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  2. Can't cure stupid

    Somehow, I don't think he's loaded a quad before.
  3. Tabs on the Weather...

    I think our periods of on and off precipitation have ceased for the foreseeable future. But, the humidity is hanging on. 73% this morning. And, the lows are hovering around 20*. Mid 40s for the highs. Back to normal winter weather on the mesa. Headed for Tucson tomorrow. Only gonna be marginally warmer, down there. Won't break 70 all weekend. Better than our 40s, though. C'mon summer.
  4. Done well, my friend. I sure am glad Stick didn't notice the can of WD-40 sitting on the window sill. Whew, dodged that bullet!
  5. Way to go Herb. If you can't buy it make it. Great improvement.
  6. Today
  7. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    Mark Twain. “ All people bring joy, some by arriving, others by departing “
  8. Substrate Thickness for Veneering

    Armstrong floor underlay would work well too. High quality--no voids--locally available.
  9. Some of Texas highways have some fast speed limits

    They all look the same to me when I cruise by in my JEEP.
  10. The argon mix for mig welding works fine. Never had the opportunity to try TIG. I have a high frequency unit hooked up to my stick welder. Used it with small rod before I got the MIG. Should get a torch for it.
  11. PIP River Table

    Naw, Jesse. You didn't miss nuthin'. Glass is easier. And, a bunch cheaper.
  12. Rough turned

    Looking good Rusty. Did you enjoy turning the wet wood?
  13. Wow Lew you wrote a book this week with all of it interesting as all get out. Thanks for the nod on my threading tutorial.
  14. Website Icons, Red Ball Indicator

    OK. I didn't realize you were on a PC. That is what I see when I hit the site from my phone. Edit: I can replicate what you see on your PC by reducing the browser window size. I usually keep open windows maxed and it looks different from what you were seeing.
  15. Rough turned

    Great start! I went back and looked at the pictures you posted when cutting the log. I think it might be maple, judging from the bark. But that's just a guess.
  16. Website Icons, Red Ball Indicator

    It's a pc and I turned the blockers off EDIT I clicked on it and it expanded.
  17. I guess it's a few pennies cheaper
  18. Website Icons, Red Ball Indicator

    You have a script blocker on that device??
  19. Try 90 /10. Just try it. IT's way better for spray arc welding too.
  20. Website Icons, Red Ball Indicator

    nuthin happens
  21. Rough turned

    I rough turned one of the bowl blanks. I am terrible at identifying types of wood. I'm sure some of you will know what it is.
  22. Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners February 21, 2018

    Lots of good stuff again this week Lew, thanks. Mike Peace is one of those turners who just don't get enough credit and a really nice guy. Steve
  23. PIP River Table

    I just heard on another post that the word Awesome was overused. Cannot help it, this piece is AWESOME and getting awesomer* every day!!! *not to be confused with how long it takes me to do my typical projects, awesomer long!
  24. I hate to use an overused term, but that video was AWESOME Lew. Thanks to you and Steve for getting this up on here for us!
  25. Glad you were able to enjoy some of the spring-like weather Lew Another fantastic weekly update & recap. Kudos to you! @Steve Krumanaker's video was very interesting and well worth watching by all here at TPW.
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