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  1. Flea Market's - just can't pass them up!

    Nice additions. Sure wish we had more flea markets up this way. Looks like a fun way to spend the day.
  2. Something ugly out of Georgia..

    You simply need to realize that nothing ugly comes out of the beautiful state of Georgia. It was just in costume. Looks great. I always enjoy seeing you bring life back into those planes.
  3. Two days, two sales

    $2 Steve? Hope you left a good tip. That's an incredible find.
  4. New member saying Hello!

    Wow, I must say, I really love seeing the hand planes. That is quite a collection. Glad you have joined us (although I admit I simply do not visit here nearly often enough).
  5. Patriot Picking or Hunting for Rust

    Great cleanup. Looks like an excellent addition for you.
  6. Birthday Presents?

    Very nice addition. I'm thinking you are going to need a bigger saw box. And a belated happy birthday to you.
  7. Second go around at the bowl

    The bowl came out real nice. I would have caught the holes and had it flying in all directions. Beautiful piece.
  8. P7050019

    I never tire of seeing how folks cut up wood into boards. That almond looks pretty interesting.
  9. I wouldn't have turned this

    I'd try to turn just about anything, but that's just because of my own lack of experience in turning. Last bowl I tried to turn was going great ... until it flew into pieces around the workshop. Pretty cool video.
  10. A Log For Turning

    I have never seen a log that I didn't want to make into a bowl. There is nothing more enjoyable to turn on a lathe. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with it.
  11. Just goofing off with wood

    Beautiful maple. I love the grain.
  12. Stanley Boxwood Rulers - Patriot Picking

    Great overview of the rule. The older wooden rules are great to use.Â
  13. That $5 Mitresaw, the test drive

    Nice little setup for $5. There is one locally that a guy wants something like $50 for the unit that looks like yours.
  14. That Tool Chest Build, Again

    You make it look easy. Very nice.
  15. Free Woodworking Books

    Awesome. My 16 YO is just getting into wood carving.

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