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  1. Need some input

    Maybe try applying DNA after turning and sanding to try and get the dust out of the pores. Just a thought.
  2. Erase that stubborn pencil mark

    Thanks for the tip.
  3. A Folding Portable Wine Table

    Very Nice indeed. Your usual fine craftsmanship. The Patio Base is a great addition.

    Hi John, I got a phone call and my password was reset during the phone conversation. I am NOW back on line. I don't understand what has happened but I didn't get any of the emails about my password. My email is indeed: erichar294@aol.com and I do get emails daily from others. Just weird but alls well that ends well. Thanks.
  5. Friday (Late) December 4th, What's on Your Patriot Woodworker Agenda

    Don't see a thread started for this weekend (12/12 and 12/13) so I will list TD List anyway. 1. Reorganize storage in my "shop". It was getting too hard to find things so I ordered another storage cabinet. It came yesterday. Disappointed in it but the ones I have used heretofore seem to have been discontinued by the orange big box. Will have to make do with the new one even though it's decidedly inferior. 2. Six pens to turn. 3. 26 Christmas ornaments (Steve Good design) to cut on the Scroll Saw
  6. Special ? Project

    I can see why he entrusted this project to you. Nice job.
  7. Clock rebuild

    That's a REAL Beautiful clock.
  8. Woodcraft Magazine intern using his degree to help veterans

    A GREAT thing for him to do. A nice young man.
  9. This is going to take a while

    Ron's right. A nice 14" band saw is calling you and could be your Christmas present.. Rikon has a 13" re-saw capacity. Don't know for sure about Jet or others.
  10. Finish is on the table

    Finish is revealing the beauty of the grain. Great job.
  11. Craft in America | Music

    Thanks for sharing this. Very well presented. Being a Brass Player, I was aware of Monette Trumpets. Far too expensive for me to afford but cherished by all who own them. I was very interested in the section on the fret-less banjos. I had not seen one - all that I have seen had frets as the other banjo maker used. It was a very interesting presentation.
  12. The shop for the troops in Djibouti, Africa

    Really nice shop with a good amount of space. Reading your tool list, it appears that you don't have a lathe available to you. Is that correct
  13. A Deployed Patriot Woodworker

    Welcome Matt.
  14. Going back to the origins

    When I worked at Greenfield Village, I had a tredle wood lathe to use in making patterns for the iron foundry. It worked just fine. However we bought buggy/carriage wheel spokes, hubs and felloes from an Amish company in Ohio and they used water power machinery to make them. So even the Amish see the value in power machinery. Go figure.
  15. Cute girl chain saws lathes

    Not on my part but almost all women that I know don't like to get stuff in their hair.I did have a woman working in the up-and-down sawmill at Greenfield Village. Funny - her co-workers were a couple of college kids (I was the Engineer for the steam engine that ran the saw mill) It was funny: We'd just brought up a large oak log and it had to be moved from the wagon that it came up the ramp on onto the saw carriage. She'd been at lunch and the two college kids (both tackles on their college football team and big strong kids) had been struggling with cant hooks to flip the log over onto the saw carriage without success). She came back from lunch and said "You boys look tuckered out. Let Mama do this". She grabbed a cant hook, set it in the middle of the log and flipped the log over onto the saw carriage by herself. She just understood practical mechanics and she was a small woman: 5'2" . I was looking up from the engine level at the saw platform and just about fell over laughing. No I don't think women can't or shouldn't do wood working -just the shavings in the hair thing.

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