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  1. outlets with surge protectors

    Hey Al.. What did they do back then when the Titanic went down due to bad steel?
  2. I was ordered to make 2 chess men

    Stay tuned. Larry Jenkins
  3. Why You Shouldn't Buy The Alexa

    If this is all true, and I have a hard time believing this, what can they find out? We have had our Alexa for some time now. Yes, playing it through our stereo without no one knocking at our door, or smothering us with mail or TV ads. How do you spell "paranoid?" Larry
  4. Decking material choices

    2 x 6 Western Red Cedar .. 16" OC and apply your favorite color of transparent oil based stain.
  5. Alexia

    Yes, Mable.. there is hot water. For those who want it.. I'm done.
  6. Alexia

    Jokers abound. Sad.. Something so simple; so great.. yet, it's humorous to most. Larry
  7. printer ink cartridge

    Do your homework. Know the exact Model Number.. Then contact Amazon. Look at all of them. Some very good buys embedded in their ads.. Larry
  8. Alexia

    Funny how a sound subject goes to the farm.. Wiring Alexa to your stereo system is spectacular.. For under 5 bucks.. No one cares.. Larry
  9. New 5" Round Orbital Sanders

    I have had a Porter Cable 5" random orbit sander for many years. The secret to keeping the Hook and Loop pad working well is to clean off the pad very good before changing pads. A cloth and some compressed air works well. Stay away from the stick ons. Larry
  10. New guy

    Welcome.. Cheap tools will cost you twice. Buy the best you can afford. Take time to do a new workshop layout. Larry
  11. Alexia

    Now try this.. If you have a stereo receiver, you can buy a small cable that attaches to Alexa and goes into the AUX input of your receiver. Then when you ask Alexa to play your favorite song, it will be in unbelievable stereo sound! Actually better than the radio sound. Under 4 bucks./Amazon. Larry
  12. Christmas in Nashville, TN

    I am 86. Wife is 84. Blessed with decent health. We often say, " If you think you have it bad, just look around you." Eat well; drink some red wine and keep a positive attitude.
  13. Hang in there. Al.. Age is an attitude. Chinese Pepper beef keeps your pencil sharp.
  14. 56th today!!

    Most of us don't get that far. Takes a give and take to make it work. Congratulations! 65 for us next June. Larry
  15. Tackling a repair more my size

    Gene.. and others. India Ink is a wonderful stain, especially on Red Oak. It makes the wood very black, but shows the grain lines very well. Covers well too with Satin wipe-on poly and rubbed out. Larry.
  16. Raising the grain question

    IMHO, hard woods do not need the grain raised. Maybe certain species of soft wood. If you "finish the finish," not needed at all. I just don't use water based top coats. Speed never results in your best work. Larry
  17. Why does wood change color?

    Effect of ultra violet rays. Cherry is a classic example of how sunlight can darken it. No, I didn't read the article. Larry
  18. Wood Bargains?

    Like Ron says.. Learn to spell A M A Z O N . Not too far away from refining methods for your to choose groceries on your computer screen and have them delivered free. Bye bye Wally World's grocery side.. Larry
  19. I think it depends on the complexity of the project. Simple pieces that have minimal corner joints and other simple joinery.. might be OK to finish after assembly. More complex items with many tongue and groove joints and many inside corners.. I think it's much easier to prefinish. Because I "finish the finish," it's much easier to achieve that great all-around consistency. Larry
  20. to Spray or brush

    Neither. Wipe on the stain with a soft cloth or a used, clean nylon sock. After you apply, wipe right away which will show the light spots. Then reapply the stain selectively until the color comes together. Practice on some scraps until you get the method down pat. Larry Jenkins.
  21. Best method for a toilet seat?

    As most of you know, White Oak is the preferred wood for outside and moisture environments. I would look for some Rift sawn White Oak and make a set. Then, I would wipe on about 4 coats of thinned exterior grade poly with a used, clean nylon sock. Let cure for about a week, then rub out with 0000 steel wool and TreWax. (Ace Hardware or Amazon.) Larry Jenkins
  22. Building Plans

    Computer Aided Drawing. CNC instructions are programmed from existing, approved drawings. Starting points and machining methods on the CNC machine are determined by the programmer. Larry Jenkins
  23. Wiping on water based poly

    C'mon, Dude.. Tell em about the nylon socks.. Larry Jenkins
  24. Sandpaper

    Gerald.. Thank yo so much for posting an image of the Chess set you made. I like the variation. Did you hand form the pieces on a lathe? I did mine using hand/eye on my metal lathe. Made two sets for the Grand kids. Larry Jenkins
  25. The Old Man is back..

    Larry Jenkins here.. Was one of the new members of John's site many years ago. Fortunate enough to talk someone into letting me add some articles about my woodworking experiences. Rattled some cages back then.. but mellowed down to where I should be at 86. My reason for re-joining is John's encouragement plus the chance I might be able to help someone. Larry

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