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  1. What is it? We will soon be moving to a secured login system using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication. The usage of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted. Why? Big picture: we want you to feel secure while with us, and we want another level of security that your information remains private, between you, and us. Detailed picture: Because of the recent focus on threats and data mining of information (it's never happened here, but there is always a first) I felt a need to lock down our server and our woodworking community even more than it already was. Currently I have taken all necessary precautions within my control to keep our members information and browsing habits within our community, to stay in our community without the use of SSL. We have been running on a non SSL server since our inception, because for a community like ours, our method was sufficient, but I feel it is becoming outdated with the growing new threats on the horizon. Nothing has occurred that has prompted me to make this move for our community, other than the recent news as of late that has many website owners and community administrators questioning our own systems security, and our concern for data mining of profiles and hackers getting your information. For the reasons outlined above, I have decided to lock down our server, and give you, our members who login here, the security you deserve. What do I have to do? Nothing, you won't even know it's running, you will still utilize our community and login and logout the same way you always have, and everything will run just as smooth as before. While you are logging in to our community, a wonderful exchange of security takes place with our new SSL protected community, see diagram below. You are the "Customer", we are the "Server". How do I know this site is secured? You will see a padlock to the left of the url in your browser window, and our url will change from: http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/ to https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/ You will notice the additional "s" at the tail end of "http", the "s" stands for "secured". As you are browsing your favorite websites around the woodworking world wide web, you may now feel a need to find out if that community is indeed secured as well, if the url does not possess the trailing "s" nor the padlock, then it is not running on a secured server to the extent that SSL offers. Sometimes you may not be able to see the http or the www in the url, you can still find out if the community or website is secured, by copy and pasting the url to Word Pad or some other doc rendering application, and the full url will appear, and you'll be able to see if the website you are using is truly secured or not. Why are you doing this Mr. Webmaster? Because I hate cut-throats, carpetbaggers, scalywags and horse thieves. I love a secured environment when it comes to our community, and I detest online scammers and hackers that take advantage of the innocent and exposed. See here: Cost Yes it does, cost extra for us to implement this system, but it's worth it, and I feel it's a good expenditure of community funds. When It's happening now, over the next few days I will be purchasing and installing the needed certification and software for our community. I will add to this topic when the implementation is complete. Any questions or concerns, please leave a reply below.
  2. Sleeping Berths For Air Travel

    This is cool Full story here https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-10/sleeping-on-the-fly-airbus-to-offer-naps-in-the-cargo-hold
  3. Login, Navigation And Access Issues.

    That is great news, let it train for awhile, sorry for the inconvenience Stick.
  4. Login, Navigation And Access Issues.

    Just click on "Temporarily Disable Extensions on This Page" and see if that fixes it? Since we had to reboot our server this morning, it cleaned out any arbitrary scripts or clingons, maybe the adblock needs to be trained again to our community?
  5. Login, Navigation And Access Issues.

    Sorry Stick, the adblock is flagging something here, I don't know why or how. Since we run zero ads here.
  6. Login, Navigation And Access Issues.

    Clear cache in browser? ctrl + r in firefox. The caption you show says it's an extension you have installed.
  7. Login, Navigation And Access Issues.

    It's nothing we have Stick. We would not install an AdBlock software on our server.
  8. Login, Navigation And Access Issues.

    That is something you must be running Stick, do you have AdBlock on your PC? We currently are not running new scripts nor do we have any live ads.
  9. Patriot Woodworker Moving To SSL Login

    By the way, I had in the past considered making the introductions forum posting permissions only for members, but with the recent events, I can see the benefits of keeping it open to the general public just in case you all or I have logging in issues.
  10. Patriot Woodworker Moving To SSL Login

    I can do that for you Stick, thanks.
  11. Patriot Woodworker Moving To SSL Login

    With Egg on my face, long story short, we had an accidental https activation in the middle of the night, we are not supposed to be on https yet, and the implementation occurred early. We are not on https now, all should be working as expected. Thank you for all your feedback you all left in Bugs and Issues.
  12. Locked Out

    Your welcome Buck.
  13. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    This is the first I have heard of this being brought up Smitty, it was a good idea and we implemented it. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Arlington

    Got a broken link Gene
  15. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    That's on you guys, you all need to keep the posts relevant to the OP Topic and don't veer off topic. Can't help ya'll there.
  16. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    Perhaps, we can take a consensus on that here and now, and if folks lean to always visible, we can try to change that.
  17. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    I can work on that Stick. You are referring to the theme you are using correct? Keep in mind, when you hover over the post, the field where the post count is, becomes highlited.
  18. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    I know it's not perfect, but it's a start in the development of it. We can kick the tires on it for a bit and see if it works. At this time we cannot get the 1 of 20 but only the 1.
  19. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    once you submit and refresh, the number count should change, can you check me on that?
  20. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    Please let me know if the post count I have implemented is sufficient. You can view the count in the upper colored bar header at the far right above each post.
  21. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    Me also! @smitty10101, what was the solution!
  22. What kind of tests Jay?
  23. Challenge Coin Flag

    Very cool Robert! Love it! I love seeing wood burning coming back to our craft!
  24. One of my all time favorites passed away, I'll miss him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._Lee_Ermey http://abc7.com/entertainment/actor-r-lee-ermey-of-full-metal-jacket-dies-at-74/3347853/
  25. I did not invent this post, but I saw it on Facebook and I thought it was great, made me smile. Well the passing of GySgt Ermey makes some sense now. There had to be a Marine on standby to escort the former first lady through heaven's gate.

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