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  1. I thought I had it all ruffed in

    I agree Jess, it's amazing, as we are working on a piece, we get so tunnel visioned on it, that we see everything wrong with it. Walk away for a few hours, or come back the next day, the errors can either disappear, or they just don't seem that bad at all. love walking away and seeing what I did the next day.
  2. Eclipse in Denver

    Nice Ron, I love your yard characters!
  3. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! New members Please drop by and give the following new members a grand welcome: @mrheyward, @Keven Lamar Belcher. Thanks for joining folks! Leaderboard Drop by your Leaderboard and see who the current movers and shakers are based on content and topic popularity. What's It Our August "What's It" is live, take a look and submit your educated guess at best for this months item. Featured video of the week Published on Oct 14, 2011 Meet three generations of the Moulthrop family of woodturners (Ed, Philip, and Matt). The Moulthrops are featured in the Family episode of Craft in America, which premiered in October 2011 on PBS.
  4. No Bug, Just a Suggestion

    Well there we go Jess, proof it's a great tool and device! Thanks for the review.
  5. Business of Woodworking

    I like that, I am going to remember that one.
  6. Balcony and Shade Structure

    I like it, I could really get used to this.
  7. Ralph Jones Quizzes

    Thanks for getting us connected @Stick486, Ralph is a very busy man for sure. Well cover his quizzes till he gets back and he resumes his duties. If you read this Ralph, you are missed and appreciated!
  8. Ralph Jones Quizzes

    San Fransisco? A tad too far I'm afraid. Sure hope he gives em heck though!
  9. No Bug, Just a Suggestion

    Thanks @Gene Howe, I really like that Kindle. It seems like it could be a great resource for research and reading. I am very interested in this, thanks for introducing it!
  10. Balcony and Shade Structure

    I keep telling myself that Gene, and trying to convince my wife of the same. Sometimes it's hard!
  11. Business of Woodworking

    Sure, it's a tough business, I think most failures come from bad planning and bad product line. But keep in mind, this article was written by who? A SUCCESSFUL WOODWORKER! Like the M & M's and Santa Clause commercial around the holidays when they see each other for the first time. "They do exist!" "He does exist!"
  12. Why I Love My 12" TS

    You all liked my hat! I got a bald head, me and the sun don't do too well, but ya, cool hat right, Big 5 Sporting Goods, $9.99
  13. Why I Love My 12" TS

    Thanks Jess, out feed table been that way since 2005, long story, it's just one of those things, and I have come across virtually every situation using it, I am accustomed to it. Push sticks don't too well on big ol beams, my hands were plenty clear of the blade. As a matter of fact, I would go as far as to say a push stick would be more dangerous on large timbers. I certainly don't feel right using a pushstick on timbers, but that's just me. If it feels safe, it usually is, if it don't, never follow through. Thanks Jess!
  14. Balcony and Shade Structure

    Gramps, I am taking today off, for once! I am just going to have fun today. I'll be on here in and out, playing with the kids, watching a good movie, help mama cook dinner, turning out to be a pretty good day.
  15. Ralph Jones Quizzes

    You got that right!

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