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  2. Patriot Woodworker Moving To SSL Login

    Mine is working as expectorated.
  3. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    Whatever flavor of the day the four-footed roundup critter says it's going to be.
  4. https://www.thorlabs.com/NewGroupPage9.cfm?ObjectGroup_ID=855&Visual_ID=1874
  5. Saving Wood

    You can store outside for a time you just have to take precautions. I do not think insects are any worse in NC than here in MS. Store wood off the ground either in treated lumber , concrete, or metal. Seal the ends as soon as it is cut . Cover with a tarp (leaving room for circulation) or metal (weighted down with concreteblocks or heavy rocks). This should save it till you get a chance to work with it next time. When you have wood in ground contact it invites the beasties in for a free meal.
  6. Does The World Really Need This?

    Why bother when it's always snow?
  7. Is It A Tool?

    it's a size 5 or better motor/lighting control replacement contact bar...
  8. Is It A Tool?

    Is the metal ruler part of it? Herb
  9. Sleeping Berths For Air Travel

    what's old is new again (ca. 1877)
  10. Ordering A Pizza

    My neighbor's son had one of those, too. Of course, his was court-ordered.
  11. California Tries Hard But.

    A guy I used to work with said, "I'm really glad most of the people that want to live in California actually do." Last time I was there, I was driving to LAX in the middle of the afternoon on a what, maybe 12 lane bumper-to-bumper traffic expressway? Nearly everyone I met with out there commuted 45-60 minutes to get housing they could afford.
  12. Scott Phillips Open House

    It's on his facebook page
  13. Is It A Tool?

    I don't know what this is; well, not exactly...and by that i mean the block of metal and not the steel square next to it. Part is attracted to a magnet; the brassy color part is not. But i've never seen anything like this "together" and am curious; thought someone might know and elucidate.
  14. Does The World Really Need This?

    Ya' got me? I don't pay attention to those carnival barkers. Not when I know I can buy a version that'll do all the same basic and some of the advanced functions for <1/10 of the price. Oh yeah, I did forgot...like I've said before, "I don't get out much and when I do it's not to far across the county line.
  15. Attention Buckeyes

    They take a nice polish too. When i was young(er), we used to carry one around in our pocket for good luck (or something nefarious); i don't recall which.
  16. A New 'Rough Cut'

    Never mind the little round bugs...train them to eat the big worms off the tomato plants.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Does The World Really Need This?

    Isn't that what they were charging for the latest, greatest, gotta-have-it version? May have been $1200, I wasn't buying it anyway! And don't forget, $1200 US = $1500 Canadian! Question: How do you milk sheep? Bring out a new Smart Phone and charge $1200 for it! John
  19. Scott Phillips Open House

    I met Scott Phillips many years ago.Still have the copy of Woodshop News that he signed for me in 1994.
  20. Woodturning Club Exchange Challenge

    Thanks everyone. I had forgotten all about the exchange challenge until almost the last minute. I'm happy with it for a last minute project.
  21. sounds like this happens everywhere! "oh, fix this old chair for free? well, i guess i could do that, and while i'm doing that, you'll take my truck down to the gas station, fill it up, get the oil changed, wash and wax it, and invite me to dinner, right? that seems fair to me!"
  22. Scott Phillips Open House

    @Fred W. Hargis Jr Here you go. Searched American Woodshop open house and found this. Won't let me copy and paste the exact page. It is at Family Woodworking Forum under general woodworking Q&A---shop tours. https://familywoodworking.org/forums/forum.php
  23. Right now, everything we do is of particle board and melamine covered particle board. While I'd like something better that is where we are. It's better to help four families than one, even though we expect the life of these to be 5-7 years. Part of it was decided before I got there. The one in Columbus is about 10 years ahead of ours. They get free semi-loads of particle board from Sauder Woodworking, a RTA furniture factory in northern Ohio. We get the sheets from a local commercial supplier, probably because the guy who cut the parts prior to our involvement uses them for his own business. I think we could probably do with scratch and dent or seconds for a lot of the parts, though our scrap % will go up some if we have to work around defects. Right now, we have little waste. Out of 68 tables in a batch, we probably have less than 1 sheet's worth of scrap in 3"x8" or smaller pieces. When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Columbus makes the same tables (probably where the design came from), beds, dressers and even (rather boxy looking) chairs from their particle board.
  24. Finishing Tips

    Yes, another great rule to follow is "consider the source," or sponsor. Just like the DIY shows on HGTV, they never show close-ups of the finished products. I'm betting that CrappyShades cabinet looks terrible, the poly over the lacquer peels and the edge of that table has a bunch of runs.
  25. Saving Wood

    Thanks guys for the info. sadly i already burned the old wood. but know better for next time. oops. and thanks again!!
  26. My best friend with'ez new wife, brough an old chair that had been thrown away, probaply in a road ditch. Needed one arm & one rocker replaced. Getting it cleaned up, they came back to see what I'd found. Splained to'm what needed to be repaired, she thought I would do it for nothing. She was eager to see/get it home. I mentioned $$$. She thought I'd do it for nothing because we were friends!!!!!! I splained to'er how long & briefly what had to be done. My friend overrode'er! He looked at me $80? Told'm $50. She almost fainted. LESSON HERE:If I did this for free, she would have drug every piece of junk someone threw away for me to fix, FREE. NAW I'M PURTY GOOD BUT expensive
  27. Numbering Post/Topic Replies

    Well, all was not lost then I was in the Savannah H-F once...the first H-F I was ever in was on HIlton Head. @Dadio will be glad to know we have another H-F faithful among us. Sorry to hear about the lack of taste (that actually sounds wrong doesn't it?) with so many great places to eat and such great, diverse cuisine in Savannah. If I could just pick up and move, Savannah or very close proximity would be the destination. Wave the next time you're on River Street. Maybe I'll see you on WTOC Skycams
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