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  1. Child Entertainment center

    I've been thinking about making a entertainment center for my 8 yr old daughter room. Right now the tv is on an old dresser and a flimsy bookcase was supposed to be for DVDs and books but it has became her catch all location . I don't have the best vision in the world so I don't like stepping on things and she leaves things everywhere in her room. Well enough rambling on bout that. What I like to know if I make the bottom of the entertainment center 18 inches wide and it will be 4 foot tall or so and it will be 4 to 6 feet long. Will it be stable and not fall over. It will also be sitting on carpet flooring. The reason it's on 18 inches wide is because of the difficult door ways in my home . One door I'll have to go though at a angle is only 20 1/2 inches. I was either thinking plywood and painting it or staining a color or 3/4 inch pine stained and lacquered. I also thought about maybe putting casters on it but that will be a last thing to think about . I was thinking pocket holes to do some of the joinery. Any suggestions or advice would be helpful with this endeavor if I decide to proceed. Thank you all for reading.
  2. Child Entertainment center

    Court land I live in a small town of 2900. My mom lives with me at the time. I have 10% vision left in my right eye only. The rest of my family have their lives going on. My brothers have kids they wanna have me watch all the time . So I think after all my surgeries I'm going to move to somewhere further away . My mom will probably come with me because she is worrisome. But eventually she get her own place. Not that I don't enjoy having my other family around but I'm not a free baby sitter. I just want to do some woodworking in my own shop at my own pace and enjoy what I do. I've been thinking Cape Coral Florida because it's near ft Myers. It supposedly a good va but I'll have to do some more research. I thought about Colorado but the prices of wood their is really high. So I'm still looking around but it will be 1 or 2 years or so until my surgeries are complete from my injury.
  3. Child Entertainment center

    Ron I may be able to make it 20 inches but it will be a tight squeeze though one doorway. I also may make a little site as well. We we thinking about Cape Coral Florda or somwhere abouts . May just end up being somewhere else in a larger city in Missouri but I'm pushing for elsewhere.
  4. Child Entertainment center

    Lew it's going to be up against a wall in her room. The reasoning I say I'm thinking on making this entertament center is because after all my surgeries I'm going to move away to a different location in the United States. So if I build it I want it to be able to come with. She is the kind of child who is going to climb on things but her cousins in the other hand are . So I may have to make a shorter one or maybe mount the tv to wall or something of that nature.
  5. Does anyone have handy suggestions for a cleaner and then a protective wax to put on a cast iron tables award bans saw table ?
  6. Preventive maintenance on shop tools

    Thanks for the link lew
  7. Preventive maintenance on shop tools

    Thank you everyone for all the help. People kept telling to find paraffin wax but when looking it up I either couldn't find it or it cost an arm and a leg.
  8. Some small plaques

    Made some of these from the donation from Farwest Forestry Products. The others were just made from scraps of wood I had sitting around the shop. Going to donate the to a action for the BVA ( Blinded Veteran's Association).
  9. Pawn Shop Find

    The other day I went to a pawn shop with my younger brother. At first I didn see anything that interested me. I walked over to a bin with some books and odds and in in it. The gentleman who worked there told me that everything in that bin was only $0.50 each. After a few minutes of rummaging thought his bin I came across a small hand plane. First thing I noticed was it was missing its blade but it felt like all the other parts were intact on it. So I took it to the register and paid for it. The gentleman asked me what it was because he didn't have a clue. When I got home a did some research on the internet and I believe I have a Stanley - 75 Bull Nose Rebate Plane. Now all I have do is get a blade for it and I have another hand plane for my shop. Here's 3 pictures of the hand plane that I just got.
  10. Hand Saw

    My neighbor brave me this hand saw today. It's kinda rough. All I can make out on it is it aye Prfofessional Quality and Made In The U. S. A. Does anyone know what brand it is and if it's worth cleaning up?
  11. PSI Woodworking Lathe Chisels

    I have a quick question for anyone who can hel me. Are PSI woodworking lathe chisels very good? I'm looking to purchase a set of chisels for my lathe for a reasonable price? Not wanting to spend a lot at moment but I need to get more than just the rougher and finisher chisels I have.
  12. Sign

    A friend of mine gave me this sign the other day for my shop. It has a wheel on the side so you can change the rates in it . It pretty cool.?
  13. Hand Saw

    It's not a aDisston. It's a 26" Stanley. Cleaned it up enough that I had someone read what was on it .
  14. New project in progress

    Got tired of digging out out my drills out of drawers . So I am coming up up with this to mount on the wall by my bench so I have easier access to them. It's a work still in progress.
  15. New project in progress

    Funny thing is Lew 2 of those drills the batteries are bad on and on with a bad battery has a bad chuck as well. So I really only use 2!if them.
  16. New project in progress

    I think I'm finished with it but who knows.
  17. New project in progress

    Little more progression on it.
  18. Shop made push sticks

    Made these today and laser engraved on the a little as well. Their not perfect but not bad for my sight in the scroll saw.
  19. Shop made push sticks

    . Sometime I'll have to make a few push blocks as well.
  20. Shop made push sticks

    I have a bunch little pieces of scrap 1/2" and 3/4" plywood I'm trying to use up . That are in odd shapes that can't be used for much of anything but I hate to waste.
  21. Shop made push sticks

    Last night I couldn't sleep so I made some more. That way I have some at my router, tablesaw, and bandsaw.
  22. Shop made push sticks

    Push sticks
  23. Mohawk Shelburne 597

    I bought this hand plane at a pawn shop for $6 a while back. Be working on cleaning it up.. Still got a little ways to go but I'm getting closer to finishing it.?
  24. Sign

    Yeah the rates are a little low. But it was gift someone bought me at a store
  25. Mohawk Shelburne 597

    Ill do that Steven Newman . I just put it back together the way it was when I bought it at the pawn shop. Unfortunately I didn't realize it was on wrong. Thanks for the help.

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