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    Cool!!! Does this mean we have to congratulate the winners? Or can we just sulk in peace? lol
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    How to Start a Fight

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    Our sponsors who made this raffle possible Introduction Our winners have been chosen and our sponsored family has already started receiving their gifts! On behalf of our entire woodworking community here at The Patriot Woodworker, we want to thank wholeheartedly every single member and guest and our very important sponsors Woodcraft, Laguna Tools, and Easy Wood Tools, for their participation in this grand annual tradition of ours, sponsoring a Wounded Warrior or Gold Star Family for Christmas. We are thankful for all the support this family received and all the wishes and commentary and positive vibes that were sent our way in order to help facilitate what probably turned out to be our most successful Christmas project yet. As a matter of fact it was so successful, we will sponsor two families next year! The Raffle As you all know our main source of funding this project was through our raffle. Our sponsors donated tools and machinery to this project, and those items are raffled off. 100 percent of the proceeds are used for the family project. Since this is a game of chance, your odds increase with the amount of tickets you purchase. We had some big purchasers, and we had some small purchasers, and we had purchases in between. But one thing all our raffle purchasers have in common, is they all have a huge heart! In that sense, all raffle purchases carry equal weight. In a perfect world, everyone who participated would walk away with a gift, but we also know for many that is not the purpose, they just wanted to help. Also, if you did not directly participate in this project, you have to understand, just by being a member here, and participating in our forum community, is in itself helping this project and our community overall, we need your daily participation and forum activity, without it we don't have a community! So even if you did not purchase a raffle ticket, but you are here being active, you are then a very important part of this entire community called The Patriot Woodworker. I guess what I am trying to say is, thank you, and thank you, we greatly appreciate everyone who participated, every single person who had anything to do with this raffle and we are completely grateful. The Winners So, without further adieu let us announce the winners in the order they were chosen! Winners, please use our private messaging service to leave your shipping address to receive your awards, we will also contact winners via email for notifications. If you are not a member, we will acquire your shipping address through the email notification, thank you! Laguna Tools Gift Certificate, $500.00 Value was awarded too: Herbert C. Stoops @Dadio Full Size Set of Easy Wood Turning Tools, $389.97 Value was awarded too: @Grandpadave52 Woodriver Benchtop Spindle Sander, $169.99 Value was awarded too: Allen Worsham @Allen Worsham Rikon Slow Speed Grinder, $139.00 Value was awarded too: Lewis Kauffman @lew Special thanks In addition to all the support we had for this project, we also have a few members we want to thank for their additional cheer leading and support for this project, please help us thank the following members. John Mordus @honesttjohn, donated two of his awesome carved veterans memorial plaques to the project for sale to benefit the family, the plaques were not selling so John decided to give the plaques to two members who purchased raffle tickets over the amount of 75 dollars, the final idea and offer came to fruition in the last days leading up to the closing of the raffle, and John helped push us over the 2nd millennial mark of our fundraising! We had a taker of this great offer, and he is @p_toad. Thank you Peter! To all our members and guests, one of the plaques is still for sale and the proceeds will be used for our current family project, so if you are interested in having one of these beautiful wall hangings, please go to The Plaques of John Mordus and leave a comment at the topic. We also want to thank John Mordus and Mrs. Mordus for donating a beautiful hand crafted knitted blanket for Mrs. Merlo, our Gold Star Widow and the Mordus' also donated two hand crafted blankets to each child, Charlie and Camilla, so they will have a warm and cozy Christmas morning wrapped in those blankets (pictures of the blankets to follow soon after Christmas), also John included a beautiful keepsake box for Mrs. Merlo, thank you John Mordus and Mrs. Mordus for your contribution. Dean Walker @mosco22, donated a beautiful New in Box older Starret Tri-Square that we will have up for sale to benefit this project still. We have to the New Year to receive donations and gifts for the Merlo kids and mom, so soon we will have this wonderful example of a well preserved high quality Starret measuring tool up for sale. Thank you Dean for your wonderful donation, it's things like this that make our projects so much fun to see the interest and passion by our members, thanks again Dean Walker and we'll keep you informed of the sale and the transfer of the proceeds to the family. We also want to thank the the "Awesome Threesome" Patriot Woodworker's @Gene Howe, @schnewj, and @Chips N Dust, for their efforts to help push us over the 2000 mark in our fundraising. These gentlemen pledged additional funding to match for every dollar that was generated over the 2000 mark. This pledge went out around the 1700 mark and no doubt their efforts helped push us over the 2000. The goal was reached and true to the gentleman's word, they came through and provided the additional funding to match their obligations, thank you gents! In closing We want to thank you all again, and especially our own sponsors of our woodworking community, Woodcraft, Laguna Tools, and Easy Wood Tools. Our bills are paid and our annual projects are funded, all because of the sponsorship of our three retailers who support us all year long, every day, all day. We can never say thank you enough to these folks, we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Hey, did you all know! In addition to their support, @Catherine Helshoj (owner of Laguna Tools) and @Jim from Easy Wood Tools, also purchased raffle tickets to support the cause!!!! In addition to their annual support and project donations, they even stepped up to the raffle table and pulled the lever! Thanks guys! Raffle disclosures A full disclosure of raffle proceeds and expenditures will be displayed in a separate topic after Christmas. We could do it now, but we don't want the list of gifts and items to be shown publicly until after Christmas.
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    Congratulations to Herb, Dave, Allen and Lew. And a big thank you to everyone who participated and, to @honesttjohn,@mosco22, Laguna Tools, Easy wood Tools, and Woodcraft for their generous donations. And, we cannot forget John Morris and Ward 57, without whom we'd not have had the opportunity to participate in Christmas with this family.
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    @Grandpadave52 congrats! You did it again. Also, congrats to the other winners and to everyone else for their generosity for this family
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    vintage tools!

    Hi, over the past few months I have been bitten somewhat by vintage hand tools. So far I have renewed/restored a knackered Henry Disston tenon saw, a stanley no4 plane, block plane, 71 record router, henry disston no8 backsaw, i bought a gents saw for 50p from a car boot sale and have just bought a stanley 151 spokeshave. Gonna keep an eye out for a vintage brace/bit set next !
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    Gene Howe

    For the Dog Lovers

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    Somewhere in Texas?
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    steven newman


    Mainly that Stanley #4, with the taped handle. Grinder, IF a new bevel is needed Sander, to flatten out the hollow ground bevel 600 medium India stone 1,000...1500...2000. ..2500 Wet-or-dry sandpaper sitting on the oil stone Leather strop, charged with green stick compound. Chipbreaker is set 1mm back from the edge. Back of the iron is flattened, as I work through the grits. Chipbreaker is mated to the flattened back until no gap is seen. Sole of the plane is rubbed with a candle, prior to use.
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    steven newman

    For Steven Newman

    Saws from Charles Neil's place.....free
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    For Steven Newman

    @steven newman here you go- https://chambersburg.craigslist.org/tls/d/20-hand-saws/6428296487.html
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    Dear Patriot Woodworkers and Guests! Raffle winners have been drawn, they are being verified, and we will have an announcement this morning!
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    Old Age

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    Gene Howe

    For Steven Newman

    $.75 a saw, Steve. How can you pass it up? I'll bet he'd throw in that "saw till", too.
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    Powermatic lathe Up and running

    LEMETELLYA That head stock was a BEAST of a lift. From the floor to a low stool from the stool to a bench, from the bench to the bed ( twice). Got 'r up and runnin' and ohhhh sooo smooooothhhh, That three phase with the inverter really delivers too. Running it as the slowest possible I can't grab the hand wheel and slow it. Love the tool rest positioning. Love it. Put that sucker anywhere on the bed and it stay. Changing the belt between the speed ranges is easy. Lift the motor lock it in position and move the belt. I got the bed up with a Come-along and some chain and nylon webbing.
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    Steve Krumanaker

    Walnut bowl, not quite round

    Thank you gentlemen!! Dan it is applied with a foam brush, amazing technique I think. I'm going to plan on building a dedicated apparatus for it though, it ties my lathe up for a couple hours when I do one. That, and I'd like to get the rpms down to about 20 or so, lathe won't go any less than 48. Steve
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    Old Coasty

    Seasons Greetings or not

    First is Seasons Greeting for those who want them. Second is for those who don't. Anyone with additional ways of saying greetings, please let me know so "maybe" I'll get it fixed before next year. Christmas Card.pdf Bah Humbug .pdf
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    Seasons Greetings or not

    FELIZES PASCUAS? And a HAPPY EASTER to you too, sir. Also a MERRY CHRISTMAS! John
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    Seasons Greetings or not

    I'm sticking with..............
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    Walnut bowl, not quite round

    Beautiful Steve, the shape is very nice. Is the finish brushed or sprayed? It is quite smooth and glossy.
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    Walnut bowl, not quite round

    Nice bowl. Maybe I will finish those 2 walnut bowls that have been on my shelf for several years.
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    Gene Howe

    Walnut bowl, not quite round

    Very, very nice.
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    Walnut bowl, not quite round

    Beautiful! I love the grain and the perfect finish.
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    I drive past the Dairy Queen daily ! They've closed for the winter.
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    Dust collection issues

    Member @Cliff built a dust/chip collector for his lathe. I think his dust collector is so powerful he needs to wear a harness, anchored into the wall, to keep from being drawn in
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    Steve Krumanaker

    Dust collection issues

    Dust collectors were never meant to collect lathe shavings, it just ain't going to happen. Even so, if my lathe is running so is my dust collector. I don't know if it would work any better but you might want to check into making a Thien baffle. I have one in front of my collector and it is very effective. In fact, the guy came up with the design because his cyclone separator wasn't efficient enough. Thien Baffle I watch guys turn acrylics on youtube and without ever trying it, I know it's not for me, what a mess! Steve
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