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  • May 15, 2017 10:00 PM - May 19, 2017 01:00 AM

    Basic Woodworking with Hand Tools
    In this 12 hour workshop, participants will learn the basics of using the bench plane, backsaw, coping saw, chisels, marking tools, brace and bit, among others to construct a sturdy bench that will last a lifetime.

    The following topics will be discussed and applied to the construction of the project:

    The importance of sharp tools and various sharpening methods, dimensioning lumber with hand tools, proper use of the bench plane, accurate layout and marking to ensure tight-fitting joints,backsaw basics, creating mortise and tenon joinery, and applying a durable wipe-on finish.

    At the end of the workshop, participants will have a good grasp on the basics of woodworking with hand tools that can then be utilized in any number of projects.

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  • May 19, 2017 01:00 PM - May 20, 2017 09:00 PM

    Blacksmithing: Cooking Utensils - Forks, Spatulas, and Spoons with Jim Slining
    If you can't stand the heat, get a longer handle! Traditional "open hearth" cooking practices required one to contend with the radiant heat of live embers. This cooking style is now popularized in the form of outdoor grilling. Either way, tools are required which will allow one to attend to the feast from an appropriate distance. In this class, we will attend to the feast of skills required for a large battery of cooking utensils. While each student will make one fork, spatula, and spoon, they will leave ready to arm the serious outdoor cooks in their home communities.

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  • March 26, 2017 07:00 AM - May 28, 2017 07:00 AM


    We are pleased to bring you another great opportunity as presented by our sponsor, and friends at Easy Wood Tools. We are having a raffle! Presented to you are three beautiful turning tools donated to us, by Easy Wood Tools for the purpose of raising funds for our woodworking community.
    The tools you will have an opportunity to win were custom made by Easy Wood Tools for us, and you. The wood used in the handles were hand picked by @Jim from Easy Wood Tools these handles are made from curly maple that Jim acquired from a nearby Woodcraft Store. Unfortunately I am not able to show you the actual handles with the curly maple, I have tried without success to take a picture displaying the curled handles, and my photography skills aren't able to capture the quality of the wood handles, but just know, they are beautiful!
    Above are the Easy Wood Mid-Sized Tools that are displayed on their website, you will receive the Easy Wood Mid-Sized Finisher, Rougher, and Detailer, with Curly Maple handles made just for us by the fine folks at Easy Wood Tools.
    Enter the raffle
    Click on the green "RAFFLE" ticket! You will be presented with a choice of ticket quantities to purchase, the more you purchase, the cheaper the tickets are! Fill in your billing info at the secured server, and you're done, and good luck!

    Raffle starts March 3, 2017 (immediately) and ends May 28th, 2017 at noon pacific time. Everyone (guests, members, forum staff, and admins) is welcome to enter, except the owner of this website and his relatives, and the staff of Easy Wood Tools, and their immediate relatives. Sorry, but only participants who reside in The United States and Canada are eligible to participate. Raffle purchases are non-refundable, (unless a fat finger mistake was made at time of purchase, such as you meant to purchase 100 tickets, not 1000) we can work with you on that. Mistakes happen. Last but not least, have fun! And thank you for your support!  
    Where your money goes
    Typically we hold fundraising raffles for our causes that support our wounded veterans, or we'll use the funds to outfit a shop for a disabled woodworker in need, or we'll donate the funds to our two main recipients, Homes For Our Troops, and Operation Ward 57.
    This time, we are directing the bulk of the raffle proceeds to offset the costs associated with running this woodworking community, yes, this community cost money! And we need you to help us keep us live, thus in turn, keep us helping our Wounded Warriors and disabled veteran woodworkers.
    So, if you live here, if you have benefited from this community at all, if you visit us and you are entertained by our woodworking community, if you login and hang out and call us home, please consider participating in this raffle. This is your community, this is your chance to help in a direct manner by contributing to offset the costs associated with running our woodworking forums and the causes we support.
    In closing
    Our entire community would love to thank the folks at Easy Wood Tools. EWT has been a staunch supporter of our woodworking community from the beginnings of our existence.
    I have had various phone calls and email interactions with the folks at Easy Wood Tools, and each phone call I had came with a question from Easy Wood Tools, "What can we do for The Patriot Woodworker's and our veterans?".
    Easy Wood Tools, from the days of Craig and Donna Jackson, to the days of Chris Caliendo and @Jim from Easy Wood Tools , there has been a common thread in their philosophy, support American Labor, Support our Veterans, and Support The Patriot Woodworker's.
    We are honored to have such a great American company with us. Without our sponsors Easy Wood Tools and our additional main sponsors, we could not stay live as a woodworking community.
    Thank you Easy Wood Tools!
    Links of interest
    Easy Wood Tools
    Easy Wood Tools You Tube Channel
    Easy Wood Tools Facebook Page

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