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  2. I thought I had it all ruffed in

    I agree Jess, it's amazing, as we are working on a piece, we get so tunnel visioned on it, that we see everything wrong with it. Walk away for a few hours, or come back the next day, the errors can either disappear, or they just don't seem that bad at all. love walking away and seeing what I did the next day.
  3. Eclipse in NW Ohio

    Cool pic Fred...I tried with my phone, but didn't work out well... Know what you mean about the storm...it did clear here about 5 minutes ahead of the peak.
  4. Eclipse in NW Ohio

    Well, just before peak we also had a rain storm blow over. So here's how it looked, this photo was about 15 minutes ahead of the peak. I didn't plan on doing this, but the cloud cover was so thick this came through.
  5. Eclipse in Denver

    That explains the term "where the sun don't shine."
  6. I thought I had it all ruffed in

    Hey guys this is amazing. I can make all kinds of mistakes and an hour later I can't find them. I bet you could give 50 people that are experts at carving the same picture to carve and when all get finished no two would be alike. For sure a right handed person compared to a right handed hombre would have different styles and I believe it would show in their work.This stuff has put fun back in my shop.
  7. Fence chargers and coons...

    Interesting you mentioned the peaches. We have 3 trees that produce piles of peaches and the coons haven't touched them, at least as far as I can tell. Maybe it's because those trees are sort of on the side of the house next to the shop....instead of the back yard.
  8. Eclipse in Denver

    Nice Ron, I love your yard characters!
  9. Today
  10. Eclipse in Denver

    FULL MOON HERE When the moon was mostly covered.........I got my lawn mowed and our air conditioner shut off
  11. Me too...branding just burns my rear.
  12. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    Peak has passed here too...some marble size hail for about 30 seconds...Oh wait you're talking about the eclipse...
  13. Business of Woodworking

    Ah shucks, it was left over from when I played it in HS orchestra.
  14. branding. craftsmanship. i'll take craftsmanship over branding.
  15. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    Peak has past. Nothing really out of the normal
  16. What to do with a...

  17. Business of Woodworking

    Wow, you got a Strad?
  18. What to do with a...

    So did I....but, there are some out there....... May get some clamps removed today...IF I get bored. Have a stack of Walnut strips to get ready for glue-ups....maybe try that? have to wait until the next pay period, before I get a can of Amber Shellac...it might make the walnut stand out a bit better? Along with all that Curly Maple Grain...?
  19. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    Just slightly beginning here a bit ago. Unfortunately, one tiny t-storm cell in the entire state...guess where? Thunderheads have built so basically no view of sky period... T-storms should peak about the peak time of the eclipse here...maybe in 2024 when we'll be in the path of totality...assuming I'm still above ground then The birds are hitting the feeders right now like there will be no tomorrow...maybe they know something???
  20. Fence chargers and coons...

    My former neighbor was sort of a cat lady of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and other wildlife. She'd take a 5 gal bucket of bread across the street every day to feed the deer, drove to GA to buy 700 lb of pecans, filled her seven or so feeders about 3x a day, including at dusk, etc. etc. Of course she attracted the raccoons, too. I am so happy to be away from that madness. I finally cut down my peach trees because they started raiding them about 1 months before ripeness and they were all gone about a week before.
  21. Sam Maloof passed away in 2009 and his long time apprentices are carrying on his tradition. One of the ways that they support the Maloof Foundation is they make various things out of wood and other materials to sell in the gift shop. This was the first time I had seen these cutting/bread boards there. On the back side they have CNC'd the Maloof logo.
  22. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    Not yet. Did see a few weird ones dancing in a parking lot though. Right now, at 946 pst, the sun looks like pacman
  23. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    @Chips N Dust...how's it going out there Kelly? Any signs of Scully or Muldor in the area? Is the ice cream melting slower now?
  24. Changes

    Should go back to dark later today! John
  25. looks like the arm rest from one of Maloof's rocking chairs.
  26. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    I know that feeling Fred. I heard a story last week on the radio about a couple who purchased several acres of land back in the mid 1970's within the Totality Zone somewhere in Oregon. He said it was going to be his 401k. Apparently he's renting out spots to camp/view the eclipse at some pretty good prices...
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