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  2. I use Kaisan in my tool drawers and I saw this cutter on a overseas website.Electric Foam Cutter
  3. You won't believe this!

    Congratulations Cindy, Cal
  4. I got the prototype of the small bench we are building as a mission project. We are building 10 and I wanted to do one to show everyone what we were doing. Poplar is the wood of choice and the top is 11" x 20" and it is 18 3/4" tall.
  5. I used my bandsaw to cut the foam to size. Since I didn't have the pistol in hand, I didn't cut the foam to fit the pistol. Customer told me they would do that when it got there.
  6. Colonoscopy Blues

    Man, I have the Colonoscopy Blues big time! The GHPs (Great Hunger Pangs) are in full roar. I don't dare go out to the shop fearing I'll eat the wood. Nearby cows and trees are starting to look really good. I do pushups until I pass out. The yummie prep torture starts this evening. Pure delight!! Oh, I can hardly stand it.
  7. The Worth of the Site

    As a site admin, I try to welcome all of the new members and encourage them to reach out and meet the existing members. Those words of encouragement took legs for me this morning. I have been blessed to get to know many of these TPW folks up close and personal and call them my friends as well as a resource for assistance. Right now I am building cradle from a picture and late last night as I was running a mental plan through my head, I realized that there was a transition on the rails and stiles that I was clueless on how the cradle was built. This morning I made two phone calls. One to Gene Howe and the other to John Moody and between the three of us my problem was solved. Tag on to that my discussion the other night with Lew on a pivot. So folks, if I advise you to get to know these folks, I mean it. There is so much wisdom and experience here that I stand in awe. Even those of us with lots of miles under our wheels can learn from someone else. Fortunately, we have a wealth of knowledge here on The Patriot Woodworker!
  8. Dap Rapid wood fuse

    Dan, this is more the consistency of a gel. I have used my sample bottle for a couple now. I am happy that I was able to use it a couple weeks apart. Usually the super glues are a one shot deal for me. Cal
  9. Ray's woodshop

    Welcome aboard Ray, Cal
  10. pricing a used table saw

    The problem with that solution is if you forget to remove the panels before tilting the blade you run the risk of binding it up and possibly throwing the blade out of alignment.
  11. Today
  12. Wiring diagram is on p.9 of pdf https://www.2helpu.com/PDMSDocuments/EU/Docs/Service Dossier/DW733-D.PDF Circuit breaker is part# 119. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-dw733-type-inch-planer-parts-c-1009_2664_2676.html http://www.powerhousetoolparts.com/static/tools//diagrams/DeWalt/DW733 TYPE 1.pdf https://servicenet.dewalt.com/Parts/Detail/18855 Herb
  13. Thanks for another informative topic to add to my finishing skills (or lack thereof). I appreciate all of the effort you put into these great pieces.
  14. sheet rocking tool

    Bad back. I'd help, and spend the next week regretting it! John
  15. Tabs on the Weather...

    As a matter of fact, there's a huge one just over the hill. But, it's very modern. All under roof and, with no discernable odor. About 15 mi. NNW, As the crow flies. And the prevailing winds are from the south.
  16. sheet rocking tool

    wadda guy...
  17. Ray's woodshop

    Welcome to the forum, Ray. If the razzing (about the clean shop) gets too bad, I still have a large trash bag of shavings I can send you. Just pay the shipping. John
  18. sheet rocking tool

    Sure glad I don't! John
  19. Tabs on the Weather...

    You must live near a pig farm. John
  20. Was CC Cleaner mentioned the other day

    Interesting viewpoint and analysis. Thanks Lew!
  21. I get to start another project

    Gotta say Patch, you've got the features down nearly perfect so far...those eyes are almost too real looking. Not a creepy, menacing clown so far and that's a good thing.
  22. My pistol cases are French fitted. I use Kaizen foam from Fast Cap and, their knife. Which is nothing more than a snap off type razor knife. To cut the foam to gross size, a band saw works well.
  23. Was CC Cleaner mentioned the other day

    THis just popped up in my email- https://www.howtogeek.com/172820/beginner-geek-what-does-ccleaner-do-and-should-you-use-it/
  24. Ohh, it gets worse- https://irlpodcast.org/episode5/
  25. In a recent article (PWW, June 2017) Flexner wrote that the EPA is apparently going after the MC and NMP strippers, so we may they may disappear in the distant (or near) future.
  26. Thanks Keith, and a great article by Flexner that you linked to also. Cal
  27. I get to start another project

    Well I'm at a stage where I don't know what I'm doing. Actually from the start after seeing another clown picture, it started. Not know what to do first through what ever steps I might be at now. I want to make a happy clown. I remember Emit way back there and he was always sad so I am still trying to learn happy features...and here I am trying to make a bow-tie look presentable!! Wow, one small grind too deep and every thing changes. I told someone the other day in the shop, all I have to do is grind away the un wanted wood and thats it... Only one request so far, Lew is wanting red balloons. Don't worry, still space left for a bunch of them.
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