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  1. YouTube makers

    Guys, since I have to take it a little easy for the short-term future and I seem to learn better from visual input can you sugest some of your favorite YouTube WW. I have subscribed to most of the more well known ones but am looking for any rare or new ones I might not have heard of.

    Any special recipes you'd care to share? I've never liked fish so that will not be a good option for me.

    Guys. I'm just glad to be on the right side of the dirt. Acording to the doctor the blocked vessel is nicknamed the widowmaker, I'm now the proud owner of two stents. And a lifetime of cardboard tasting food.

    Guys, thanks for the Birthday wishes. Unfortunately I spent the last 8 days in the hospital with a heart attack on my birthday. Now starts the long recovery process.
  5. USAF, MMS, 78'-82'
  6. corner cabinet layout

    Guys, this is the next project on the list. It's a corner cabinet it will be 28" tall and about 18" wide, I have sketched out a full size drawing with the corner angles does this look like the best way to build this unit?
  7. corner cabinet layout

    I guess it has to do with the combination of the bevel and taper, I found a link to a jig which makes sense to me. http://www.woodmagazine.com/woodworking-tips/techniques/sawing-solutions/beveles Just have to work out if it tapers an inch at the top and there are 8 staves, do I taper each just a 1/16 to add up to 1/8 per joint?
  8. corner cabinet layout

    Here is the final product b4 the Mrs. adds the chalk paint. I will post the final after it's painted and hung a little down the road.
  9. corner cabinet layout

    Guys, I have put in another day (1/2) and here is where I'm at. The Mrs. said she will be painting this with chalk paint so used some primed crown I had on hand.
  10. planer roller assembly

    Guys, I have a Delta shoe box planer like this and was wondering has anyone added a top roller assembly to pass the wood back and forth? It only has the one center roller now and the wood doesn't stay in place. I would like to wind up with something like this??
  11. planer roller assembly

    With an od of 1 3/8 the pipe you used was 1 1/2 Electrical PVC? Do you know where I can source some of these bearings? Are they a common size?
  12. planer roller assembly

    Guys, thanks so much for the suggestions and pictures. I'm thinking that I want to figure out a way to make the rollers part of the machine, make some brackets and mount them, when I work outside I have to push the machine up a steep driveway so it has to be integrated.
  13. corner cabinet layout

    I did sharpen the screw head, it really gives it a more handmade feeling when using it. Yes I did use hardboard the consistent dimension of it was perfect for this application. I'm looking for some really dark paste wax, to finish this, who makes a good product? I also have a bunch of powdered tints could I mix this into a dark brown butcher's wax?
  14. corner cabinet layout

  15. corner cabinet layout

    Yes Gene, I'm not following the article exactly but using it for inspiration. I have a few sub assemblies already in the clamps and glued. I cut splines on the angles and it really helps with alignment. I used an old trick for getting a bead on the edge, the screw in a piece of wood run the stock, once the groove was established I turned to my shoulder plane and made them deeper. I hope my sharing my experiences will help other beginners, I learn something with every project. Special clamping cauls with 45's cut into them to put pressure on the seams and piececes of wood to capture the entire assembly. Will post some pics when I get them out of the clamps.
  16. corner cabinet layout

    Apprentice, thank you for your input it is really appreciated. I'm using this build as an excercise for how it would have been build years ago and trying to stay away from plywood. I found a copy of an old article which has real good info. I am using power tools but trying to make joinery like they would have. https://books.google.com/books?id=h_sDAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA18&hl=en#v=onepage&q&f=false
  17. corner cabinet layout

    Guys, I made up some scrap pieces and decided that the front corners which are visible with the return I changed to (2) 22.5 degree angles where it attaches to the face frame pieces. I could have left it like in my drawing but it would have shown the seam and not as easy to join. My next question is relative to when these were antiques, how would they join these corners? The unseen sections I'm thinking probably got glue and some small (cut) nails. Face frame would have been mortise and tenon as well as the door?? I'm going to use splines on the 45 and 22.5 degree corners. Any other info would be very welcome. Pat
  18. weekend project

    This is my project for this weekend build is done, now time for stain and finish.
  19. weekend project

    Guys, turned it into a design feature. What do you think?
  20. weekend project

    Guys, I got two coats of stain and started with a sanding sealer before that. Am happy with the color but I screwed up and supported the top with painters triangles which have now dug into the top, I'm thinking after the second coat of stain dries I'll try the iron trick to get them out? does that sound doable?
  21. home hover not working (RESOLVED)

    for sure!
  22. home hover not working (RESOLVED)

    John, gave me this link and it works but the hover feature does not, is this a browser issue (Google Chrome) Thanks Pat
  23. weekend project

    Its going at the end of a couch. Lamp drinks and knick knacks.
  24. weekend project

    Fred why is that? I have to say working with it it almost felt like it was wet. This was some old tongue groove boards that I reclaimed from an addition that was rehabbed. Wood was at least 40 years old.
  25. weekend project

    Most is southern yellow pine, with some doug fir mixed in. The stretchers are mortised and tenoned into the legs and the skirts are pocket screwed. The drawer was build with lock rabbit joints and added a piece of 3/8 bead board ply into the 1/4 groove for the bottom. Added runner and kicker to keep it tracking nicely.

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