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Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker

We are The Patriot Woodworker's, woodworkers with a cause. And we want you to join us!

Join Our Community - Please come in and join us and help us grow our membership and add to our growing data base of woodworking related content for all to enjoy.

Our Goals - We are foremost a woodworking community who's goal is to mentor others and to learn from eachother as we all leap into the wonderful world of woodworking together!

Why Are We Here - We support the service men and women who serve and protect our nations. We are proud supporters of our American Military and our Canadian Peace Keepers. Most of us who are members and supporters of The Patriot Woodworker are not veterans, but many are! Join Us! Click on the button below to join our community!


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Homes For Our Troops

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    Support Homes For Our Troops

    Support Homes For Our Troops, there are many ways you can help Homes For Our Troops. To find out more please click on "How Can I Help Homes For Our Troops!". When you become involved, your life will change.

The Patriot Woodworker

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    Support The Patriot Woodworker

    Support The Patriot Woodworker's, donate to our community, help us help our disabled veteran woodworkers.

Operation Ward 57

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    Support Operation Ward 57

    Support Operation Ward 57, Operation Ward 57 supports wounded, injured and ill service members, veterans, their caregivers and those that aid in their recovery by providing assistance and outreach in their recovery, comfort and morale, and through advocacy, education and promotion of their circumstances.

The Patriot Woodworker's Want You!

The Patriot Woodworker's Want You!Many folks ask us how they can help our disabled veterans. Well actually there are many ways, but we tend to focus on a few here within our woodworking community.

First and foremost, we are woodworkers. But we have another interest in common, we support and help disabled veteran woodworker's achieve their goals of independence through woodworking by providing them with the tools needed to build a successful working shop, and by the action of building something from wood alone, our veterans can take their minds off the everyday struggles their disabilities may bring them day in and day out. Woodworking is therapy.

Veterans returning home from war suffer from various disabilities, some of the disabilities are visible, and many are not. And we are helping as many as we can with the limited resources we have. We are making a difference, one veteran woodworker at a time, we are making a difference.

Please read on to learn how you can help us help our disabled veterans gain peace of mind through woodworking. Help us help those who have put it all on the line for us, and who have paid the price in doing so.

  • Donate your lightly used woodworking machinery, power tools, and hand tools to a disabled veteran woodworker in need. Please email us at The Patriot Woodworker for further instructions on how to get your lightly used machinery, power tools and hand tools into the shop of a disabled veteran woodworker.
  • Are you a retailer and wish to donate supplies and or tools to a disabled veteran woodworker in need? Please contact us at The Patriot Woodworker and we will work with you to get those items into some very deserving hands. We will advertise your site in exchange for your donations. Donate your product and we'll advertise your product!
  • Would you like to be involved in any of our year round events? Frequently throughout the year we are involved in fundraisers that may involve making a craft item for auction to benefit a variety of veterans organizations, we also build craft items such as our Challenge Coin Displays that we send to our wounded troops directly and we need all the help we can get from woodworkers and crafters around the nation. If you would like, please sign up for our Patriot Woodworker Newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events and fundraisers we are frequently involved in.
  • Donate to our organization directly. If you like the work we are doing for the disabled veteran woodworker, if you like using our woodworking forum, if you feel you have benefited in anyway by being here, please consider a donation to The Patriot Woodworker Woodworking Community. Click on Donate to The Patriot Woodworkers to place a secure donation of any size. It takes time and funds to keep this community running and at the ready to help our veterans, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

About The Patriot Woodworker's

What is The Patriot Woodworker Woodworking Community?

We are a woodworking community with an emphasis on sharing and learning the skilled craft of woodworking and all of its related disciplines. Our community is open to everyone who wishes to join us. Though we also support our veterans and active duty both here in the United States and in Canada, being a veteran is not a prerequisite to join. In fact most of our members are not veterans. So please, join us! Please click on Join The Patriot Woodworker's.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Patriot Woodworker?

First off you'll be a member of a very grown up group of woodworker's where drama is non-existent. Your discussion forum experience will be completely relaxed, and "respect" is always the word of the day. We welcome all woodworkers from every walk of life and from all around the world to join us. You will be able to participate in our community projects. Frequently throughout any given calender year we are involved in fundraisers, volunteer opportunities in your area, and small arts and crafts project builds to benefit our disabled veterans groups we support and endorse. Participation in any of the above projects is absolutely not necessary. By simply being a member and participating in our discussion forum you are by default helping our community stay live, and by keeping our content fresh and new.

Being a member allows you to receive some fantastic sponsor supported giveaways.

Frequently we'll have tools donated to our community by our sponsors and supporters, and we'll hold a contest or random drawing for the giveaway. We have had some wonderful items that have left our supporters where-house's destined for a Patriot Woodworker's shop, such as turning tools donated by Easy Wood Tools, hand planes donated by Woodcraft, machinery accessories donated by Laguna Tools, clamps donated by Bessey Tools and more! So what are you waiting for! Join us now at The Patriot Woodworker discussion forum!

Meet Our Forum Hosts

The Patriot Woodworker's Mission Statement

The Patriot WoodworkerMission

Our mission is to provide woodworkers a way to teach, learn and share their love of woodworking. We are volunteers, helping our disabled veterans through our woodworking, mentoring, local volunteerism, fundraising for veterans charities, and working closely with our woodworking veterans in crisis.

General Information

The Patriot Woodworker was founded on the principals of providing the woodworking arts and crafts world a place to join and share their love of woodworking and the tools and machinery related to the industry. Our members are encouraged to mentor, learn and teach others our fine craft of woodworking and to simply participate in sharing projects and personal experiences in their own life.

The Reason The Patriot Woodworker Exists

We provide fund raising for veterans organizations and to support our American and Canadian Veterans through community outreach, volunteerism, and to create awareness of the service and sacrifice our men and women have performed in the name of our nations. Please join us, all woodworkers and non woodworkers are welcome! You do not have to be a veteran of any armed forces to be a member, the majority of our members are not veterans! Join now by clicking on the button below.

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