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  2. steel studs

    they'll wrack (twist) front to back also... full X bracing will be far better... which is nothing more than a strip(s) of flat metal... one thing we did to improve steel studded knee walls (wrack/twist prevention) was to use extra deep tracks (plates) and double screwed the studs both sides and both ends to the tracks.. keep in mind that every exposed edge is a cut waiting to happen... use 1x4's for the doors and windows facw mounted not inserted... use truss headed screws... 7/16'' seems to be the length that works the most often...
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  4. spring is when you start doing something

    Looks like you found that yellow thing you lost a few years back too.
  5. steel studs

    I have seen diagonal strapping installed to prevent racking. The thin metal strap requires 2 straps installed in opposite directions as they only hold in tension. Roly
  6. steel studs

    After the warpage problems we've had with the theater set walls, we're thinking of doing the next round (fall event) with steel studs. I've watched a few YouTube videos (always dangerous) and it seems fairly straightforward. One concern I have with moveable walls is that since they're not attached to the top and bottom plates, nor end walls, is that they will tilt into a parallelogram. Maybe diagonal corner braces will cure that? None of these walls will be load bearing in the structural sense. Also trying to figure out when you need wood inserts in the vertical studs for attaching doors, windows, etc. Anyone used them and have any words of wisdom?
  7. Tübatulabal Cooking Basket

    Superb Billy. A true piece of art. Loved the story to go with it. How many hours do you have in a piece such as this? The detailing is incredible.
  8. Drawer Cabinet Under Sander

    Gerald the stand is sloped both ways. I built the case ends with the slopes toward the center of the drawers. Then I framed it out inside the case straight up and down so that the drawers are the same width. The front of the drawer box slopes about 5 deg. towards the back, that makes the drawer front close flat to the face of the cabinet. Since the case slopes front to back, and back to front the top being smaller than the base, the drawers have to graduated in length, i.e. the bottom draw is deepest and the top drawer is shallowest. Also had to have 3 different length drawer slides. Herb
  9. Dye over lacquer

    Thanks . Had no idea it would burn into the existing. No Curling so I guess I am ok.
  10. spring is when you start doing something

    I did relocate it.
  11. Drawer Cabinet Under Sander

    Herb that is one nice bit of work. Now since the stand sides are sloped , how did you slope the drawer fronts?
  12. Birthday Greetings to...

    Thanks for the thoughts guys and gals, working on another fancier type of stairs, pics to follow up on the general woodworking page, stay tuned ......
  13. Next Project?

    Ah yes....one of the joys of being RETIRED...is I do NOT have to pay anyone to do my "work". I do NOT have anyone working for me. I can build what I want, however I want, with whatever tools I choose. No real deadlines to meet. Don't have to sell anything. It also tends to keep me out of the bars. Plus, IF anyone picks up any tips from how I do things, and even uses them...so much the better. That is the other reason I do these "Build-along" projects. When Malcolm/Larry retires, then we'll see how he works....for me, I am just having fun, and trying not to get bored.
  14. Next Project?

    You are sure good to your employees, never had one like that. They were too busy greasing the whip and barking orders, and peeking around corners to see if you are working, because they just knew that you were doing THINGS. Herb
  15. spring is when you start doing something

    Smallpatch, I hope you gently relocated the buzztail to a safe location. I never kill snakes, often stopping to get them off the road. I used to catch buzzies for milking! hat
  16. Lathe in Reverse?

    When making these tops the bottoms were easier to do in reverse cutting from the center out. I use reverse for sanding purposes mostly.
  17. Next Project?

    So long as it's after work...you've got to many "scary" tools (e.g. 12" joiner). Limit is good too. Friday mornings sound pretty good too especially if coffee is included.
  18. Lathe in Reverse?

    I wish.
  19. Next Project?

    I have 15 employees to feed, cloth, shelter and the most important item on the list Buy beer for!!! During warm weather I put a case + in the frig and the guys sit around after work, swap some lies and have a limit of two. Friday mornings it's sweet rolls or donuts, 3rd Wed. of the month it is Lunch with the employee meeting.
  20. Lathe in Reverse?

    If only.... Steve
  21. Yesterday
  22. Next Project?

  23. Wow that felt good!

    now wipe that drool off of your saw...
  24. Next Project?

    Steven N, It's nice that you can make things with hand tools When I use my hand tools for making things, it is for my own pleasure. When the shop needs to make $, it is power tools all the way. I have 15 employees to feed, cloth, shelter and buy beer for!
  25. Wow that felt good!

    Cool beans Fred. Sounds like we'll have access to a full functioning shop during the Patriot Woodworker Summer Fest. Can't wait to drool over your new digs and all of it's amenities. There will be more things green than the grass & corn.
  26. spring is when you start doing something

    Well, since everything is BIGGER in Texas, I assume snakes are no exception especially one's that rattle. I don't blame them; I'd left the inventory count to the next tenants.
  27. spring is when you start doing something

    Hey we use to have a three room shack on the other side of the lake some years before we ever moved here... All the kin folks use to use that cabin. That is most of them did until my wifes sister and her husband found a snake in one of the kitchen drawers which I think was still hibernating for it was kinda early that spring.He was fully grown probably cause they said he took up the whole area of that drawer....I told them later it was probably a drawer full of snakes for they like to sleep together in the winter. They said they didn't hang around to do any counting.
  28. spring is when you start doing something

    Oh I fully understand that Patch but me & snakes just don't work together very well.
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