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  1. The Woodworking Discussion Forum

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      Are you new to The Patriot Woodworker? Check in here and please introduce yourself. This category is also open to the public for sign up or sign in problems, you do not have to be a member to post a topic in this category.

    2. General Woodworking

      Show off your woodworking projects and help others perfect their woodworking skills.

    3. Wood Turners

      Show off your wood-turning projects and help others perfect their wood-turning skills.

    4. Hand Tools

      Lets hear about your favorite hand tools, got a No.608C Bedrock you'd like to brag about? Would you like to know how to tune up those old hand planes? Well you've come to the right place!

    5. Scroll Sawing

      Welcome to your Scroll Sawing Forum. Jump in and talk about your projects, and the intricate art of scroll sawing and fret work and intarsia.

    6. Finishing, Tips and Tricks

      Get helpful tips here to finish that prize project of yours, and help others achieve the perfect finish.

    7. Tools, Research, Reviews and Safety

      Member reviews, safety tips, research and best deals. Check in here before you buy, submit your reviews, and share your safety tips so others may benefit from your wisdom.

    8. Show Us Your Woodworking Shops

      Whether you are turning pens in a corner of your apartment, or if you use your shop for large flat work and case goods, we want to see where you call home for a good part of your life, please jump in and share images and stories of your treasured work-space.

    9. Plans and Software

      Share your woodworking plans and favorite software, do you use Sketch Up? Auto Cad? Do you have a plan to share? Come on in an lets see what you have!

    10. The Veterans Corner and Causes Forum

      Come on in and see what's happening with our efforts to help our disabled veterans current and past. And to all vets, feel free to jump in here and discuss your service, and anything else related to the military. And to all, feel free to jump in here and thank a vet!

    11. The Classified, Swap and Sale

      Post your items for sale here, tools, lumber, or anything else you like. Swap items and services too.

  2. The CNC Forum

    1. General CNC Work

      Show off your projects, ask questions and share tips about machine operation, material choices, bits, cleanup and finishing.

    2. Building Your CNC

      Discuss building your new CNC machine from the ground up, or from a kit and/or modifications to older CNC machines.  

    3. CNC Machine Reviews and Purchase

      Talk about the projects you would like to create in order for our CNC gurus to recommend a new or used CNC machine. Also post your CNC machine reviews here.

    4. CNC Software Research and Use

      Discuss your experience's, and experiments with CNC software. Research and review software.

    5. CNC Challenges and Solutions

      Are you experiencing issues with your CNC machine operations? Do you like helping others trouble shoot their challenges with their machines? Help build our support network by contributing fixes and solutions here.

    6. CAD/CAM Files Sharing Center

      Welcome to your file sharing center. Upload your files to the Files Department. Once you share your files there, they will auto populate here to this forum. You may also share files directly to this forum.

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    1. Home Improvement

      All topics related to the improvement, restoration, and remodeling of your home, business, or investment property are welcome in this forum.

    2. Patio and Outdoors

      Landscaping, fencing, trellis, gazebo's, patio's and more, if it's outside of your home, it belongs here!

  4. The Old Machinery Discussion Forum

    1. Old Woodworking Machinery

      Discussion area for old woodworking machinery. Show off your old machinery projects.

      The only requirement is that your machine be at least 25 years old, or older.

    2. Old Machinery Badges and Decals

      Sharing center for old machinery badge, and decal Images.

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      Do you have a suggestion for our woodworking community? Please submit your suggestions in this forum to help improve The Patriot Woodworker Community. All suggestions and critiques are welcome, and all will be addressed!

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  • Latest Forum Activity

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      weekend project
      General Woodworking
      Dadio - Posted
      If you use the ironing trick, you will get the best results to sand off the finish on the spot you are trying to raise first. The idea is to steam the indent out and the sealer that is now on the indent will not allow the steam to work. Just a suggestion. Herb
    • 4
      Homeless vets
      The Patriot's Pulse
      Ron Altier - Posted
       We see them every day. In Denver the number is much higher. Most have homeless vet or Viet vet signs. Even people in wheel chairs with  fishing nets that extend out to drivers. I've tried to see the other side. My visit to the VA here was a total disappointment, but an eye opener. I saw guys struggling to breathe thur tubes, stop and lite up a cigarette.  Maybe I am to  naive or unforgiving, but I don't think so.  I do help, but not on the streets.
    • 12
      Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?
      General Woodworking
      Smallpatch - Posted
      Dan it would be nice if I was able to carve with my hands but the joints in my hands is way past even waving by- by.   That's the reason the Dremel gets used.  Before the pattern is taken off the wood I cut out all the pieces and do away with the wood not needed. I cut out the spokes before the pattern is removed then removed the paper and cut down the spokes to make it look like they are in the middle of the wheel.   This being the first of this type I am learning where I should cut with the scroll saw and what not to make too small for safety sake around the sharp spinning knives. I add a backer board so the things will glue back together and maybe look presentable.   I can't cut the spokes down first before I cut out the spokes because I need the pattern. Also by the time I enlarge the pattern the lines are hard to follow.    The challenge of trying to figure out these non important things is enjoyable believe it or not.  More so than sitting on the dock catching fish.   Any suggestions from anyone?  
    • 17
      Friday, Oct 20, 2017, What's on your Patriot Woodworker Agenda?
      General Woodworking
      HandyDan - Posted
      Still on the mend and taking it easy.  Did get to the shop and messed around a bit.  See the doctor Monday and should be okay to get back to it after that.
    • 15
      This afternoon's project - miter saw stand
      General Woodworking
      kmealy - Posted
      I used to have a number of walnut trees on a prior home.   It's no wonder walnut trees grow so slowly, they are the last to leaf out and the first to drop their leaves.
    • 5
      Club demo
      Wood Turners
      HandyDan - Posted
      Nice Gerald.  Having fun is a big part of it.  The wages can only go up from there.
    • 13
      Little Giant
      Hand Tools
      p_toad - Posted
      Yes, the double edge blades are readily available (on the web - especially on the web if your local stores don't stock them any more).   I have my first razor (and only one) which uses those blades and it'll take shavings just like those if you're not careful (but thankfully, a stiptic pencil can fill in the gaps). 
    • 13
      Tithe Box and Shelf
      General Woodworking
      lew - Posted
      Thanks for all of the kind comments!   @HandyDan Dan, Thanks!  Afraid it's going to take more than craftsmanship to get me thru the Pearly Gates!   @HARO50 John, Thanks! I think that page will be way in the back of the big thick folder!   @olbuck Thanks! Well, it was a prayer box!   @Stick486  Thank You, Stick!   @Gerald  Thanks, Gerald! Hope I have a couple more like in down in the wood shed.   @Danl  Thank You! I'm still trying to get better at the dovetails. I'd like to be able to get the pins thinner at the small point.   @clhyer Thanks, Cal! They have always done the finishing on the things I've made. Unfortunately, they very seldom send a picture of the completed job.   @Smallpatch Thank You! My sister is supposed to deliver it on Sunday. Hope to get some sort of reaction after that.   @Gene Howe Thanks! I forgot to mention that the slot was cut on the router table in 2 passes and then the ends squared up. I originally thought about using the hollow chisel mortiser but the wild grain made the wood very brittle and I didn't want to take a chance on chipping out the exit holes.    
    • 1
      Aging wood
      Finishing, Tips and Tricks
      lew - Posted
      Neat!   Years ago I had the opportunity to see the office space of a building developer. The walls looked like very old weathered wood. I asked about it and the developer told me he had all of the wood sand blasted to produce the eroded grain. Not sure how they produced they weathered color. May have been "tea".
    • 19
      I was really proud of this
      General Woodworking
      BillyJack - Posted
      I'm from Alabama. I would know
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