran one length of azek down the 40' centerline and will do herringbone off of that on either side of it. If I don't screw it up it should look nice So cutting the stuff with my worm drive skillsaw is - - - well - - - it's difficult. The stuff is bendy and floppy; has all the structure of carpet. So unless I have it on a dead flat table; with the skill saw; it closes on the blade and grabs and - - well - - it's difficult. Plus I gotta make a lot of 45 degree cuts. So I ordered the Glide. That guy who whispers at wood thinks it's the bee's knees; better 'n the Kapex. We'll see. I considered either the Glide or the Kapex as a cutting machine for segmented turning ( something I have yet to try but segmenting is the reason i got a lathe in the first place. So now ( assuming it survives building a deck) it'll have a shot of killing my last best excuse for avoiding segmenting. And on the up side. I have still not purchased anything from Festertool (they are dark side).
  15. 4 quarter, just like regular decking boards.

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