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Pat Meeuwissen

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  1. K9

    I really like this piece is it a pattern you could share? We have a GS who resembles this very much. Great job and very generous, hope it brings you a ton more work.
  2. Curly Maple Corner Cabinet with Pendant Shelves

    A great take on a utility piece. The figure is spectacular, the contrast really works. Can I ask where you got the hardware (hinges)
  3. Walnut Rocker Front View

    This is one graceful piece of work. Love the lines.
  4. Latest project

    This is what I did a couple days ago.
  5. Latest project

    I see, that looks like a good way to make them. I'm guessing you have a really good miter gauge or a way to verify the 45?
  6. Latest project

    Herb, could you show me the set up you would use on the table saw to cut diamond shapes?
  7. Latest project

    I too have a SMS and yes I do let the blade come to a stop b4 lifting. Using an 8 tooth finish blade which is still pretty new and clean.
  8. Latest project

    Been dizzy for a really long time now. I used some drawn guidelines and stayed as close to them as I could.
  9. Latest project

    That's what I used as inspiration.
  10. Latest project

    Dave this is my set up now, but see how the piece gets trapped? From the vacuum ,air from the sawblade ... it seems to move just a little and causes the chipping.
  11. Latest project

    Thank you guys appreciate the props, I have to ask for a better way to make the diamond shaped pieces?? I did them on the miter saw and they came out pretty well but got chipping from the unsecured little piece vibrating around because it gets trapped inside the 45 degree stop. I have another project like this I'd like to make and hope there is a better way.
  12. table saw sled sizing

    Good morning guys, I'm working on making some larger panel cuts and am wondering what size you make your TS sleds? I have a very nice small one but the width just doesn't allow me to cut things like cabinet sides. Would love to see some pics to gleem some ideas from. As a side note I need to cut some plywood with some oval cut outs, I don't have the luxury of a cnc what would be the best way to reduce tearout in these cuts?
  13. table saw sled sizing

    The side of my TS is very flat If I get too much play I might add a "side" runner. Your help was very much appreciated we just do different things with our saws.
  14. table saw sled sizing

    Here's my version.
  15. table saw sled sizing

    Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback I'm thinking the sled Idea will work well. Smallpatch, I don't think I could leave mine in place as I do a ton of rip cuts. I think I will go with a design with the one runner and a long tail like this.
  16. What's On Your Work Bench?

    This is a dartboard cabinet I built for a Christmas white elephant swap.
  17. three way joint?

    Guys, I want to make a flip cart for a couple heavy tools and was hoping to get some input on how to make a strong three way corner joint for these types of carts using 2x material. Was thinking something like this but based on the correct dimensions.
  18. three way joint?

    Cal, yes the joint will be at the base. I think I'm ready to make this once I find time and some type of bushing for the pipe or rod. Was hoping to use 1/2 black pipe which has an od of 0.840 in that will take some looking to find a bushing/sleeve.
  19. I got DISCOVERED!

    look forward to the pics, I have an opportunity to get some metal drawers which I think will be way superior to the plastic bins I have now. Hoarders NO!!! Collectors YES!!!
  20. From My Shop to Yours

    Had a great day with family and friends yesterday, it was a joy. Hope you all had a wonderful day as well. I really enjoy the closeness of this group.
  21. I got DISCOVERED!

    "my storage system for small parts and odds'n ends" is there a picture of this somewhere John?
  22. Lots of history here

    Gene the link doesn't seem to take me anywhere??
  23. three way joint?

    Cal, this is the type of cart I want to build.
  24. Planes...just,....planes

    I'm kind of surprised you stop at 2500? I see allot of the sharpening videos going way higher. I myself have an 8000 grit stone I use to put a final micro bevel on my smoother.
  25. three way joint?

    Absolutely Pete, since I don't do this to make a living I can spend the time to experiment.

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