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  1. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    I did this Lew, per your suggestion, and it worked!
  2. I need something to protect the pattern

    Jess, Love ya man, and I love your work! Can you please tag your topics appropriately? You would help us out a great deal if you did sir, thanks so much in advance!
  3. resizing programs

    This topic moved from General Woodworking to Plans and Software
  4. Wow, did I ever get an improvement

    This topic moved from Home Improvement to Free For All.
  5. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! Thanksgiving Plans? Hey folks! Not only must you tell us what your week of woodworking agenda is, but now you are officially required to tell us your Thanksgiving plans too!!! What are your plans for the big turkey day, family over? Friends over? Laying low? Taking a trip? We love to hear what you are up too. New members Please welcome the following members to our community. @Yura Kotkov, @dave b, @Josie, @Jim Norman, @Rich Stegner To our new members, thank you for joining us! To our existing members, please click on their names above and shoot them a welcome message. News We want to thank those who have participated in this project, we have thus far reached 62% of our 1500.00 dollar goal! Well of course the biggest news of all, in case y'all have not heard, we have kicked off our annual tradition of supporting a warrior family for the Holidays! Please GO HERE to see how you can help! Please help us help this Gold Star Family, and you could win some great prizes too! What's It Our November "What's It" is here! We have a beautiful Woodriver Hand Plane by our supporters Woodcraft, up for grabs to the one who correctly identifies the item. Featured image of the week Romanian: Timber joinery at the The wooden church of St. Archangel of Letca, Salaj County, Romania By Bogdan Ilieş. The original uploader was Bogdan salaj at Romanian Wikipedia [CC BY 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons
  6. Good Read

    Depends where your at Gene, I think My Wood Stuff would do quite well in some areas, whereas other terms would fail completely. Personally, being the minimalist I am these days, "My Wood Stuff" sounds nice, I like it.
  7. Good Read

    EXACTLY!!!!!!!! Marketing can play a big role in your customers desire to buy, or not to buy. Chris's article while funny, he did leave out variables, I do agree that woodworkers can be pretty self adsorbed and egotistical, but I would never slam a guy for hanging out a shingle on his store front and putting "Purveyor" or "Woodsmith" on his sign. Those terms hearken back to an era of quality, and great craftsmanship. And that woodworker wants to communicate with the passersby, that they should enter the shop and have a look around. Depending on the community the shop is in, those words may make the difference in ok sales, or great sales. Also, "Hand Made". You bet, in a time of our existence where almost everything is machined and processed, you want that potential customer to know, that the items you display in your booth, or storefront, are indeed made by the person selling them, not imported from China. But I get it, I enjoyed the article, and I understood where he is coming from.
  8. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    The last year, I have been completely depressed with FF, it seemed big, clunky, slow, and it didn't play well with The Patriot Woodworker community. I would use Windows Edge, Chrome, Vivaldi on this site and they screamed through it, but then I'd go back to my old friend Mozilla, and sometimes it was like watching water boil, surfing this site with it. There are many times issues were reported due to slowness, and I spent hours sifting through error logs, memory logs, and bugging our software developers, and our site typically checked out, all gears working fine. I would use other browsers, and our site surfed great. I stopped using Firefox altogether about two months ago, it got to the point that it would take about 1 minute to even activate Firefox from the desktop pc. Then, they came out with 57.0. If y'all have not tried it, please do, it behaves very well on our site, and it's fast, and it activates quickly now from your desktop pc. They did a really good thing, congrats Mozilla, you are now back in my favor, and I'll use the Mozilla project now, I love it! Here is the link for download: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/ One more thing, on a personal level I am very in touch with "Open Source" projects, I love the open source project Mediawiki and Tikiwiki, and there are many website building software projects that are free and open source such as Joomla, and Drupal to name some of the bigger projects. One thing they all need is money, funding. They provide a free service. We use their software, they develop. And it's free. I like to donate to these projects, I'll donate 25 bucks or 5 bucks or somewhere in between, depending my level of use. For example I am currently developing some branched websites that will be a part of our community here, and I am using open sourced software to build these components, I am donating regularly to these projects on a monthly basis. Most of the time the developers of these projects do the work because they believe in the project, and they love coding and developing, and they do not get paid. The same is true for Fire Fox, most of their developers do not get paid, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of developers to the Mozilla project, and they do it because they believe in the project. So, if you are a Fire Fox user, or any open source browser user, consider donating once a year to these foundations, we use their products freely, we take their products for granted, 10 bucks a year to these projects aint gonna kill most of us. Just a heads up is all. Cheers, and way to go Fire Fox!!!!!
  9. Lifes Simple Pleasures

    Well, wife went down to San Diego to visit her friends for the day. Let's just say I took full advantage of zero supervision this morning.
  10. Lifes Simple Pleasures

    I'm paying for my debauchery this morning, right now I feel absolutely tired. Perhaps cookies for breakfast is not a good thing after all.
  11. Raising the grain question

    @BillyJack, many on here do skip the step of sanding sealer, calling them hacks, is not a good way to get along on a forum that is virtually ego free, and very friendly. Please modify your statement to reflect a more positive attitude and a more helpful tone. Thank you sir.
  12. Lifes Simple Pleasures

    They are this morning Fred!
  13. Lifes Simple Pleasures

    One of lifes most wondrous pleasures is checking the cookie jar for a couple weeks, each and every day, and nothing is in it, I have then given up on the effort but still check the jar every other day now, then I just give up on it altogether. Then, for old times sake, I check it just for the heck of it, and it's full of home made Chocolate Chip cookies! I am serious, my world is completely fine today. Life has been throwing a few curve balls at us lately, my cookie jar has been empty, I awoke early today and laid in bed for a few minutes in the quite of the morning while the rest of the gang slept, I prayed to God, I asked for enlightenment and put all my trials and worries in HIS hands, I then got up in the darkness and walked my home and checked on the sleeping babes, and I then started my morning. And just now, I did my cursory cookie jar check and it was full. I know GOD did not make the cookies, but I think He has something to do with it. By the way, breakfast? You really have to ask! Hey, cookies have all the food groups in them don't they? Specially with a big glass of milk. Have a wonderful day friends.
  14. please help identify old brass mallet

    No, I remember dad's split head hammers he used for assembling bee hive boxes, I remember he had the rawhide inserts, hardly a dead blow hammer, but more of an assembly hammer as Dan's is. I guess it could be a dead blow if it had the shot inserts. But Dan's hammer as shown is not a dead blow.
  15. It's that day again.

    Happy Friday Gene!!!!!!

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