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    I just wanted to wish all the woodworkers who show up here every day, or some days, a wonderful fantastic beautiful time in all your shops, I truly do mean that. I love woodworking, and I love interacting with fellow woodworkers on any level. You all are the best, and I'd like to personally thank each of you for showing up, and sharing, collaborating, teaching, learning, mentoring, and being here for each other in this wonderful most awesome adventure called woodworking! I just felt like saying that folks, we love ya'll here, and I personally feel blessed to be able to wake up in the morning before I head off to my day job, and check in here, and I feel blessed to be able to check in here at night, and whenever I can get on here, which is quite often actually. And I feel incredibly blessed to have a wife and family who puts up with it all. Woodworking, fun, addictive, peaceful, exciting, new people, new knowledge, it's what it's all about. Thank you all. Ya I know, I been mushy a tad lately, don't know what's been coming over me, menopause? Thank you folks.
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    ...and surprised. Stumpy Nubs http://www.stumpynubs.com sponsored a chair building contest. I was just notified that my Morris chair took second prize. The prize is a Smart Vise. Here's the chair.
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    Last week I Showed you the start of my top Secret Project. Well here are 2 nearly done and 2 to go . They are wall plaques for for my Medival Horizontal lock replica and the Violin locks I made. Herb
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    Finally got the lock plaques done. here are the last two, and all four. These were made out of some scraps of Ipe decking material that was given to me. Herb
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    I started with some Blood Wood scraps in my hand on the way to toss them and some of it kind of looked like a flower petal. I made it and coated it with epoxy, which wasn't a good idea, won't do that again. I wanted to get a more natural looking surface, didn't come out as I hoped. It looked pretty sad. I redid some of it, still didn't like it. My wife said "Why don't you put a butterfly on it" I did, 2 of them.
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    I have been working at clearing out some of my old wood that was too good to toss but not able to build much else with it. The wood is Madron that I have had for a number of years on the side of my house. It was wood that had originally been air dried as opposed to kiln dried so it got some beetles in them that have left a number of holes and tunnels in. The Madron wood has some really great grain which really needed to be shown off. So I cut up the wood and made a few Coat/Hat racks with the larger pieces and some Necklace/Key racks to sell to help with our travel expenses for our Midwest trip in July. The hardware on the Coat/Hat racks are from Hobby Lobby and I have some D-rings on the back 16" apart to hang on studs as they will hold more weight. The Necklace/Key racks have those alligator clips to hang on screws since they are light weight and some 3/4" cup hooks from Home Depot. With the exception of the 2 darker stained Necklace/Key racks (which I used a darker stain on) the finish for all the pieces was done using Watco Danish Oil in Natural Color to bring out the grain and then a "Wipe On Poly" for the top coat. Not a difficult project but it did take me some time in between dealing with normal day-today stuff going on around the house.
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    Can ya'll say moral booster! Reading through every single response here made me proud of "what we all have accomplished!". There's a topic in our community where @Dadio said (paraphrasing) "nothing gets built alone, there is a team behind every project". And the team here, our forum hosts, our admins, and you, our contributors, take away one of those variables and we cease to exist. Thank you all for the generous remarks, I sincerely hope as you make those comments, you are also patting yourselves on the back. Stick around folks, we have more levels to rise too, it takes time, and patience, and both are in great supply around here. But we'll get there! Have a fantastically wonderful and safe week ahead!
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    It's is a replica of the famous Chinese painting "Along The River During The Quinming Festival" created by artist Zhang Zeduan during the Song Dynasty..
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    I made this Toy Chest for my Great Grandson, Jason Mike
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    Made it up to Nashville weekend before last to do a little picking. As I was walking down the rows I saw this piece sitting on a table. it it caught my eye and I had to have a closer look. It is called a Ruler Clock patented in 1935. This one still winds up and keeps time. I thought it would make a nice piece for my desk so it had to come home with me. Patriot Picker.
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    Due to a condition in my hands, I am extra clumsy and drop more things than most people. Those things always roll where you can't see or in places unknown. I had a magnet on a pole, but it was limited, wouldn't bend. I got a couple of small bar magnets at HD, a fiberglass pole from a bike flag and made a handle out of ply. As luck would have it, I dropped a very tiny screw, one so small that I'd never find another or even hope to see. The paint wasn't dry on my new pick up, but I used it anyway. NICE...........I found it on the second sweep over a crack in the cement.
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    ignored the fact that it's Monday and hung out the new shingle...
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    It's been hot and humid here in south central PA for the past several day. Working outside was sweaty to say the least. Our turners have been busy with some beautiful projects. Member Steve showed us his gorgeous walnut bowl. I pulled this from his post- You can read the comments on this on his post: I love the grain patterns, color contrasts and the flawless finish. Gerald has been working on the Beads of Courage bowls. He has added color and turned some lids. Check out his post: Can't remember how I found this link but it is an interesting article on the "Evolution of a Goblet Design". The article is by Bill Ooms and was posted by the American Association of Woodturners. AW2902p24-26.pdf Rick, of Rick Turns, posted the May listing of You Tube woodturning videos. Carl Jacobson uploaded a video on making a turned lamp. This one has a rather modern look- The last couple of days of school, when I subbed, some of the kids were "using" their Fidget Spinners". Some schools have banned them, others have embraced them. Personally, I can think of more creative ways to satisfy nervous energy in school- but that's just me. Anyway, Tim Yoder gets caught up in the craze. Here's part one of his video turning a spinner. Part two is linked from the You Tube page. There was a discussion today, here on the TPW, concerning the merits- or lack thereof- of Facebook. I saw a Facebook post displaying turner Simon Begg's turnings. This is a screen shot of just one of his pieces. His work is spectacular. I wonder how he creates the dimple with such smooth interiors. Check out all his turnings at- https://www.simonbeggswoodturning.com/ I finally gave up trying to do any more to the ash vase I was attempting. As per usual, my sanding/finishing techniques failed me. Seems like scratches appear out of nowhere. Also, I think I went one step too far by adding the copper wire. The butterfly dutchmen didn't seem to provide enough contrast. In hindsight, I should have quit while I was ahead. I turned this piece with the log center perpendicular to the lathe axis. As it dried the "tree center" areas tended to poke out. I really wanted to have the grain rings/pores highlighted more. Keeping my eyes open for some red oak. Safe Turning
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    Only so much you can do in an apartment...
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    I was hesitant to identify one tool as my favorite and thereby make the others jealous. You don't want a shop full of jealous tools.
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    I have been dreading doing this project but I got through it. I have made cremation urns before but never for a close family member and never turned one on the lathe. My nephew was a good man and sadly has left this world much too soon. There are three urns here. My sister wanted to bury the cremains. His significant other and his brother wanted some to remember him by? I was honored/tasked with the project and obliged them. My sister gets the one on the left, his significant other gets the one on the right and his brother just wanted something small and gets the one in the middle. He was an organ donor and a small bronze plaque was given with the remains saying so. I set it in to the top of the one going to my sister. This is the project I needed the Easy Wood Hollower for and it did a fine job.
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    Hello! Gordon's pizza? No sir it's Google Pizza. So it's a wrong number? No sir, Google bought it. OK. Take my order please .. Well sir, you want the usual? The usual? Do you know me? According to caller ID, the last 12 times, you ordered pizza with cheese, sausage, thick crust OK! That's it May I now recommend ricotta, arugula with sun dried tomato? No, I hate vegetables - But your cholesterol is 7.4 How do you know? Through the subscriber's guide. We have your blood tests for the last 7 years Okay, but I don't want this pizza, I already take medicine You haven't taken the medicine regularly, 4 months ago, you only purchased 30 tablets at Drugs Online - I bought more from another pharmacy It's not showing on your credit card - I paid in cash But you did not withdraw that much cash according to your bank statement- I have another source of cash This is not showing on your last Tax form unless you got it from undeclared income source -BLOODY HELL? Stuff Google, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. I'm off to an Island without the internet. I understand sir, but you need to renew your passport; it expired 5 weeks ago.."
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    I wanna know who is selling these idiots hammers and nails. Of course it could be like this carpenter's helper- Carpenter- why are you throwing some of those nails on the ground? Helper- The heads are on the wrong end of the nail! Carpenter- You fool, those are for the other side of the house.
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    I bought an Easy Hollower by Easy Wood Tools some months ago. I bought it without the handle with the idea of making something special for it. I figured I should make the tool removable since there are other hollowing tools available for future purchase possibilities. I had a piece of 1.5" diameter steel rod out in the metal shop so I cut a 4" piece off and took it to the metal lathe and drilled a .5" hole 3" deep for the tool tang. I stuck the end with the hole in the chuck and turned 3" of the shaft down to .875" (7/8) diameter to be inserted into the wood handle. I also drilled and tapped a hole for a .25" set screw. Here is the tool with the insert attached. Time for the handle. Took an 2"X2"X22" piece of Purple Heart and chucked it into the lathe. I drilled a .875" hole in the end for the insert and turned the end to fit a brass bushing on it for support and installed it. Turned the rest of the handle for a total handle length of 18" and with the tool mounted the overall length is 27.5". Next up is a project putting it to use. That will be soon and in another thread.
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    It's been crazy around here this past week. Every day started out going in one direction but ended up at tangents you would not believe! Rusty posted a couple of really fine turnings. I snagged this one from his post- See his description here- Dan built an awesome handle for his new Easy Wood Tools Easy Hollower. Talk about a classy turning tool- Dan walks us through the build in his post- The Woodturning OnLine newsletter came this week. A couple of nice articles. I think I posted a similar article a year or so ago but..... Turning fishing Lures The article is from Popular Woodworking- http://www.popularwoodworking.com/techniques/wooden-fishing-lures Not strictly for the woodturner but the newsletter also has detailed instructions om making a solar kiln. This article is also from Popular Woodworking- http://www.popularwoodworking.com/projects/solar-kiln The link to the newsletter is- https://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php While checking out the "New and Hot" section I was disappointed to see that the publishers are linking to knockoffs of Ruth Niles Stainless Steel Stoppers. I know Ruth personally and only purchase from her. Not because of the acquaintance but because of the quality of her product, service and customer care. She takes great pride in her product. I highly recommend her bottle stoppers- http://www.nilesbottlestoppers.com/ . Mr. David Reed Smith usually publishes "How-To" articles but this one shows off some cute little snowpeople. Looks like these might be some sellers at the craft shows- Check out the entire gallery - http://www.davidreedsmith.com/Gallery/SnowPeople/SnowPeople.html Last week I mentioned a turner, Reed Gray. One of the videos he posted was on the use of various types of scrapers and when to use them. During his demonstration, he talks about a problem most of us have when turning a piece- tear out. At about 10:13 in the video, he show a method to reducing the tearout. Pretty neat! If you have a Face Book account you probably saw this short video from Carl Jacobson. Wear that face shield!!!!!!!!!!! While turning a small vase, I noticed my shop made wooden glue block chuck was developing a small crack. Between catastrophes and emergencies I managed to make a couple from a chunk of maple a buddy had given me. Drilled to 7/8" Tapped 1" x 8 and a pine glue surface added. I also add a small finish nail to each to help center the piece to be turned. The nail is a snug fit and can be pulled out before parting off a turning Safe Turning
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    On my birthday, my daughter bought me a lot of different wood blocks at Rockler. Some exotic, some very hard, some very soft. They were all labeled with abbreviations and I couldn't guess most of them. Anyway i was wondering how I could use a lot of them on one project. Then I remembered a large wooden picture I made years ago. It was flowers cut out of different woods. So I decided to make this one a tree. It came out OK, except when I sprayed a finish on it, some of the colors didn't come out as I thought. The two lower limbs on the left look like the same color, however when they were unfinished they were very different. I'm giving it to my daughter for her birthday
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    Youngest grandson wanted a gift for his special friend at school. Coach is at high school each morning to help with students as they arrive at school. Grandson and Coach talked about hunting a bunch while granddaughter was being helped out of the vehicle. Grandson will start to his own school next year and will not be seeing Coach very much. Pattern was made by Snowman1936 at Scroll Saw Portraits forum several years ago. Size is close to 8X10. It is cut from 1/4 BB Ply with 1/8 BB ply backing using FD UR blades. Used router with bit and guide to round over the edges. Wanted round over to be little more deep but guide went over the backer and caused the first edge gouge. So, decided to make the other corner match and that worked out. Then thought that putting gouges in the top would make it look a plan to do it than an oops. Made the first one – OK. Flipped it over to make the last gouge on the top and the cutting let itself be put in the wrong spot and had two gouges on one of the bottom corners. You can look at the cutting and see how the rest of the story went. The backing is stained the same color almost as the table top shown in the photo. Cutting is sprayed with spray shellac. Thanks for looking, Larry
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    My niece is getting married Sunday and tomorrow is the rehearsal and dinner. Mother of the bride (my sister) wants me to walk her down to her seat instead of one of the ushers. Monday may be a day of rest and relax.
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    Walnut vanity is coming along today. This will go into our quarter bath. The slides are self closing Blu Motion. Base coat of Watco Teak oil followed up with General Finishes Gel Top Coat. Two more coats to go with a 320 grit sanding between coats. My family loves it. I do too! It will be free standing, or floating about 8" above the floor secured in a corner.
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    Making it to the big show! Well folks, the longer we stay live, and stay honest and stay classy, good things just keep happening for our community in the realm of recognition and exposure. We are featured on the back page catalog of the Easy Wood Tools Digital Catalog. Thank you Easy Wood Tools! And thank you for your support! Please download Easy Wood Tool's latest digital catalogue attached below. EWT-catalog-4_18.2017.pdf
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    Next thing will be a feminist uproar over the term "stud"....regardless it's dimensions.
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    Just hauled three 33gal trash cans out of the shop a while back.... After using these to flatten the surface of Door#1 Then a quick cut for length, take it upstairs...Grrrrr, mark how much MORE I need to trim off... Take it back upstairs and start installing hinges.. Everything was going about as well as can be expected, today....the bottom hinge was a little more involved..the little step stool (plastic) broke when I sat down on it.....re-arranged a few things during the fall onto my back. Dragged a better chair out there, and installed the third hinge...shoulder found the corner of the Island on the way down to the floor, going to leave a mark.. Found out I am a package short on hinges....needed 6 hinges..bought 4 (senior moment?) Headed back to the shop, needed to keep moving a bit, otherwise things will stiffen up. Cleared the bench top, have things to do.. Marked a length on the last 1 x 10. Much easier to do the next step with almost a foot less to work on.. Been using both the "new" no.8 and this old Ohio Tool Co. #0-7 as jointers. Had to clean the nozzle on the glue bottle. Yeah, been one of THOSE days. Spread some Elmer's along the edge, and started back by the plane til, adding clamps and adjust the fit. Needed those cauls, again.. Each end and one in the middle, had to replace the one caul clamp... Wasn't enough room to get ME past the washer. Had a Welding "C" clamp....doesn't stick out quite as far. On the installed door, there is a "spot" Just a knot. The other door has the "mate" to this knot. Helps make things look like a solid panel...not much on the inside of the door... Bit of a glue line showing...oh well.... waiting on the glue for Door#2 to cure out, then back to the planes, again.... Stay tuned.
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    You mean like this,Patch? They are 21/2C W X 2C Hi
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    Seems this beat up saw came home with me.... No back on a backsaw? Plate had almost as many dips and curves as the roads down there.. maybe the handle could be saved? Well, this saw has a loose handle, "bolts" are rivets. Unable to tighten things up....I wonder... Holes look close......maybe get rid of the riveted handle? Might just work.... Had to chop up the handle, and cut the rivets off. Shined the brass a bit.. Have filled that little hole where someone used to put a hanger loop through. So, after a few adjustments of a hole or two, adjust the heel of the plate for a btter fit.. Looks more like a Disston No. 4 Backsaw, now. Have filled in some holes, been trying to clean the wood up.. ready for another 90+yrs? 14" long, 11 ppi. Cost so far? NADA.....
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    @John Morris We contribute but you are what makes this site what it is. I can attribute that to the fact that you listen to us when we say there may be a better way. I have always said that about the companies I work for that " we have a huge brain trust right here , so use it to make things better" . Thanks for what you do, and this is the BEST site on the web.
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    Here's the decking so far. Someone asked me if I knew what I was doing. I guess he was hoping for advice. I told him "I've never done it before and I've had no instruction." Isn't that the same for life in general? It sure was for raising kids. Anyway here's a pic of the progress the railing posts are terribly fiddly work can take a whole day to get around one because the boards don't go down flat like face screwed decking they gotta go in sideways because Mister smarty pants wanted hidden fasteners.
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    I too love the site! I check in often but don't post all the time. However I read your post and love to see your projects and shops. I love woodworking and have a most wonderful wife that not only puts up with it but enjoys helping me in the shop and unload and stack lumber. We enjoy the time together and has brought many new friends into our life that we are thankful for. Thanks John for bringing a dream to fruition and giving us all a place to hangout!
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    THANK YOU! You're the one that makes this site great, John.
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    I'm sure we share the same blessings and are equally grateful for all the work you put into the site...thank you... Mushy's good...
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    My little rocking chair was also in the contest.....only got an Honorable Mention.....Not too bad for this first rocking chair I've ever made....
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    I finished the two pictures set for my daughter's birthday. Made them different sizes on purpose. I think she will like them. If she don't, I won't have any prob getting rid of them,
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    What surprises me is that they didn't recognize it as First Place-
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    I have made most of my living selling----don't want to do it any more so I have vowed that I do will be for family and charity. Recently I constructed 24 adjustable bible----cookbook-----Ipad table top stands. These are made available for silent auctions----or other such charity events. Turned out that there was significant interest by many who saw them-----so I made this offer-----show me proof that you contributed 100$ to a charity of "your" choice and you can own one---------well, looks like I have modify that offer as I wont have any left for family, friends etc.
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    I finished finishing the drop leaf table this week and got it delivered. The table is just over 100 years old and had been painted white. Got all the paint off and applied a Standard Brown Walnut dye then sprayed a couple of coats of Shellac and then four coats of General Finishes Enduro-Var. i didnt assemble it because the where picking it up in a car. As for my weekend end there will be a little time with John Deere, stacking some lumber and then picking up a load of Red Elm. I hope to get a little shop time in but I my be at the barn stacking lumber all weekend with the donkeys. So so what is on your agenda? We love to see your projects and hear about your weekend plans. Post those pictures and share with us your projects. Whatever you do this weekend have fun and be safe!!
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    It has been a while since I was out Patriot Picking, but Tuesday, my wife and I made it down to a flea market and I ran up on this Stanley No 45 in the Metal Box. I currently have one with an 1890's patent date in the wooden box and got to looking at this one and it spoke to me so I had to take it home. It looks like it had everything in the box with the wooden holder for the blades along with several other blades laying loose in the box. The box was in good condition and the lid fits nice and tight. It has been used, but doesn't appear to be abused. I am looking forward to cleaning this one up. It has a patent day of July 09, 1901. A nice find and look forward to getting it going.
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    Boss has it moved into place, and loaded up.. Need to make doors for it, next. The Boss is very happy with it...
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    Went to a wood shop in Agallala, Ne yesterday, met with the artists. Interesting guys. Here are some pictures of their projects. Can you identify the type of wood used?????
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    Low level bombing run accomplished. Caves filled in. Wait a couple days to see if any survived and dug out. Found one dead female that was still nursing. So, the cyanide worked for at least one....plus her offspring will likely starve. There's no way to tell how many are dead underground. We saw three peeking at us before the bomb run. Hope we killed the cute little b@#;@rds.
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    Thanks everyone for your response, It took me a good part of a year to figure out a good way to display these. I still have to install a pin to hang the keys on and a clip on the back to hang them on the wall. These are functional locks, I made them from pictures I found on the web 0f ancient medieval padlocks. here are the original pictures., and my replica. Herb
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    Last week I was pushing to get ready for a big craft show we do here in Florence. A two day show over the weekend and I was trying to get my inventory up. I made about 20 cutting boards week before to go along with what I already had made. At one point on Saturday, I was thinking I didn't have enough to get us through Sunday, but the clouds began to build and the rain set in about 2:30 and it just about ended the day. Sunday wasn't bad but it was suppose to rain all day and it didn't but people had already decided it was going to and so the crowd as a little smaller, but we still did good. Not it is back to making more boards to be ready for our next event. This was our booth setup. These folks came in Friday evening and worked a while on setting this booth up. It was just across from us and down a couple f spaces. Not real portable but they were dry when the rain started. So this weekend I'm heading to the large Flea Market in Nashville to get more antique knives we put with the cheese boards. Sold almost out of those at the show. Then in Sunday, we are headed to Huntsville to a large gun show to spend the afternoon. I thinking on Monday, Memorial day we will take a day and just rest and have some fun. How about you all, what is on your agenda for this long holiday weekend? Shop time, BBQ, family time and just relaxing? All of us here at TPW love to hear about your projects and plans, so share with us what's on your agenda for the Memorial Day Weekend? Remember, whatever you do, have fun and be safe!
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    Keep this in your minds and hearts- This upcoming weekend is not about picnics or parties. Only 4 days left to get in on the Easy Wood turning tool raffle! Deadline is May 28!! http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/19437-win-a-full-set-of-easy-wood-tools-and-support-a-great-cause/ We've had a new turner join our ranks since last Wednesday's post! Bernie W posted one of his really awesome mini bird houses Christmas ornaments! You can read all about this at- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/19896-mini-birdhouse/ While on the subject of turned bird houses, Tim Yoder has his own spin on these- Tim added a comment about the perch and that it isn't really necessary for the nesting birds. Member Ron created a new Christmas ornament and his Mrs. immediately appropriated it for her sewing room! Ron posted his description here- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/19889-experimenting/ Although this turner has created a bunch of speciality jig- for production runs- it probably wouldn' be too difficult to make a few of these for gifts. For myself, I manages to pick up a nice chunk of ash today ~30" long and a foot in diameter. Going to attempt to make a vase like on my friend wanted. Safe Turning
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    Last night I did the presentation at the NWW Workers Assoc. meeting of the Fractual wood burning. After stressing the safety standpoints thoroughly, I did a slide show of 250+ pictures of my latest projects and then had a drawing for the 20+ items that I made with the Fractual wood burning technique. At the end of the program I showed them the documentation of the fatalities from doing this type of work and stressed the risk involved and the fact of no margin of error. Most members agreed that the risks were not worth the consequences. At first they were disappointed that I didn't do a hands on demonstration, but I explained that since we were meeting at WoodCraft Store, that I did not feel that I should put then in a liable situation and stink up their store to boot,maybe setting off alarms and having a visit from the fire department. At the end of the presentation I was approached by a member wanting to buy the unit since I was not going to do anymore of this type of woodburning, and he had 2 small 8 & 10 yo. boys tagging along, I refused to do that , I could never sleep at night if I did. another member approached me and I refused him also ,until he told me he was a licensed electrician and worked Hi voltage quite often and was also an Electrical Engineer. After taking to him and confirming in my mind he is what he says , I sold the unit to him, with the feeling that he knew enough to check out the specs and wire insulation stamp along with the UL label and said it was a well built unit. I also found out that the gloves I was using were not rated Class II but only for 500v. Class II hi voltage gloves start about $180 and above. Mine only cost $30 and were rated class 00. (That made me wipe my brow). Herb
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    Great looking cutting boards John, glad to hear you did well. I was called back to work at the beginning of the month, retirement is getting closer. Working at a downtown post office originally finished in 1917 by fellow electricians' from our local. During the demo we found some switchgear with signatures inside from the electricians' that installed it 100 years ago. We were able to save the panel and sent it to the hall for display. The foreman had all the guys working on the new gear sign it when complete. Maybe some one will see it in 100 years. Couple of small projects on the workbench but nothing pressing. Heading to Columbus to spend some time with my daughters and grand kids, cook-out and maybe a nap or two.
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