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  1. Great comment Fred. Very true. I have too seen communities with over 30 forum categories, where do you put it? Per @MEBCWD suggestion we have 4 sub categories, they are pretty defined as to what goes where, how do you feel about that number of subs? As a refresher here is what he suggested: CNC Woodworking Forums per suggestion by MEBCWD Have one for General CNC Work. This would be for all the project posts, how to questions for machine operation, material choices, bit discussions, cleanup and finishing. (Name change suggestion by John Morris: CNC Projects and Operations) Have one for CNC Builds. This could be used when someone is building a new CNC machine from the ground up, constructing a kit and also for modifications to older CNC machines. This makes it easier for someone thinking about building a DIY CNC to decide if they actually want to tackle the job of building one or just buy a turn key machine. (Name change suggestion by John Morris: Building Your CNC) Have one for CNC Recomendations. This speaks for itself. This makes it easy for someone to get recommendations for a new CNC machine. They can list what kind of projects they would like to do, any size requirements of projects they will work on or available shop space. Having this separate will make it easy for people to find recommendation posts that might answer all their questions before they ask for help choosing a machine. (Name change suggestion by John Morris: CNC Machine Reviews and Purchase) Have one for CNC Software Discussion. This can be used to ask for recommendations, discuss functionality of different software, ask how to questions and to troubleshoot software problems. (Name change suggestion by John Morris: CNC Software Research and Use) AND have one for CNC Problems. This would be for posting questions on how to solve a problem someone is having with their CNC machine operation. This eventually will create a troubleshooting data base if our members have enough trouble with their CNC machines. (Name change suggestion by John Morris: CNC Challenges and Solutions)
  2. I think if we can utilize the sub categories from the beginning, it will all be nice and organized in the long run. If had a do over, I would have done the same for the woodworking forums as well. There is a ton of information in our woodworking forums that could have been sorted to different sub categories and it would have made information easier to find. Live and learn right! More feedback please, this is all great commentary that is helping us decide how to proceed. By the way @honesttjohn, I know you've been here a short time, but in time you'll understand our philosophy here, "you all are the powers that be!". We only provide the means for the direction you want to go. We are always open to ideas and suggestions, and we implement most.
  3. Per Michael's request: I love sub categories, the above sub categories as suggested by Michael make sense.
  4. Thanks Michael, all content we share in this community is covered by the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) We are an open source community here. So yes, no copyright material is allowed to be shared in our files directory, unless permission is granted by the creator of such files.
  5. Got it!
  6. I'll have the drawer fronts and boxes all finished up Stick, all sides. No doors though in this project.
  7. Thanks John!
  8. Wonderful feedback on this subject Charlie! And then there's the folks who buy the big industrial cabinet saw, well, just because they can. I aint one of em! Like you said, different strokes, and that's so important to remember for us all. In woodworking and its related machinery and tools, there are a 1000 different ways to skin that cat. Poor cat.
  9. Awesome awesome awesome!!!!! This is really cool. Thanks David! I love sharing and open source projects, I believe our world wide web is at its finest when it involves open source projects and sharing openly for others to benefit from. The CAD could definitely be shared then, the CAM, a different matter it sounds like. But I love the idea of sharing CAD. Thanks for the wonderful input guys!
  10. Ya there is, some surfaces are unfinished, such as the inside sides and bottom underneath. I only sealed the floor of the cabinet and of course the exterior exposed surfaces are finished. It's a quarter bath, gets used mainly for potty breaks and washing hands, it's just a sink and a toilet. It'll be fine in that regard.
  11. OK! I get it! Errr, I think. This is all new territory for me, but what you said makes complete sense, and what John said meshes as well. That being said, just a quick googling of CNC Shared Files I get a ton of hits with forums and website sharing files. Just what are they sharing that folks can benefit from? Thanks guys, have patience with me, like I said, this new. Keep in mind, I am really hoping we can do something with file sharing, I have been wanting folks to jump in to our files directory and upload and download files and plans, but nobody has taken the bait yet. It's kind of dead over there, I guess I was just hoping we could put it to use finally. I spent of ton of time and treasure getting it up and running, I was hopeful we may finally get a group of folks who may utilize it!
  12. Arrgh! Yes we will Stick! You know I typically build casework all around as if every angle is exposed, whether it is or not, I build it finished out, in, under and inside out, I can be too much of a perfectionist much of the time. Stick, I really had to struggle to make that statement, "Nobody will see it". That went against my grain. But what you all don't know about this simple project, it changed designs three times during the build, I done had it, and it had to get done. Women!
  13. Thanks Chips!
  14. I had my 12 year old son sit on the front corner, all is well! He weighs about 90 lbs. I told the kids not to in the future, but this was just a test, and only a test. I got that cabinet screwed, blued and tattoo'd to that wall, if it does start to show signs of pulling away, I can set a leg in the center right and that should take care of it, and I can still keep the floating look about it.
  15. No Lew. It should float The dang thing is built like a tank. And screwed to studs. I'll let y'all know in a year if it starts pulling away.

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