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  2. Dove Tailing

    I learned hand cut dovetails about 16 years ago from a old magazine called Woodcuts by the owner of Lee Valley. Ok so then I could say I had done it. Well a few years ago I bought a Omnijig from a widow. Well i found a Youtube for it and wrote on the jig the instructions which were not in the book. Now is not too hard to setup. That jig is built like a tank.
  3. Dove Tailing

    Great series, Thanks!
  4. Dove Tailing

  5. Finally, the Cradle is Finished

    I rubbed the pivot pins down with clear wax and heated the wax with a grill lighter. While the wax was still melted, I wiped it off. Did this three times and the pins were very slick.
  6. Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?

    From this point on is to figure out how I can make it look as I visioned it when I saw the picture on the birthday card. Long way to go and just getting started. The card is a layered 3 D type and was the reason I decided to make it with wood!
  7. weekend project

    I know
  8. weekend project

    Not you,John, Gerry Benet. Herb
  9. Yesterday
  10. Dove Tailing

    A high school friend collects antiques. He was also an auto body/collision repair business owner with a reputation for quality work/painting. He once told me the same thing about the old dovetails. Strong joint but made fast and sloppy. His remarks were pretty much the same as yours, Cliff.
  11. weekend project

    Great save Pat!!!!!!!! Love it!
  12. weekend project

    @BillyJack nailed it, he basically stated many of the gouges would like nice, and it does, I really like the way Pat saved that project by inflicting more pain on that top! It's looks great!
  13. Dove Tailing

    I can't explain myself here. I can only tell you what I did. First I built a rig to do DT Keys on my Slider using my router table I built off the slider's rear. It was a lit of wood (2" thick maple) to get the thing flex proof but it worked fine. I just hated the noise of the router bit with that big cut. I got a bug up my tail to include DTs in my repertoire and got an Omnijig and then a Leigh D4. I tried 'em both and hated 'em instantly. I mean hate hate hate. The noise the sawdust the bouncing around of the router It all felt too out of control. So I hung 'em up telling myself that I'd figure it out later. Still got 'em. Don't think I'll use 'em. Want one? Make me an offer. Then at some point I started watching vids on hand cut DTs. Ohh they do such a good job making it look both easy and hard at the same time. Well I got fed up on the sidelines; so I just set about doing it and - - it was really a lot easier than I imagined. Sawed and chopped is my method. I tell myself that one day I'll get a blade for my TS ground on an angle so I can do them in the TS like I do finger joints. but I haven't yet. Meanwhile there is a Mortise & Tenon magazine article ( issue #2) on DTs over history. They did a pretty good job demystifying the things. Showed lots of pics of Masterworks DTs in antiques and - - - - you know what?? They are horrible. They did a pretty rigorous survey of lots and lots of antiques with hand cut DTs and the majority of them look like some junior apprentice's first go at them. So chipper up girls. The ancient masters really stunk at it.
  14. weekend project

    It was indeed!
  15. nice work. looking forward to the finish pix
  16. How to Start a Fight

    get caught cleaning your personal carry w/ her electric tooth brush...
  17. Dove Tailing

    I got a "Universal Joiner" In the demo, it looked neat. It took me 3 days so sit down and figure out how it worked. You have spacers you have to add in one of a number of different holes and spacer diameter based on half-pins, half-tails, one of each, and how big they are. And you have to flip the template and potentially pick a different hole and spacer for the other half of the tails. And if it's more than about 6", you have to pick a new set of holes/spacer for the second half of the set. And it makes 2" o/c and 3" o/c pins (but you can get 1.5" o/c with a new set of holes/spacers). In addition to a large manual with my notes in the margins and cross references, I have some class notes and a cheat-sheet I made for myself. You can also (easily!?) have a skipped pin if you want that look. I cannot imagine any other dovetail jig being as complex as this one. My philosophy has always been, "Every time you need to make a change in a setting, it gives you the opportunity to make a mistake." I think I've finally had enough of it. I'm trying to keep in practice with hand-cut. The inventor / owner finally retired and closed the business, thankfully no one else will have to endure this product.
  18. Dove Tailing

    Mine is the 16" really heavy Omnijig. Another reason I learned to make hand cut dovetails-
  19. Dove Tailing

    I want a 24 inch'un. Gonna try'm on corners of blanket chest(cedar chest). Wal at my age,68, aint gonna git one no younger. Got a lit'lun(sears) used it on jewelry boxes, neat. Cya
  20. Moaners, Groaners and other dribble... V.2

    That's what makes them fantastic!
  21. Moaners, Groaners and other dribble... V.2

    they aren't if they're fun or you need somebuddy to hold yur beer...
  22. It all started making wooden toys

    BJ, I went to your web site, midwestcabinet.com, your shop is a lot bigger than mine. Probably more automated. Wonder if we bid the same jobs?
  23. Patch, you are amazing, never in my wildest dreams would I tackle such a project. You always seem to overcome the magnitude of the smallest details. It looks good so far and I am confident it will look great when you are done. Herb
  24. weekend project

    John, I agree with you on the indents in Pats project, But not in this one,Gerry Benet's, borders on a mental case reaction in my opinion. I refinished an old handmade Dresser, kind of like the one Steven Newman made recently that was made in the late 1800's out of oak that traveled from Pennsylvania to to Blaine,Washington in a covered wagon. When it was passed down to me it had 7 coats of paint on it different colors. I stripped it and refinished it natural , it had a lot of dings on it so I highlighted them with a black marker and finished it and it looked great, and old. Herb
  25. Back Side

    You did a great job on that, Ron. That is a real heirloom. HErb
  26. Tabs on the Weather...

    Sunny and 75°. Last one, supposed to rain tomorrow.
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