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    The length of a day on Venus is 2802 hours. About the same as our Mondays.
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    John Morris

    Where's Stick!

    I just shot ol Stick a "well check up" via PM. Have not seen him in days, which is not typical. When anyone goes missing we'll shoot them a well check to see if they are alright, especially in @Stick486 case where he is all alone in the mountains. If anyone knows he is well and above sod, please report here, or even better, if Stick can check in. Just a brief story, we had awhile back one of our moderators not report in for a long time nor answer emails. Fearing the worse, we finally sent the Sheriff over to check up on him, he is senior, with health issues, so we were concerned. Turned out he fell on rough times and lost internet connectivity. So we do care folks! We are one big dysfunctional family here, but we care. Life can be so precarious, you just never know when one of us may just fall over, and that's it. Hopefully Stick can hear this. SNORK!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ron Altier


  4. 4 points

    Where's Stick!

    I talked to him on the phone yesterday. He seemed okay to me.
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    Got to work on the pew boxes. Now have orders for 45 boxes and 17 plaques. Got the bottoms on five boxes glued up. Also cut parts out for about 24 . This is the sign up display at church.
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    Cleaning the carpet in anticipation of the descending hordes.
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    No great accomplishments...spent some time cleaning, picking up tools from previous projects, a few household maintenance tasks, completed the tiller "re-power" project, changed the oil/filter & serviced my daughters van and got my "weed-burner" out to attack the fence rows since the weather conditions finally cooperated; well except the mosquito attack but a good dousing of Backwoods Off seemed to counteract. My "weed-burner" is less technical that @Smallpatch's but effective none-the-less. It's flame-less. I also spend some time sanding and gathering material for the lid of the "keepsake box" my oldest grand-daughter & I started for her 4H project. Week ahead, as you can see, the grass needs mowed yet again although it has only been five days since last cut. Maybe some more time on the box project too. Plus several trips to/from the H.S. as Fall Sports began their first allowed organized practices today. Oldest grand-daughter is in her 3rd year as one of the football team student trainers and youngest is a freshman on the JV volleyball team. Modified golf bag cart I bought at a yard sale for $3; the sprayer I bought at another yard sale along with two others for a total of $1.50. This one needed cleaned, flushed and new seals in the spray wand plus a new nozzle. I only use this set-up 2x/year for fence rows and some spot spraying. Bought the tiller frame a while back off CL for $20. My original intent was to use the tine set on my MTD tiller (also a CL purchase a few years back) since they are now worn out but it lost an exhaust valve this summer. I already had the H-F, 6.5 HP OHV engine purchased some-time back to re-power on old troy Built Horse tiller given to me, but decided that project was going to be a money pit. Yes, this engine is Made in China (LIFAN) but does have a U.S.A. facility in Arkansas. With coupons, it cost me $80 plus tax. A similar Briggs & Stratton was over $180 and a comparable Honda is over $350. This engine is a Honda clone. The engine starts on the 1st or 2nd pull, idles quiet and smooth. I'm quite impressed. I've worked on small engines since I was 12 y/o and can tell you I'd rather have this one than a Tecumseh. Used tillers like this bring $125-$175 around here and don't have new engines.
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    John Morris

    Shaker Style Vanity (Poplar)

    Done and installed. Long day! Still have doors and drawers to make, but the vanity is bolted to the wall and the sink is in with running water. The appraisal needed an operational vanity, they got one.
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  10. 4 points

    What happened to my Post? (RESOLVED)

    I think naked fish are okay to post.
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    Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! New members Please drop by and give the following new members a grand welcome: @JimG, @bardnpoet, @HazelRBaker Leaderboard Drop by your Leaderboard and see who the current movers and shakers are based on content and topic popularity. What's It Our July What's It has almost ended, take a look and submit your educated guess at best for this months item. Featured gallery Digging back a bit I re-discovered one of my favorite galleries, @Mike Mathieu intarsia gallery. Where is Mike! If anyone knows his whereabouts, tell him to come on back home to us, we'd love to see what he's been up to! Featured image of the week Smithsonian American Art Museum: Three-Legged Stool by Tage Frid
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    This weekend was filled with activities from our 50th class reunion. You read it right......50! I also did a show on Saturday in our hometown. The show was a quasi flop since I pulled in half the revenue that I did last year but everyone was down in revenue. At any rate, it was a great weekend and I got to see a few folks that I haven't seen in many years. The show did generate three extra jobs so I guess it wasn't a total flop. This week will be spent building a custom flag case and I need to start a library chair. By the way, I married UP!
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    Where's Stick!

    Someone brew a pot of coffee and open a box of Krispy Kremes. That'll bring him around!!
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    Since this day is so long, I think I'll rip some lumber and take a nap. Maybe have lunch, then a nap. Could nap before lunch, too. What the heck.
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    Got the shop cleaned up a bit. Really hot over the weekend and this week - may not get much time in there, but we will see.
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    Monday...about says it all Rust Hunting over the weekend....Dazed and confused in the shop....
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    That would be nice, but first we need the jobs to stay here in this country, and pay a respectable wage. Regardless of what someone said in their campaign, I don't see any of it happening anytime soon.
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    Shaker Style Vanity (Poplar)

    Glad to do my small part That's where the quality factor over-rides the design factor...or course once you get the drawers/fronts and doors installed the overall look will change...that and.... get it moved out of your shop
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    How I spend my Summer

    The Run has just started showing, the Cohos only get to around 10-12 lbs later on. Yes that is an old light house which is automatic now , but someone still raises the flag every day and they rent out the Barracks to tourists. it is deep water,100 yards off shore is around 300ft. deep, where I took the picture was close to 600 ft. deep. Here are some pictures at sunrise. That work barge I am guessing is a contractor who does bulkhead work along the shore line for people who own houses down on the beach. Didn't use a cedar shingle,but vacuum packed some for the freezer and the rest are history.
  20. 3 points
    Gene Howe

    How I spend my Summer

    Cohos must like those northern frigid, cold waters cuz the only ones I get are frozen.
  21. 2 points

    Euro Hinges

    I see a lot of Euro-hinges in my work, often just needed some adjustments to line up doors. In the last five or six project that I've done with doors, I've used them. I'll have to admit, when I looked at all the options in the catalog, I got real confused. Cups and mounting plates sold separately, soft close option, degree of opening, amount of overlap, face frame or frameless, type of mounting screws, 3 or more different brands, etc. . (Though it's somewhat easier to just go to Rockler and pick up one of the smaller number of options there). This just came in and I found it to be a good guide into helping select what you need. https://www.familyhandyman.com/smart-homeowner/all-about-euro-hinges?pmcode=IVBJJU103&_cmp=DiyTipsHintsNL&_ebid=DiyTipsHintsNL7/30/2017&_mid=159942&ehid=EBC4D8BEC6F08D97A318788DB78D9A1244AF138A P.S. I found out years ago that Blum hinges have a lifetime guarantee. If one ever fails, they'll send you a replacement. And here is a presentation Blum gave the the woodworking club last year https://gallery.mailchimp.com/85f44c62cf7023fd358e2dc03/files/c3597fcd-a098-4ddd-be57-90932b8a3976/Concealed_Hinge_Presentation_Blum.pdf
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    steven newman

    Where's Stick!

    Weeelll, look what the cat dragged in....
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    Where's Stick!

    I have been up to my eyeballs in - errrrr - busy.... thanks for the concern.. I wish... somebody is always dropping in.... but I've about run outta places to hide the bodies... that's cause to go back under my rock...
  24. 2 points
    Well.....I WAS just going to rehab a couple squares...then maybe a couple chisels....then....aw, the heck with it....spent 3 hours working in a "closed" shop.....Wasn't any cussing, not much fussing.....wonder what I did right ( or wrong)? Class reunion this year would have been #46......
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  26. 2 points
    John Morris

    Where's Stick!

    Awesome, great, thanks Dan. One for Stick above ground and breathing, and talking! The world is right.
  27. 2 points

    Hello All!

    Hey Guys! Thank you for the warm welcome! And I am always full of questions; guess that's why I wanted to be a scientist-was always told a good scientist is FULL of questions. LOL Nice to hear people care around here, that is a warm welcome! I am so sorry I haven't been around lately. I had an interesting 3-4 weeks! That aside, I brought donuts! You guys get some before Stick and GrampaDave find them!!! I will set a box for each of them at the doors so they will stop there to graze! Pretty sneaky, eh??? I have at least 19 E-mails for the site that I have to get through to get caught up! But that's okay, always interested in learning something. But, I am making an early dinner because a friend is coming over, so I have to get busy and make sure everything is okay on that end, after they leave I can relax again and get back to a normal routine. :-)
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    John Morris

    Where's Stick!

    I got him since last Tuesday. I know it don't seem long ago, but for Stick it is unusual, it caught my eye!
  29. 2 points
    It Was Al B

    Where's Stick!

    That's unusual for Stick . I don't believe he has posted since Wednesday the 26th of July.
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    John Morris

    Where's Stick!

    And God forbid, if he's laid out, and in-capable of communicating, that'll bring him out of his coma! I hated to even say that, but knowing Stick and his thick skinned sense of humor, I don't think he'd mind. Wake up Stick!
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    John Morris

    Shaker Style Vanity (Poplar)

    I can tell nobody will believe me until I get a pic of the cabinet installed! OK. When I get in tonight, I'll have to get a shot and post it here.
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    Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! What's highlighted in red does me in everytime! Can't seem to point to anything and call it "done"! I was WOT on Friday installing baseboard in one bedroom when the daughter called and said she was coming in for the weekend. BTW - my car has a vibration, can you take a look at it for me please? I was planning to do a car show on Saturday, but you know what takes priority on a request like that... Saturday AM I test drove her car and dropped it off for wheel balancing. It was just a slight vibration when the speed got up to 70 or so. Back at the house, daughter said she was going to visit friends during the day so I took off for the car show. It was close by, almost across the street. A cloudy day, in the orchard a slight breeze blowing; it was a great day. Took home a "Top 75" for my troubles. Auto shop couldn't find her tool for the wheel locks - so that job didn't get done. Sunday I did actually get something done - I hung up a couple new window blinds in the bedroom & visited with daughter. Monday has started out ok. Finished up the baseboard and got it caulked up and nail holes filled this AM. Will spend the rest of the day outside doing lawn work. We have had pretty good rains this summer so far - have to cut the grass about every 5 days or earlier. For the week ahead, I want to paint the baseboard and call the one bedroom "almost finished"! Second bedroom is about ready for flooring but I will wait and use that room as workspace while I do the bathroom. I will spend the rest of the week gutting the upstairs bathroom. Cal
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    Dave your weed burner is way more efficient than mine but with the weeds so close to the water I am afraid Round Up might slip in to the water and make monsters out of those little minnows and eat all the bass. The weed burner is an experiment and I can already tell it ain't gonna roll over those rocks worth a flip. Now I am in the process of moving some of them big uns, rocks. Somebody might try to convince you those motors are close to Honda quality but hey I ran 15 Honda G-200's with the 2 to 1 reduction for all the years we owned that go-cart track and I would say 99% of all the tracks in the US were Honda's also...Not nearly a co-ince-o-dense...... It was enough trying to keep all those young people from trying to kill each other on the track, thank goodness the motors I never worried about and I was the mechanic....
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    Gene Howe

    Shaker Style Vanity (Poplar)

    NICE! I'm beginning to like the clean look of the white paint. You and the missus have vision and taste.
  35. 2 points
    Gene Howe

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Kelly, we haven't seen a high of 90* for over two weeks. Seems like we've traded systems. As soon as the monsoons are over though, we'll get back up there. I'll still take the pie, though.
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  37. 2 points

    For the Donut Lovers

  38. 2 points
    I was waiting for someone to say that!
  39. 2 points
    Pardon me for being technical, but it looks to me like it's still in the shop and faucetless or am I delusional? BTW...It looks fantastic...That's a $1000 buck unit in a BORG and a 6 week wait to get it if you could then! Well done man! Wishing you the best on Tuesday with the appraiser!
  40. 2 points

    How I spend my Summer

    Gotta try that, will report back, thanks for the recipe. Herb
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    MT Stringer

    Putting the CNC to work!

    Here are a few pictures. They look good to me. I used a 1/4 inch solid carbide spiral downcut bit. It cut clean dadoes and shelf pin holes. Some sawdust did get compacted in the holes but that's no problem. Just bang on the back side and vacuum it out. More later.
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    steven newman

    What to do with a...

    Ok....Here is what LITTLE got done, today.. . Finished ONE raised panel, and tried to fit it....Two more blanks sitting there were crosscut and ripped to size ( I hope) and feet were made on the stiles. Two of these "Top" panels were sized, one is set in the jig....then got distracted with saw work.. Panel blanks #2 and #3 ariived from the bandsaw.... Two more are waiting to be ripped for width...one doesn't look too bad.. #3. Simple cut...as for the other one.. Might take a little extra work? Will need a "back Bevel" on the raised panels, so they sit in the grooves better. I also transferred the marks for the mortises to the next two stiles, hopefully they will line up with the ones I already made. Too much going on at once....time to step back, and decide where to focus on..... Stay tuned, Tuesday is just around the corner...
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    Well put, Bill, and I couldn't agree more! John
  44. 2 points

    How I spend my Summer

    Caught 3 last week,one each day, the ocean run of Cohos has shown up finally. I started in May going out 3-4 times a week, and was always 2 short of my limit, (Limit is 2), until this past week and was 1 short each day, so things are good. Herb
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    I blame the educations system! In the past four or five decades we have been pushing our children to "go to college and get an education"! NOT all kids are college material. Yet we push them into it and away from the service oriented professions. We need to get back to teaching trades and skills instead of running up a surplus of educated idiots. I was pushed into college and I don't regret it. I made a very good living. However, my first love has always been working with my hands. I learned everything that I could from basics to finished product. Not everybody is that ambitious, though! Especially, the majority of the "electronics" kids of today. Bottom line is I have much more respect for the person who can do, rather than the person who can hire it done. As for appreciating those who work with their hands, I have the greatest respect for those people. Unfortunately, true craftsmanship has been replace by the mantra "faster, cheaper, and better". The people who practice that, have no respect from me. You can only have two of the three if you want good products. Some people no longer have pride in their work...they only do it for the paycheck.
  46. 1 point

    How I spend my Summer

    So I guess the big one's kept getting away? Love all the pictures especially of the freighters and the mountain; I assume that one little building next to the big tower is an old lighthouse?...obviously you're not afraid to mix it up with the big boys? What's the barge with the excavator, front end loaders, conveyor and bunch of gen-sets or pump engines headed to do? Pretty good size barge to dwarf end-loaders and a hydraulic excavator. Thanks for taking us out in the water with you. Did you grill that bad boy on a redwood shingle? Sometimes there are things just as relaxing and rewarding as woodworking.
  47. 1 point


    Millennial theft control device. John
  48. 1 point

    Harbor Freight new lines

    I've tried to stay out of this topic, but finally decided to toss my 2 cents in since I already had my coffee...John not picking on you at all, but using your ISO statement to further clarify what that actually means. I speak with some knowledge having met the requirements of obtaining an ISO Lead Auditor Certification via a Certified Registrar and leading and conducting a variety of formal internal audits for a Fortune 50 Company. Because a manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 Certified (compliant) does not necessarily mean they turn out high quality products. ISO certification essentially means, as a manufacturing facility, you operate under a defined and documented quality plan written internally which includes a specific process to mitigate quality errors If (when) they occur and you execute to your plan. The quality level of any product is ultimately defined by the end customer (consumer) proportional to the price paid for the product, the durability and reliability of the product as well as parts and service beyond the sale (aka dealer organization). As John noted, I believe we all try to by American made products when/where possible, but it is up to those companies to justify their value. I'm in business too...the business of doing what I need to get done efficiently and as effectively as possible while maintaining my own personal cash flow. I could rant here for hours about the obscene level of compensation CEO's and other top executives earn while resourcing the work to undeveloped parts of the world, but it's your lucky day...I won't do that However, while Bosch (and some others) makes a quality tool and may in fact assemble some of those tools right here in the good 'ole USA, Bosch Co. IS NOT an American company; therefore the overall profits earned ultimately do not stay in this country but return to the "mother-land." Note in the first paragraph below, the gross sales last year is specified in Euros, NOT American dollars...just sayin' From Bosch Co Home Page...Bosch in the U.S.A. The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 390,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2016). The company generated sales of 73.1 billion euros in 2016. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology.... ...The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 60 countries. Including sales and service partners, Bosch’s global manufacturing and sales network covers nearly every country in the world. The basis for the company’s future growth is its innovative strength. At 120 locations across the globe, Bosch employs some 59,000 associates in research and development. The company was set up in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861-1942) as “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering.” The special ownership structure of Robert Bosch GmbH guarantees the entrepreneurial freedom of the Bosch Group, making it possible for the company to plan over the long term and to undertake significant upfront investments in the safeguarding of its future. Ninety-two percent of the share capital of Robert Bosch GmbH is held by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable foundation. The majority of voting rights are held by Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG, an industrial trust. The entrepreneurial ownership functions are carried out by the trust. The remaining shares are held by the Bosch family and by Robert Bosch GmbH.
  49. 1 point


    I was wondering who made these... One of the YouTubers (Nick Ferry, I think) uses one all of the time. Although not cheap, they can turn even a crappy miter into a usable tool. I can see them as a great time and material saver, getting the right (accurate) angle the first time, every time, and not having to recut a piece because the angle was wrong and now the piece is too short. All I can say, is, somebody paid attention in Geometry! However, they need to do a better job of marketing...laws of supply and demand apply, more supply and demand...the lower the price...
  50. 1 point

    A Patriot Woodworker Check In

    I would like to see the posts numbered. Like 10 of 12, 11 of 12, 12 of 12. And to be able to jump from the beginning to first unread. Don't know how much trouble that is to set up.
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