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    I think so John but it would be nice to sell out. This show's proceeds are going to a very special cause. My new AR15.
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    After over a year of waiting the shop expansion is finally underway. About a month ago which was a year later, I got the footings dug so we could ready to pour them and the concrete slab all at the same time. I had to move my electrical going to the shop before the footing and slab could be done so I got that done and a new box in the shop to give me more circuits and additional power. So with the footings dug, I could finally get the concrete guy lined up and thankfully he was where he could get right on it and pour the footings and slab all in one pour. After it started to setup, they got on it and put a smooth finish on the concrete so it will make a nice shop floor. Also installed the "j" bolts to anchor the walls to the concrete. Today all the material got delivered so we can get started framing the walls. Of course the weather has gone super hot now. It is in the upper 90's with about 80% humidity so we have weather you can wear. I got out and worked for a while and got all the old vinyl siding off so I can start framing the walls. On the end where the door is will be my office. In the middle will be a lumber or scrap wood storage area. It will have double doors to get into from the outside. On the left side will be the finishing room. About 12'x12'. It will have french doors coming in from the end and windows on this side so we get lots of natural light in the room. Once I am framed up and in the dry I will open access from the inside of the shop to the storage and finishing room. I'll update you further as I move along in the southern heat!
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    Thinking about it, that probably would be best.
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    Nice sine plane you guys are building, there. And that's a fine looking sander, too. Your big ash mallet will serve you well, I'm sure. It's really a thing of beauty. Almost too nice to use.
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