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  2. What's on your workbench.....diet.

    Could be! Depending what yer pondering, I am always up for a little challenge to organize and make our forums completely awesome! What you pondering Peter!
  3. just had to ask: Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
  4. Tabs on the Weather...

    23° and no snow in Jersey.
  5. I have the same but placed a double size piece of ply on top so bearing does not get finish
  6. Diamond plates

    Just trying to be accommodating to Lee. You know that when you live south of the 49th we get easily confused with Imperial vs metric, USD vs CD, everything vs the Pound.
  7. No shop time this weekend, just taking a break. Saturday we did a little picking but came home empty handed. Nothing out there called my name. Sunday was was a relaxing day in the recliner and the tv on but not focusing on it. Today I worked a shift at the indoor range. I had a shooter with two Colt Army single six guns. I got to shoot the 357 and boy was the action smooth. I’ve got to have one if any of you run across one. His nephew had a 1894 Colt they found in a used car in 1960. Wow! i did manage to keep the drool off his nice gun.
  8. Grandfather clocks are a pain

    We found my Grand Fathers 6' hi clock under the hay in the back of the barn years later when we cleaned out everything and sold the place. I was just a small boy then but the clock was coming apart at the seams and the mice had a home in it. I think it went into the junk pile and was hauled off to the metal salvage place. Herb
  9. Friday's Pick

    That’s what I use my camera on my phone for. The zoom feature makes for a nice magnification and the flash light helps in dim light. I found some some of the rulers at a flea market that were priced way too high. The guy told me they were hard to find, showed him my collection and ask him how many he wanted at the price he was asking. He didn’t respond.
  10. Friday's Pick

    WOW! No wonder I can't find them around here or anywhere for that matter. You've cornered the market. Very cool collection. Thanks @John Moody for the information and history on the #62. Much appreciated. It's a little older than I guessed which was early 30's, pre-depression. Thanks for the heart merge into the level dating. Good nugget to have. I wish the brass edges were fully secured, but overall for $4 thought it was a decent find. I need to start carrying a magnifying glass in the glove compartment for just in case.
  11. Patriot Picking - Nashville November 2015

    Sorry for being so long in replying. Here is a picture from the book I have on Stanley Boxwood rulers. The no 84 was made from 1859 thru 1934.
  12. Yes I did. My friend offered to pay for it, but I wouldn't hear of that. I didn't loan this one out though.
  13. Friday's Pick

    This part of my Boxwood and Ivory Rule collection. Also the catalogs in the back are all original and the oldest is 1914. The three on the front are Ivory and Silver.
  14. Friday's Pick

    @Grandpadave52 the top 4 are all Mo 62’s and the bottom one is a No 61.
  15. Friday's Pick

    If it’s a Sweetheart then it was made between 1919 and 1935. And since the heart goes up into the level it was made between 1921 and 1922.
  16. Friday's Pick

    According to the book I have on Stanley Folding Rules by Alvin Sellers they imported it.
  17. Grandfather clocks are a pain

    Jointer, I was wondering why some clocks seem to go on very long times without care, So I found a video that could explains it. My original directions said to oil (I think) every year. This video says every 2 years and explains why clocks can run for decades and never be oiled. He also said repair and replacement can be very expensive. However if you have the skills to do it, it can be far cheaper than frequent oiling/cleaning by a pro (he didn't say that, but I'll bet it would cost a bunch more.)
  18. Diamond plates

    So you understand why I just use a flat fieldstone to sharpen my tools! And FWIW, we stopped using the pound a few years ago. John
  19. Work today. Restore board meeting and pick up a couple of more chainsaw chains tomorrow. Downhill the rest of the week.
  20. I think I'm through coloring clock

    Boy oh boy my brain has been frozen from todays 50 degree weather... I always spray the back of the patterns instead of the wood so I will spray the back of the dial and stick it on the darker dial. Thanks guys for helping my stupo moment.
  21. This week I complete a pair of cherry bookcases. Next up is a "family freebie". My nephew and I get to build a table with matching benches for his wife. Good thing is that we don't have to finish it.....she will .......whoopie!
  22. I think I'm through coloring clock

    OK don't know why it didn't print, but try this. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/140-7003313-5787608?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=+Rock+Paper+Scissors+Label+Paper&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3A+Rock+Paper+Scissors+Label+Paper Will the 2 attachments at the bottom open , they are Open Office files and any word program should open them and they are editable and copy able and can be resized to fit different situations. Herb
  23. Maybe brush-on stickum
  24. I think I'm through coloring clock

    So I see, sticker paper instead of label paper!!! Okay!
  25. I think I'm through coloring clock

    Herb that site didn't work for me. Try me again, I curious. We were at Office Depot today and could not find any label paper large enough for the 7" clock dials.
  26. So did you ever get a new knife?
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