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  1. Teddy's owl

    it was simple coloring outline I printed off. it worked out very well for his level! it was fast paced enough to keep his excitement going and challenging enough to help him think outside the box. I can say I will do something like this again with him. the box of scraps my gives me from his intarsia is like a wonderland of shapes and object for him to choose from as well. even if he does not cut the wood it does take imagination to put it all together.
  2. Teddy's owl

    HandyDan the lids were mine the stones was his...
  3. Teddy's owl

    Teddy's owl he made for his mother for Christmas, the grass was scrap piece my uncle did not use and the tree was free hand by myself. the creativity was all teddy as well as everything else with some guidance. He did a great job and loves woodworking. I am blessed to have him learning with me.
  4. sharpening tools

    Okay Master of the great wood turner, lathe tool sharpening queries.... I have both a grinder and a table top belt sander. which do you think is better to use for a beginner and which grit for the sander and grind wheel. i was watching videos but they dont tell me. so i am looking to the masters for help.
  5. new addition to library

    I have tried to steer him here but......... he despises computers and will not use one. i wish he would though he work is absolutely amazing
  6. Teddy's sword and shield

    its supposed to be elfin writing lol were a bit weak in that area.
  7. new addition to library

    The wizard I would love to take credit for but it was made by my Uncle who does intarsia and got me started i n woodworking.
  8. Teddy's sword and shield

    These are the completed projects of the 7-year-old who I am teaching.
  9. lathe tools

    I truly am taken back by this offer. thank you so much! I can not say what led me to this group. However, i have rarely experienced such kindness.I may not always post much but I do look and learn from many of the posts and all of you always add to my want to try list. I have only experienced kindness, encouragement, and generosity from all of you. I will do as you ask Handydan. and to be sure I will be picking brains.
  10. lathe tools

    I am a beginner. i have had the lathe for awhile but only my "boys" have had the time to use it. My boys are like adopted young men thru my son who picked stuff up.The problem with having a son is you end up with more lol. the lathe i have is a large one. from harbour frieght not sure what you need from it.
  11. lathe tools

    Okay wood turners extraordinaires. I would like to get my own set of turning tools. can you give me feedback on which ones to get first and which brand is medium or quality price level. not looking for top of the line just yet until I get to practice in a bit. I have seen Laguna on here a lot is that one you all would suggest or is there other? i am open to all thought on this. thank you in advance!
  12. What i have been up to.

    during a night terror. i swung from chest outward and over extended it.
  13. What i have been up to.

    I am trying not to let such long periods go by without an update. So the last couple of months I have been a bit laid up. I injured my elbow after a night terror and tore 3 small tears in my elbow along with another small tear to the cartilage and was told no woodworking for awhile and have to wear a fancy brace. Now I am light stuff cause I go batty not being able to do anything. with doc permission of course. So there is that but other that I have a young man I have been working with whose mother home schools. She asked if we could incorporate some woodworking for him. Teddy is seven and decided we should make a shield, a sword, and some amour. typical young man and neither of us have ever made these items. but to date with a little help and ingenuity from the teacher, we have made a shield and are currently working on finishing up the sword. I will see if he would mind us posting it. It is truly rewarding to have someone so excited to learn new things and excited about woodworking.
  14. pictures of cabinet i made

    no, it is screwed into studs that luckily lined up perfectly...
  15. pictures of cabinet i made

    I am not sure what racking means...????...sorry novice here. also, the rope or bead is just molding I bought from Lowes.

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