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    Touch up solvent damage

    One of today's jobs. About 4 sq.in. in center of table that someone spilled some sort of solvent on. To make matters worse, right in front of a wall of glass. Finish gone, about 90% of color gone with it. Added some color and layer after layer of repeat: {lacquer, dry, lacquer, dry, sand}
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    steven newman

    Did a walk-about today..

    And walked downtown. I was just going to see IF anything was "new" at the usual place.....nope, same old,same old. Walked back out, spotted a second store across the street....it was OPEN? Turns out she is only open on Tuesdays, 12 - 4...my lucky day.... Asked about old tools....was shown a few sitting around....."How much for that rusty little thing?" At first, she wanted $7......nah....then it was down to $5......Ok, I gave her a dollar to hold the "prize" until I could get back...3 blocks each way, twice....whew. next time I'll DRIVE down there. Paid her the $4 she needed, and walked home with this "treasure" Handsome devil, ain't he? 1951 Dunlap, made by Sargent for Sears. A small chip off the corner..meh.. Not exactly sure what colour the handles are supposed to be.....decided to rest up a bit, before the Rehab Shop could open... Insides are a bit cleaner, even the spider stuff is gone. Colour is actually black, camera causing the blue tint.. The sole did take awhile, as did the sides.. Hardware cleaned up...nasty finish on the handles has been wire wheeled off.. Yep, those are the bolts for the handles....handles were a tad loose, so I buzzed about 3 threads off the ends of the bolts. Chipbreaker needed a bit of work t mate to the now flatten back of the iron. Honed the iron to 400 grit, called it good enough.. Gave the plane a test drive after it was put back together....and...here we go... rear view.. Looks a tad bit more like a plane? Works like one, too.. Might just do, for a 66 year old plane. Plane is a #3 size.
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    My wife has been wanting a basket for a while. I made this one yesterday. Now she wants a larger one.
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    A number of years ago when I was at your house dropping off some stuff you had 3 slabs that were given to you from that guy who ran a reclaimed wood business that you didn't have a use for. I took them home and they sat out on the side of my house covered with tarps until yesterday. There were 2 shorter slabs of the same wood and 1 long slab of a different wood which I cannot remember what they were. The 2 shorter slabs had a lot worm holes in them so I had to trim them down and ran them through the planer. The long slab was in great shape and had some great grain. Now I got to figure out what I am going make out of them.
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    Grandpawdave just for you

    Dave these are up front along the street. I would have had to walk a few feet to take these with the ones last week. Lazy. We choose to show off the Texas rose more that those other uglies!!
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    How to Start a Fight

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    Man last few have not been to my liking. I hip, then the other, just getting so I could walk & Vertigo got me, took my balance big time, but thank the ALMIGNT GOD I never lost an eye , or tooth, didn't break anything, skined knees, elboys, lordy. Then Jan 14 big bone lower left leg decided it would break & this day 4-11 Dr. cut me loose said I can start walking. Man that knee is so weak, but I'll git it back. I'M SO GLAD TO LOCATE YOU FELLOWS, REALLY.
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    Good afternoon Friends, I am going to insert a picture of a Morris Chair with open sides similar to the one I am making with closed sides. The one I am making will have the curved arms and the cushions will be the same color as in the picture.
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    steven newman

    Doolittle Raiders at Grimes Field

    The weekend of the 24th and 25th, there will be a flight of B-25s landing at Grimes Field, in Urbana, OH The last Raider will be there, and he is 101 years young. $5 donation at the gate is requested. There will also be tickets to ride IN one of the planes, lasting about an hour, for $450 each. If you're in the area, you may want to check it out..
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    Steve Krumanaker

    A wooden easter egg.

    The boss asked me if I could make her an egg tea light in time for Easter. So, I took a break from the dippers and did this over the last few days. Overall I'm happy with it, the narrow end is a little fat but not to bad and she loves it so that's ok. It was my thought to put "He is risen" or just "Risen" on the back but just couldn't make it look right to me eye. It was also my original thought to stipple the "halos" but I'm so glad I waited as I like them the way they are. The egg itself is maple and the base is spalted beech. Thanks for looking!! Steve
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    John Moody

    Shopping for lumber today!

    Today was the day to go do a little lumber shopping. I had a lady call me about these logs that were stacked close to her house and she wanted them gone. He husband had cut them and stacked them and she had no idea what it was and he had passed away. So I told her I would be happy to get them out of her way. She said come and get it. So this is how I shop for lumber. Much easier to put them on the trailer this way and easy to handle. After they were loaded I headed to the saw mill and let them unload them. He will call when me when they are ready to cut. I had him to cut them 5/4's. It will run .20/BF. Hard to beat those prices and it is nice to have friends with big equipment. So now I am back home and cleaning up the shop.
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    Madrone it is, I remember those slabs well, I knew they had worm holes in them, they were air dried, not kiln so the buggers had plenty of time to work since the lumber was processed. The fellow I got the lumber from specialized in salvaging beetle kill in our local area mountains. I do hope you get some good stuff out of it Allen, glad to see it getting some attention! You made some beautiful projects from the last batch you had, I can't remember what you made but you texted me some images of the project, and I was blown away and jealous, and regretting I let you run off with the stuff! I don't think it was Madrone though, it was something else, the first project that is.
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    Did a walk-about today..

    Why is it when I find one it is 30 to 40. Looks good
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    I got into the shop a little on Sunday. Picked up a few things and just basically said, "Hello, Shop. I will be out here before too long."
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    Hope this is OK, it's non-political. On the 100th anniversary of USA's entry into WWI, PBS's American Experience has been broadcasting a 3-part documentary. I'm very disappointed in it -- mostly focused on then president, Woodrow Wilson. I watched this series last week that goes through the war one year at a time. I never really liked history in school, in fact, I took my one required history class in my last term of senior year of college. I think it's mostly because from Jr. High through High School, all my history teachers had the same first name -- "Coach" and none of them really cared about teaching and did the minimum possible effort. Anyway, I never studied WWI much and found this series fascinating. I was also shocked at the total number of casualties -- something like 37 million if I remember correctly.
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    steven newman

    Did a walk-about today..

    Near as I can make out, that edge on the iron was still a factory grind one. Very little needed done to the bevel, other than the hone work. iron was a tad bent along it's length, got it straightened out. Comes from sitting way too long all clamped down tight.
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    steven newman

    Did a walk-about today..

    First there was the "Fulton" brand from Sargent, and sold at Sears, then came the Dunlap brand, named after a saleperson at Sears. Existed as a secondary line to the higher end "Craftsman" brand of planes. If I recall correctly...... The reason there are so many Dunlap and Fulton planes out there...Sears seems to have sold a bunch of them. There WAS an import line, from Europe, sometimes also called Estes, and then re-branded as Dunlaps. Made in West Germany.
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    Touch up solvent damage

    I have probably 40 or so different colors in pigmented toners. But 95% of the time I use one or two of six or seven different ones. Names will vary by vendor but mine are called light cherry, medium cherry, dark cherry, extra dark cherry, black cherry (some people would call espresso, or another brand is "Newport Ebonized Cherry"), light walnut, and medium walnut. One of the secrets to coloring is to sneak up on it. I always say, "You can add dark, but you can't add light." Or as Shrek says, "Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Got it?" Colored finishes have layers. Jeff Jewitt (maker of Transtint and Transfast dyes) says in one of his books, "When it comes to color matching, there is simply no substitute for practice. And the practice will go more smoothly if you make some stain boards and understand some color theory to point you in the right direction.". In pieces like this, as are many pieces, the color is in the finish and not applied first as a stain only coat. When the finish is removed by solvent, scraping or chipping, the color goes with it. This is known as a "toner." Some people call this a "shader" particularly when it's applied to only selected areas such as edges, raised panels, or rails & stiles. This was way too big to do something like a burn in repair. This is where sticks of resin (essentially solid finish) are melted and smoothed into the damage. I started off adding a base coat of color with a marker pen (again containing a toner, not just a stain). Then I added touch up lacquer. Force dry with a hair dryer. Do this a couple of times, then sand off the excess around the edges. Keep doing this until the void is filled and when you sand over the area it is all at the same level. Along the way, add toner as needed to adjust the color. I am sure there are other ways to do this as most people I've seen have their own techniques. Some would pad on finish, like French Polishing, adding color along the way. This is just the system that I've worked out. This took a little more than 90 minutes. I also had about 7-10 other spots that were minor chips and rubs around the table that I kind of worked on "while the paint dried."
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    Fishing Fun

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    You are correct and I misspoke. There are similarities in appearance as both have unique reflective properties in the light and are similar in color. Madrone is used quite a bit for making furniture as well as carving. It is great wood to work with.
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    It Was Al B

    Been slowed down

    Larry, Nothing compared to the knee rehab, as I remember it. Stick, Located 4/4 ,5/4 and 8/4, FAS Qtr sawn Rgh white oak nearby. S3S also available. No prices yet. Thanks
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    Grandpawdave just for you

    So that's the Yellow Rose Of Texas I've heard about!
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    Did a walk-about today..

    The "Bandit" strikes again!
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    There were no live bugs/critters in the 2 smaller slabs. But I did have to cut out a fair amount of the chewed up wood. It has a very cool look and I hope to be able to make it work out.
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    steven newman

    here we go again

    Ok, back down to the shop, today is Tuesday, so no excuses NOT to be there...I think.. Had a LARGE pile of scraps, hidden tools, a junky lathe, and a few spiders.....all of which will get cleared out... Tossed this box onto the shelf under the lathe bench. Found a bunch of little items hidden in the shavings from the lathe.. Might find a use for some of these....the piece of glass is a scraper I use. Hmmm, WAS a pile of scraps sitting here... Ah, there they are. Sometime after 6pm, will have some hotdogs to roast... Junky Lathe? No longer worth trying to fix up. Will be hauling this to the curb, later. Even the joint between the halves of the bed is bad.. Area has even been welded a time or two...Anyone need parts? Cleared a path back to the Olde Tool Chest, and got out the last handsaw still in there.....rescued from the rust bunnies in there... Handsaw version of a sabre saw. Made by Atkins, might have been a "Ship's Saw" that can cut a curved piece. Instead of an "Eagle" on the medallion, there is a Pheonix. Will clean it up, later... Moved this thing out of the way, to gain some more leg room.. I don't even use this anymore. May try to find someone who could use it.... Swept the floor, again.. Since Igor and Shop Cat are nowhere near the brooms.... unless Igor is using one to fly home on Now, maybe I can get back to wood working...maybe.
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    SA; CEL on my daughters van...diagnosed #6 cylinder; changed spark plug, cleared codes...so far so good; Spent remainder of day getting chainsaw fired up and cutting brush, downed limbs etc. Supervised (teenage) grand-daughters on stick, brush and debris clearing; Assigned each their own wheel barrow and sections of the property; easier that way and a whole lot less refereeing required. SU: Sunday School / Church then combined Birthday party for both grand-sons (6 & 3) and family & friends held at Boys & Girls Club (daughter is a Program Director there). On the phone a lot yesterday dealing with insurance companies plus normal daily chauffeur services; a little time in the garage yesterday PM cleaning up and back to chisel tune up; Last 2+ hours met with Insurance Adjuster of responsible party to estimate damage to my truck; $5100+, but repairable; spent wait time in garage doing more sharpening...I find sharpening very relaxing and stress reducing... Three tennis matches this week plus chauffeuring; this PM, a reciprocating saw to folded up tail pipes on truck, then to body shop queue; get mowers going...rest of week will be mowing, trimming and more brush cutting...
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    steven newman

    here we go again

    Couldn't help it.....just had to do a wee bit in the shop... Set up a saw to do some sort of crosscutting work... Figured out a length. Cut the two 1 x 4s into 18-3/4" lengths Topper & and a back piece.... Had a 1 x 2 real close to the correct length to fit inbetween the sides. Grabbed a saw, and laid out some lines. 1 x2 to hold the "business ends" of the saws First, I tried a few on the bandsaw...meh ( the WIDE kerfs) went back to the mitre saw, and made the rest. Then that handsaw i used for the lay out, was used to clean the kerf cuts out, at least those won't rattle. Had a 1 x 1 that needed trimmed a bit After I figure out what joint to make on the ends, I'll block plane two corners to make then a roundover. This will be where the handles will reside. Now, for the Cardio Workout.. This thing is a 1 x 8, what you see is the cutoff. Took a long time to saw this much lumber. Ever notice a small hole at the ends of mitre box saws? About the same size as a small finishing nail? While the handle will keep you from going to far forward, this little item.. Will keep you from pulling the saw too far back (BTDT..) I also check the plywood supply, to see IF I have enough for the back of the til Looks like it. Two 1 x 4s, a kerf board, handle rest, and the bottom panel. The two long skinny things in the middle are the two sides. I think that will do for one evening.....maybe?
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    For the Donut Lovers

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    John Morris

    Curly Maple Shaker Rocker

    Well here we are. Getting ready to cut into a nice 8/4 board of heavy Curly Maple to begin another rocker journey. Tonight I'm laying out parts and cutting. With any luck I'll have some slats in the steamer tonight. This photo does no justice to the figure in this board. I'll keep this topic going with this chair build. Thanks for following along! Legs are cut and squared.
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    A wooden easter egg.

    WHOA!!! thanks for showing...
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    This style definitely is my favorite.
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    Is it asking too much

    That's probably what happened to most of us. And now!
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    Is it asking too much

    at home or "in THE home?"
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    Did a walk-about today..

    Same here...saw several last week not nearly as "nice" as this one started out and they had $20-$30 on them...hoping for better luck once the yard/garage sale season "officially" begins.
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    I did ask why didn't they counter sink them!!! They told me there was enough "cushion" between the bone and the outside of my heel.
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    A request from the one who counts

    Kelly he's no Doctor, he is a woodworker tell by those pocket screws.
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    steven newman

    here we go again

    Shipping would be nasty, not sure about CL, last time nothing came of my listing. Keeping the lathe chisels, though. Router table? Abrams started the nyws with one of these. haven't used mine since that Stanley 45 got here.
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    I had sprung my ankle many times over the years which weakened it and then the occasional ankle roll would make it worse. Back in about '01 or so, I knew it was torn then, but opted for a brace and letting it heal on its own. It did for about 9 or 10 years, then started acting up again, so back to the brace and exercises to try to get it to "heal". Then, last summer, it finally just said that it had enough and was getting more and more bothersome, to the point that I went to the doctor about it.
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    Chips N Dust

    A request from the one who counts

    I am doing really well. Basically, it was more ankle re-construction than a tendon repair. The Preoneus Brevis tendon was so far gone, that he had to cut out the bad part and tie the adjacent tendon over to it. Also, since this issue had gone on for so long, my foot was starting to canter to the outside. To fix that, he had to cut off the heel bone, slide it tot he outside and up and re-attach with screws (approx. 3/8" dia x 2 3/8" long). He also had to install a plate on top of the bones going to the big toe to help flatten the arch. And finally, he stretched one of the tendons coming down to the foot from the calf. With the bone work in the heal, he wanted to make sure the 2 parts of the bones re-fused together before he would allow me to put weight on it. I am on one crutch this week with the foot in a boot. By Saturday, I will be off the crutch. I am not sure about the boot yet, but I will be able to drive, which is good since I also start PT on Monday - 3 times a week for at least 2 weeks, probably longer.
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    A request from the one who counts

    I just now read where Webb Pierce had more #1 hits in the fifties than any one else. I would have thunk Hank Williams had the most which was my main man back then..
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  45. 1 point
    I'm officially past halfway completed with my school shelf units. This week, I'll have 13 delivered and the invoice sent. Yippee!
  46. 1 point
    A good weekend for me, finished insulating the shop building and awaiting 2 drywall estimates. Will have to mow this week, so figured it was time to pack up the snowblower (which got used only once this winter).
  47. 1 point

    Finally got it cut down

    I see it is not your first rodeo. I'm talking about the bend at the bottom of the ladder.
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    steven newman

    here we go again

    Well, Road Trip is done, GrandBRAT hauled home. On the way back from Huber heights, OH, detoured through Tipp City, OH.....and checked out the HUGE Menards store in town. Gave up counting all the Antique Stores in Tipp City.....very little money, and too many stores... Will going through Tipp City...had to stop for a LONG train. Either a Brigade, or the entire division's Motor Pool was on a long stretch of flat cars, heading north. Somebody's mailing address get changed? Menards: Picked through a BUNCH of 1x s just to get a 1 x 8 x 3' and a pair of 1 x 4 x 3' ...Will give a bottom and a top for the til, and maybe a little bit extra... Tried to saw the blank into it's two "halves" with a circular saw...meh, finished the cut with a handsaw. Made things a bit easier to lay the two sides out so that they will match each other..bandsaw for that. Was close to a match, but needed fine tuned.. Rough cut. edges needed planed to match each other.. This edge was the worst to do, as it was tapered a bit. The Jumbo Jack was having "issues" so I went smaller, and with a camber to the edge of the iron.. Stanley #5. This one had no camber, as this edge was almost straight. Glue joints were next.. Craftsman #3C bb, made by Millers Falls. Worked on the glue joints, and the rest of the sides. Four sides planed smooth. Had one spot that needed the cambered jack again, Then went over that with the little plane.. What you will see If you stand about here. I'd have to check the angles ( later) til leans back a bit. The straight edge will be the "back" of the til. I did check the sides, to make sure a "normal" saw will fit.. Looks good at the handle end.. And the toe end. Suppertime! Not sure IF anymore will get done tonight....depends on supper. Ankle deep in shavings, and I am soaked. Might call it a night. Stay tuned, might just get something done, someday....
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    John Morris

    Curly Maple Shaker Rocker

    Thanks for the kudos gents! This morning I have parts roughed out, and ready for planing and smoothing and turning. I book matched the rockers, arms and back slats. The chair rungs are in the middle below the back slats, the legs are laying on the sides.
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    I started walking on one crutch yesterday afternoon. I was a little hesitate at first, but it felt good. 1 more week then I can walk like man was supposed to
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