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  2. Rough turned

    Looks good to me, also think it's maple. steve
  3. Dewalt sale

    Oh, and I don't work, or shill, for DeWalt, Amazon, or Popular Mechanics. I may own tiny shares of each deep down inside an ETF that I own.
  4. Next Project?

    Well, today was...different....two power outages....restart after the second one..did not go so well.... In-between them, I managed to get Panel #1 set aside, sans clamps.. Sitting all the way back there. The mess to the left? Is Panel #2 Had to use old Heft & Hubris again. . Couple edges had a bit of curve to them....made some nice shavings, for such a HUGE plane.. This time around, I used a couple pipe clamps..first one to clamp right in the center..then I worked towards the ends. Doubled up the cauls...I made sure the center of the panel was flat, and clamped down. Then the cauls to pull the ends flat I also added a couple extra clamps. Two cauls at the other end were a bit crowded.. Finding some use for those pieces of scrap Ash.... Waiting on this one to cure, tomorrow morning I can clean both panels up, cut a profile for the feet, and lay out for shelves and such....might even mill a rebate for the plywood back. Then I'll know about what size to build four webframes to....Stay tuned.....
  5. Bora Circular Saw Guide

    Thanks for the ideas, Dave and Gerald, but I think this is "confession time". I had two cutting guides I had made previously, one for a PC saw, and the other for a B&D saw. Two pieces per guide, 4' and 8'. Well, a SIL "wannabe" decided either the guides were in his way, or he needed the material for himself. Can't prove anything, but that is the only thing that makes sense given the circumstances at the time. Now, I have only one left of the original 4 guide assemblies. Call it what you will, but I decided I'm not going to make any more panel rip and crosscut guides anytime soon. That's why I am looking at commercial jigs that are only of use to me. I think I have decided to go with the Peachtree Pro-Grip system. It seems that it would fit the way I work more than a track saw. Thanks, though, for the link. @Gerald, and @Grandpadave52, I got names mixed up on my response, but the same answer applied to both ideas. Thanks again everyone.
  6. Today
  7. of murders in schools it might help understand whats going through everyday peoples minds if they read what US news and world report found from long ago... It happened May 18, 1927 ...No guns were used, but it did ,up end, a little school in Bath , Michigan ... This dad who lost an election and whose wife was in terrible health and his mortgage was past due so he took his grief out on the little school and the kids attending that school.... I hope everyone googles or finds this old news item for it does have a lot to do with todays problems.......... Jess
  8. left handed table saw

    No Guards, No Goggles ,No work benches, no shoes, one slip, no fingers,hands or toes. A scary work shop, we can't even buy the wood for what those sell for at the store. Interesting vidio, Thanks, Cliff. Herb
  9. Rough turned

    Nice rough out bowl, Rusty. Joining the chorus, here. It's maple...I think.
  10. Fantasy project

    Totally understandable. Can't blame him for being cautious. Our grandson is asthmatic. Even dog dander sets it off. And, the last time he came out to the shop, the dust resulted in an epi pen injection and a trip to the ER.
  11. Fantasy project

    That's cool! I watched a program (part of a series, I think) that featured a group making this type of articles for movies. Not sure if they actually developed the ideas or just reproduced the items from someone else's imagination.
  12. Fantasy project

    Gene he is in his fortys and no he has asthma and I think is afraid something will set it off
  13. Fantasy project

    Hey, Gerald. That looks like a fun build. How old is your son? Is he gonna help?
  14. TIG Welding a DOH~!! moment

    Jessy, No sense in fixing it if it isn't broken !
  15. I don't think it is for metal spinning as those tools arte usually larger and at least one end will have a point. Maybe for copper crafting tho
  16. well, finally reached an agreement on that cherry bowl i made. everyone is happy. gave this topic a little more thought this AM while i was down in the shop finishing my wife's desk top (refinish) and listening to a John MacArthur sermon. wiping on poly gives you time to think. and this thought came to me: everything i make is unique, just as every person is unique. i don't run a factory that makes many copies of the same thing from a pile of raw materials. so if you are in the market for a commodity, you expect to pay commodity prices. but i'm not making a commodity, i'm making one of a kind, unique things, so you are paying for that aspect. anyway, little bit of snow coming down. yay.
  17. Fantasy project

    This does not seem to be my week to get done with anything so here are some pics of the current pop . this is what it is supposed to be. I had figured on one large blade and my son says there are two soooo ok. this is the progress so far. The blades will be mounted at about a 30 degree angle to each other so added some heft for that. The wood is mahogany.
  18. Rough turned

    Pretty nice rough turn. Like Lew it looks like maple from the blank pics. Don't have much of that around here, but I got some beech this week may be able to turn some tomorrow.
  19. Horror in FL

    If finger pointing helps, look no further than the media blitz and all the attention the perpetrators get. Copy cat psychology! The reason for the 2nd amendment is to give the citizens the means to rise up against government. At least as valid today as when it was passed.
  20. Greetings :)

    Welcome to the crew. Always glad to have a fresh perspective come on
  21. left handed table saw

    Cool operations! Always marveled at oriental workers for the way they work sitting on the floor. I can bearly get up out of the chair some days.
  22. Greetings :)

    Welcome aboard Dennis!
  23. PIP River Table

    Jesse, for me, messes aren't seasonal.
  24. Greetings :)

    Always good to see new members! Welcome!
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