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    A couple of weeks or so ago, I threw a post up about building a bibliochaise or bookshelf chair for my great nephew. Great nephew.......man that makes me sound old and just when I was looking into Eagles concert tickets. Anyway, I really did not like the design of the European model that is all over the web. Itr looks like a DIY project for a first time builder made from 2 x 4's. Now that I have insulted all of those who build with lumber from the big box stores, I'll move on. I found a chair that a guy on LJ's built so I modified it using using my own dimensions (since he didn't provide any. I'm going to try to keep a running blog on this build and I hope to draw it up in Sketchup when I'm finished so that others on the world wide web won't have to pull their hair out. I think you're supposed to design and draw first and then build but what fun is that. I'm going to build this monster in two pieces so that I can get it through the doors and I'll dry fit it, stain and finish and then attach the back when it finds its new home. The whole chair base measures about 42" x 37" at the base and will be screwed to a piece of 3/4 Baltic birch plywood for stability. In lieu of casters, I'm going to add 6 - 2 1/2" sliders to facilitate moving. Here's my progress to date: This is the basic design (sans seat). Single shelf on the front (each side) and a single shelf on each side and a shelf/storage space underneath. On top of the side shelves will the arms. They will also be made from baltic birch and trimmed out with oak. For those inquiring minds, the computer in the background is tuned to Spotify. This is the back side of the chair where I added a vertical kick/seat support. The space on the front under the seat is 14" deep and may be used as a shelf or a storage space. I toyed with the idea of a making this vertical support slide into the side book space making a hidden stash but it sounded too much like work. I'm already wishing I had done it. From the back, there will be a drawer for extra storage. Here is the chair with the seat laid in place. The seat in 18" off the floor and there will be a 3" cushion made for the chair. The arms are 26" from the floor to the top of the arms. Looks like next up is the creation of the chair back. The back will hold a book case accessible from the rear and will tilt at a 10 degree angle. Tomorrow, I'll get more plywood to secure the lower seat section.
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    Ron Altier

    Bird houses and wasps

    I've posted here saying that wasps had invaded my birdhouses and killed small birds. I also said that I had sprayed the inside with dry teflon, thinking the wasp nest would not stick. Today I removed one of my bird houses and found two nests, one made by a bird and one made by the wasps that chased the bird away. This time I installed some very thin Teflon sheeting to the upper parts of the house. I also had to restore much of the declarations, the sun had eaten them again. I have several more to go.
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    Lissa Hall

    pictures of cabinet i made

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    Shaker-ish spice cabinet

    About a dozen years ago, my daughter & husband were renting a 19th century house with a 19th century kitchen. She asked me to make a spice cabinet for her. Two houses later, they've now re-done their kitchen and don't need it any more. But I do, so it came back. Different sized spice containers than she had, but still works.
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    Wife is gone for the day

    but first I have to complete two frame for her glass makings. As I was taking pictures of our makings, I noticed we have filled the house with our stuff. I feel better when we build things instead of buying. Her clown and horses pictures on the mantle. Then I swung around the room which has a few of of the things we made the last couple of years. Plus the enclosed ironing board and clock back in the mud room. She is gone and I haven't cleaned the kitchen yet, probably won't either... That book case with the four drawers was about the first thing I built after we moved here. The end of the spice rack you can see kinda next to the fridge with a pinkish tone. I would say we have the makings of some serious conversations in and around our rooms
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    Boy, Was I Surprised

    So last Friday, I spent most all afternoon and evening performing a series of small jobs for my step-father. The main one was repairing his clothes dryer plus a mixed bag of other things...while picking up my tools in the laundry room, he disappeared for a bit...when I went to check on him, he had pulled these off the fire place mantel where they've "resided" for years. He handed them to me and said "I want you to have these if you want them?" They belonged to his grandfather (a carpenter by trade)... This is not a tool gloat (well maybe just a little), but I was overwhelmed to receive this as family heirlooms...Thanks for looking! I think the one on the left is mahogany??? The one on the right is hard maple. Both are in remarkable good condition for being ~125-150 years old Notice the heavy layers of leather strapping put in place to cushion your hand. Also I'm assuming the optional add on leg bolt to adjust the fence position I think both f these might have been used to cut window sash moldings and also for some trim work as they both have multiple cutters some with a degree of profile The only markings on either were on this one..."great-grandfather's" initials stamped in one end.
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    I'm Beat

    By the numbers: 2 states 14+ hours 800+ miles 2 refuelings 5 comfort breaks 1 detour 7 construction zones 2 delays due to accidents on the road 1 closed exit with poor detour signs, leading to 8 miles of travel to get to 100 yards from that closed exit 2 frozen pasties to go 1 Five-mile bridge 2 Great Lake shores Millions and millions of trees 2 sandwich meals on the run 2 travel facts a) no matter how fast you go, there's always someone that wants to pass you b> no matter where you go to a Wal*Mart, you cannot distinguish where you are by the clientele, or the staff 1 tired driver with 2 tired eyes 1 Beautiful full moon on last 30 minutes driving 2 people glad to be home 1 TGIF that's going to be late
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    John Morris

    Shaker Style Vanity (Poplar)

    Well, this has been quite the week for the ol Morris home! I had fully intended on finishing our Walnut Vanity, but we were informed an appraiser was going to come out this Tuesday to value our home for a VA refi. At first I had not thought of it, but it finally struck me, hey, if this guy is coming out to appraise, we should probably have our bathrooms fully functional. While the 1/4 bath downstairs with the Walnut Vanity is fully functional, the kids bathroom upstairs is not, it's still missing a vanity as well. I called the VA appraiser and asked him if the missing vanity would effect the value of our home, he stated maybe not, but the lender would not be too happy to see their investment missing parts of the home. So my wife and spent an hour discussing what she'd like in the kids bathroom, we ho hummed over the HD and Lowes vanity's, too expensive, they ran anywhere from 300 bucks on up, and we are not ready to spend that much right now, school is getting ready to start for our kids in a couple weeks, and we need to get school clothes still. So we talked about what she wanted, she wanted a white cabinet, and she liked the simplicity of shaker that I have been introducing into our home lately. So I told her, we can build a cabinet and paint it white! She loved it. So we got into high gear and I ran out yesterday and grabbed a stack of poplar from the lumber dealer, and came home and drew something up to get approval by my wife. Just a simple shaker cabinet, with the drawer proportions to be worked out still, she is deciding what she is going to put in the drawers. After I drew it up, and got approval from LOML, I started to cutting and joining the poplar boards to make the floor, and sides of the cabinet. I was not too concerned about grain matches etc, the cabinet will be painted on the outside, but I did want some grain symmetry for the floor of the cabinet, as the interior will be natural and varnished. This morning I was able to get the panels glued up and out of the clamps, squared up and cleaned up. They look pretty good. Over this next week, I'll come home from work and put a couple hours a night on the vanity, tomorrow I'll be cutting in the dado's and assembling the floor and sides. I called the appraiser and told him to hold off a week while I get this vanity wrapped up and installed. He agreed. So I have a week to get this wrapped up, painted, and installed, and functioning! Wish me luck!
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    Robert McMillan

    My work

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    steven newman

    What to do with a...

    Maybe I should call this Drawer Wars? Episode 2? Shop NOW has an air compressor thingy.. Not much, put can clean up a few things.... Planks were moved to the shop...one at a time.....was a bit bummed out..they are only 8 footers.. Cleared the bench off, and got ready to crosscut a few pieces.. Tried this D-8.....get-up-n-go...said no. Got out the VINTAGE Sears circular saw instead ( I did do one cut with the saw, though ) But, when I need 10 pieces cut...corded saw was faster. Marked each for width..according to the drawer fronts. Fired up the bandsaw and ripped the waste off. Kind of a wavy cut,,,,we have ways to fix "wavy" Millers Falls No. 14. after a few minutes.. Went through the stack, and found two that were close to the same thickness... The drawer front was relieved of the two junky sides, and a start on their replacements was began.. Looks a little better? slipped this back into the case.. Will need fine tuned for fit, but that will happen after a glue up...The other drawer front was next.... Was asked to make slightly smaller pins and tails....PITA to do..but.. Started to make a few mistakes about then. Pins were going the wrong way. No biggie, really....inside of drawer front became outside of drawer front. Figured I'd stop right here, before any other items go wrong...slid this mess into it's home.. And called it a night. I even had to use the mitre saw! Had to square a few ends on the sides. Ever see "see-through shavings" from a saw? Doctor visit in the morning, to see how this thumb is, or isn't healing. After that, a few errands...maybe some shoptime by afternoon? Stay tuned
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    Gene Howe

    The de-bending or de-bowing project

    If you recall, I cut and sized some walnut strips for a rifle case. After setting on the bench a day, the strips developed bows. I wanted to save all my labor so, the pictures below, with verbiage added, detail my high tech solution. First a couple of de-bending chambers were required. One 10' section of sewer pipe, cut in half did the trick. Had to cement end caps on each. The work Mate came in handy, too. The formula for the de-bending solution and it's application is quite complicated so, pay close attention. First, fill both de-bending chambers with water. Then add wood. Finally add 3 capfuls of the De-Bending Fluid. Sometimes called Bending Fluid. Better known as Fabric Softener. Ideally, it should be in direct sun, too. Let the solution do it's thing for 24 hours or so. . While the wood is "cooking", prepare your clamping station. Here is mine, with all the clamps and cauls ready for action. After the solution has sufficiently permeated the wood, take it to the clamping station. Take your time. It's not critical that it get clamped immediately like steam bending. Mine were arranged for the most expeditious use of clamps, then covered with wax paper to prevent rust forming on the clamps. Wasn't worried about the wood. It gets ebonized, anyway. I'll let this set for 72 hours and then, test for dryness. It won't get unclamped until it's dry.
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    My woodworking shop

    OK, so I just recently joined and was asked for pictures of my shop. Well I have three so I'll show you one of my wood shop. Sorry, this is my metal shop can't find the wood working shop pictures at the moment. In the first picture you can see a vertical band saw this is one I built from wood, That included the large saw wheel.. Hope these are OK for now. Paul
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    Kenny Tarmack

    How it's made part 7

    For those who followed my series, I totally forgot to post pictures of my stairs after it was completely done, sorry guys and gals. A close up of how flawlessly the treads and risers fit into the routed stringers, (see part 5 for pics of the stringers and how it's put together). Yes, there is a kink in the wall rail, due to a run change between the upper 7 treads and the lower 4 treads, (see part 6 as to why). The top of the balusters fit into a hole drilled in the underside of the rail, the bottoms sit in a hole drilled into the tread, epoxy is put into the holes on the treads to keep them from moving and rattling, small pin nails are shot along side of the balusters on the top to keep them from rattling, basically the nails wedge the balusters against the rail. I used small trim screws to secure the left side of the tread to the stinger and placed the screws so that the shoe on the balusters would cover them. Also got the sliding barn doors done that encloses the utility room, and am currently working on the curved bar. Looks like a small bar, but the bar top will overhang by 10-12" which will in effect make it bigger.
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    John Morris

    Where's Stick!

    I just shot ol Stick a "well check up" via PM. Have not seen him in days, which is not typical. When anyone goes missing we'll shoot them a well check to see if they are alright, especially in @Stick486 case where he is all alone in the mountains. If anyone knows he is well and above sod, please report here, or even better, if Stick can check in. Just a brief story, we had awhile back one of our moderators not report in for a long time nor answer emails. Fearing the worse, we finally sent the Sheriff over to check up on him, he is senior, with health issues, so we were concerned. Turned out he fell on rough times and lost internet connectivity. So we do care folks! We are one big dysfunctional family here, but we care. Life can be so precarious, you just never know when one of us may just fall over, and that's it. Hopefully Stick can hear this. SNORK!!!!!!!!!!
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    Steve Krumanaker

    Another platter

    I've been wanting to add some color to some of my turnings and posted a little about that earlier. At the time I was working on another decorative platter and have just put the sealer coat on it. Probably should've waited and taken better pictures but I wanted to share and got impatient. The platter is soft maple, turned to about 1/8" thick and about 12" diameter. My original thought for the center motif was to use water color paint. After several practice pieces I just wasn't getting the "pop" I was after and decided to use aniline dye. It is definitely a more robust color. The sky, the tree, the animals, and the bottom are pyrography. The underside I was excited about doing this piece there are several things I really like about it. Even so, I'm just not sure it "works". Steve
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    Great week for woodturning here at The Patriot! @Ron Altier continued experimenting with JB Weld and found it turns and finished nicely. Here's his first go at working with it- Ron explains what he did here- After some additional testing, he finished up a beautiful ornament- Additional information about what he did is here- @oleglenn posted 2 images of a gorgeous bowl he made- See all the images and the great comments here- @RustyFN asked about sealing wood to help prevent cracking. He received several ideas. Jump over to his post and see if you can help him out! @Steve Krumanaker keeps turning out unbelievable pieces of art. His talent of combining turning, carving and pyrography is fantastic. His latest creation is- Steve explains how he did this at- @Chips N Dust started a conversation about an accessory he found at the Lee Valley site. He posted about a "hollow arbor chuck". Turners might find this item handy especially when using long, thin drill bits. The Lee Valley catalog page is at- http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?cat=1,180,42334&p=75987&WT.ac=pos2_SpecialBuy_09A0826 Speaking of Lee Valley. Their newsletter has a neat turning for a pen/pencil holder. Instructions for turning these are at- http://www.leevalley.com/en/newsletters/Woodworking/2509/Article1.htm Several weeks ago, we were discussing drying options for green turned bowls. Rick Turns added a nice little video on making an inexpensive drying box. His experiences have been that it will dry a bowl in 5-7 days. Tim yoder put up a 2 part video on making a String Top. Part 2 is linked from the You Tube site. I decided to not wait until the second week in December to get started on Christmas gifts. Chang and Eng (from last week) was the first gift. This week I almost finished the second gift. Recently I received a box full of wood, some that I have never had the opportunity to turn. There was some iron wood, a piece of burl, Sapele and some antler. I wasn't sure what to make from the burl, at first. I originally thought of some sort of wall art- but I'm not much of an artist (in fact the seventh grade art teacher said about all I could draw was flys). Anyway. I decided I would make the burl go as far as possible. The first piece is a small shallow bowl. The top needs a few more applications of lacquer. The lip is undercut. Made completely with Easy Wood Tools! Safe Turning
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    Just built a cart

    Now the weed burner set up will have a set of wheels and a place to hang the torch and things. I didn't have to buy a thing for the tires and wheels was stock from the go cart sales way back when and the rest of the junk metal was just that, junk. Now I hope the propane tanks are still the same size as this one which we used on a mini motor home in the mid 60's. The handle and base were parts of bed rails from a nursing home remodel. It seemed the staff kept getting their fingers cut off and other things from a bad design when built. Wife called me on day and said we have some free metal so bring a big trailer.. Notice in the picture of my rubber grip on the top piece...part of an air hose. Anyone who has been around for a long time will agree that storage areas keep getting smaller and smaller the older a person gets so I still have to attach the hanging devices I also built to store the torch and attachments on top of this unit after the paint dries... Right now the paint is being cooked on with the sun...
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    There is a story about a lawyer who'd visit a farm B&B every summer. One year he showed up and the farmer's teenage daughter had a baby. Knowing what happened the prior summer, he asked if it was his. "Yes," the farmer said. "Well you should have contacted me. I'm an honorable man and would have married your daughter to help keep her honor," said the lawyer. "Well, we talked about it and decided we'd rather have a bastard child in the family than a lawyer," answered the farmer.
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    steven newman

    What to do with a...

    Plank that is 4/4 x 13" x 49" ? Maybe a Five Drawer Chest of Drawers? Two of the "five" would be half width drawers at the top. Frame and panel sides....raised panels. I have a decent supply of 4/4 Maple I cut rip to make the four posts....have a supply of 3/4" for the panels and drawer fronts...plenty ( I hope ) of thinner Poplar for drawer sides. May buy a sheet of 1/4" plywood for the bottoms of the drawers....and the back of the case.. May add some of the Black Walnut as edging for the top? maybe use it as the "dividers" between the drawers? 7 bf should be enough? Primary wood will be that Curly Maple I have just sitting around.... Moral of this post? Painkiller induced naps produce some wild dreams... As soon as I can draw again with this bad thumb. I may do a few drawings to work from...IF anyone wants to see them..
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    Allen Worsham

    Solar Eclipse tomorrow

    I here that the Solar Eclipse tomorrow will look like this in Alabama. 20928715_135554627052204_7931438203406385152_n.mp4
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    Old Age

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    While building some cabinets for a kitchen remodel, I had to apply edge banding to several shelves. OK, it was 14 of them! I had seen a Woodsmith video where they demonstrated how to trim the edge with a router, so I tried it. That was easy and went fairly quick also. Basically, you do two or more shelves at a time. Put them on edge with a spacer in between. Then run a router with a flush trim bit along the edges. Zoom, zoom! I think the pictures tell the story better than I can describe it. The wooden hand clamps worked very well to stabilize the whole thing. Well, I might have used a couple more clamps to keep everything stable.
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    Last week sorta got away from me and we had an outdoor show on Friday evening. As usual the weather was iffy on rain but the forecast was for it to be gone by 5:00. So we thought we had it made but about 7:00 pm, while I'm doing a credit card sale, the bottom falls out. It rained so hard everything we had got soaked, including my iPad, which actually worked after we got it dry. So we spent last weekend and the first of the week drying out everything. Rain drops make spots on the cutting boards so we have been sanding and re-oiling. I also also finished and finally got my order of figure 8's to attaché the top to the Cherry and Maple tables I had been working on. Today they shipped out to MA. and should arrive on Wednesday. The Cherry really came out often the clear finish was sprayed on. Now it is on to other jobs and more work. I also attended a Smith & Wesson school last week and I'm now a certified Armorer for the M&P's. Thats about it for my shop right now, what's on you agenda? I along with everyone here love to see your projects and hear about the process, so post those pictures and share with us you weekend agenda.
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    Cap'n Eddie 12 Cent Pens

    I have turned stick pens for years. They make a great give away and this year I decided to give all 45 of my cousins on my late father's side of the family at our annual reunion in a couple weeks. I decided to make a few extra so I did 60. I got the Bic pens at Wally World. They were a dozen in a package for $1.17 of roughly 10 cents each. I would hope my labor is worth the other two cents. I put a personal touch to mine by making brass inserts where the Bic ink cartridge is inserted using a Unimat Hobby lathe. The pens are made from some left over Brazilian Cherry flooring and the bases were made from Poplar scavenged from pallets where I had worked. I set the bases out in the sun to darken them up a bit. Here is the Cap'n Eddie 12 Cent Pen video in case some have not seen it.
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    never know where to put

    Sure wish I could make these enlargements clearer as I am starting with a pattern thats 5 1/2"x 2 1/4" and then enlarging it to 21"x 13" as things start to get a little fuzzy by then. Something I found online that looks like it might put some head scratching on me for a few days.. Now its only letting me show just part of the picture. Too bad I'm not 8 or 9 years old for I might be able to figure out this computer a little better. Well the bottom end looks about like the top anyway. Too bad I got in a hurry when planing some ruff maple Sunday for after I edge joined the boards and glued them up both of what I have in the clamps are too short for this clock.. Those only took one of the three boards so maybe I can measure and glue up a couple panels today. I was thinking of doing the indian in the picture called end of the trail or something like that. The lines show where the biscuits went. Not only was he at the end of the trail he was also almost out of ink.... I thought I could smell wood burning when I was cutting the maple to size with the 7 1/4' Skil saw and looking at the glue up, yep I did!! The blade is almost as old as the saw, maybe 45 years old with no carbide tips. When a person is getting close to the end of the line also kinda like the indian there is no need to help out the economy by buying more stuff... I will show the next step as I glue the pattern on to the wood getting ready for the scroll saw. (656) Pinterest.html
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    It Was Al B

    31,419 days today

    If I counted right, that's how many days I've been around as of today. Quietly celebrating 86 years on this planet. Sorry guys, only crumbs left from the cake, but I did think of you while enjoying it.
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    How I (we) spent a few hours yesterday; very enjoyable, yet somber and humbling. Here's a few pics. All of these planes saw action during WWII from late 1944 on... @clhyer....it happened! P-51 Trainer (dual seat) B-25 (we were restricted from getting close to this one. The second picture shows one of the staff members with a bullhorn clearing some people who broke the line and crawled inside the "25" B-24 B-17 This picture made the day! My step-father (a WWII veteran, 90-1/2 y/o) and my oldest grandson (~6-1/2 y/o; started 1st grade today)
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    John Morris

    Happy Birthday Pops! (August 2017)

    To my wonderful pops @jack morris, Happy Birthday! You are a strong 84 yrs old, and still making sawdust! Ready for cake and ice cream ol timer! My dad with our son Jeroid, his grandson. My son and I left the girls behind a couple weeks ago and headed up to dad's place, and just had a fun guys day out. Of course, Grandpa gives our son an ice cream upon arrival, (son holding said ice cream in photo) hey what are grandpas for! Lately my dad has been busy building bird houses for sale. A couple weeks ago I brought them all down to my home and shop, and our daughter made a "For Sale" sign for his birdhouses, and I set them out front of my own shop for sale as I am working. We have sold a few already! I got your cash dad, I'll be delivering it to you shortly! Dad makes these bird homes from scrap lumber, and branches and twigs he finds as he walks around his mountain home. Here is Dad's mountain home, we love visiting him and the kids get to run around, get in trouble, and just wind down and have fun. Pops and I built that two car garage size shop for him back in 2005. And he lives in this single wide alone, with his dog, and he loves it. The bachelor life! Alright Pops, Happy Birthday again, love ya, we all love ya. Keep on trucking dad!
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    steven newman

    A Before & After

    Paid $3 for a small plane last weekend.. Closing Time Cutey ? Was marked as $7.....Got around to a rehab this morning.. Sears must have ordered a LOT of red paint.... Took less than an hour to clean it up.. Got rid of the ugly red finish, most was gone, anyway. Flattened the back of the iron, tuned the chipbreaker, bolt handle bolts needed shortened. BLO wipe-on, wipe-off on the handles. Test drive? Seemed to do ok on Maple. Might be worth the $3?
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    While we were on vacation a few week we stopped at a flea market looking around. Ron saw this piece in the bottom of a display cabinet and pointed out an old caliper. Upon further observation I noticed it was a Belcher Bros. piece. I debated on whether to purchase it or not and my wife finally went back in and bought it for me. This is the third one of these I have run across and each one is different. Belcher Bros is one of the hardest to find rulers, the most rare and generally cost the most. The first one I found is hinged in the middle and folds up. They started making these around 1822 and closed shop in 1873. These logo was used from 1853 to 1873. One side is a shoe sizer and the other side is a ruler or caliper. What really drew me to this one was on one side. A four inch ruler that is Ivory. First one I have found by Belcher Bros with the Ivory. I have three Stanley Ivory rulers. Pretty excited to add this one to my collection. Thanks Ron for pointing it out to me.
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    Retirement plaque

    Here is a plaque I made for a Marine buddy who recently retired from the Navy Reserve. Made from walnut. We served on active duty together in the Marines in the late '70s. He retired from the Navy reserve and I retired from the Army National Guard. Never know where life will take you. Jay
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    Ron Altier

    Rube Drill vac

    I have been wanting to hook up my vav to my drill press. I gave it some thought and came up with this. I used super magnets, an old lamp flex shaft and Dap Rapid Fuse glue. (It was free, from an offer on this site.) It held really great, however you must remember it is a CA glue and must be handled as CA. I custom made a wood block with 3 small super magnets and two large iron magnets. I put it on the bed post so it would always follow the work. It works really well and stays in place. The flex allows easy positioning.
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    Spent the weekend working on the other half of the shop remodel - moved the lumber stack, removed cabinets from the wall, removed the old workbench against the wall, moved tools to make room, removed existing dry wall so I can install insulation and new wiring. Right now, I am looking at bare studs. Last night about 9:45 there was a knock at the door, of course I answer the door with a gun in my hand. It was my neighbor from across the street telling me there is a fire next to my property by the road going into the high school. I ran out there to see what we had (no shoes on) and see that it is burning along the fence line towards my trailer and company pickup. The neighbor across the road from me said he had called 911. Ran over the hose, but forgot I had taken the extra length off, ran into the house, put on some slipper, ran through the shop to grab a 5 lb fire extinguisher and knocked the fire down at the back of my flatbed trailer. Fire department rolled up at that point (the station is maybe 1 1/2 blocks away) and they hit it with water. Once they knocked it down, they hit it with foam and soaked the whole area. I went into the back yard and set up a sprinkler along the fence to hit that area if any embers made it that way. Luckily, the wind was blowing the other direction. Before the FD left, they got out their IR device and did not find any hot spots. The neighbor who called it in, told me he heard a kid yell "Holy #@*$! and then took off on a skate board as he saw the fire start up. With the shadows, he was not able to get a good look at the kid, but the cops were looking for a kid on a skate board. One of the fire fighters told me the cops did stop a person and was talking to them. Luckily, it was seen early and everyone responded well so all that was burnt was some grass and weeds. The fire was not actually on my property, but on the road into the deserted flag lot behind me.
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    Wednesday's Inspired

    In Lew's July 12 Wednesday's Wisdom post he posted a video showing a wooden case tape measure being made. I have my front lawn sprayed for weeds and fertilized and the outfit that does it leaves a little trinket each time they come. This time it was a 3' tape measure with a cloth tape. It even has a metric scale on the other side and is spring retractable. I thought I could make a wooden case for it so I did. I turned a Walnut case to fit it and drilled a hole in the center for return button and then made a thin Poplar cap for the other side for a little contrast. I used a threaded rivet and screw to make the retract button. Have a look, it works well.
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    Can't remember when we bought this shop on wheels but I know I been putting the under pinning off as long as I could. Well she finally made up her mind and said my size 12 boots are gonna be kicking your rear if you don't get started on the underpinning you promised two or three years ago. So I finally started laying out the things I would need and yesterday morning I actually started working on keeping her happy. I got this much done and would you know it, it started raining, or maybe I was hoping for rain or a blizzard or something. She wouldn't even let me stop to get a drink of water.... I can imagine what she is thinking. It was a little easier reading her mind especially after seeing that gun she is trying to hide. Well it finally started getting my tools wet so I says these things cost too much and they will all rust or something and I could get electrocuted even...I know everyone knows what a pouted frown looks like but she finally let me stop for the day. Now go put that gun up!!!!!!!
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    Hello All!

    wasn't any of them... more my style... however this does happen every so often...
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    John Morris

    Where's Stick!

    You had us concerned Stick! See, you are loved man! Now next time you do that you'll need to punch out on our time clock, the least you could've done was submit a request for vacation from here, we should dock your pay for that!
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    FEWTEL - sequence of stock preparation.

    A good way to remember the sequence for preparing rough stock is the acronym FEWTEL F - face - flatten one face E - edge - joint one edge square to that flattened face W - width - rip to finish width T - thickness - other face to uniform thickness. E - end - square up one end L - length - cut to finish length Works if you're using power equipment, hand tools, or a little of both.
  39. 8 points
    steven newman

    What to do with a...

    Roh-kay....Hide from the GrandBRATS....Sharpen a pencil Not that skinny little thing, either... Need this to sharpen.. At least I can use a chisel for something useful.. Ok, I tried to use the Stanley No. 8...just could not grip it well enough to use it...Went with the Ohio Tool Co. No. 0-7 instead Made a mess (again) until I was getting full width shavings almost the entire length, note the shaving sitting by that little square.. This was the worst of the two edges, once I reached the line along the edge, I flipped the part over, and jointed the "good" edge Define "Good" At least it wasn't wavy...plane didn't take all that long, this time.. Gaining on it. Then came the Stanley 45.. The "bad edge" of the groove? Had this pointing the other way, going against the grain ( Dummy..) and a chip got between the part and the fence...turned it around, kept an eye out for wayward chips... Traced the foot detail onto the new stile..bandsaw to cut, beltsander and a spokeshave to clean up.. Then clamped the two stiles together, and adjusted this until both matched the other. While these were clamped up,where they wouldn't move around I could use the rails and a square to transfer the locations to the "new" stile. I could crosscut a couple panels,and check for fit.. Crosscut 1x 8 Maple in the Langdon? Not exactly....I cut almost all the way through on one...whew...then turned things over to the Bandsaw to finish things up. Thumb was starting to get sore.... Hauled enough planks to layout all 8 panels from. Then decided to just layout the last two stiles for tomorrow's ( MAYBE) shoptime adventures.. This was the better of the two. the one underneath is a lot worse. What dummy saws like that....oops Time to call it quits for the day. Go upstairs, have a Percocet and sit awhile. Can't run spinning sharp objects until that wears off. Need the thumb nice and chilled out next time, as there will be a mallet in use....mortises need done Stay tuned...
  40. 8 points


    This is what sold me on the tool was that the standard 30,60,45,90 degree angles are basically easy to set up accurately with squares ,triangles,and protractors, the odd angles become trial and error. Just .1 degree on a 11 sided polygon, (hendecagon) will give you a total error of 2.2 degree when assembled. Fer example I made a wooden bucket one time that was supposed to have 32 staves ( icosidodecagon ), when I went to assemble it the last stave was wide open on the last joint. By removing one stave it was perfect,so it ended up a 31 stave bucket (triacontakaihenagon) and only I knew the difference. But when I went to attach the bail, instead of being straight across it was one stave off. Herb
  41. 8 points

    Harbor Freight new lines

    I've tried to stay out of this topic, but finally decided to toss my 2 cents in since I already had my coffee...John not picking on you at all, but using your ISO statement to further clarify what that actually means. I speak with some knowledge having met the requirements of obtaining an ISO Lead Auditor Certification via a Certified Registrar and leading and conducting a variety of formal internal audits for a Fortune 50 Company. Because a manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 Certified (compliant) does not necessarily mean they turn out high quality products. ISO certification essentially means, as a manufacturing facility, you operate under a defined and documented quality plan written internally which includes a specific process to mitigate quality errors If (when) they occur and you execute to your plan. The quality level of any product is ultimately defined by the end customer (consumer) proportional to the price paid for the product, the durability and reliability of the product as well as parts and service beyond the sale (aka dealer organization). As John noted, I believe we all try to by American made products when/where possible, but it is up to those companies to justify their value. I'm in business too...the business of doing what I need to get done efficiently and as effectively as possible while maintaining my own personal cash flow. I could rant here for hours about the obscene level of compensation CEO's and other top executives earn while resourcing the work to undeveloped parts of the world, but it's your lucky day...I won't do that However, while Bosch (and some others) makes a quality tool and may in fact assemble some of those tools right here in the good 'ole USA, Bosch Co. IS NOT an American company; therefore the overall profits earned ultimately do not stay in this country but return to the "mother-land." Note in the first paragraph below, the gross sales last year is specified in Euros, NOT American dollars...just sayin' From Bosch Co Home Page...Bosch in the U.S.A. The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 390,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2016). The company generated sales of 73.1 billion euros in 2016. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology.... ...The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 60 countries. Including sales and service partners, Bosch’s global manufacturing and sales network covers nearly every country in the world. The basis for the company’s future growth is its innovative strength. At 120 locations across the globe, Bosch employs some 59,000 associates in research and development. The company was set up in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861-1942) as “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering.” The special ownership structure of Robert Bosch GmbH guarantees the entrepreneurial freedom of the Bosch Group, making it possible for the company to plan over the long term and to undertake significant upfront investments in the safeguarding of its future. Ninety-two percent of the share capital of Robert Bosch GmbH is held by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable foundation. The majority of voting rights are held by Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG, an industrial trust. The entrepreneurial ownership functions are carried out by the trust. The remaining shares are held by the Bosch family and by Robert Bosch GmbH.
  42. 8 points
    Robert McMillan

    New to the Fold

    Abraham Setrakian sent me here. I have always been wanting to get into woodworking. Starting out slowly with just a table saw and a sander. I don't have big dreams, just want to make a few things here and there to sale. I also have a laser engraver, to help create images on the wood. I look forward to learning from the members in here.
  43. 7 points

    Paper is not dead.....

  44. 7 points
    Introduction Dear folks, we have just completed a major upgrade for our woodworking community. As you peruse your community you'll eventually notice some nice additions, and you'll also notice some "not too welcome" additions or changes. Please report back any issues or comments you have, here in this topic. This upgrade was necessary, we held off as long as we could because we understand change is not always welcome. But in this case we had too, our developers have addressed some security issues and they have also upgraded many features as well. The more you use your community, the more you'll notice the enhancements. Patience You all are some of the most patient community members I have ever known, and I'd like to personally thank all of you for sticking with us, and working with us as we travel through this wonderful world of woodworking and building an online woodworking community we can all call home. In closing Hey, before anyone starts throwing rotten tomatoes at the staff, or me, please keep in mind we are all here on a volunteer basis. This community is not used as an ATM, or a profit center, we are a not for profit in the truest sense, not a single staff member nor myself, or our admins, get paid a single dime for our efforts here. We are all here for our love of woodworking, meeting new friends, and most importantly, supporting our disabled veterans. We spend countless hours here at the "Backstage" level and volunteer countless hours on the "Mainstage", and we ask nothing in return, just your happiness! Thank you for helping us make this community of woodworkers a great place to be.
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    Gene Howe

    The Coffee Pot

    Tiger lily Weed
  46. 7 points

    First attempt

    Here is the first attempt at the 7-day clock, this is the mock-up for the real thing ,this one is made of a cedar stud. what do you think? is the face OK? is there too much white around the face? Does the black hand look too clunky? Should it be a different color hand? Herb
  47. 7 points
    Got to work on the pew boxes. Now have orders for 45 boxes and 17 plaques. Got the bottoms on five boxes glued up. Also cut parts out for about 24 . This is the sign up display at church.
  48. 7 points
    This was the disciplinarian when I went to school although I seem to recall a series of holes drilled in it to reduce wind shear...One meeting with it usually resolved any follow-up meetings. It did require removing a teacher from the classroom, but only for a minute or two. The administration in the hallway kept the classroom quiet and focused. I could be wrong, but it seemed the lights would dim for a few seconds too. The principle took care of making the phone call to the parent(s). The parent/student meeting took place at home..it .would have been better if it had occurred at the school...at least there would have been witnesses.
  49. 7 points
    A dry fit of the two Cherry and maple tables before glue up and finishing room. More to come.
  50. 7 points

    Installing small hinges

    I use lots of very small hinges on the clocks and things. Nothing use to get my goat worse than busting the wood out trying the get the screws inserted... Now no problem when I counter sink a slanted hole just a hair smaller than the threads of the screws I am needing to install to hold the hinges. No you can't buy a slanted drill bit to exactly fit every screw out there. Hold the screw under the drill bit and grind it down until just the threads show on each side of the bit. The body of the bit doesn't hold the screw in , the threads do!! These three sizes of hinges shown are 3/4" x 9/16", 1/2"x 1/2" and 5/16"x 5/16" so the screws are very small. I save my wore out drill bits for this purpose. Chuck up a drill bit and run it against a bench grinder stone and taper the bit so when you hold the screw to be used under the bit all you need to show is the threads on each side of the bit. ......Even though the screws will go in without busting the wood I still use a wet bar of soap on the tip of the screw to make it easier to inserting the screw.. And I would advise using a drill press with a jig so the pre drilled holes are exactly where they need to be.... I used 1/4" BB so inserting a screw in the middle of the 1/4" width is hard to accomplish using a hand drill. After I make sure everything is lined up I take off the hinges to do the finishing then when ready to reinstall the hinges I put a dab of glue on the tip of the screws for insurance. No the bits don't exactly drill a hole, maybe burn a hole is more of a better word but the hole gets where it needs to be and no screw ups to worry about later... Its saves time to do things right the first time. The center tapered bit looking thing is actually a part of a welding rod. It was all I could find long ago when I needed a certain size hole!!! The 5/16" hinges use a small brad shorter than 1/8" long. They were bought for a doll house table hinges. On and I did find some 1/4" screws at Hobby Lobby that are exactly the right size for the 1/2"x1/2" hinges. Only place I could find them with flat tapered phillips heads. I know I have mentioned this before but hey for you guys that forget too soon, here you go again. Oh, the screws I got at Hobby Lobby are a hair too big for the hole in the hinges. So take a drill bit and counter sink the holes just a hair larger than they already are. Now that wasn't too hard was it?
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