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Image Uploading Suggestions

We appreciate your help in keeping our image gallery orderly and easy for others to research.

Please consider these suggestions while uploading your images.


  • Name your images before uploading to our gallery, the generic camera file names just look so messy. "Walnut Desk" looks so much better than "DSC19467je69.jpg". You can also name your images after you upload them to our gallery for your convenience.
  • After uploading your images, please consider adding a description so your viewers know what they are seeing and the wood used, the tools used, or even your inspiration for building the project.
  • Please consider tagging your images so our members and guests will be able to successfully search for your image and related images. Tags can be inserted into the "Tags" field. An example of tags and their names should be related to your project. If your project images are of a Walnut Desk with dovetail joinery, than tag the image with "Walnut", "Desk", "Dovetail" etc.


Thank you for your cooperation. :)

The Management

Show off your wooden toy creations in this album.


  1. Construction Truck


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    Making a wooden truck for my grandson
    Album created by
  2. Navidave95

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    Skateboards for my grandson. I had to do a lot of research on these things as I know nothing about them and I mean nothing. My friend was laid up so I couldn't get the maple I wanted to use resawn so more research put me on a new path.
    Made a press out of 4 x 6 pine.
    used sheets of 1/8" Baltic birch that were sandwiched together with titebond III. Found some trucks, grip for the top.
    after taking them out of the press we cut them to shape on the bandsaw then to the belt sander and then handsanded. Then the holes were drilled and lightly counter sunk for screws that hold the trucks.The bottoms were primed for the first coat of black appliance paint, sanded the next day and then another coat following that.
    the following days came the top got 3 or 4 coats of clear lacquer.
    Then the grip sheets were applied and trimmed with a razor blade.
    then come the trucks and the boards were done.
    David Wright
    Album created by
    David Wright
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