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    I never did give anyone Hell. I just spoke the truth and they thought it was Hell
  1. Saving Wood

    Thanks guys for the info. sadly i already burned the old wood. but know better for next time. oops. and thanks again!!
  2. Saving Wood

    Sadly I am not sure if i have enough room in shop. lol i may need a bigger box.:) I may have to build a small enclosure for wood then or something.
  3. Saving Wood

    So I had sadness happen. I have not been able to do much wood working hobby wise because of having to repair house issue. I did however have to cut some trees last year and i was like Yeah!!! lathe wood. Sadly termites (I believe) got to the wood. It was under a over hang and they must have gotten to it over the winter. So my question may be a bit silly bit how do any of you protect your wood from such things? Here in the south we have all types of wood happy insects. I do not know what other places have but here they can be quite savage. I lost a whole pile of Cedar, Holly and Apple (apple was given to me when in fell). thanks for your replies in advance! I didnt really want to use harsh chemicals on it since i would be working with it but I have now qualms doing it if it will save the wood i am seasoning and does not affect the work later. I have new wood to save so do not want the same thing happening again. P.s. It did not rot and dried nicely but was full of holes.
  4. Charity Dog banks

    Thank you all for your advice and the compliments...!
  5. Charity Dog banks

    I am giving them to the organization free of charge but they will be selling them and keeping the money
  6. Charity Dog banks

    Okay guys I suck at pricing things I have made so I am asking your opinions there is no wrong answers. The wood is spruce which runs about 12 for 8ft piece I have to use all but like 2 foot of it depending on board of course. plexi here runs about 15 for a sheet that I can make about 5-6 banks from. Time, I am not sure of yet because there was a bunch of delays. but I will say there was a ton of hand sanding as you can imagine. a can of poly is about 8 per spray can. thank you a head of time for your replies. These banks are being donated to the service dog organization who gave me my dog for them to sell. That is why I need a price tag. also the eyes and nose are real wood cut to fit.and inlaid
  7. Teddy's owl

    it was simple coloring outline I printed off. it worked out very well for his level! it was fast paced enough to keep his excitement going and challenging enough to help him think outside the box. I can say I will do something like this again with him. the box of scraps my gives me from his intarsia is like a wonderland of shapes and object for him to choose from as well. even if he does not cut the wood it does take imagination to put it all together.
  8. Teddy's owl

    HandyDan the lids were mine the stones was his...
  9. Teddy's owl

    Teddy's owl he made for his mother for Christmas, the grass was scrap piece my uncle did not use and the tree was free hand by myself. the creativity was all teddy as well as everything else with some guidance. He did a great job and loves woodworking. I am blessed to have him learning with me.
  10. sharpening tools

    Okay Master of the great wood turner, lathe tool sharpening queries.... I have both a grinder and a table top belt sander. which do you think is better to use for a beginner and which grit for the sander and grind wheel. i was watching videos but they dont tell me. so i am looking to the masters for help.
  11. new addition to library

    I have tried to steer him here but......... he despises computers and will not use one. i wish he would though he work is absolutely amazing
  12. Teddy's sword and shield

    its supposed to be elfin writing lol were a bit weak in that area.
  13. new addition to library

    The wizard I would love to take credit for but it was made by my Uncle who does intarsia and got me started i n woodworking.
  14. Teddy's sword and shield

    These are the completed projects of the 7-year-old who I am teaching.
  15. lathe tools

    I truly am taken back by this offer. thank you so much! I can not say what led me to this group. However, i have rarely experienced such kindness.I may not always post much but I do look and learn from many of the posts and all of you always add to my want to try list. I have only experienced kindness, encouragement, and generosity from all of you. I will do as you ask Handydan. and to be sure I will be picking brains.

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