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  1. Hello to all .

      Sorry I have not been around much as I have been in the middle of a big home project. This has been quite difficult for me because of my back injury. I want to do so much more but when I try I pay dearly for it. My son has had to do most of the work , however he has never done any construction type of work. So I have to play teacher and jump in at times to show him something I may have forgot to tell him about. Point is it has been quite frustrating for me as I would do the entire thing myself. Soon I will add pictures of what was a screened

    back porch and is now going to be a family room.

       The worst part of the job was the previous owner of the house built the screened porch and , I found he or they had no idea what square or plum was, or safe or proper framing was. If I was to tell you all the problems we ran into I would be writing a book , LOL.  So it has been very interesting and challenging to say the least. I have to give my son an A+ for his work and his hang in there spirit. Soon I will post pictures of how far we have gotten so far.



                                                                                                                              Thanks for reminding me to stay in touch with a great bunch.

                                                                                                                     Charlie Schmitz from Wood Chuck Wood Working.



    A very well taken care of old treasure, Beautiful old house.
  3. Respectfully done, great job.
  4. Clinton2.JPG

    Nice job Rick they really look good with the stacked different wood shades. If you live in the area you may know my nieces and their husbands, Ron and Jessica Chase and Stacey and Beckie Greenhaw.
  5. English China Plate Cabinet

    Happy looking crew you have there John and, one beautiful job again as well. Love it.
  6. Old adze needed a handle

    Yes some new life for it, was a challenge to sharpen with the pitting but has a nice edge now. One thing I did notice was you could see the heavy use it had by the ware on the face of the blade. There is a small flat worn on the top. I thought that was a cool aspect of the old girl. Nice to talk with you again Lew.
  7. 20160514-170905.jpg

    Dale I just bought a small carvers kit for my dremel. Now it"s just getting some ideas some nerve and remembering some old drawing skills for getting the proper scale and proportions and, yes I have a straight and right angle die grinders but no carving burrs yet. That is something I'll have to work on. Thanks for the info.
  8. Taking aim

    I really like the wildlife scenes choices. Nice.
  9. slots-for-top-and-bottom.JPG

    Hay Lew Nice work you could have added leg and made a sofa table and no one would have thought there were shotguns hiding in it.
  10. My flag

    Respectfully done. Good work.
  11. Walnut Rocker Leg to Seat Joint

    Some day I may attempt this, but for now I'll bow out gracefully and say maybe later. John beautiful job, you can not see any glue joint at all. Very nice!
  12. 20160514-170905.jpg

    Very nice work Dale. I'm thinking about trying some carving myself. I do some walking or hiking sticks from dead standing cedar trees and would like to carve some heads or faces on them.
  13. Grandpas hand saws

  14. Old adze needed a handle

    Found in a old shed when we bought our house. Needed a real good sharpening and handle. Made handle from a hickory limb I had, need to be careful with it will shave the hair off your arm.
  15. DSCF3266.jpg family tresures

    Thank everybody, I know I have not been around for a while. I need to get back but have been very busy as of late. Soon I hope to show some pics of the desk my son was helping me with. It is the project that I was having problems with fish eyes in. I had to sand and wipe down with denatured alcohol, then I used tung oil to complete the finish. It realy was quite frustrating. So thanks for all the help with that.

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