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The following are plans and drawings submitted by our members and are for your use. Feel free to print these out and use them for your woodworking projects. And, if you have a plan or diagram or pattern you would like to share with us, please send them to either our Woodworking Plans and Software Forum Host John Moody our site Administrator or myself John Morris and we will get your plans or patterns and diagrams up here and full credit given to you for your generosity.
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Woodcraft Free Plan, Courtesy of our friends at Woodcraft Supply.
Please click on the link below the image to download your plan of this beautiful Drop Front Desk.

Links to websites with Free Plans
BenchMark Woodworking

Fine Woodworking Magazine

Karl Taylor's Free Scroll Saw Plans(Great Site!)

Minwax Free Plans

Swamp Road Woodworks


Military Challenge Coin Display Plans



Jigs and Fixtures

Adjustable Dado Jig

Woodsmith Plan for Turning Pens on the Drill Press


Free Scroll Saw patterns

The following patterns are courtesy of Wade Smith  










The following Patterns are courtesy of Cherie Eppler of CE


horses 201.pdf

horses 202.pdf

horse 20 head.pdf


Texas 20 Star.pdf

Texas 20star 20 lasso 204.pdf

The following patterns are courtesy of  Frieda Van Dam of Frieke's Wood Art






The Following Patterns are Courtesy of our Scroll Saw Forum Host Greg Aksdal and his The Sawdust

custom order.pdf







The Following Patterns are Courtesy of SQ


Hand Over the Chocolate.jpeg

Nurses are Angels.jpeg



The Following Patterns are Courtesy of Richard Lee Neiden of Wooden Wonders Workshop

TPW Cross Pattern.jpg

Impala Police Car.jpg

The following patterns are courtesy of Pedro Santos of Pabreu Woodworking 

Chinese Box Turtle Original Size.gif

Clark Gable.gif

Kittens in the Trunk.jpg

Mystic Wolf.gif

Siberian Tiger Charge.gif

Stevie Nicks Original Size.gif

The King Second View.jpg

Young Zebra Original Size.gif

The following patterns are courtesy of Mahendra

Aborigine Tribal.jpg

African tribal.jpg


Amazonian Tribal.jpg






Chief Native Collection.jpg



Chinese Emperor.jpg

Cowboy Boots.jpg 



Dirt Biker.jpg

Dons Idea.jpg

First Pattern.jpg

Frank Zappa.jpg

Going Home.pdf

Hot Air Balloon.jpg


Jetty Scene.jpg



Laurel and Hardy.jpg

Laurel and Hardy 2.jpg

Martin Luther King Jr.jpg

Miss Drew.jpg

Miss Monroe.jpg

Native 2.jpg

Native 4.jpg

Native 5.jpg

Native 6.jpg

Native 8.jpg

Native American.pdf

Native Child.jpg

Native Lady.jpg

Native Maiden.jpg

Native Portrait.jpg

Native Portrait #4.jpg

Native Senior.jpg

Native Woman.jpg

Native Young Lady.jpg


Nursery Baby.jpg

One Direction.jpg

One More Pattern.jpg

One More.jpg

Our Lady.jpg

Page 2.jpg

Pope Francis.jpg

Pope Juan.jpg



Quality Time.jpg

Samurai #1.jpg

Samurai #2.jpg



Square Dancers.jpg




Viking Battle Cry.jpg

Walk With Me.jpg

Walking Tall.jpg

Wise Man.jpg


Young Krishna.jpg



Old WorkBench Magazine Plans from the 1960's. These plans are really neat, but beware, they assume the builder has a certain level of woodworking skills. These plans are more "Schematics" than they are skill and technique building materials.

18th Century Arm Chair.pdf

18th Century Lowboy.pdf

24 Room Martin Birdhouse.pdf

A Light Sailing Dinghy.pdf

Antique Cradle.pdf

American Coffee Mill.pdf

Anywhere Stool.pdf

American Windsor Chair.pdf

Beautify Your Bathroom.pdf

Cathedral Candle Sticks.pdf

Chess Book Ends.pdf

Chest On Chest.pdf

Chest of Drawers.pdf

Chest For Doll Clothes.pdf

Childs Chair and Settee.pdf

Childs Chest.pdf

Childs Gym.pdf

Clock Spice Rack.pdf

Cobblers Bench.pdf

Cobblers Candle Stick.pdf

Coloinal Cabinet.pdf

Colonial Cradle.pdf

Colonial Tea Table.pdf

Colonial Wall Box.pdf

Contemporary Club Chair.pdf

Contemporary Coffee Table.pdf

Copper Planter.pdf

Corner Cupboard.pdf

Corner Shelf.pdf

Cupola and Electric Weather Vane Part 1.pdf

Cupola and Electric Weather Vane Part 2.pdf

Custom Bird House.pdf

Danish Rocker.pdf

Decorator Balance Scale.pdf

Desk On a Stand.pdf

Display Work Cabinet.pdf

Dolls Tree House.pdf

Drop Leaf Table.pdf

Early American Bottle Opener.pdf

Early American Candle Stand.pdf

Early American Whatnot Bowl.pdf

Fire Engine Part 1.pdf

Fretwork Trivet.pdf

Galloping Glider.pdf

Glass Table Top.pdf

Grand Father Clock.pdf

Home Built Pool Table Part 1.pdf

Home Built Pool Table Part 2.pdf

House Boat Toy.pdf

How to Make Cabriole Legs.pdf

How to Setup a Jigsaw.pdf

Knife and Ladle Set.pdf

Knock Down Stool.pdf

Lathe Turnings From Scrap Wood.pdf

Lowboy and Mirror.pdf

Miladys Blanket Chest.pdf

Modern Work Bench.pdf

Nautical Attic Bedroom Set.pdf

Novel Shelf.pdf

Old Fashioned Swing.pdf

Plywood Lamp.pdf

Plywood Marquetry.pdf

Poll Screen and Candle Stand.pdf

Portable Cold Frame.pdf

Rack For Prized China.pdf

Ranch House Birdfeeder.pdf

Roll-a-Round Storage Wall.pdf

Sculptor On a Lathe.pdf

Shadow Wall Brackets.pdf

Shell Plate Intarsia.pdf

Sheraton Sewing Table.pdf

Ships Bookends.pdf

Shop in a Workbench.pdf

Simple Wood Joints.pdf

Sip and Smoke Stand.pdf

Skate Scooter.pdf

Snack Wheel Barrow.pdf

Spanish Style Table.pdf

Spinning Wheel Part 1.pdf

Spinning Wheel Part 2.pdf

Stage Coach Part 1.pdf

Stage Coach Part 2.pdf

T-Base Candle Stand.pdf

Tank Car Toy Box.pdf

Telephone Bench.pdf

Three in One Stool.pdf

Toy Box Caboose.pdf

Toy Pile Driver.pdf

Tray Table.pdf

Tricycle Conversion.pdf

Triple Purpose Lamp Post.pdf

Twisted Pedestal Plans.pdf

Versatile Apothecary Chest.pdf

Wall Telephone Shelf.pdf

Weather Vane Lamp.pdf

White Pine Whatnot.pdf

Workbench for Women.pdf

Wren House.pdf


The Following Drawings are Courtesy of Ralph Jones

Home Improvement Drawings

Bay Window Frame Drawing 104x16.JPG
Dutch Door Drawing.JPG
Laying Out A Stair Drawing.JPG
Mission Style Bannister.JPG

Furniture Drawings
Drawer Construction.JPG
Gate Leg Table Frame.JPG
Hall Bench with storage.JPG
Mission Desk End View Legs.JPG
Mission Style Desk.JPG
Night Stand Detail Drawings .JPG
Night Stand Drawings.JPG

Woodworking Jigs
Adjustable Faring Stick.JPG
Box Joint Sled.JPG

Doll House

Doll House Floor Plans.JPG
Arm Chair.JPG
Bedroom Dresser.JPG
Chest Of Drawers.JPG
Dining Room Chair.JPG
Dining Room Hutch.JPG
Dining RoomTable.JPG
Fireplace and Coffee Table.JPG
Footed Bath Tub.JPG
Four Poster Bed.JPG
Kitchen Hutch.JPG
Victorian Sofa.JPG
Wash Stand.JPG
Water Closet.JPG

Original Plans and Plans found online - Michael Agate

Garden Grace - Bench

Love Seat Bench


Wooden Pocket knife.pdf

Desktop Rockinghorse.pdf

Router bit Cabinet Plan.pdf via Freud




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Site Admin
Comment by John Morris on April 8, 2013 at 4:01am

Mark, great plan, we appreciate it! I'll get it converted to jpg and post it up top.

John Morris
The Patriot Woodworker
Proud Supporter of Homes For Our Troops and Wounded Warriors Project

Comment by Mark Dorman on January 24, 2013 at 8:24am

Folding Lunber rack info. for the drawing on the last post.

The one on the left is for the straight cuts and the curve at the bottom.

The drawing on the right is for the pivot points for the 4" radius used.

Good, Better, Best never let it rest
Till your Good is Better and your Better is Best.

Comment by Mark Dorman on January 24, 2013 at 8:19am

Folding Lumber Racks You can make two of these from 24" by 96" sheet of ply then bolt together using the hinge type of your choice.

Good, Better, Best never let it rest
Till your Good is Better and your Better is Best.

Comment by Dan Standish on December 21, 2012 at 12:21pm

Dave go to top of sign in page and click wounded warriors page, its there.

Comment by Holger Herrmann on November 14, 2012 at 2:17pm

Putting this all together for us is truly appreciated.  Thank you.

Comment by Dave Clark on November 13, 2012 at 2:59pm

Help  I find this site very complicated.  I'm looking for some plans for Military Challenge coin display rack  I like what I see but I do not have time to explore the site.  My brother is being retired from the navy and another one is retireing from the Marines  need to make 2    Thanks you very much   I will have time to explore site later. 

Dave Clark

Site Admin
Comment by John Morris on January 26, 2012 at 9:40pm

Remember members, submit your plans here to share with our signed in members and we'll put em up on the board. Have a website? We'll give you a complimentary link back to your site with your submitted pattern or plans or drawings!

John Morris
The Patriot Woodworker
Proud Supporter of Wounded Warrior Project and Homes For Our Troops

Site Admin
Comment by John Morris on January 25, 2012 at 4:37pm

Your get Mark!!! We have some great folks here willing to share.

John Morris
The Patriot Woodworker

Comment by Mark Dorman on January 24, 2012 at 9:43am

Good stuff; thanks to all that have shared.

Good, Better, Best never let it rest
Till your Good is Better and your Better is Best.

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