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  1. 17 points
    Lissa Hall

    Teddy's owl

    Teddy's owl he made for his mother for Christmas, the grass was scrap piece my uncle did not use and the tree was free hand by myself. the creativity was all teddy as well as everything else with some guidance. He did a great job and loves woodworking. I am blessed to have him learning with me.
  2. 17 points

    Paid it forward

    As president of the local woodworking club, I am on the contact list. I got an e-mail from a guy last week who'd like to build a jewelry box for his girlfriend but didn't have the tools to do it (lives in an apartment). He came over this afternoon. Nice young man in his mid-20s, an industrial engineer that works for a big company in town. Anyway, he brought over two 2' pieces of 1/2" maple and some 1/8" plywood 12" squares. Cut out the box sides, splined them, groove for the bottom, an egg-grate interior and a plain flat lid. Off he goes. Hope his girlfriend is happy and maybe hooked him on woodworking? I had a couple of guys who helped me out when I was first getting started.
  3. 17 points
    John Morris

    Positive Vibes

    I just wanted to wish all the woodworkers who show up here every day, or some days, a wonderful fantastic beautiful time in all your shops, I truly do mean that. I love woodworking, and I love interacting with fellow woodworkers on any level. You all are the best, and I'd like to personally thank each of you for showing up, and sharing, collaborating, teaching, learning, mentoring, and being here for each other in this wonderful most awesome adventure called woodworking! I just felt like saying that folks, we love ya'll here, and I personally feel blessed to be able to wake up in the morning before I head off to my day job, and check in here, and I feel blessed to be able to check in here at night, and whenever I can get on here, which is quite often actually. And I feel incredibly blessed to have a wife and family who puts up with it all. Woodworking, fun, addictive, peaceful, exciting, new people, new knowledge, it's what it's all about. Thank you all. Ya I know, I been mushy a tad lately, don't know what's been coming over me, menopause? Thank you folks.
  4. 16 points
    Gene Howe

    Rifle Case Done

    Finally gotter done.
  5. 16 points

    Hexagon End Table

    I made this end table without a plan . It had 50 separate pieces and 30 MT's The legs are 5 sided. This is the bottom of the top and lower shelf, legs and stretchers. The finish is one coat of shellac sealer and 2 coats of poly. I hope these pictures turn out. It is my first attempt of inserting photos They might be too big. RJR
  6. 16 points
    Will Downing

    Kitchen Island (PIP)

    My client came to me over Christmas with a page torn from the Southern Living magazine depicting a kitchen island built from reclaim porch posts and lumber. The caveat was it had to be down-sized to 24x24x36 and move-able. Sure, no problem says I...hmmph! First, has anyone priced used porch posts since Pinterest? Then I priced new posts. Both are cost prohibitive. Then I got an idea, build my own. So my wife found these balusters at a yard sale. But only three. So I cut them in half (giving me six tops) and bought a 4x4 pine post to recreate the bottoms, Drilled out the bottom sections to accept a 1 /14" dowel, 5 inches long Then centered up the tops and drilled matching holes. Cut my dowels using a stop for consistency A little sanding and then assembly Now I have six legs completed. Four users and two for testing. Some detail work to make everything flow and these are ready to sand. Now the key here was the use of reclaimed lumber, so I plundered around the rathole and found this fir. Cut to length for the rails and pocket holes added. I have some 5/4 red cedar ratholed in a buddies barn, so I went and pulled two planks out to create the bottom. Resawed and planed. Cut to length and placed on the assembled leg frame And the finished bottom assembly. Now I'm ready to paint. The request for the legs and rails is to be painted in bright white. I'm going to polyurethane the shelf rails and use that as an accent piece. After paint, I'll attach the hardware (casters.) Next up: Creating the top. (BTW, I've kept up on the site, but with work and life just haven't had a chance to chime in much over the last few months. W)
  7. 16 points
    Ron Altier

    Ole woodworker's despair

    If I stand still, maybe it will show. I had it in my hand, that much I know. I walked from over there to over here, Oh why, Oh why can't I find my gear. If I scan the room one more time, I know it will show and once again be mine. But once again, it doesn't show, I'm left alone and don't know where to go. Think I'll set down and take a rest, Cause that's the one thing I do best. As I slowly descend into that soft ole chair, I look around again and in slow despair. I guess I didn't need it anyway, It will certainly show up some day. As I slowly take a seat, I find it as-------------- my butt hits the seat. I did that this morning and thought it would make a good poem for a snicker
  8. 15 points
    Ron Altier


    I am into making Christmas presents for my family. My daughter loves cats and I came up with this idea. I have made a parrot and stylish bird so far. For my Christmas present, she sent me 2 boxes of wood. One was mostly firewood, but the other contained some nice pieces. The background wood is White Limba (never heard of that one) The cat head is Canary wood, The eyes are Ebony surrounded by Osage Orange. It is about 9x11
  9. 15 points
    Ron Altier

    I found out what my work shop is

    My grandson was visiting and was making some Christmas gifts with Grandma out of wood, paper, styrofoam, etc. They was doing this in her sewing room. Soon he came to my shop looking for rubberbands. I had 3 small boxes of different sizes, from a garage sale. He left, but soon returned for a tiny hook for his tree ornament. Of course I have different sizes in silver and gold color. Later he returned for something else, while I went to another storage box, he said," Grandpa, you don't have a workshop, you got a hardware store" I just had to smile
  10. 15 points
    Gene Howe

    I'm honored...

    ...and surprised. Stumpy Nubs http://www.stumpynubs.com sponsored a chair building contest. I was just notified that my Morris chair took second prize. The prize is a Smart Vise. Here's the chair.
  11. 15 points

    Flag cases

    I just completed two flag cases to be given to the families of two local veterans. One was a high school classmate who was a career Marine and did two tours in Vietnam. He came home and became a Marine recruiter until retiring. He passed away recently from stroke complications. The second one is for his brothers flag. He died in Vietnam in 1965 and the family never had a case for his flag. The wood is recycled red oak from a local schoolhouse that is being renovated.
  12. 15 points
    Waxing Moon

    What to do with drop off's

    Made this from some "leftovers".... Quilted maple, Morado and a bit of Ebony.
  13. 14 points

    Piano Pen Box

    This is my entry into the 2018 IAP Bash Pen Box Contest. It is a replica of a Grand Piano. It is a combination pen box and music box. The box was constructed using various tools and jigs. The interior is finished in a Cardinal Red flocking. The keys were cut from pieces of white and black acrylic pen blanks.There is a brass plate behind the keys. The top has a clear plexiglass insert in the center to show off both the pen and also the musical movement that plays Elvis' "Love Me Tender" theme. It plays when the box is open and shuts off when closed as most music boxes do. There are musical themed decals on the top of the glass to enhance it. The box was finished in black lacquer. This was a fun little box for that special pen. Hope you like it.
  14. 14 points
    Ron Altier

    I've been Rubeing again

    Due to a condition in my hands, I am extra clumsy and drop more things than most people. Those things always roll where you can't see or in places unknown. I had a magnet on a pole, but it was limited, wouldn't bend. I got a couple of small bar magnets at HD, a fiberglass pole from a bike flag and made a handle out of ply. As luck would have it, I dropped a very tiny screw, one so small that I'd never find another or even hope to see. The paint wasn't dry on my new pick up, but I used it anyway. NICE...........I found it on the second sweep over a crack in the cement.
  15. 14 points

    Top Secret Project

    Last week I Showed you the start of my top Secret Project. Well here are 2 nearly done and 2 to go . They are wall plaques for for my Medival Horizontal lock replica and the Violin locks I made. Herb
  16. 14 points

    Train 'em right

    In a period 22-33 years ago, my three daughters were in 4-H woodworking. Yesterday, I ran in to the retired 4-H agent. He remembered me and remarked that the county judge was always in awe that my girls could explain what they had done and how they did it. They even corrected him a few times when he called a particular joint by the wrong name. We went to the state fair 12 consecutive years and the only year they didn't get a top 20% award was the year my 11 year old made something he thought was too complicated for the class she was in (jewelry box with mirror inside.) None of them do woodworking now but we had a good time with each other in the shop and I'm sure built their self-confidence up. They all still have all the things they made back then -- boxes, shelves, bookcases and a cherry blanket chest.
  17. 14 points
    Finish sanding and finish coating tissue boxes and napkin holders. Herb
  18. 13 points
    Dane Franco

    Lew inspired me

    I dont turn wood at all, but was impressed with Lew's rolling pins and wanted to use the last of my curly cherry in a cool way, so I made a cutting board, and cheese slicer. I haven't done any inlays in a few years, and this reminded me why. The glue up sucks! Plus in all the mayhem of the clamps and cauls, I messed up the order of the walnut and cherry strips....buuuuuuuut, it ended up al right.
  19. 13 points

    Jared's is over-rated

    Being a day late is also part of the "thing"!
  20. 13 points
    Robert McMillan

    My work

  21. 13 points
    As the Marketing Manager for Easy Wood Tools I put together promotional materials and ads for our company. I wanted to share with all of you a full page ad that will appear in an upcoming issue of Woodcraft Magazine. With Lew's permission....
  22. 13 points
    Ron Altier

    been in the scrap pile again

    I started with some Blood Wood scraps in my hand on the way to toss them and some of it kind of looked like a flower petal. I made it and coated it with epoxy, which wasn't a good idea, won't do that again. I wanted to get a more natural looking surface, didn't come out as I hoped. It looked pretty sad. I redid some of it, still didn't like it. My wife said "Why don't you put a butterfly on it" I did, 2 of them.
  23. 13 points

    Finished the lock Plaques today

    Finally got the lock plaques done. here are the last two, and all four. These were made out of some scraps of Ipe decking material that was given to me. Herb
  24. 13 points
    I have been working at clearing out some of my old wood that was too good to toss but not able to build much else with it. The wood is Madron that I have had for a number of years on the side of my house. It was wood that had originally been air dried as opposed to kiln dried so it got some beetles in them that have left a number of holes and tunnels in. The Madron wood has some really great grain which really needed to be shown off. So I cut up the wood and made a few Coat/Hat racks with the larger pieces and some Necklace/Key racks to sell to help with our travel expenses for our Midwest trip in July. The hardware on the Coat/Hat racks are from Hobby Lobby and I have some D-rings on the back 16" apart to hang on studs as they will hold more weight. The Necklace/Key racks have those alligator clips to hang on screws since they are light weight and some 3/4" cup hooks from Home Depot. With the exception of the 2 darker stained Necklace/Key racks (which I used a darker stain on) the finish for all the pieces was done using Watco Danish Oil in Natural Color to bring out the grain and then a "Wipe On Poly" for the top coat. Not a difficult project but it did take me some time in between dealing with normal day-today stuff going on around the house.
  25. 13 points
    My day job as a Land Surveyor takes my crew and I to many interesting locations around our county. From hiking treks up mountains while laden down with survey gear to re-establish a lost section corner or township line, to building roads and bridges, we do it all. But, I get to do something that the other surveyors don't! I get to work the wood when called upon! Every few years we get some new crew trucks in and I am the guy who gets the job of building the storage boxes that go into the trucks. The boxes house our gear, from leveling rods, to metal pipe locators, to tripods, to lath and hubs and various other ground implements such as shovels, impact bars, machete's and much more. This past month our department became the proud owners of several very nice GMC 3500 crew cabs. These are the nicest trucks we have ever had, this is the first time we have power mirrors, power windows, power door locks, and cruise control, and there is a view panel in the middle of the dash console that displays backup camera, and we can even link up our smart phones to receive hands-free calls, and if you really wanted to you could activate your music playlist on your smartphone, but we'll stay away from that as music is a personal thing and not every crew member likes the musical taste of the other guy. But as crew chief I do choose the radio station, and typically I'll listen to talk radio. It is what it is, perhaps the younger guys will learn something. So this time, being no different than the next, the powers that be sent me home with a crew truck and supplies to build the first box. I have two more trucks to do. Each box takes a day, from 6am to 4:30pm. Our standard work day, and it just so happens that is how long it takes to fabricate one of these boxes. One of three new GMC 3500 4 x 4 Next few images are just some quick shots I took of the box in build state and finish. Every piece of the box is interlocked with 3/4" dado's using a PC 690 with a 3/4" straight bit. For all the boxes I have built in the past, I always used my PC 7518 for this process, but for some reason I just grabbed the smaller guy, I guess I didn't feel like moving around the 7518 all day, although the 7518 goes through this like butter, the 690 does strain and holler a tad. The box is set in place. I know I skipped a few process's before I got to this, but time being an issue, I had to work fast, and I could not really get as many images as I wanted too. The edge facing is 3/4" oak to protect the ply edges from bangs and bumps. The top section has some 4" PVC tubes, the right tube along with the wood half circle cutouts will hold our various leveling and transit rods. The two PVC tubes on the left house our diamond shaped "Survey Crew Ahead" traffic signs when rolled up, and the space in between those tubes house the standards the signs set on. The lower wide cubbie houses a drawer that holds our 2' lath, 4' lath, and various sized wooden hubs for construction staking, and also our monument pipes for setting legal corners and "Right of Way" and road "Centerline" positions. The metal shop at our yard fabricated those traffic cone racks you see mounted on the outside rear, the black spindles, we stack 10ea. 24" tall cones on each side for traffic control situations. Now you can see the drawer that I built as well, you'll see the right front side is shorter, for the 2' lathe, and the front left, is longer, for the 4' lath. And behind those compartments will house the hubs and pipe. The drawer is on wheels, it slides wonderfully in and out. What you don't see in this picture is the gate latch I installed as the last thing I did. The gate latch is mounted to the outside left of the drawer face, and it latches to the left into the truck box body, this prevents the box from sliding forward and back during travel. The truck bed is a standard 8' long by 4' wide, the box is 6.5' long, we need space to the rear to set a jack hammer into that we use on occasion to dig up monuments in asphalt. We get new trucks rarely, the last time we got a new truck was in 2010. We really use our trucks, I believe the formula used is replacement after 150,000 miles, after that they become more expensive to maintain then to just purchase a new one. And believe me after 150,000 miles, they are beat. We use them in 4x4 very frequently and they get bounced, whacked, and marred up pretty good, as we travel down tight areas and even between tree lined streams, they get beat up pretty good. This beautiful truck will look old in two years. My Crew Truck is a 2010 Ford outfitted the same as this one, my truck still has some miles to go before it's replaced, but it sure is good to see some new trucks for our crew chiefs, there is nothing like a brand new crew truck to lift the spirits of the men. Thanks for looking!
  26. 13 points

    My fav' jig

    Ever see the birthday card: "for the man who has everything.....a bag to put it in!" Cute. I found that my bench works the same: need bag. So I had a scrap piece of 1x6 maple, ran some grooves down it. [Next time I'll use a dado blade] The grooves keep things from rolling around. [the stuff above the block: all the stuff that was on the block before the pic] The red color helps it stand out. Whenever I can't remember what some tool is doing there, I finally put it away. [It's all about discipline: ah hain't got none] I found that the block needs some wider (3/8") grooves for the larger handles, such as the chisel, or they'll roll. It really helps prevent "bit, bit, where'd I put the bit?" time wasting.
  27. 12 points
    Gene Howe


    In my travels yesterday, I stopped in a gun store to look at a varmint rifle. The manager was my salesman. He's interested in displaying a couple pistol presentation boxes. Then, in the liquor store where I get my Dell Bac, that manager wants a steady supply of wine gift boxes. And, the owner of that knife and gun finishing supply house is interested in a few knife cases. Told them all that I'm slow. None seemed to mind. Looks like I'm gonna be busy for a while. Gotta get the table done and another rifle case. Then, start on little boxes. Fun times ahead.
  28. 12 points

    Anti-snipe tip

    When I do my glue-ups for cutting boards I leave a 'stick' or two a bit long on either end to prevent snipe in not only the planer but also the drum sander. This has the same effect as feeding a sacrificial board before and after your target board for surfacing. I don't always get snipe on my DW735 planer but it's often enough that doing this eliminates the snipe. The little board that's protruding may get some snipe but the target board doesn't. Hope this works for you like it does for me - David
  29. 12 points

    Unexpected Surprise

    I had a huge surprise yesterday. I go out for wings on Thursday nights with my best friend and was backing out of the garage and noticed a box on the front porch. I thought to myself I didn't order anything and stopped and got the box. Turns out @Grandpadave52 transferred his recent raffle turning tool win to me! I am simply floored by that. I talked to Dave this morning and he said he is not a turner and wanted them to go to someone on The Patriot Woodworker who would use them. What a good guy he is. I really appreciate what he has done, it means a lot to me. Thanks again Dave.
  30. 12 points
    Lissa Hall

    new addition to library

    The wizard I would love to take credit for but it was made by my Uncle who does intarsia and got me started i n woodworking.
  31. 12 points
    Well, looks like I may be coming up for air soon! Been since the beginning of August since I've done some serious work in my shop. I just finished cleaning up and making my shop look like a workable space, and I set my Curly Maple Shaker Rocker on the bench that I started 5 months ago. I'm feeling pretty good here. I have my shop back! Dogs are enjoying the space too. I will sleep good tonight, the world is right again! Happy dogs!
  32. 12 points
    Larry Schweitzer

    Toys that started it

    Some photos of the toys I made when I first started woodworking. Hard maple and walnut were the two most common woods used. But I also used many others often in combinations. For scale the cars and trucks have 2" wheels, 3/4" thick. I've got lots more photos and their were many one offs produced never photographed.
  33. 12 points

    My kids fair projects 2017

    Two of my daughters (ages 9 and 14) wanted to join 4H this year. They both chose woodworking 1 as a category and picked some first projects that I really enjoyed helping them with. The 9 y.o. decided on a woodworkers mallet and the 14 y.o. wanted to build an Aggrevation board. They both spent a fair amount of time in the shop with me learning how to use the tools and making their projects. The mallet was pretty much all unplugged work, including drilling the lace hole with a post drill. She surprised the judges when she told them that! The aggrevation board has a hinged storage box that is box jointed. It is made from a recycled Walnut table top. Both projects took blue ribbons at the 4H fair and received invites to the state 4H Fair where the game board also earned a a Superior. The mallet earned a trophy at the 4H fair as well! These were first projects for both girls and I am proud of both of them for their efforts. They are talking about next year's projects already! Not so much woodworking, but the 9 y.o. Also made a "trash to treasure" wind chime from old kitchen tools. She used the same hand crank drill press and I helped her to drill all of the holes. She earned a blue with it also. They had a great first year in 4H!!!
  34. 12 points

    Handy Hint: Puttying nail holes

    When you need to putty a nail hole, the putty often smears and fills open grain around the hole. Solution: Put down some painter's masking tape and nail through the tape. Putty the hole and remove the tape. Result is the putty is just in the hole.
  35. 12 points
    Ron Altier

    Small pistol stops 12 foot gator

    Florida Woman Stops Alligator Attack Using a Small Beretta Pistol: This is a story of self-control and marksmanship by a brave, cool-headed woman with a small pistol against a fierce predator. What’s the smallest caliber that you would trust to protect yourself? Here’s her story in her own words: "While out walking along the edge of a pond just outside my house in The Villages with my soon to be ex-husband, discussing property settlement and other divorce issues, we were surprised by a huge 12-ft. alligator which suddenly emerged from the murky water and began charging us with its large jaws wide open. She must have been protecting her nest because she was extremely aggressive. If I had not had my little Beretta .25 caliber pistol with me, I would not be here today!" "Just one shot to my estranged husband's knee cap was all it took. The 'gator got him easily, and I was able to escape by just walking away at a brisk pace. It's one of the best pistols in my collection, plus the amount I saved in lawyer's fees was really incredible. His life insurance was a big bonus."
  36. 12 points
    John Morris

    Positive Vibes

    Can ya'll say moral booster! Reading through every single response here made me proud of "what we all have accomplished!". There's a topic in our community where @Dadio said (paraphrasing) "nothing gets built alone, there is a team behind every project". And the team here, our forum hosts, our admins, and you, our contributors, take away one of those variables and we cease to exist. Thank you all for the generous remarks, I sincerely hope as you make those comments, you are also patting yourselves on the back. Stick around folks, we have more levels to rise too, it takes time, and patience, and both are in great supply around here. But we'll get there! Have a fantastically wonderful and safe week ahead!
  37. 12 points

    Old Rotten Tree Trunk

    It's is a replica of the famous Chinese painting "Along The River During The Quinming Festival" created by artist Zhang Zeduan during the Song Dynasty..
  38. 12 points

    Bunk Beds

    Here's two of the three sets of bunk beds I've made in the last couple of years. First will separate into two twins (make two sets of these), second is a triple bunk for when granchildren visit. First two were oak, then maple. Third was SYP, strictly functional. This was about the time I seriously wanted a bigger shop.
  39. 12 points
    Waxing Moon

    Working with Steel...

    ...ers Yellow Heart, Wenge, Quilted Maple, Bloodwood and Blue Mahoe...... Reckon I didn't need permission, as it was made for one of the team owner partners.....
  40. 12 points
    Ron Altier

    A trip to Home Depot

    This morning I went to Home Depot. As I walked into the area where the contractors parked, I saw a great looking BIG Ford F150 Raptor, bright red, spotless and it had a lot of extras. Huge tires on special wheels, decals and many goodies, including a cow catcher hooked on the front bumper that protected the grill area. I thought that cow catcher looked heavy duty, so I bumped it lightly with my hand. HOLLY CRAP!!!!! I SET OFF A SCREAMING ALARM!!!!! IT WAS MAKING WARBLING SOUNDS, SIRENS, BELLS, BUZZERS AND SOUNDS I'VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE. Now those big doors open and everybody is staring at me and that TRICKED OUT truck. I shrug my shoulders and look as innocent as I can. No one came and after 30 seconds....it quit.......thank goodness
  41. 12 points

    Another project done

    I mentioned a while back that I was making a mounting plaque for one of our recently retired firefighters. Here it is. Told him the cost for him was to email me a photo with his presentation axe mounted to it on the wall. The fighters' association (our club) got him the axe, but didn't give him a mount for it, so I did this as a gift to a friend. Had the wood and stain, got the patches from the FD and the metal decorations from a local award shop. I had them stick all the accoutrements on for me. This axe is mine from my Air Force Reserve unit when I retired from there. His is slightly different in color, but the same size. Wood is red oak with Old Masters Golden Oak stain and their satin polyurethane. I used to be a fan of P&L #38, but I can't get it in small quantities around here any more.
  42. 12 points
    Will Downing

    Kitchen Island (PIP)

    Work continues on the island. Third coat of bright white enamel on, three coats of semi-gloss on the cedar shelf pieces, and hardware in place. Base moved to the spare bedroom for safety (because I can break a crowbar in a sandbox) Now for the top. Back to the rathole for more lumber. But first true up the edges and flatten everything down to 3/4" in preparation for glue up.. Keith you have a good eye. My old Parks planer has served me well for a number of years. DC Morrison still makes parts for these incredible machines, so I will keep her running for years more. Glue up was anti-climatic, and after drying overnight its time to start scraping and prepping for cutting to size and easing all the edges. First time using card scrapers. Found a set of four at a school auction and this seems like a perfect time to hone this skill. I"m going to size this at 26x26" and trim out the base. Thanks for the kind words and more to come Will
  43. 12 points


    My wife has been wanting a basket for a while. I made this one yesterday. Now she wants a larger one.
  44. 12 points
    Ron Altier

    Darn splinter

    Yesterday I got a tiny splinter in my finger. I kept putting up with it till this morning. I got my magnifying light and tweezers out and quickly found out I couldn't get it. It was tiny but hurt like a big one. Then I remembered something I saw on the web. To remove a wooden splinter, clean the area and apply wood glue. Let it dry until it is like a new layer of skin. Then peel it off and the splinter will come out with the glue. I did this with NO expectations because the splinter was so small. It worked! I can't say it would work on a big one or an embedded big one. It sure worked for me.
  45. 12 points

    Project Completed

    Finally got the two cabinets done for the wife's craft room I mentioned a while back. Total time on this project was 90 hours, more or less. OK, I work slow! But she's happy, so that's all that matters. The one on the left holds two small metal file cabinets she had (were covered with a funky pattern contact paper she changed to black) and the photo on the left is what the other one replaced. The plastic stack was actually five separate boxes. Next on tap for her is a credenza for her printers and Cricket machine, but that won't happen for a while. I need to make a plaque to mount a friend's retirement fire axe on and a lumber storage cart I've been wanting to make. And then get the 5th wheel ready to haul up to near Mackinaw for the summer. Then there's that Baltic Sea cruise we're going on in June. Always busy.
  46. 11 points

    Appetizer Board

    Well, this was new to me- an "Appetizer Board". Apparently you load it up with finger food and place it in the middle of a table so party guests can serve themselves. Made from maple, walnut and cherry. Breadboard ends pinned with poplar dowels. 14" wide x 48" long x 5/8" thick. Finger holds in each end to facilitate lifting. Small rubber feet at the corners. Finished with mineral oil and beeswax. Hope the recipients send me a photo of it in use!
  47. 11 points

    8 more weeks

    Only 8 more weeks until I pull the ejection handle. I’m retiring. It is only way I will find time to finish my kitchen remodeling project. I have been an engineer for 34 years and a manager for 30 years. I need a break. After I have some decompression time, I plan to be more active making sawdust. I know this forum will be a great place to hang out. The project list is getting longer. Danl
  48. 11 points

    Toy Chest

    I made this Toy Chest for my Great Grandson, Jason Mike
  49. 11 points
    When we lived in Ohio, I converted a bedroom into a big sewing room. I built it all, just as she wanted it. That started it. Then her sentences started with "Can you make me?" I made cutting tables, 2 quilting racks, cabinets, shelves and on and on. Happy wife......happy life. When we moved to Colorado, it was the same thing again. Now 10 years later she wanted to reorganize her room again. New shelves, cutting board and so on. I made more than one trip to Good Will with things that she got at garage sales and didn't use I think I finally got to her with my philosophie, Never buy anything, no matter how good the price is, if you don't use it often If I don't use something for a long time, it goes. I've got my half garage shop packed. Another thing that occured to me, I started to climb up a tall ladder to cut a limb that the snow had broken. Hey! I'll be 75 my next birthday........let someone younger do it. If I do damage to me,,,,,,,,,it could take a long time to recover. So maybe I am getting a bit smarter as I age.
  50. 11 points

    More boxes

    Made for my grand-daughters Wormy soft maple sides, walnut tops, splined miter corners
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