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  2. Ouch!!! I feel for ya, guy. I was without the use my right thumb for 6 weeks. I now use a pusher on the jointer. You'll find all sorts of personal tasks infuriatingly difficult. Just be thankful button flys are mostly gone from men's wardrobes.
  3. Bummer...when your thumb is throbbing, everything hurts. Hope the healing goes fast, but give it a chance to as well. In the mean time take it couple of days are yard/garage sale days anyway, then Sunday which is a day for rest, and you know what comes after really you only have about 10 days of downtime and if you deduct next Friday through Monday, technically you're only down for ~6 days
  4. Hey that is one heck of a way to get a rest. Hope the healing goes well
  5. While not exactly does have an impact on my wood working... While trying to make this connection..the visegrips finger clamp slipped off, the twin bar beam fell down, an landed right on my hit right where the thumbnail starts...and fractured the bone, making a chip. I managed to complete this connection..somehow, before the thumb got to hurting too bad.. I already had the other end set up, also fell it connected as well Each has a locating pin. A self-drilling screw to attach above the's getting the screw to START was the problem.. So how is this wood related? While I have plenty of stock left over.. And almost 100bf upstairs...the thumb is on the right hand.....2 weeks in the splint it is sitting in now...being right handed, I am on the DL for now. Kind of hard for me to work with just the left hand. I may do an inventory, and do a little sketch or my when I am allowed to get back into the shop...I MIGHT have a plan... Dr. Feelgood is in the house....honey-do lists, they can get to be painful...
  6. Gerald, due to my heavy use, I have an automatically recurring order with Amazon for "Free Time". Thanks for the reminder. I've been needing to up the quantities for a while, now.
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  8. Does HKU count?
  9. Very Cool. Thanks for posting
  10. Welcome, Robert. Lots of experienced woodworkers here. And a bunch of hacks like me, too. I'm sure if you need any help, there's some one who can. Just ask.
  11. the keyboard would prefer that I missed...
  12. Welcome Robert... did somebuddy mention donuts....
  13. Thanks for the very kind comments, guys!!
  14. Thanks!
  15. Maybe you've both already looked at these IDK...if not another idea for you to ponder. Each leg is individually adjustable... Stanley Adjustable Sawhorse---Lowes
  16. Just having fun and dreaming, Gerald...there's no free time around the "Poor Farm" here except maybe from midnight to 6 AM...doing nothing then but sleeping except for 2-3 trips to the "facilities." I haven't ordered one yet, but in the link you can order from Woodcraft...If you click on the Woodcraft link from TPW homepage, I think TPW get's "credit" for the origination. In your neck of the woods, I would imagine Peachtree and Highland Woodworker also carry? Not sure where Gene ordered his from...Highland maybe???
  17. Welcome aboard. We all started somewhere like that.
  18. I have one with a Morris taper. They are nice for the reason shown and less flex on smaller bits. Finding one with the Morris taper is the hard part. I got mine in a goodie box at an auction.
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  20. Cool idea, Thanks!
  21. Welcome aboard!! I like the way you think! Steve
  22. No donuts, sorry. but I have a single can of Coors Light if you'd like.
  23. Welcome Aboard! Pretty friendly crowd here, full of helpful tips and ideas, unless you eat the last donut. BTW, did you bring any? New members are to bring donuts for the 1st week.
  24. Abraham Setrakian sent me here. I have always been wanting to get into woodworking. Starting out slowly with just a table saw and a sander. I don't have big dreams, just want to make a few things here and there to sale. I also have a laser engraver, to help create images on the wood. I look forward to learning from the members in here.
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