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Come see our annual Adopt a Gold Star Family for Christmas Project in partnership with Operation Ward 57. We have been chosen to support this mother and her two children. How can you help? Click on the proceeding link, and see our official project page where you can learn how to participate in our raffle and how you can win some fantastic prizes! Attention on Deck!!! Uncle Sam Wants You!!!!

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  2. New box

    nice... you make the band clamp???
  3. Yesterday
  4. lathe tools

    @Jim from Easy Wood Tools would be proud of you guys! I agree, they are great tools, Easy Wood Tools. I know my opinion is worthless since Easy Wood Tools does sponsor our site, anyone reading this is going to think I am coming from a very biased place, but hey, Made in America, by Americans, for the World, excellent fit and finish, on and on and on. I love my EWT's. Lissa, so happens we got a raffle going on for a great cause, and some full sized EWT's are up for grabs, go here and put in two bucks, you never know, folks win millions off one quick pick lottery ticket! RAFFLE
  5. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    Ya there are those (I digress), but they are not trackers in the sense that they track your move once you leave our community. They are only there for the folks here who sign onto our site with their Facebook accounts, or Twitter accounts, it's a convenience for them only. So if you don't use Facebook or Twitter to login into our community, those trackers don't even know you exist. The google analytics, that's common everywhere, it only tells us how many hits we've gotten and which pages are visited the most, all anonymous data. We have a google analytics account set up, and attached to our community, but honestly, I never even care to see how many visits or hits we get, just doesn't interest me, as much as it would interest a website that is driven on marketing and income generation. Since we don't have any ads here, or pay per clicks, pay per views, or click this ad and we get a dollar type of stuff going on, it means nothing to us. Traffic dynamics, who cares. You all are having fun right? The one thing we do have are cookies enabled, those cookies track you here within our community only, once you leave our community, they stay here where they belong. Their only purpose is to give you a better experience. Cookies are generally used to remember your theme settings that you had last time you logged in, or any account settings you may have set up since the last time you logged in. Without cookies, our software would forget who you are upon your next visit, and all your settings would be blown out. Thanks for pointing those out Steve, and in turn allowing me to explain why they are here. By the way Steve, I have been to sites that have had 69 trackers, real trackers that follow you after the visit, and they imprint your every move and shoot the data back to the site you got them from. Crazy.
  6. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    I show these as three scripts that noscript stops from running.
  7. New box

    Nice Gerald. It never changes. As soon as you throw something away you wish you had it back.
  8. Got A New RO Sander

    Good review Gene...never heard of this name brand but worth the look. Best thing is it comes in a plain brown wrapper so wife wouldn't a new tool arrived.
  9. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    It says you have one from Facebook, one from Twitter, along with the Google analytics I usually block..... Some sites I visit might have up to 8-9 trackers hanging around.... Toolbar is totally different than the old Mozilla Firefox.
  10. New box

    Had some scrapes left from doing pew boxes. These are curved and I burned a lot of these before I got this idea. First I sanded the corners for the mitre fit. Then the glueup. And finally the bottom cut and sanded to fit. This will be an open box, so no top.
  11. @p_toad... that should of said... ''yur just like the SO''.. sure do miss the extended edit time...
  12. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    @John Morris... remember our conversation per viewing ease of themes where I was said ''I'm not saying it's not there - it's I just can't see it''... in FF I started using Blue SharePoint for a theme... if you do a view in this theme you'll understand my vision handicap...
  13. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    it's gotta be something other than TPW... IE??? The Google Gaggle??? don't kid yourself they are there and hard at work...
  14. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla asked for some Beta testers for Quantum. Those that got the early releases may have be participants or signed up to be beta testers. Just a guess!
  15. Tabs on the Weather...

    Started out in the lows 20's...has been sunny most of the day, minimal wind (finally!); Currently 36o; could be worse, could be snowing
  16. Today (Wendesday) is turkey day

    Kudos Fred for a job well done. Trust me, years down the road those grand-kids will remember these times and share stories with their own grand-children... Shucks, I still do... Blessings to you and your family for Thanksgiving.
  17. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    We don't have trackers.
  18. Today (Wendesday) is turkey day

    Good idea Fred. A better idea is to have the "Family" members cook a dish and bring it with them. Our family does it like that at Christmas. Tomorrow we are going to the buffet at the local Holiday Inn which is even better.
  19. I need something to protect the pattern

    @Smallpatch, I was addressing you directly. You may be a simple man, but your work is complex.
  20. lathe tools

    Let me stress, this is only my opinion, few turners agree with me and most will recommend Thompson gouges. As for sharpening I use the Oneway wolverine system for my gouges, most of the time. There are times I will use a platform. My grinder is variable speed and my workhorse wheel is a 180 grit from Dway tools. It is a steel core wheel and a little more expensive than that cheaper aluminum wheels that are so popular now. Cindy Drozda also sells a quality steel core wheel. If money were no object I'd upgrade to the Tormek, the jig is much more precise and repeatable and the machine removes a minuscule amount of material when sharpening. The edge from the Tormek is amazing. Steve
  21. What i have been up to.

    Too bad with the injuries...heal up quickly... It's a good thing you do... helping a member of the next generation learn the craft and tools...kudos...
  22. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    I read where some folks got the Quantum update a week or so early. Not sure why.
  23. Today (Wendesday) is turkey day

    Whether it's today or tomorrow- Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Today (Wendesday) is turkey day

    I can appreciate this, Fred.
  25. New Release of Mozilla Firefox

    Computer runs a lot faster. Ghostery says it is blocking 3 trackers from this site.... I usually use Iorbit to scan for any bad guys that got in....
  26. lathe tools

    I can appreciate your thoughts here. I'll stand corrected. I hadn't considered a "learning curve" in my initial response. What type of sharpening method do you use, Steve? Perhaps that should be part of the discussion here, also. If Lissa is going for information on what tools to buy, the discussion should include the whole package. Sharpening methods should be part of that. You mention different types of tools steels and perhaps it would help to elaborate on that, also, without getting too technical. Pros and cons should help with her decision making.
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