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  1. 1 point
    Larry Buskirk

    "Naked" Walnut Table PIP??

    Dang!, Now I've got that song stuck in my head.
  2. 1 point
    Larry Buskirk

    "Naked" Walnut Table PIP??

    Looks real good Steve, And they called it the streak, look at that, look at that, fastest thing on four feet.
  3. 1 point

    "Naked" Walnut Table PIP??

    Never mind. Tried to upload a drum roll- didn't work.. Looks Great!
  4. 1 point

    Champion Drill Press

    About seven weeks ago I was scanning thru some on line ads when I came across one for an "antique " drill press. The ad was accompanied by this rather poor picture. What I saw was enough to get my interest as a first blush it looked like a 14" delta. I sent the seller a note telling him I was interested but lived a two hour drive away so could he send more pictures. These are what he sent. It sure looked Deltaish but I did have some questions. I called him and he told me it had absolutely no identifying marks .It was a 14", column was 2 3/4" , it was the right overall height. Still I had concerns ; the spring return did not look right, the stop rod collar looked odd, the motor mount was different, the collar for the table was different. What was this press? I searched over on the Vintage Machinery site for a like machine. No luck ,the closest was still a Delta. A review of old Delta catelouges revealed a 1933 floor model which seems to be Delta's first that had some differences from the 220. Could this be one of those. Another phone call and conversation. Finally I could not stand it any longer and made an offer conditional on there being a front pulley cover. He insisted it did not have one but I told him the pictures gave a clue to it's existence and would he remove the metal shroud and check. He was amazed, as he said "one magically appeared". Okay sold said I and arranged for a payment via the web. So now I owned what might be an early 1930's Delta two hours away. As it happens my daughter lives in the same city as the seller so I contacted her husband to pick it up. A couple of Saturdays later we made or monthly trip to visit my grand daughter and loaded it up. When I got it home the close examination began. It really was a close cousin to my 1930's Delta 220 but no marks could be found. First ,off came that metal wrap around the pullies. Voila, a pulley cover. close to delta but not quite. Note the odd pointer and stop rod collar I then started disassembly, more to clear up some floor space them start the refurbishing. After all I already had two disassembled macines on the bench, one was the 15" General I picked up the week before. Decided to remove motor and as the switch box was taken off what should appear but this decal. I quick cleaning reveal the rest of the decal It's a Champion Blower and Forge from Lancaster PA. I would have never guessed. I know Champion made a lot of post drills but a check of the ones on the VM site showed nothing similar so maybe I got an uncommon machine after all. As I completed disassembly I decided I might as well start the restoration now. Afterall when you are already cleaning up two machines whats one more. My major concern was the Champion decal. As the machine had no other identification whatsoever, including no foundry casting numbers preserving this was necessary. In the end it proved impossible but a member from another forum sent me the artwork so I could make this one. Anyway , this is how it looks today. My 1936 delta DP220 stares across the shop as if seeing its own reflection
  5. 1 point
    steven newman

    Walnut Project: Base is glued up

    Thinking maybe a blend of BLO and varnish. I doubt IF I would ever use stain on this sort of thing.
  6. 1 point

    Champion Drill Press

    I telling you it had me fooled. It did look a lot like the one from the 1932-33 Delta catelogue which I believe was their first floor model. See page 48 here http://vintagemachinery.org/pubs/1141/458.pdf Even now their is nothing like it on the VM site other than Delta's. The Champions shown are mostly post drills and the one or two that are not are nothing like the one I have.
  7. 1 point
    Larry Buskirk

    Champion Drill Press

    Gerry, I've got to wonder who copied who on this one. Whichever way, It's a Champ of a Champion now.
  8. 1 point

    General 15" Drill press

    Both of those were paper labels. The printing on the top one was mostly worn off, the bottom one was just an Ontario Hydro inspection sticker.
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