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  1. @Grandpadave52, you got it all under control! Here I thought I had ground breaking news!
  2. Hey Lew, I know you are an educator, perhaps you can shed some light on this. In reference to our own school district and throughout California, why do we have a principal for every grade level in high school, and an assistant and staff for each of those principals, why do we have one or more teachers assistants in many classes? Man I gotta tell ya, my kids brought home their year books before this summer began, and the staff pages were almost as many as the student pages!
  3. I love this whole story, great re-purposing, overcoming challenges (dogs) and making due, now that's the American spirit!
  4. We used to watch it on Netflix on our Roku. Hey Gramps, you should really consider a Roku or some other streaming device. They have a huge selection of entertainment, mostly free. We cut our cable a few years back, installed an HD antennae and purchased the ROKU, and never looked back, so all our TV is free. We only pay for internet connection. Ooops, we do pay for Netflix, it's about 9 bucks a month, but that's it, so our viewing entertainment is 9 bucks a month.
  5. You charge for it?
  6. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! Community news Clubs! Soon you will have the ability to create your own club here on The Patriot Woodworker. You'll be able to create your club, start a forum within the club, assign moderators to your own club and forums, create your own galleries, create your own blogs for your club members to use, and much more. So stay tuned, there are some fantastic things happening in the back ground around TPW! Featured gallery We have a wonderful gallery that was kicked into high gear by @Robert McMillan! Welcome our new members The following members need a hearty welcome from ya'll! Please drop by their profiles by clicking on their names, and send them a message of welcome. @Charles Waggoner, @Robert McMillan, and @YouDontKnowKev, and you can view more new members at the Member Page. Featured image of the week Boys at woodwork class, London, c 1895 Photograph showing boys at a woodwork class with their teachers, in London. Photograph by Walter C. Tyler, ca. 1895. Some of the boys have disabilities. A boy on the left is a dwarf, and a boy to front left has an artificial (wooden) leg. Source:
  7. When you got the eye for this you got the eye, I am with Gerald, I would not be able to see that if I walked by it. Impressive John. Hey, is American Pickers still on?
  8. Excellent, thanks Lew! Also, left a link in General Woodworking, and moved it to Plans and Software Forum. And, I am downloading that sucker!
  9. All of this goes against my fabric, being a choice type of person I am, and yes, I don't like seat belt or helmet laws either, and I don't like the guberment telling you that you can't smoke in your own car either if kids are present, I'm not saying any of those items I just mentioned aren't wise to practice in the first place, but it should be left up to the individual. I remember when the helmet law was put in place in our state, guess what industry suffered, organ donor industry! Yep, bikers were one of the largest groups of motorists to donate organs before the helmet law came into affect. Hey, if you want to ride with out a helmet, I respect that, if you want to buckle up in your OWN car, and your kids, great, if not, it's on you. If I rode motorcycles anymore and did not have a family to support, and if I could, it'd be without a helmet. My choice, bad or good, it's all mine.
  10. Not sure yet Stick. We are trying to stick with technical and common acronyms, and stay away from jobsite and social media slang acronyms. I know we got a few that snuck in there in the beginning such as LOL and Snork and such, we'll see, let me pass it by my board of directors.
  11. I'd love to be able to do that for furniture Fred! To be able to incorporate that into my work? Sheesh, how cool would that be? There is most definitely a place for it in building.
  12. Japanese have been performing artistic and functional joinery for a looooong time. Many Japanese makers and artisan woodworkers have their own joint that is passed down from generation to generation, and that shop becomes known for that joint. Kind of like martial arts, certain masters and studios have their own style of Aikido or Judo that has been passed down and learned from one master to a student, as it can be with woodworking and joinery in Japan (and here in our own country). I believe most of you all already knew what I just stated. but just in case!
  13. I can only imagine that a return trip would not be free Cal, in that case, whatever we can save out of pocket is more desirable, we are already spending 600 dollars on the appraisal out of pocket, so if we need to do it in one shot, fine. But to answer your question, no, they did not offer to appraise is "as-improved". Would have been nice to been offered though, at least give us some choices.
  14. The next photos should be more interesting, than seeing a few panels laying on a workbench.
  15. Wow! That is nice John! And an awesome Mrs. Moody!!

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