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    Old backsaws garage sale style!

    Out this fall for the Spoon River Drive and happened upon a garage sale where I found these! One is an early W. Tyzack and sons and Turner brass back Nonpareil with split nuts. One split nut was changed out for a later medallion and round head saw bolt but I have some spare split nuts so should be able to put it right. It is the heaviest backsaw I have ever seen and It has an etch for the English company “H B & H Petter” for which I have only found limited historical information online. The other one is a Woodrough and McParlin with 2 etches, one being the Woodrough etch and the other an Abingdon ??? Etch that is not completely legible. The handles on both of these saws are Beech and are still in need of a little work as can be seen in the pictures but are very salvageable. The plates are in excellent condition overall and I intend to bring them back into service. This is my first brass backed saw and I have been looking for one for awhile. I just think that they are pretty. What can I say? The pair set me back a whole 10 spot. I have inclded a before with some other fall tool finds and some afters as well. The plates only needed a light rub with 400 wet dry and some simple green foolowed by a quick waxing. The brass was taken to the buffer. Handles will get a scrub and BLO. The W&M saw should really have a missing piece repaired first.
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    Bought this at the local resale for 3 bucks. It had ugly rubbery green paint with nicely brown painted rosewood handles. I stripped all of that and did a complete disassemble, clean, and grease of all parts. The crank handle had a crack that I welded and re-ground. My final paint scheme of Oliver tractor green and black may not be a correct original but I like the way it turned out. I have a little green residue to clean from the gear teeth to call this one done. Does anyone happen to have a similar parts drill that would have a protective cover for the level glass? It is unfortunately AWOL!
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    Odd Measuring device

    Found this Lufkin measuring device down at the Habitat Restore. Paid a$2.50 for it and bought it for the sole reason of it being something odd I have never seen before. I don't have a clue of what it was used for and didn't think I would have any use for it either. I did however use it just last week. I needed to cut some eight inch long blanks from some 4X4s so I set it for eight inches and was able to mark out the blanks in between the knot holes. Worked out great. It was rusty but cleaned up okay. Written on the rule is Lufkin NO.4 Grad. Tempered
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    Eight bucks at the local resale store! One has a junk plate which is sad is it was such a full plated speciman! D8 thumbhole, number 12 and I believe a number 16 in the group that will be very workable. The other two are TBD. I wasnt in the saw market but the deal was pretty good and they are pretty straight and clean. More winter work for me.
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    Waxing Moon

    Shadow Box Humidor

    Wrapped this up today, was hoping to finish on Veterans Day, but.... found myself rushing to finish and that's never good.... Humidor (top portion) is removable, but fits nicely on the stand....
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    We're here for you, John! After all , you're here for US!!! John
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    Back in the '80s we used to get a laugh at work when someone would bring in a product manual for something made in Japan (or even correspondence from our Japanese support office). We called it "Jinglish." Well, the Chinese have taken over manufacturing and we now have "Chinglish" or maybe translation brought to you by robot. This if from a flashlight I got as a door prize this weakened [sic].
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    “Eye of the tiger” Chatoyance or chatoyant or cat's eye effect is an optical reflectance effect. Derived from the French "œil de chat", meaning "cat's eye", Some of the recent posts by Paul Corona exhibit beautiful chatoyancy, so let’s talk about it. “Chatoyancy in wood occurs in various species – particularly hardwoods, and particularly where stresses from the weight of the growing tree result in denser patches, or where stresses cause burl or bird’s eye. This ‘figure’, which has a striking three-dimensional appearance, is highly prized by woodworkers and their clients alike, and is featured regularly in furniture, musical instruments, and other decorative wood products. Figuring takes on a variety of forms and is referred to as flame, ribbon, tiger stripe, quilting, among other names. This effect is sometimes called wet look, since wetting wood with water often displays the chatoyancy, albeit only until the wood dries. Certain finishes cause the chatoyancy (also referred to as wood iridescence, moire, vibrancy, shimmer or glow) to become more pronounced. Oil finishes, epoxy, and shellac can strongly bring out the wet look effect.” (Wikipedia)[edited] In woodworking, we sometimes prize the reflectance of certain woods and their figure. Another characteristic is that the surface reflects light differently from different viewing angles. So as you (or it) moves, the shades and depth appear to change. Curly, bird’s eye and quilted maple, quarter-sawn sycamore and oak, burls, crotch wood, and exotics are often good candidates for high chatoyance. In the right finish the wood tends to dance with fire as you observe and move around. Even cheap wood such as pine can exhibit a lot of depth when finished in the right way. Shellac is my favorite for this. And generally avoid pigment-based stains that tend to muddy the surface. "œil de chat", c'est magnifique!
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    that generally isn't as hard as it sounds...
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    I thought higher of you than this Keith... You actually READ the instructions? Trying to make us all look bad?
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    How to Start a Fight

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  14. 4 points
    Gene Howe


    At least it wasn't written in Chinese. I received an unassembled Laser cutter direct from China. Assembly instructions were all in chinese. Took 9 hours but got it done with only a few parts left over.
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    The Coffee Pot v2

    you don't like anybody in the room or is your mean streak showing???... I know... the black coffee made you do it...
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    Steve Krumanaker

    The boxes, en masse

    Finished the last of the boxes today, ended up with nine. I like that because I glued up nine blanks. Unusual for me not to ruin one somehow. Some are finished with friction polish, others have a beeswax/mineral oil mix on them. Would like for the wax finish ones to be a little glossier but other than that I'm basically happy with them. Steve
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    Got tree cut up that fell across the drive, blew some leaves around; worked full Sat at Habitat (did a couple of 1/2 days there last two weeks), and then blew more leaves around Sun. Forgot there are about 10k more trees down that need cutting, but i've already told my one neighbor he can have all of them he wants (firewood). put away some lamp parts i brought home. will have to come up with a good project for them some day before SWMBO donates them all back. Hang in there John. We're all pulling for you.
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    Does it come with a dung beetle? "Is this stool taken?" John
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    John The LOML brought home a pumice stone for her calluses. Made in China. Came with instructions..... "Rub on horny skin."
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  23. 3 points

    How to Start a Fight

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    Hee, hee, hee...glad it wasn't doughnuts, or I wouldn't have stood a chance!
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    NICE top, John. Not much sleep last night. Coyotes were on the prowl. The pup was going nuts.
  26. 3 points
    Gene Howe


    One wire one and one plastic one. So chic.
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    I feel your pain John!! This is weekend I got 20 more breadboards cut out, part of them glued but believe it or not I ran out of clamps!! I did get one half of the walnut island top together and all four pieces sanded and level. Just need to sand off the glue strip and where I put me hand down in the glue. I also spent some time with JD picking up leaves.
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    Cool Idea, Buck! Sorta vintage college dorm.
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    Shop workbench for my son

    Smallpatch, tightening the nut took a little shade tree ingenuity. I could only turn the bolt, not the nut. I held the nut in a box end wrench with painter's tape. Then turned the bolt until the bolt fully engaged the nut. Then I had to pull the bolt so that I could remove the wrench from the hole. I then inserted a #4 flat blade screw driver into the hole and wedged it against the inner hole and one of the flats on the nut. This took a little time but was doable. A better approach would be to have drilled the counter bore hole a little deeper and then use a bolt which would be 1/2" shorter. This would of allowed me to use the box end wrench until the nut was tight and still remove it from the hole. Next summer drive your RV North and we can load one up to haul back South. This will give you a chance to get out of the heat. Danl
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    I hear ya, John. I have been going through some rough times with my mom (88). My brother and sister are spending time with her as much as possible, as I am. Today, my wife went to sit with her. She is not doing well. Seems worse by the week. On another note, my wife and I have decided to cut back on building cabinets. Since she is my helper, she has threatened to quit! We are just not spring chickens any more. Hard decision because there are many people in need of cabinets in the Houston area and surrounding cities and towns. I hate to turn them down, but just gotta do it. Building a complete kitchen in a one car garage full of tools is pains taking to say the least. So I am working on some Christmas gifts for the kids and family members. Mike
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    Finished up the pen and pencil sets for Christmas gifts Saturday and spent Sunday doing leaves after meeting my brother and his wife for lunch.
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    Holy cow Ron...As big as any "Black Friday" morning opening...only difference these folks showed some courtesy and respect. Glad the show went well!
  33. 3 points
    I like it...Don't forget to sign/date it and/or some kind of makers mark... 50 years from now when someone is trying to identify this tool here on this site they need a little clue.
  34. 3 points
    I'm a bit envious John because I can't get out of the shop. We set up at a very large show Saturday and it was mayhem the entire day. When they opened the show at 9 A.M., there were about 300-400 people waiting to get in. By 9:03 I had my first sale. We sold quite a bit of product so I'm back in the shop. My time this week is devoted to building to quilt racks and a couple of "sports" racks. Not sure what they're going to look like just yet. Here's the starting bell.
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    and don't tell the SO where it's been..
  36. 2 points

    Odd Measuring device

    I'd keep it away from the black coffee...
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  38. 2 points
    Great saws. Every time I see those chip carves handles I think about how many were done for a days wage.
  39. 2 points


    Cement blocks are so passe. Milk crates and 1X12s have built in storage.
  40. 2 points


    Next: Bookcase: 1x12s and concrete blocks.
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    Attention Hunters...

    I don't like those magazines, They always show the one that out run and out smarted me and what ever other out they done to me. I may have to jump on this one. Thanks for showing Preston
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  43. 2 points
    Made the dump run. 680 lbs. of crap. Don't know how one person....well, two but, mostly me...can accumulate so much absolute junque. "Maybe I can use that, someday." Well, after 23 years of doing that and no usage, its gone. That shed is now usable. Now, on to rearranging the shop to accommodate a laser cutter. No easy task. No matter where I end up putting it, it'll be in the way someday.
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    Just heard on the news, that the Army is now going to overlook mental health issues during the recruitment process, including substance abuse and other personal issues. I guess they are not hitting their recruitment goals these days. So they are now just opening this up to troubled youth? Hmmm, I'm just trying to figure out how the hell I got in then!!! I must of really fooled em!
  45. 2 points
    Monday...about says it all..... Van still isn't fixed, no lumber in the shop....usual BS....
  46. 2 points
    My thoughts are with you, Dave. I went to a swim meet one time and it was two hours of waiting, hustle in to the pool area, watch for two minutes, repeat. Awful experience and worse than soccer if that is possible.
  47. 2 points
    That might be an idea for those nurses!
  48. 2 points
    Dave it was a blast to "people watch". The estrogen level was maxed out there. The few men that were with their mates had a glazed over look that revealed that they were in over their heads. I've done several shows and one thing I've learned that if a guy walks into the booth and looks hard at a particular item, you ask this question. "Are you a woodworker?" 9 times out of 10 the answer will be yes so then we talk about how I built the item. I had a guy yesterday buy an oven rack pull and he point blank told me that it was going to be a pattern and asked me how I built it. I just told him that he'd figure it out.
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    Huh. A $40 way to make worm holes

    I just don't understand people! You take a good, quality, piece of furniture and artificially, distress it to make it look old. If you want an old piece of furniture then just spend the money and buy it or rescue it. If you are so phony as to make people believe that you have an old piece with honest character, then you are just that, a phony. If you like the style then buy/make the piece and let it earn its own character. I think it is a shame and disrespectful to take good wood, intentionally damage it and call it style.
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    What I started with on this saw was a bit shorter than this DisstonUSA saw.. Rusty and bent. Not even a good hacksaw....twould be a shame to see something like this just rust away.. This was a 24" long saw, for cutting the Texas sized steaks.....What was used to make the frame saw was an 18" version... All shellaced up, and rubbed out. Deytails on the blade holders.. This is the end where I hold the saw. I may add a black tape grip down here....the other end? May change out that brass rivet, sometime. At one time, it was a brass screw. Been hammered into shape as a rivet. Had thought about a pair of pins from a door hinge, saw and drilled.....maybe on the next saw? Make it more of a "turning" saw. There was also a very short saw.....blade is now sitting in a hacksaw's frame. .....for now. Would need a bit now Maple "scraps" before any more saws get made....
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