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  1. weekend project

    I know
  2. weekend project

    Great save Pat!!!!!!!! Love it!
  3. weekend project

    @BillyJack nailed it, he basically stated many of the gouges would like nice, and it does, I really like the way Pat saved that project by inflicting more pain on that top! It's looks great!
  4. weekend project

    It was indeed!
  5. Grinder at work

    You guys are having a stream of bad luck in that shop Billy! Saw Stop activates, forklift leaking, wood pile burning. Time to throw back that Brady Bunch cursed tiki token! Hope your weekend straighten outs fair better.
  6. weekend project

    Perhaps in the eyes of many, but to my eye, it's very cool. Like Garry Knox Bennet's notorious "Nail in Cabinet". Gary built a drop dead gorgeous cabinet, and then on a whim, he slammed a 16 into it at the last moment. To many I guess this would look like trash. And perhaps it does, I admit it does take time to devour the symbolism involved in this act of defiance perpetrated upon a masterfully created piece of furniture. But upon further analysis of the artist, the time period he did this piece, and what was going on in the woodworking crafts movement at that time, it takes on a meaning that was and still is important to the craft and art. My opinion on Pat's gouges, I would let them be. This could be Pats "Nail in Cabinet" piece. If Pat is keeping it for himself, he then even has a story to tell. If he's building for a customer, they may not be as understanding, or free spirited to accept it as a beautiful mistake. I think it's a beautiful mistake, if it were mine, and if it were staying in my home, those marks would stay.
  7. weekend project

    Am I the only one that actually thinks those gouges look really, really, really cool!
  8. Flying eagle 2

    Dale, this is superb work my friend, thanks so much for showing it here with us. I love your coloring, I remember the days of your beginnings with this work, it's incredible how far you have come!
  9. Whew, great work John! I still love those green egg tables, hey you should put some type of brand on the table if you don't already. My Friday started out with a bang, very dear friend of the family called me up around 10 am this morning, and needed to be taken to the hospital, she wasn't feeling good, long story. After a brief hold up in triage, they admitted her immediately, she was having heart attacks as they were examining her, they got her into the STAT room on gurney, put her to sleep, and laid the electric paddles on her to get her heart beating the way it should. She has a defib implant, but it failed. That is why she was feeling so bad the last couple days. I just got home a half hour ago, 11:15 pm, and she is still at the hospital resting in her room now. They'll have to re-implant another device. I am completely glad she called me, and I could be here for her. She lives up in the mountains, I got her to where she needed to be quicker than rescue could of. Thanks @John Moody for getting this topic up, the week just aint the same without you and your Friday Topics, thanks sir.
  10. Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?

    Great looking scooter Jess! Hey Jess, I changed the tags in your topic to reflect closely what this topic is about. Please see: Thanks Jess!
  11. Sculpted Clock Complete

    By the way @Smallpatch, you class this joint up, never leave us, please.
  12. Sculpted Clock Complete

    Ya I changed the title Jess, from "Done" to what you see now. I just feel your work is so completely impressive, that it deserves a proper title, for future viewers and guests in the future to be able to search for it and pull it back up. "Done" just did not do it justice.
  13. I was really proud of this

    I never pronounced that "I" any way skiler, no loss! Great job though!
  14. reproduction badges/tags

    Back on topic guys, badges. Does anyone know if they are vector or not?

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