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  2. MDF and moisture

    Read this tip recently, but have not tried it. Laminate Flooring Bench Top Leftover scraps of laminate flooring make a great workbench surface. Laminate is tough and easy to clean—dried glue or paint scrapes right off. If you fasten the laminate with small nails, you can easily pry it off and replace it every few years.
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  4. Very nice Lew. Love the finish too.
  5. High Chair Christmas Present Finished

    Your flat-work rivals your turning excellence! Very nice indeed! The front step(s) is a great feature for this design.
  6. High Chair Christmas Present Finished

    I forgot to ask you how you made the recessed area.
  7. High Chair Christmas Present Finished

    Looks great and I'm sure it will fit many other children as the years go by,
  8. High Chair Christmas Present Finished

    Nicely done...
  9. MDF and moisture

    pic of my bench, on wheels for moving. this is in my old shop (old horse barn). about 3/4" lower than the table saw height. built several of these, can also use for in feed and out feed of the TS. 36x96
  10. High Chair Christmas Present Finished

    That's NICE!
  11. New box

    Thanks, Gerald.
  12. I understand the point, Wichita. It was a failed strategy, just like GM's Saturn car line pricing. People like to feel like they are in control. Pat pricing doesn't allow for being able to "snag a deal" on an item at some point. Bottom line is, that, the sale, coupon, low price hunt is always going to be with us. Stores can't help but do this on occasion, for various reasons; end of the year inventory reductions, new models coming out, poor item turnover, etc., or in the case of Harbor Freight EVERYTHING is perpetually "on-sale". Psychologically, it ropes people in if they think that they are getting a deal. I some cases they are. In most cases they are not. It depends on what you are willing to accept for a lower one time sale price. In my opinion, along with what you are conveying, is, that, stores like JCP, Sears, Montgomery-Ward, all kill themselves off back in the 70's and early 80's. When they stopped becoming the go-to general merchandise stores they allowed for the rise of stores like Walmart as alternative product suppliers. We all know what has happened with that business model. It killed of the Mom and Pop stores, gave rise to low priced crappy merchandise and it has eventually killed the stores that fostered the downward spiral. M-W is no more, people won't do business with Sears anymore, JCP is teetering on the edge and probably won't last much longer. Amazon is now maneuvering to become the go-to supplier of everything from soup to nuts. Walmart is struggling to emulate and keep up. I personally, hate to shop for personal items on-line. Items like clothing need to be felt, examined and tried on before you buy. On-line it is just a pig-in-a-poke. You order and hope it works. The name of the game is bottom line...giant warehouses, bulk purchase pricing are all cheaper then individual storefront overhead. How many malls do you see empty? When all of the storefronts are no more and Amazon has taken over the world, you will still see; sales, coupons and hunts for lower priced deals still going on within Amazon.
  13. Nice, Lew! Clean lines, looks real sturdy. Love the step front! That should be around for SEVERAL generations. John
  14. MDF and moisture

    Yeah, you got trees.
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY......

    Not really (well, not that i use - swmbo does most of the cooking). I'm partial to black and red (hot) pepper sprinkled on my food and have to admit that i indulge in bacon or sausage once in a while to meet taste requirements; but i do read labels now (almost as bad as reading instruction books for tools) and have cut back my salt intake.
  16. Child's high chair from an older issue Woodsmith magazine as a Christmas gift to some new grandparents/parents. The original plans have this as a "knock-down" unit but I made it permanent. Made from hard maple (walnut plugs). Water based poly finish (thanks for the advice on raising the grain). Tray is removable/adjustable and it has a seat belt. This is the second one of these I've made. Already delivered and to my amazement, it seemed to fit the size of the child! Thanks for looking!
  17. Why does wood change color?

    Keith, a buddy of mine was/is a boat builder in Victoria, BC. His online signature is something like "If God wanted us to build plastic boats, he'd have given us plastic trees."
  18. Black Friday tools, meh.

    My point is that a major retailer, JC Penny, made a big production of changing to a no coupon / real pricing strategy and it is credited as a major failure. No other big retailer is going to take a chance on the same thing happening, so we will be struck with the constant sale, coupon, hunt for a deal crap that everyone complains about.
  19. MDF and moisture

    Thanks everyone! Great info. Guess it's gonna be a plywood or 2x4 top for us! A bit different here in Maine from Arizona for sure Gene! Gary
  20. New box

    Thank-you Gerald.
  21. MDF and moisture

    My bench is two layers of 3/4 MDF. But, its encapsulated with solid wood. It has iron legs and two 2X8 stretchers. It's 48X80. Didn't want anyone to steal it. It's been solid for 20+ years. No moisture problems. But then around here, spit evaporates before it hits the ground.
  22. I can appreciate this. Again, I can remember when my sister used to be able to go to JCP in the 70's, and mix and match her bikini swim suit pieces. She was able to buy a next size larger top to fit her well endowed upper body. They were the only place that would do that. An aunt who owned two women's clothing stores went to work managing the JCP women's clothing section after she sold her stores. She finally left as the quality and the "styles" were starting to deteriorate and it was no longer about anything but profit margin. All I can say, is, that, she needs to buy it while she can, Keith. The latest financials for JCP are not good. Several articles I have read recently predict JCP will not be around much longer.
  23. YouTube makers

    Nor, on bad ones either, Pete. Although, I've garnered a mess of 'em.
  24. YouTube makers

    If you search by topic rather than source, you get a pretty wide distribution. I learn a lot from the differences between approaches. No one, no matter how expert, has a corner on good ideas.
  25. Old Woodworking Books

    Directory of woodworking books (and others) most link to the site "archive.org"
  26. MDF and moisture

    I love swimming upstream. If I swam. MDF could be successful in the environment you describe, with two precautions: put feet* under the corners (this is good for leveling, too), and paint the MDF. But for many of the above reasons, I wouldn't use it for the top. I made my benches out of MDF, and they work very nicely (5 years old), and the extra weight is a plus for stability. I built them in place, so transport weight wasn't a problem. The tops are pocket doors, and are suspended on their four corners so both the frame and the top have level adjustment. Someday (right after my funeral probably) I'll replace the tops with real wood. Sure. *as long as they're not MDF feet, right?!
  27. Lots of material on a wide variety of subjects.
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