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    The 2 most important days of your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why.

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  1. Back to Top Arrow

    No prob at all.
  2. Where are all the good drill bits?

    When you can lean up against the door of a brand new truck, and actually put a dent in it, there is something wrong there LOL.
  3. Back to Top Arrow

    Up and down arrows where, sorry? I do see the go to top arrow, almost right under your signature.
  4. Thanks Dave Will do!
  5. Where are all the good drill bits?

    I believe it! Just like a lot of the older vehicles are better than newer ones.
  6. Well I don't know what happened to my post but it never saved or allowed me to retrieve what I had typed so here we go again. I got a new computer a few days ago and it's taken a bit both to set up and also to get used to. the keyboard is smaller yet the keys are the same size so it throws my typing off a bit, I'm basically having to relearn how to type with it. Other than that, I STILL have the IV that I had last week, the doc hasn't given the order to remove it even though the Antibiotics themselves are done. I see him Wednesday though so I will have them remove it then, if he is not going to continue using it. I have an order too that I must get done tomorrow, so I will have to make sure that the IV site is all covered with plastic, so that nothing gets in it.. Congrats Gene! Y'all have a great week, stay safe everyone..
  7. Hii guys and ladies! I just got a new computer system set up and running, so I am back online and ready to start getting some stuff done. The keyboard is a bit awkward though, the board itself is a bit narrower and the keys a bit larger, so I have to basically relearn how to type with it. I STILL have the IV that was supposed to come out last week, apparently the doctor doesn't care how long it's in, as long as HE is the one to remove it, since he wont let anyone else do it so far. I am supposed to see him Wednesday, so I hope he orders it removed at that point. I have to make a toothpick holder for a client tomorrow, so I will get some lathe time in at least.. Have a great rest of the weekend, and stay safe.
  8. If you like squirrels......

    I intentionally put out sunflower seeds for the squirrels because I like seeing them. The area where i live is so city like, that it's nice to have some nature around. I also put out regular birdseed for the birds. They all drive the Shadow Cat (Otherwise known as the Shop Supervisor), absolutely crazy.
  9. Hello again

    Thanks Dan
  10. Hello again

    Thank you
  11. Hello again

    Thank you kind sir, I really hope this is the last "medical" thing that happens to me for a while!
  12. Hello again

    Thanks Lew, stuff just keeps happening that gets in the way of what I really want to be doing
  13. Hello again

    Hey y'all. Just checking in after a week or so. Got other medical issues that I am dealing with, and this one has actually kept me off the lathe completely. I have an IV stuck in the right arm, and since we don't want any fine sawdust getting mixed in the body, I have self imposed restriction away from the lathe until it's over. The treatment itself is over for now, but the doc hasn't told anyone to remove the IV yet, so it's still there. Going through withdrawals is an understatement! I want back my life as it was before! Hopefully I can get back to it soon, but it may be Wednesday when I see the doctor that it comes out. What are the rest of you doing?
  14. To All Members in Florida

    Hoping it dies out before hitting land!
  15. Charles Nichols???

    Thanks guys

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