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  2. Mister McGoo syndrom

    Apply the filter function. Tune it to tone of voice and/or certain words. ie anything to do with food is allowed. Whines are blocked.
  3. Why I Love My 12" TS

    Where feasible, are you guys switching out your saws for Saw Stops? For safety reasons?
  4. What's On Your Work Bench?

    @BillyJack, that is some absolutely drop dead beautiful work, thanks for sharing. I'd like to ask you to introduce yourself at http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forum/38-introduce-yourself/ so that we may get to know a little about you Billy and the work you do and how you got to this quality point in your life. The game tables on your profile page are to drool over, thanks for sharing those.
  5. Is this helpful?

    While putzing around, I saw this and thought it might be of interest to turners. The Miterset works as well, but for those who haven't ordered one....yet, this might be of service.
  6. What ceiling height is considered

    @scarletjim Do you have a like to the tool?
  7. How to Start a Fight

  8. We All Use Math;

  9. For the Dog Lovers

  10. Mister McGoo syndrom

    just go fishing... easier...
  11. Mister McGoo syndrom

    It is very difficult to master...you have to first determine if it is worth listening to the woman before you turn it off. It is a real conundrum, if it is turned on already then how do you determine when it is necessary to turn it off. This necessitates a quick flip of the switch, so to speak, to make an informed decision. this is where the difficulties come into play, if the switch is turn off for more then a nanosecond (allowing enough time to make a subconscious informed decision) then it may be too late...you may be locked into the off mode and this occurs, "whaaa, whaaa, whaaa, whaaa, did you hear what I said"? Once that happens it is too late and you have lost your ability to filter the noise. It is sort of a Zen exercise to master the intricacies of the on/off mode. Once mastered...your golden.
  12. Well There ya Go!

  13. Closing In

    I'm gonna have to follow you around on Saturdays.. Who knows... this may start a trend... or a parade...
  14. Closing In

  15. Tabs on the Weather...

    Man, when the calendar said FALL, it meant it. Woke up to 34* this morning. That's a real FALL. Long sleeve weather.
  16. Today
  17. Closing In

    Went to a local Italian place called Nicolini's. Salad, Chicken Parm with a side of spaghetti and home made bread with their fomous olive oil based dipping sauce. It was like the prediction came true. I didn't want to do anything the rest of the day.
  18. Oddball things at Home Depot

    do take the time to read those two threads... and the attachments/links...
  19. Oddball things at Home Depot

    I'm pretty cautious with purchases from Ebay and Amazon. As far as Ebay I compare and "REALLY" read the descriptions and feedback. As far as Amazon it's the same. I never buy from new on the block sellers from either... I bought two tires the other day from Amazon from Amazon warehouse...But because of the KC warehouse I'm paying TAXES(lil scream)
  20. Oddball things at Home Depot

    you might want to read these threads... http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/19594-i-was-scammed/ http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/19289-beware-garrett-super-scanner-v/
  21. What's On Your Work Bench?

    The last things off my bench at home was a walnut top and legs for a Snap Back shuffleboard table.. At work the talk is how I made these Teak veneer booths and when ship to another company they ran a fork lift into the back of one. This was grain matched veneer ,. I heard about this Friday.....
  22. Cabinet Making!

    Tables take space and jobs in a small spaces may vary. I've seen this before in Bates City. MO. I applied back in the 90's for a cabinet job at andhttp://www.bosscustomcabinets.com/ , everyone was building on the floor. I walked out
  23. Birdhouse ornaments

    Great looking pieces.
  24. Oddball things at Home Depot

    Amazon will eventually damage sales at your favorite woodworking stores. I buy a lot from Amazon but realize the damage I do. Amazon is like fuel prices... I bought 12- 24" HD Kreg Automaxx sliding clamps($179) and 12- 8" SD Kreg Automaxx sliding clamps ($129). These prices are now double and I've waited on a sale for the 40" Sliding clamps (4-$200). The waiting on that deal kills the positive sales from local stores..
  25. Cabinet Making!

    If they can build what appears to be a quality cabinet why can't they build some work tables and equipment stands & get up off the floor?
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