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  1. Up here we will get a little rain and wind too. I say a little because they really haven't/can't decide on an amount yet due to possible changes in speed/direction. We could get as little as 3" or as much as 7". Welcome to TPW too. Glad to have ya here.
  2. Chop sticks.
  3. Thanks guys, yep we got just a small taste of it earlier, when a storm ahead of the main bands blew through and gave us a bit of sideways rain
  4. I am, so it makes me wonder if any of you are too? Of course this is not a major storm, but if it spins up a tornado in the wrong place, well it can make for a bad time. Stay safe and let us know what's happening, as I will!
  5. i make fridge magnets or fan & light string pulls out of my pen blank scraps. I have also made snowman ornaments with them
  6. That's cool, now I know what to do with mine LOL
  7. Welcome aboard
  8. Welcome Bernie, glad to have you here. See you around the forum.
  9. I will get some tickets after 6/3/17, Things are rough this month. As a suggestion, lets do one soon with the hollowing tools, Provided of course EWT approves.
  10. I know huh! I have actually made a couple of those a few years ago
  11. Daily routine here anymore, is to try and keep the squirrels from digging in the garden. I haven't touched the lathe pretty much since I moved into the new apartment. For this weekend though, I'll be finishing up an old bottle stopper head that I have to put a finish on. Then I think I will try and get a mini birdhouse finished that's been sitting unfinished for the better part of a year. I also need to check back with the doc this week about a test I had done yesterday. Apparently, my throat problem is still ongoing and it's going to take more surgery to correct. They say there is a stricture that is not allowing food to pass normally, so it's getting caught in the throat.
  12. I wish I could say I got a lot done, but didn't get one thing done that I wanted to LOL.
  13. indeed he will be missed. He was slightly before my time, but i always liked the music I did hear from him, this was one of them.
  14. Aww now Herb, it wasn't that bad. You just had to know the commands, and be in the right directory to type it. Either that or know the path to the directory.
  15. Hey I'm an old DOS 5.2 and 6.0 guy. Labeling a disk was easy back then.

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