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  2. I worked with two guys over the years who never went to a dentist and their teeth looked like there should have been banjos playing in the background.
  3. Me too!!
  4. HMMM...Buschwhacker. Now that name sounds familiar. I might have even met him and his mrs for dinner once. Hello David.
  5. It's actually schnoz and you're the reincarnation of Jimmy Durante and I claim my 5$. Welcome to the forums Mike (and Mike, and everyone else I've missed). Pay no attention to the chow hounds. Just give them some sawdust from time to time and they'll be happy.
  6. Welcome aboard, Mike! I hope that CNC is running well and producing lots of goodies to show off. David
  7. Today
  8. Yeah, now off to Harbor Freight,have to get some things I need. Herb
  9. Good idea. I have a piece of steel flat bar with a magnet on the end of it. Serves the same purpose to retrieve the nut /washer from the bottom of the table saw (cabinet style) when I drop one...and that does happen frequently! Losing my grip also. :-(
  10. then some...
  11. Beautiful, warm sunny morning! Then shortly after noon, the rumbling started. Temperature went from 75° to just under 50° in a matter of minutes. Pouring rain, maybe an inch in 15 minutes, then on-again/off-again every few minutes. I think our weather has been hijacked by terrorists! John 20 minutes later, sunny, 65°! I rest my case.
  12. But I'll bet he paid dearly in the long run! John
  13. Thanks, Stick! That needed to be said. John
  14. That's my concern too - - but if they're planning for future possibilities. I have no idea how much work has to go into something like that to make it user ready.
  15. I'm guessing this is just for use on the shop (?). If that's true the one you linked should be plenty good. I suspect the length consideration isn't a concern, after all with the given spread of the arms I would think you would have no trouble cutting wood up to maybe 10' long. The price is right, and I agree that you would be hard pressed to build something for much less.
  16. I still wonder if there will be enough traffic to support that many categories. But the breakdown is good, and may well prove to be useful with those divisions.
  17. That front part would make a handy step-up for very short woodworkers! John
  18. Of those 5 rusty tools...the chisel shaped object may become just an opener for paint cans.... The other 4 cleaned up.. Cold chisel is a no-name, nail puller is by "Heller" "Little" screwdriver is a Stanley, and the pliers have a 3 diamond logo. About...$0.85 in tools laying there..might find some use for them...
  19. Pat, the biggest thing we found was proper alignment of the catches on both the doors and the face frame. It didn't take much movement oneither to make the catches stronger. Same thing with drawers. If the slides are just a little too far back, the drawer will not fully fall into the notch.
  20. is this where you take a bite out of you....
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