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Cherry entertainment center with two towers

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Cherry Entertainment Towers

Posted 8/25/2007 11:36 PM CDT

Had been encouraged by the wife to build these for some time now. Spent maybe a year checking other designs an making plans. Tracking my time and will give it when finish.

    The towers are 6 ft tall X 22 inch wide and 24 inch deep.Caucus began with making raised panels for the sides. The sizes basically echo the interior.

P3251650 (Medium).JPG

The panels are prefinished with BLO and Garnet Shellac for base color. Will cover all with varnish on exterior when complete.
P3311651 (Medium).JPG
Glue up of a panel this size and number of panels was a challenge and provided several lessons in how to get the panels and rail in evenly.
P6221888 (Medium).JPG
Dados cut into rails to fit plywood shelves and make for a more secure joint.
P7101911 (Medium).JPG
Caracas glue up using blocks cut to ensure square. Sides are rabbited to give more glue area for face frames. Face frames are joined together with pocket screws.
P7101914 (Medium).JPG
Caracas with face frame attached now ready for base of 2X4 lumber with covering of cherry with simple molded edge
P7191930 (Medium).JPG
The crown molding was a 4 piece made at the router table (top plate, crown and cove) and tablesaw (dentel)

P8221998 (Medium).JPGP8221999 (Medium).JPG

This is what the build on the molding looks like.

IMG_0430.JPGPB252125 (Medium).JPG


After a few years we got rid of the old tv for an LED so needed a stand.. Made this to fit the existing spot and placed wheels on it for ease of wiring. Shelves made to fit existing equipment . Was expecting to place the bass in the large hole and place a door on it but changed my mind after reading about magnets and tvs.


Used pocket screws for a hump over the wheels so that they do not appear to the eye,


This almost makes the shlf look like it is floating . Once trim was added to front wheels are covered.



Forgot to take a pic of the completed stand so had to stop and do that. The top is beaded and has a beaded molding added plus a cove.



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