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  1. Mister McGoo syndrom

    Here is a scary thought, if you hear ringing, any amount of ringing, whether temporary or not, that ringing is significant of permanent loss in a specific range. It could be very minute, but it's gone forever. So over the course of our lives, and if you add up all the events that caused ringing, from firecrackers as a kid, to rock concerts, to war, to work, it all adds up to a full range of hearing permanently lost. We had a hearing specialist visit us at work after we had our mandatory yearly hearing test in the trailer done. That is what she stated. If you do anything that causes brief ringing after the event, you lost some range permanently. The ringing signifies permanent damage to the nerve. The above statement does not include ringing due to tinnitus or high blood pressure or over caffeinated symptons or other un-associated non-noise events.
  2. McCormick on the run!

    You can see them from the road Kelly, they are not in use though due to California air quality standards. I think the farmers keep them around for memories and keepsakes. They are popular for backyards around here though. Speaking of California air quality standards we are also trying to trap cow farts to keep global warming from spiraling out of control, no kidding. Here http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-cow-gas-20161129-story.html Aww, our wonderful California Gov. Jerry Brown. We have some friends who are dairy farmers, regulations are killing them. Another: http://nypost.com/2016/09/21/it-will-soon-be-illegal-for-cows-to-fart-in-california/
  3. McCormick on the run!

    A little blurb of interest for ya Gene: I could of sworn I heard somewhere, Pecans are about 60 bucks a pound in China, can that be?
  4. McCormick on the run!

    For sure, Asias demand on the wonderful tasty nut has driven our own prices up. It's a great thing though, anytime our farmers can reap the benefits of trade is a great thing, IMHO. I want our farmers to succeed.
  5. McCormick on the run!

    Thanks for that Gene, you know living here, I take for granted the hills and orchards, and do forget often just how pretty it is, you are right, thanks.
  6. McCormick on the run!

    Pecan farmers were the media's whipping post out here in California during the height of our drought the last few years, reportedly they consumed about 10 percent of our water while yielding very little beneficial crop for America, apparently our Pecan farmers here ship the pecans to the far east where they fetch a big huge penny per pound. Right or wrong, they were a target.
  7. McCormick on the run!

    That is insanely cool!
  8. McCormick on the run!

    Here is an aerial image of the area I was in when I snapped that picture. This is Hemet CA, I live just a couple miles up the road in San Jacinto. This is a Grapefruit orchard. Our region is still a booming citrus area. I have surveyed this area extensively.
  9. McCormick on the run!

    You bet Dave! And thanks for sharing in your wonderful reply! If you look closely at the picture I provided, it indeed does display the word "GROVE" below the McCormick lettering. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. There is also a "O-4" or "D-4" at the front side.
  10. McCormick on the run!

    @clhyer, we are a citrus valley. Actually Riverside CA flourished on the citrus industry, if interested see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Riverside,_California and scroll down to "Citrus". You can imagine our garage sales and antique shops are full of beautiful prints and graphics of citrus crate label collections and crates. Example:
  11. McCormick on the run!

    I am not sure Stick, we are heading back to the area for more work, if I see him I'll ask.
  12. DOH....

    Done. We are now free for all.
  13. DOH....

    I originally moved it from Plans and Software. I can move it to Free for all.
  14. DOH....

    They are using outdated design platforms firstly. Responsive design has been around for a few years now. Meaning, no matter what size screen or mobile device you are on, the pages adjust accordingly. Like our site does. View our site on a mobile device, it's quite impressive. This being said, some of the older sites do have a button to click at the bottom of their page, "Mobile view" or "Desktop view". For the sites you describe, see the bottom of their page, you may be able to switch the view to desktop.
  15. McCormick on the run!

    Apparently it's an orchard tractor per this website at http://www.farmcollector.com/restoration/john-bean-mccormick-zb0z1303zbea And it makes sense since our entire valley was orchards and parts of it still are. I am still at work, getting ready to head home, and I walked into the bosses office and asked him if he'd ever seen one of these, he grew up in these parts, and he confirmed it as an orchard tractor, the fenders are to prevent limbs and branches getting sucked up into the wheels.

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