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    Ron Altier

    Don't throw it away

    I have been experimenting with some soft cedar with inside out turning. I came up with a couple of pieces of junk, but it proved that one idea worked, while the other failed. I didn't throw them away, when I walk by them, I get other ideas. Anyway I cut one in two pieces and made some great looking Christmas ornaments, I'll get some pictures out tomorrow when the finish is where I want it.
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    An interesting story that I came across while doing our geneology stuff for the Kaub bunch from Germany. They settled in a little area there in Allegany County, Maryland about 20 miles west of Cumberland in a small town called "Accident". The story that I came across while doing the research went that there were 3 guys who were doing the assaying of the land there in Allegany County dividing up the various parcels into smaller chunks for towns. They were all working in different directions and different parcels and all 3 were working towards coming to one place unbeknownst to each other. So they all had included that parcel in their assaying by accident. So that last parcel they named it "Accident". So some of my kin lived in the the little town of Accident, Allegany County, Maryland, which is now in Garret County.
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    He taught him in ship class.
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    Ron, Didn't you go to elementary school with Noah?
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    Great info on hydration and what "lack of" can do to our bodies. In Georgia, humid and muggy translate to "humuggity". Hmm, noticed my spell checker didn't like "humuggity".
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    Fred Wilson

    Shop Expansion Part 3

    Several years ago I would have jumped on it, Ron. The last couple of years have zapped me, especially in this heat. I guess you could say I'm outta the kitchen cause I can't stand the heat. We are in Monteagle, TN this weekend and lovin the 83 degree weather. We almost pulled out of the show due to the high heat and humidity.
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