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  1. 11 points

    Anti-snipe tip

    When I do my glue-ups for cutting boards I leave a 'stick' or two a bit long on either end to prevent snipe in not only the planer but also the drum sander. This has the same effect as feeding a sacrificial board before and after your target board for surfacing. I don't always get snipe on my DW735 planer but it's often enough that doing this eliminates the snipe. The little board that's protruding may get some snipe but the target board doesn't. Hope this works for you like it does for me - David
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    Big unveiling in church this morning. Not looking for attention, but got lots of kudos. You can now see why the left side door on the bulletin board wouldn't open before I lowered the cabinet a bit.
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    Short and Sweet Running late for work this morning folks, so sorry. But we still gotta ask, what did you get done over the weekend and what have you planned for the week ahead!!! And please don't forget to welcome our newest members to the fold! Be safe in all you do, we need you back here to contribute and share. Featured Image I could not take the time to surf the net to find a featured image, so I just quickly opened up my desktop folder of pictures and dragged this one in. Our youngest daughter Tiffany at her weekly riding lesson, grandpa Jack center, and me the knucklehead on the far right, dad came off the mountain for a day with us, and hung out and made it to one of our kids riding lessons. Dad taught me to woodwork starting around the age of 9 or 10. Just thought I'd share a bit of my family, to you. Peace and love to all! Happy Monday!
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    Gene Howe

    Eye Candy

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    Grunting when I get out of a chair is normal, I have surpassed that now I grunt when I sit down. Preston
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    Gotta dig out some walnut for river table legs. Waiting on an epoxy shipment. Memo to self: check stock before starting project. Memo to self: don't lose memos.
  7. 4 points
    great obit http://www.geisenfuneralhome.com/m/?p=memorial&id=2064544
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    Fixed it! The ribbon cable that drives the Z axis motor needed to be seated. Works like a charm.
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    Have to tell you that when my girls were learning to drive, first trip out (in the old van), we went down a winding road, crossed over a one-lane bridge over a branch of the local river, and then up the steep curving road on the other side. Told them if they could do that they could drive anywhere. Surprise!, I'm still here to tell the tale.
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    Ice Sculptures

    My wife and I visited an ice sculpture contest yesterday. The tools used where most interesting. Perhaps Jesse could put some diesel fuel in his motor home, head North and compete next year. Danl
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    victory from the jaws of defeat

    This is the first time I've done anything with that much glass. I've done a lot of picture frames, but that uses single-strength glass (2.5 mm ~ 0.1") that I cut myself. Because it's in the open and kids will be around and some day someone's going to put a big box on the top, I went with 1/4" tempered glass. The glass company came through pretty close on specs. I built it first, then used the as-build dimensions for the cut list. The secret is to make the cut size 1/8" less in both dimension to allow for wood movement, out of square, or any warpage. ' Oh, and the other thing I did was anchor it to the wall for anti-tip-over. Since it has to sit about 6" from the wall due to baseboard heater, it has a nylon strap screwed to wall and back frame.
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  13. 3 points
    Good news is he does not have the flu...bad news, he has strep throat... Antibiotics, Root Beer Popsicles plus the sucker from the doctor's office is easing his plight He wasn't happy the Doctor was out of both blue & red suckers although that was offset by not going to Daycare.
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    New toy

    No rust. I took that picture before I cleaned it an waxed it.
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    The lumber yard ran my pockets, but it was well worth it boys! Milled up 6 & 8 quarter teak I ordered forever ago.
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    Had to get up during the night

    I resemble that ...
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    Had to get up during the night

    very closely related to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiai
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    Left restore early to go on a road-trip with my neighbor. We stopped at two more restores and i had a small machined angle plate follow me home. After a bunch of other stops we finally checked into a Chinese buffet and left there stuffed like one of their mushrooms (well, i assume they were mushrooms). Further stops at Cabelas, Marcs, Big Lots, Home Depot, and HF rounded out the day. Came home, strapped hot pad to lower back; sat on couch, woke up and went to bed. Almost forgot; SWMBO brought home her mom's rocker as it's coming apart from both sides. Dug out some clamps and my wood glue (glue may all have to be replaced, but...). Have plenty of clamps and yes, MIL is off her rocker (well, for right now, anyway). BTW, get along well with her so need to get this done so she gets her favorite chair back.
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    Waxing Moon

    Test of Patience

    My better half's Twin sons will be completing their service in the US Marine Corps on 2/5..... a highlight of their career was earning the Presidential Service Badge. The bulk of their service was in that capacity. So, I thought it appropriate to gift them with a box that reflected their time in the Corps..... and, as the title says, a true test of patience. I am not one that can even draw a stick figure let alone anything more elaborate than that.... the painting and gold leafing was the biggest challenge for me on these..... Thanks for looking.
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    A lady saw my "gnarly Christmas tree" video and asked if I could make her a tree to display her miniature, glass, hummingbird collection. Had a great piece of spalted beech I used for the base. I'm hoping she'll post some pictures after she gets her birds on it. Steve
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    Eye Candy

    One of us is missing something here? Cool picture in OP though. Quite talented with a unique imagination.
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    Anti-snipe tip

    great idea. As I read this I wondered if putting some trash wood (like pine or trimmings from the scrap bin) even longer on the edges would work as well. Then just rip it off after the planing/sanding was done.
  23. 2 points
    Yeah u aint kiddin’ man! Rough cut it was $16/BF
  24. 2 points

    Will be a project for 2018?

    Prayers to her for a good recovery and you also. Project looking good in spite of the problems. It can wait...take care of your mother and yourself.
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    I finally got the table saw put together. I was really tempted to run something through it, but I am going to wait to get the DC hooked up. I also started on the under table cabinet for my TS storage- mainly fitting and figuring how big I can make it. I still need to re-arrange the tools on the wall. Busy week at work so I may not get much shop time in this week, but we will have to see what happens.
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    planning on finally turning a small bowl tomorrow. will give it away. assortment of scraps, oak, cherry, walnut, lacewood..
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    Router Lift on Sale

    I received the Woodcraft Monthly sale e-Flier a couple of days ago. If you've been looking for a router lift they have the Jessem 02301 lift at a pretty good price; $149.99 Not the top Jessem model, but still a very nice lift especially for the money.. Woodcraft Sale-Jessem 02310 Router Lift Sale
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  29. 2 points
  30. 2 points
    Finished cleaning the shop. Spent time at Moms- we finished putting together the puzzle that she started in December.
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    Anti-snipe tip

    Great Tip! Thanks!!
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    Grandpawdave that reminds me when I started a shot timers calender while in the army. I was only in for about two months of my 2 year hitch when I started it. I had to take it down and hide it for each Saturdays inspection.
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    Only 418 Mondays left (accounting for leap years).. Just around the corner...be here before you know it How old will that make me?
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    8 more years, I can do that too! Keep us up to date on the Grand please, that's some dangerous stuff this year Gramps.
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    Gene Howe

    Router Lift on Sale

    Excellent buy. Can't beat Jessem quality. Had mine for 20 years. Not one problem.
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    We were in the midst of the famous "Pennsylvania January Thaw" but winter returned today. Cold and windy with a few flurries. Our Patriot Turners were busy this past week producing some gorgeous objects. @Steve Krumanaker Created a beautiful maple bowl with the help of Mother Nature- See Steve's post and the comments he received here- Steve also made a fantastic display holder. This one is destined to hold humming birds but he also uses this type of display to show his turned ornaments. You can see more images and additional information at in his post at While on the subject of turned ornaments, @Ron Altier is getting a jump on next year! This is his latest creation Ron answered questions about the piece in his post- @HandyDan Made some more Tops. He talks about some difficulties he had and what he did to resolve the problem. Read his post and see what material he found works perfectly for these little toys- Our friends and a most generous Patriot sponsor, Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) shared a video by Carl Jacobson on making a hybrid resin art piece. Carl uses the Easy Wood Tools to create this beautiful project. I've been experimenting with the Alumilite casting resin. Lots of possibilities but I'll need to add some specialized equipment if I want to make casting without imperfections. Tim Yoder posted a new video on making a dead blow mallet. What is really cool are the materials/methods Tim used. He creates his own thread chase and die for the project. Check out the Easy Wood Chuck, too! We always try to post the latest Rick Turns, video for the month's woodturning videos. Rick posted a summary of 2017 on YouTube- Last week I mentioned I was playing with a piece of Manzanita. The piece had a void that I was afraid would separate during turning. I wanted to fill the void with Alumilite and then complete the turning. You may remember I sealed the piece with modeling clay to create a barrier to contain the liquid casting resin. That turned out not to be such a good idea. The clay did contain the resin but it was nearly impossible to remove all of the clay from the nooks and crannies of the wood. I ended up using a heat gun (on low) to melt the pieces of remaining clay and air pressure to blast out the liquid clay. (Note to self: wear an apron so you don't ruin another sweatshirt). This process is certainly going to affect the type of finish I'll be able to use. On the positive side, the casting resin is holding the piece together. I sanded everything to 4000. That's great for the wood but the resin needs to go to 12000. I have the micromesh pads and I'll need to do the final sanding by hand. I think the finished piece will make a nice change/key holder or a place for extra paper clips. Safe Turning
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    Left Thursday for the Tennessee Association of Woodworkers Symposium. Saw some great demos by Jimmy Clewes, Stuart Batty, Mike Mahoney and Betty Scarpino. Got a lot of good turning information and techniques, Bought some tools and stains. Also saw some wonderful turnings in the gallery.
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    Yep...maybe more of a groan than a grunt...kinda' like a groant...
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    Had to get up during the night

    like yourself out of a chair????
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    It Was Al B

    Had to get up during the night

    Try doing these things without the grunts. See if you notice any difference
  41. 2 points

    Had to get up during the night

    I find myself doing that more and more when I lift something too and when I get out of a chair, climb in/out of my truck try to get back up after being on my knees and.... Doesn't really seem to help much.
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  43. 2 points

    Had to get up during the night

    It would really be funny to see the grunting trend be adopted by other sports. Kevin Harvick grunting on left hand turns, Clayton Kershaw with every pitch or maybe Tiger Woods with each swing
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    Test of Patience

    Thank them for their service and thank you for sharing your tribute to them. Like the corner touch.
  45. 2 points


    Are you Kidding? It would be more believable if you said you used it to glue a topee on.
  46. 2 points


    I used sugru to regrow my hair and make me 40 years younger.
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    reclaimed wood

    You liked the clock, how about a quarter sawn White Oak desk. Reclaimed door trim and baseboard from a building down town Youngstown that was being torn down. Back then blades sets for the planer were about $15.00 a set and I used two set to reclaim the White Oak for this. The printer cabinet has a slide out drawer for the printer.
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    I don't know if this is a bug or not... Is no one around here posting, lately? I haven't been getting any kind of weekly updates about what's going on. I just find this odd, cause I normally have an E-mail that shows several things going on around here... Maybe I didn't feed you guys enough donuts and you are all laying on the ground starving to death???
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    repair on a chair

    Yes, though I cover all parts of town, I'd say 80% of my business comes from 3 or 4 suburbs. New McMansion in Gableopolis => new furniture => Asian furniture => breaks I had to do a warranty job for one of the (lawyer) councilmen in Cincinnati, who has since graduated to higher offices. His first question was, "Is this going to cost me anything?"
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    Great post again Lew. The piece you are working pretty wild but looks like you are getting it tamed. I look forward to seeing the completed bowl. Tim Yoder must have copied my hammer. I made one similar a couple years ago. Another site I frequent had a few of us making hammers for fun. Here is what I came up with. The wood is Purple Heart.
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